Season 5 Episode 6

Series 5, Episode 6

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jun 28, 2011 on ITV

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  • The Season Finale

    In the season finale (and possibly the series finale, since the series isn't likely to resume until the year 2013), the ARC field team have to deal not so much with Prospero, but with the mega anomaly instead - and the future predators.

    Firstly, some final words about Helen Cutter and Philip Burton. In Epx06, Burton does "the right thing" by self-sacrificing himself in the vain attempt to stop his creation. Dr. Frankenstein weeps and plans to sue IP for copyright infringement. As for me, I gag - seriously: were Christine Johnson and Helen Cutter the last good villians of the show? If so, then the female of the species really is the deadlier in the pair!

    (Well, admittedly, there's that slightly weird mug shot of Lester as he's walking towards the camera at the episode's end. Is he going to fall to the dark side in the next season? And if not, what was the point? The camera guy and/or the script author were having fun?)

    If the dark side of "Primeval" showed its complete and utter dependance on Helen Cutter for anything, the light side isn't doing so well either. Matt - "nothing exists in the future, save for people and the future predators". Right. Two different species of futuristic insects appearing in not so distant past say different. Oh, wait maybe it's actually Matt Two saying it, and the original Matt is the bedgraggled Matt who at the end tells Matt Two "You have to go back" before joining Matt Two in staring at Emily - just what has happened when Matt (whatever one) went into New Dawn's time anomaly? Is Matt supposed to be the one and future king of the future or something, and is Emily the only woman standing in his way? I've no idea.

    Speaking of men and women? A), when Lester and Jess were doing their "be very, very quiet - we're hunting future predators" bit, they were actually looking hilarious, rather than scared; and b) Connor and Abby are actually getting married. Well, you know what the Irish say: "After all stops and false starts, we keep coming to our hearts...after all that we've been through, after all..." That's Connor and Abby.

    However, this season of Primeval had ended with Matt confronting his twin, and making Shakespeare wish to sue IP for copyright infringement regarding his idea of not-evil twins. Are the tribulations of Abby and Connor over? Will Jess and Becker's romance continue? What's with Lester (and his wife)? This time, only the future will tell.
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