Season 5 Episode 4

Series 5, Episode 4

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 2011 on ITV

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  • The ARC field team need to outmaneuvre a swarm of futuristic beetles to save the ARC and London while Philip's "New Dawn" project nears completion.


    So, what can be said about the late Helen Cutter? Well, what can't be said about her instead? She was the greatest villian of the first three seasons of Primeval, but now, she's supposed to be dead, and other villians have to feel her shoes. And - they are falling suspiciously short.

    First, there was Ethan Dombrowski/Patrick Quinn. For a bad-ass terrorist, he just wanted to leave. True, he didn't care whom he hurt in the process, and he did have his revenge on Emily, but he clearly lacked the vision that Helen had at the end of season 3.

    Now, we have Philip Burton, who plans to unleash the second manifested time anomaly on the Helen's puppet. From beyond the grave. (Or not, if April is just another Eve from S3.) Seriously, the man is supposed to a be a great scientist in his own right, so why does he need pep talks from Helen and April? Does he have an Oedipal complex as well? So dissappointing...

    If the villians are dissappointing, the heroes are doing only slightly better. Philip may or may not have a complex, but Connor clearly had - a hero one. He needed a father/big brother figure and Philip provided him with one - namely, himself. Only, when he fell short, Connor abruptly turned on him with a vengeance, just as a spited idealist would. After seeing it, I begin to seriously doubt that Abby should stick with him, and not move on instead...but this is Abby and Connor - they put the 'dysfunctional' into relationship, as seen in the previous episode, BTW.

    Speaking of relationships, Becker and Jess finally took another step forwards, when Jess was forced to depend on Becker for survival (after the beetle's bite) and Becker admitted that there were more important things in his life than rules and regulations... so does that mean that he's going onto the loop about Matt being a future traveller? Who knows.

    Finally, Matt makes peace with Connor, and it's about time. A split in the team wouldn't serve anybody, except for Philip, April, and, possibly Helen, so some good has resulted from the beetles' invasion after all. But will it be enough to save the world from "New Dawn"? Only time - and the future episodes - will tell!