Princess Natasha

Cartoon Network Premiered May 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • All Hail King Lubek
      All Hail King Lubek
      Episode 504
      Lubek has erased his own memory of reconciling with his family and sped off to Zoravia to take over the throne, leaving Natasha and her friends prisoners in his lair.
    • Family Reunion
      Family Reunion
      Episode 503
      After being saved by his brother and niece, Lubek decides to make amends for his evil ways and reconciles with his family.
    • Snowbound
      Episode 502
      All of a sudden the warm spring weather in Fountain Park has turned into a raging blizzard, trapping Natasha and her friends. King Carl and Queen Leena rush to rescue the snowbound kids, only to find that they have left the cabin to play in the snow.
    • Spring Has Sprung
      Spring Has Sprung
      Episode 501
      Natasha had planned to catch some rays on her spring break, but the evil Lubek has other ideas.
    • Secret Weapon
      Secret Weapon
      Episode 410
      Natasha's speechifying prowess lands her captain of the debate team. But when she is caught by Lubek's goons, and is about to be unmasked, will she be able to talk herself out of it?
    • Hooray for Happy
      Hooray for Happy
      Episode 409
      For once the King seems totally at ease; everyone in Zoravia is happy. Natasha gets suspicious when everyone else eating school lunch at Fountain Park High is happy as well. Natasha must alert the unsuspecting King.
    • Weird Science
      Weird Science
      Episode 408
      The school science fair is coming up, and Natasha and Oleg find out that Lubek plans to unveil a humanoid monster. Natasha and Oleg have only a few hours to build a bigger and better monster to go head-to-head with Lubek's.
    • History Mystery
      History Mystery
      Episode 407
      A distant relative of the King comes to visit, and they get along swimmingly. But Natasha doesn't trust the strange relative when his knowledge of the royal family seems a little lacking.
    • What's Cooking?
      What's Cooking?
      Episode 406
      Plans for the Fountain Park bake sale to raise money for the Yak Veterinarian are underway, but Lubek has more sinister plans for the money - an underwater rocket launcher! Can Natasha stop him?
    • Bad to the Bones
      Bad to the Bones
      Episode 405
      Lubek plans to shut down the castle's source of power by attacking its wind energy system, but Natasha won't let him get away with it!
    • Dance Fever
      Dance Fever
      Episode 404
      Everyone at Fountain Park High has dance fever as the annual dance competition approaches. Trouble arises when Lubek attempts to harness the dance fever to infect Zoravia's citizens, forcing them to dance without stopping day or night.
    • The Swap
      The Swap
      Episode 403
      Lubek plans to kidnap Princess Natasha's mother, Queen Lena. Natasha comes up with a plan to thwart his scheme!
    • Airbourne
      Episode 402
      Lubek is planning to sneak into Zoravia. He has been gathering feathers, and if his giant wings work he will be able to fly in.
    • Guests and Pests
      Guests and Pests
      Episode 401
      Greg unwittingly offers to let Lubek crash at the O'Briens' house while his apartment (read: lair) gets sprayed for termites. Natasha discovers Lubek is breeding the termites to destroy Booferberry trees in Zoravia.
    • Hacker
      Episode 310
      Lubek has unleashed a computer virus on Zoravia, giving all the appliances minds of their own. To solve the problem, Natasha must enlist the help of computer whiz K.C. - the only hope for disabling the virus.
    • Danger on Ice
      Danger on Ice
      Episode 309
      Princess Natasha uses her impressive ice ballet skills to foil yet another one of Lubek's schemes.
    • Fool's Gold
      Fool's Gold
      Episode 308
      Natasha is swamped with homework by day, but she must foil another one of Lubek's evil schemes by night.
    • Zombie Lubek
      Zombie Lubek
      Episode 307
      Transformed into a maniacal zombie, Uncle Lubek is giving his crime-fighting niece the ultimate challenge.
    • Tunnel Vision
      Tunnel Vision
      Episode 306
      Natasha and Oleg must go underground to keep Zoravia free of spitweeds.
    • Zoravian Homecoming
      Zoravian Homecoming
      Episode 305
      As if Homecoming weren't stressful enough, Princess Natasha must keep one of Lubek's henchmen from winning the crown.
    • Fame Game
      Fame Game
      Episode 304
      When the evil Lubek goes on the 'Fame Game' reality show, Princess Natasha must stop him from winning the prize.
    • Checkmate
      Episode 303
      Natasha reluctantly joins the chess club, risking her social life to protect Zoravia from disaster.
    • What's That Smell?
      What's That Smell?
      Episode 302
      While undercover as a Midwestern high-school student, Princess Natasha must uncover the origins of an unpleasant odor.
    • Burger Bust
      Burger Bust
      Episode 301
      There's something funny in the local burger joint's special sauce, and it's up to Princess Natasha to find out what it is.
    • Meteor!
      Episode 210
      Thanks to Uncle Lubek, meteors are hurling towards Zoravia with no end in sight.
    • Mystery of Barf Lake
      Beneath Barf Lake lurks Lubek's secret lair - but getting there won't be much fun.
    • Problematic Potions
      Problematic Potions
      Episode 208
      It's one against many when a covert Natasha is sent to attack some of her evil uncle's minions.
    • Diamonds Are Lubek's Only Friends
      Evil Uncle Lubek steals a royal jewel that Princess Natasha must quickly recover.
    • The Princess and the Pin
      Natasha must stop Lubek's robot from beating Greg and winning the prize money at a wrestling tournament.
    • The Day The Music Cried
      Dastardly Lubek has kidnapped a popular recording artist - and it's up to his crime-fighting niece to get him back.
    • Superstar!
      Episode 204
      A fashion show provides the perfect chance for Natasha to dispel some schoolyard pettiness.
    • The Zoravian Emu
      The Zoravian Emu
      Episode 203
      During a film-class project, Natasha makes interesting use of some surveillance footage.
    • Double Agent
      Double Agent
      Episode 202
      It seems as though the princess's closest ally may also be a traitor.
    • Invisible Princess
      Invisible Princess
      Episode 201
      Natasha must steal the formula for Lubek's Invisibility Spray before he can use it to carry out his dastardly schemes.
    • Zoravian Lightning: Part 2
      Natasha uses the O'Brian's second car to win the race against Lubek's hired racer, Baron Von X.
    • Zoravian Lightning: Part 1
      Natasha has to win the annual race to prevent Lubek from using the prize money for his evil deeds.
    • The Play's the Thing
      Kelly gets the part of the princess in the school play alongside with Greg who is the prince. Afterwards, she is called to stop Lubek from ruining the amusement park.
    • Cheaters, Tests and Web Cams
      Maya is framed for cheating when the teacher says that she miraculously aced the history test. It turns out Kelly cheated off of Maya. When Kelly steals the biology test answers, she accidentally takes Lubek's plans and is captured. It is up to Natasha to save Kelly and stop Lubek.
    • Something's Rotten in Zoravia
      Lubek uses a weather machine to make the Boofer fruit make Zoravia smell terrible.
    • Vacation
      Episode 5
      Natasha goes with O'Brian's on their yearly family vacation to the park to stop Lubek from manufacturing evil robots.
    • Princess 3
      Princess 3
      Episode 4
      Lubek is plotting to kidnap Natasha and replace her with an evil cyborg. It is up to Natasha to stop the cyborg from ruining the dance.
    • Boynski, Oleg Boynski
      As Olg Boynski, secret agent of Zoravia, comes to Zoravia, Illinois, he trys to help Natasha escape from and defeat Lubek.
    • The Bald and the Beautiful
      Natasha gets introduced to the O'Brian's and then has to do some reconnaissance work to find Lubek.
    • From Zoravia to Zoravia
      Princess Natasha is sent to Zoravia, Illinois to live with the O'Brian's to stop Lubek's plans.