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Primus was an undersea adventure series starring Robert Brown widely associated with the series Here Come the Brides. This was view by many as a second shot by Creator and Producer Ivan Tors at his famed Seahunt. This series was more in tune with the changing time as adventurer Carter Primus was also an ecologist. He was billed as Oceanographer, Marine Scientist, Frogman and Patrolman of the Deep...all rolled into one. Like other Ivan Tors productions this series was filmed on location not in a studio tank. The filming began in Key Bisquane, Florida and later moved to Miami. The underwater photography was directed by Ricou Browning famed for Creature From the Black Lagoon. Ivan Tors through this series, brought to the public view many of the new scientific developments that sea explorers were making use of at this period. Kinda like Robert Ballard meets Doc Savage. If you missed Sea Hunt the first time around this was it! Primus was ahead of its time, where today the public is familiar with submersible robots and mini-subs by following the exploits of world reknown Robert Ballard and his discovery of the Titanic and the Bismark. Carter Primus was a pioneer with "Big Kate" and "Pegasus" in a time when this domain was relegated to the height of Jacques Cousteau on National Geographic Specials. Unfortunately the public interest in such events were insufficent to maintain this series. As a Tie-In there was even a paperback book published and a short lived comic book by Charlton Comics seven issues in all. In the December 1, 1971 issue of Variety, Primus was Ranked #10 by Total Cume. (Have seen since Sept.) and #16 Rank by Preference (one of my favorites) in a Top 26 markets. The Air Dates provided are aligned with WNBC in New York. Since it was syndicated the dates may vary depending on where you saw it.


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