Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

(ended 1996)


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Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

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In the magical kingdom of Avalon, a crisis has emerged: The evil witch known as Lady Kale has sent Avalon's most powerful wizard, the great Merlin, into the unstable "Wild Magic", to make matters worse, the crown jewels of Avalon have been scattered far and wide across Avalon! The crown jewels maintain a stable link which allows magic to work in harmony with Avalon's inhabitants, without the jewels, this link has been severed and the magic is spiralling out of control, allowing the "Wild Magic" to take hold of the kingdom, creating chaos. Avalon's fate now rests with the Jewel Riders: guardians of the realm for generations, the latest incarnation of which consists of Princess Gwenevere, and her best friends Tamara, and Falen, they are empowered each by a themed crown jewel, which were grated to them when they each participated in the friendship ring ceremony, the means by which ALL Jewel Riders are chosen, the ceremony pairs a rider with an animal she has bonded the most with. With the aid of their jewels, Merlin's faithful owl Arcamedes, magically-endued talking travel trees, [capable of transporting anyone anywhere across Avalon] animal friends, and the royal guardsmen, The Pack, the Jewel riders travel across Avalon seeking the missing crown Jewels, knowing that if all are recovered, then they will be able to restore to Avalon, the balance of magic, and rescue Merlin from the dark regions of the Wild Magic. But they must also contend with Lady Kale, who intends to use the jewels to make herself the undisputed ruler of Avalon.. For the 2nd season, the premise of the show was altered slightly, Instead of crown jewels, the Jewel Riders sought out the ancient wizard jewels, with an extra adversary to deal with besides Kale: the evil witch Morgana... In other countries, the show was titled "Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders"

The Good Guys: Princess Gwenevere: Heir to the throne, and leader of the Jewel Riders, she draws her power from the Sun Stone, her special animal is a beautiful winged unicorn named Sunstar Falen: Falen is wild, athletic, strong-spirited, and lives for the moment, she draws her power from the moonstone. Tamara: Tamara cares for all living creatures, and she opens her heart to anyone regardless of appearance, or race, she senses the good in people, and animals alike through her Heart Stone, her special friends are her baby animals. [Consisting of a dragon, cat, and pony] Arcamedes: A wise, sometimes a bit cowardly, owl who gives advice to the jewel riders and can identify which crown jewel is causing mischief in Avalon, he was once always at the side of: Merlin: The Jewel riders mentor, and Avalon's most powerful wizard, good natured and kind, Merlin was mercilessly thrown into the wild magic by Kale, and cannot be freed until all the missing wizard jewels are found. The Pack: Commanded by Drake, the pack and their wolf friends all draw their power from the forest stone, as the royal guard, they are pledged to protect Avalon, AND Princess Gwenivere at all costs. Gwen and Drake have affection for one another, though they usually cover it up by bickering sometimes. Travel Trees: These magically-endowed, kind talking trees act as passages to the various continents of Avalon, the jewel riders rely on them when they must travel a great distance to locate a crown or wizard jewel.

The Bad Guys: Lady Kale: Gwen's aunt, and the Jewel rider's nemesis. Enraged that she was never chosen to be a jewel rider at Gwen's age, Kale sought revenge. When the dark stone fell into her possession, Kale saw her chance, she used the power of the dark stone to exile Merlin to the wild magic and to steal all the crown jewels, Merlin got the best of her though by scattering the crown jewels across Avalon, Kale, vowing to find the crown jewels before the jewel riders, she was aided by her.. Dweezels: cowardly, idiotic, and downright duplicitous, the dweezels are the only creatures in Avalon that are never to be trusted. They can sniff out magical energy by a mile, and are essential to Kale in tracking down a crown or wizard jewel. Morgana: The 2nd season's prime villain, Morganna created the dark stone, and once attempted to take over Avalon with the other wizards, only for all of them to be exiled to the wild magic by Merlin. Now, Morganna plots to use the wizard jewels to free herself from her prison and return to rule over Avalon with an iron hand!

PRINCESS GWENEVERE AND THE JEWEL RIDERS (Jewel Riders Theme) Jump in the ring, When Destiny calls, Together as friends, We'll get through it all, Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders The Sun and the Moon Will show us the way, With love in your heart, Come join us today, Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders Jewel Power, We got, Jewel Power! Our circle is growing, We're ready and strong, Together as one, That's where it belongs, Feel the magic of the Jewel Riders Jewel Power Jewel Power Jewel Power! Whoaa Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders .moreless
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  • Something to bring back old memories

    It is defenetly one of the first animes I ever watched and it is special for me even now - grown up and not anymore interested in animes - but the things and ideas what was there - all that help your friends, be true for your heart - those values still are with me and that's why I love it - it has so much positive things there and very well drawn.. mystical and magical

    I just adore the fantasy atmosphere, the story and also the music. Interesting characters, beautiful story - princesses, adventure, Avalon, animals - I think all what little girls dreammoreless
  • brings back great memories!!! I used to watch this show everyday!!!!

    I was completely obsessed with Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders!!! I watched it everyday!!! I had all the dolls and some of the movies on vhs :D. I had these two best friends and we would each pretend to be one and our bikes would be Moondance and Sunstar and Shadowsong!!! It was soo awsome!!! I was always Fallon because my bike was purple. "By the magic of the moonstone!!!!" soo many great memories. Ok i just got to keep rambling on until I get 100 words. Well my friend always did the whole "Jewel Riders let's ride!!!" Soooo many great memories :Dmoreless
  • Such an great memory

    I don't remembered much about this show.Since it was only long time ago since I saw.But I will try my best to remembered.This show is about Princess Gwenevere and her friends who are collecting magic gem stones in order to find Merlin.They transform to warrior some sort.Than there is this baddie Kayla who is seeking the wild magic to be powerful.I forgot the reason.Well this is an good show! I used to watched it every morning! Actucally Saturday morning! It was the coolest show ever.I had two of the dolls.My favorite were those wolf riders,who sometime appears in the episode.The theme song is awsome!moreless
  • When I was 6 or 7, this was the only show I watched... ah memories!

    The other day I was thinking about 'Princess Starla And The Jewel Riders' and how much I used to love the show, so I thought i'd search it and this came up... since when was Starla Gwenevere??

    Lol anyway I used to love this show because of the magical realms and creatures. Tamara was my favourite character and I always remember the episode when she dived into the lake after Cleo and got turned into a mermaid and Fallon and Starla had to save her... I loved that so much! Anywho, this show just brings back so many memories so I thought i'd review it... so there you go!moreless
  • Pretty horsies for the girls - and a sexy villains for the boys.

    This 1995 series feels like a mix of She-Ra (with a better graphics and animation) and, maybe even more, rather unknown series called Wildfire. Sometimes accused to be "a Sailor Moon' ripoff", it's not quite true in my opinion.

    Title characters, three magical girl-style knights on unicorns, are charged with defending kingdom of Avalon from evil, personifed by sorceresses Lady Kale and Morgana - the latter being the sole reason of me being compelled to write this review.

    Despite being show obviously aimed at the little girl target audience, the Lady Kale character alone is enough to make this show my all-time favourite - and without her I wouldn't even watch it all. With her cape and long raven black hair majestically blowing in the wind, beautiful Asian-like face with an arched eyebrows, violet eyes with a matching makeup and red lips, and a veeery long legs in a high-heels above-knee boots, she's every bit of an evil beauty as classic and unnamed Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White.

    My only complaint is while her bust size varies widely between scenes, it's nowhere of a comparable anime characters, like Queen Beryl for example. She's much, much more alluring than Evil-Lyn from He-Man, even in the latest version I'm surprised she has so few fans when compared to. The 2nd season exclusive Morgana isn't bad-looking either, perfectly fitting into a Dark Elf woman stereotype - complete with dark skin, qhite hair, and yes, a large breasts.

    Jewel Riders are rumoured to released on DVD by Digiview Productions, as they bought the rights for the US release.

    If you're a fellow fan, or just have any questions or comments, please let me know.moreless