Season 5 Episode 3

Series 5, Episode 3

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 2011 on ITV

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  • In the episode 5x03, Matt goes to Victorian London and runs into Emily, while back in the modern age Abby and Connor's relationship takes another hit.


    This was a nice episode, especially for Matt and Emily: the two of them are united at last. Connor and Abby, on the other hand, are breaking up, again, and Jess and Becker are going nowhere at all.

    More precisely, caught in a power struggle between Philip and Matt, Connor and Abby are drifting apart, and April's presence isn't helping any. Poor Connor and Abby! They have the worst kind of luck when it comes to relationships, yes indeed!

    Matt and Emily are flourishing, on the other hand, even though Emily was unmasked as "the spring-heeled Jack", when she was hunting a raptor on the loose in her time. Wonder where did she got them, how she learned to use them, and how she hid them from her husband, among other things.

    Incidentially, her husband, the late lord Henry Merchant was killed by a raptor after he proved to be a complete and utter pillock who tried to have Emily declared insane and Matt killed. Good riddance to him, I reckon!

    Finally, Becker provided mostly comic relief and Jess provided just relief (mostly to Abby) and Lester kept out of spotlight for once in this episode. Oh well, he was fun.

    Ep 5x03 was exciting and I suspect that the actors had fun with all of the period costumes, but as for the plot? Not so much: Connor and Abby's falling-out have become largely a cliche by this point in time, so Matt and Emily had to carry the plot largely by themselves, which they did. Three cheers for Matt and Emily!

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