Princess Natasha

Cartoon Network Premiered May 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Princess Natasha

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Natasha is an exchange student from Zoravia. What her host family (the O'Briens) doesn't know, is that she is also a secret agent and must defend her homeland from the evil plans of her uncle, Lubek. Natasha is also the Princess of Zoravia, plays for the varsity basketball team and has a huge crush on the O'Brien's older son, Greg.
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  • flash cartoon

    Princess Natasha is a flash cartoon... of short length... and not of much interest either. the sound effects are awful... the plots are weak... the characters are hardly that amusing or interesting in any way... really this is quite a waste of time to watch if you must watch it which you really mustnt... for it is really uninteresting... Zoravia seems a boring kingdom, Illinois seems a boring state... the school, the Obriens... all boring... really Natasha is hardly that interesting a lead character... i get it already- shes a secret agent to fight Lubeks terrible schemes.... and what in that is original or nteresting? Lubek is stupid... his men are weak and are easily beaten by a teenage girl... i mean how worse can a show get???moreless
  • Pretty lame, most people are saying that but its true.

    I turned on the TV one day and this thing came on, it was the worst cartoon I ever saw. Im glad its finshed because I never want to turn on the TV to see this trash on the channel. Seriously if you ever see this on quickly change the channel and watch something thats not a waste of time. The animation is really crap and its not even funny. I think channel runners should watch the stuff they put on and they would figure out that no one hardly likes this show. Anyway if they somehow bring it back they better change the problems fast.moreless
  • I agree with jellyboy here, Princess Natasha was nothing special at all.

    Come on, only 10 episodes and each one only 5 minutes long? You shouldn't excpect alot of people to have heard of it. I'll bet if you asked anyone of your friends if they have ever heard of this show they would probably say no. The show was boring. Ntasha is a princess from Zoravia who came to live in America to stop his uncle Lubeck's evil plans for world domination (lame and unoriginal). So all I'm saying is that Princess Natash wasn't a very good show. It was a good idea that it was cancelled as soon as possible. lmoreless
  • The five minute animated series about a royal princess named Natasha was now an exchanged student , a secret agent , and a member of the O'Brians. However , this show dosen't even have a royal treatment to make it worth watching.moreless

    This show is the exact same thing as of other shows would happen to do by Animation Collective. So why are they still in the buisness? Alright , so we have the storyline already talked about , and we're now going further into the project. The announcer from the first you see it is annoying , the same exact flash design as you'd come to expect , some of the same poopy humor , and that's about worth talking. Overall , I'd say that you should avoid it like the plague if your looking for good action. Heck , even the action on this show is five minutes. Were you expecting 30 minutes? Well , it's not right here. Rating : 1.0 out of 10.0moreless

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