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Princess Nine

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Hayakawa Ryou is an aspiring young high school pitcher with a deceiving curve and a blazing fastball that knocks catchers over and shatters the bats of hitters who think they can catch up to it. Ryou is also a she. But as the montage of scenes from the OP of PRINCESS NINE shows, her sex has never been an obstacle to her growth and development as a baseball player. And as the title of this recent TV series implies, all of Ryou's eight teammates are also girls.

Himuro Keiko is the president of the multi-billion yen Himuro corporation, which sponsors a professional baseball team. She is also the president of Kisaragi Women's Senior High School, and dreams of winning the Koshien national high school baseball tournament. As the series opens, she has been scouting Ryou from afar, who has made something of a name for herself pitching for an amateur team. Ryou's father, Hidehiko, was a famous professional pitcher in his prime and helped his own team win the Koshien tournament before that. But, he died when Ryou was very young, and Ryou and her mother, Shino, eke out a living running an oden shop. Shino does not make enough money to be able to send Ryou to high school, but Himuro will soon step in and offer a full scholarship to her if she pitches on the Kisaragi baseball team, a team which Himuro will build around Ryou.

Himuro's only daughter is the beautiful Izumi, who is as much a tennis star as Ryou is a pitching talent. Like Ryou, Izumi's father also passed away when she was very young. Despite her success, Izumi often feels neglected by her mother; this feeling is heightened when Himuro tells reporters that she has some big announcements for the Kisaragi athletics programs, but does not even tell her own daughter what they are. Izumi has feelings for her long time childhood companion, Takasugi Hiroki, also the child of a rich family.

Hiroki is the new star slugger for the Kisaragi men's team, and he becomes interested in Ryou after she bests him with three pitches in a one-on-one pitcher versus batter match-up. He begins following Ryou around, sometimes advising her on her pitching, and gives her the endearment "Ganmo-chan" ("ganmo" meaning wish or desire), a nickname that first irritates Ryou. This newfound attention that Hiroki is giving to the somewhat plain and tomboyish Ryou naturally does not exactly sit well with Izumi. Later, Izumi will join the team for her own reasons, thus heightening her rivalry with Ryou. Meanwhile, adding to this relationship complexity is Ryou's own childhood companion, the shy and bookish Natsume Seishirou, who is afraid to express his feelings to her.

Himuro hires two other famous players: Yoshimoto Hikaru and the very quiet Azuma Yuki. She also hires Kido Shinsaku as the team's manager—Kido used to catch for Hidehiko. It will be up to these three core players and the manager to first scout players and then actually build a working team. And one of the first priorities is to find a catcher who can actually handle Ryou's pitching.moreless
Yoshiko Sakakibara

Yoshiko Sakakibara

Keiko Himuro (Japanese)

Ayako Kawasumi

Ayako Kawasumi

Yuki Azuma (Japanese)

Takehito Koyasu

Takehito Koyasu

Hiroki Takasugi (Japanese)

Chris Patton

Chris Patton

Seishiro Natsume

Hilary Haag

Hilary Haag

Ryou Hayakawa

Kelli Cousins

Kelli Cousins

Seira Morimura

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  • A friend turned me on to this title and I finally got to finish it.

    If you're expecting the cutesy girl's anime that everyone has so come to recognize from a title like this, you're only half correct. Princess Nine is a story of growing up and surviving high school--and all the drama that goes along with it.

    Each of the nine girls get their time in the spotlight and yet each of them retain some flatness. There simply were not enough episodes for full characterization. However! Each of the characters were lovable in her own way, and that made the series that much more enjoyable. The storyline was somewhat compelling; I did find myself rooting for them in the end despite the predictability. Just glad to see that Ryo and Takasugi finally got together.

    Pretty good in my opinion; 9/10.moreless
  • Princess Nine is about a fifteen yr. old girl named Ryo Hayakawa, who is the daughter of a famous pitcher who died after a tragedy of being accused of stealing money. But throughout her first year on a girls' baseball team, she goes through romance, pressmoreless

    This anime is my personal favorite. I am a huge baseball fan, so you will understand why. It isn't just baseball. It is an adventure, comedy, everything but adult. When I want to watch baseball before the season starts, I just pop in the DVD. It has even inspired me to be what I am, a softball player.
  • Stunning story telling even if the animation is a little off.

    I haven't seen more then five episodes and I am absolutely in love. The animaiton got on my nerves at first but the characters are real girls, and no matter what type of perosn you are you can find a connection to one of the 9 team members.

    At first glance it appears to be osmehting built for sports fans but even if you know nothing about baseball you will adore this show. The girls kicking the guys butts, the amazingly complicated love triangle, the sense of mystery as you try to unreavel past conflicts and actions that highly effect the characters in the show.

    This should not be over looked because it is absolutly amazing.moreless

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