Princess Nine

Nippon Television Network Corporation (ended 1998)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Shine, Princess Nine!
      The game is rather important and is transmitted naturally in the radio. Mr. Hotta does not remain concealed therefore, what walks there. And as Mr. Yama it beichtet that he told Koharu of its breakdown, is also clear, what is suddenly loose with its daughter, to it. It commands to bring it brush and paper. The girls stand directly before one just as heavy as embarrassing defeats. Yet at least some do not abandon. Seira strikes to be sure badly, races for that however all the more better. Hikaru becomes angefeuert of Seishiro strongly and brings it also a field further. Koharu is as a next beater at it, but she has no more hope. There Nene brings it a hurry-fax of its father. On that side abundance is exact a Kanj: Kaze (wind). A current push goes through Koharu. It is changed. How in deep meditation stands sunk it on the bottom line. In the first throw, it did not notch even with the eyelash. Also in the second not. And then the wind breaks loose. It shoots form into a ball the third out of the stadium! That means because the other already powerfully prepared, four points for the girls. Izumi strikes as next. It encounters full and then it races loose. It sets all on a card and creates hair sharp and with a pike leap the Homerun. 5:5. Takasugi can it do hardly believe that the practically already certain victory stands would disconnect now again on that. Yet further the girls in this round come no longer, for Takasugi catches form into a ball one of Yuki, that otherwise probably none would have been able to catch. And therewith the game goes into the extension. Yet there it looks badly because Ryo must throw again. Izumi cracks Ryo one. And then it explains its how it really behaved with the kiss. Takasugi loves only and alone Ryo. And that must believe it now. Izumi lost the battle against Ryo and gave itself struck, but not yet ignition is the battle of the team around Koshien. And the enemy stands exactly there outside on the field. The game and in conscience of senses the entire Anime finds now its highpoint in a direct duel between Ryo and Takasugi. It throws, it strikes. Ryo is exhausted totally, does its shoulder infernal blow, but it is Hidehikos daughter and fights until finally. It becomes rather dramatic. Ryo lies at the ground, but Takasugi roars its before met public to that it love it and would expect that it would fight please to the end. Ryo gathers all its energy for the decisive last throw. Takasugi pariert Ryos Lightning form into a ball! It is the only that created that ever. That form into a ball goes out of the stadium out. Yuki climbs be missing even yet the fence highly in order to catch it, but a couple of centimeter. Takasugi runs in all mind quiet a Homerun. Therewith the boys won and are eliminated the girls in the semifinal. The girls are disappointed. Yet that is not the end, in the opposite. Next year will be final the next season. And at the end, Izumi Ryo takes conciliatorily into the arms.moreless
    • Field of broken dreams
      The half final stands, but Ryo does not remain the only that precipitates quasi. Koharu gets namely a call of a friend of the family that its father would be collapsed. That commanded to be sure to say it its on no case, but Mr. Yama has it now unfortunately yet ausgeplaudert. It tries to let herself nothing anmerken, but with its concentration, it is past. Mr. Hotta wanted wanted to prevent exactly that, conceal in that he it before Koharu, but now it is too late. Ryo and Koharu come rather late to the bus, and the other are surprised, what could be loose. But yet they are victory confident. Before the stadium, Hikaru Seishiro encounters. It promises to invite it strongly on fire and it after the season once for meal. It presses it for that a thick kiss on the lips and disappears then into the cabin. Coach Kido explains would lie, today all alone with them to the girls. And then it goes off. The game develops for the Kisaragi-girls to a catastrophe. Izumi and Ryo stand Takasugi permanently vis-à-vis and get nothing more into being. And Takasugi has no pale shimmer what is loose. And as if that not rich would become, verpatzt Koharu also one form into a ball after the other. And the Kisaragi boys are a very strong and talented opponent. The use that the remaining girls show does not go back fall simply, and so it a point after the other. Over this extremely weak game above all of Ryo Takasugi is rather annoying. It asks it very openly, what would be loose today with its. And also the other girls in the team are furiously and disappointed. But with Ryo, is nothing to be begun simply more. Izumi tries to speak with its, but Ryo lets it abblitzen. Nevertheless Izumi gets with that it must have seen it and Takasugi in the kiss, what for it a more rather shock is. It and already badly played previously, also it gets now purely nothing at all more on the row. That six others fight with full use - also Yoko packed the ambition, but alone they not simply can create it. Finally 9 of 10 are round played and stands it 5:0 for the boys.moreless
    • The kiss
      The kiss
      Episode 24
      The girls practice, and Ryo has to its old form zurückgefunden. At the next day, the second season-game is, and the Kisaragi-team wins form into a ball rather sovereign, thanks to a row of Ryos Lightning. In the third game, it goes against the Maruyama university. Shino observes the game on television and places also the picture of its man Hidehiko on the table so that he can watch. It is enormously proud of its daughter. And in addition it has also all reason, for again it is to be owed mainly Ryo that the Kisaragi-Mädchenteam wins. And moreover they entrain all other with its success. The girls knees itself powerfully purely. In the game four against the Nakamurabashi team, the victory series goes further. And so they are found in that quarterfinal of the regional league again. Without a trace the strains go at the girls to be sure yet not over. Mao has form into a ball catch must sore hands, because it so many of Ryos Lightning, and just these go also strongly at Ryos powers and burden its shoulder. Yet its actual problem - Takasugi - is always yet unsolved. And as that emerges in order to congratulate them, seizes it the flight. By the way also the Kisaragi-boys so far came. Also the next round passes smoothly for both, and it so comes that and Kisaragi girls in the semifinal face each other to Kisaragi boy. And to be sure already tomorrow. Until there will happen however yet a few things.. Koharu gets very surprisingly a call of its father. That is so rather the first time, but it says, it would be wanted only congratulate nothing special, it its. Seishiro visits Ryo home. That it has heavy dear grief, does not remain concealed is it long, and who the reason for that, knows it also. It rains in streaming, and the game Kisaragi against Kisaragi is shifted on the next day. Seishiro searches for Takasugi and places it to the speech: like it Ryo would treat, would be should attend impossible, and it please to it. Yet Takasugi rejects. Finally Ryo has it yes klipp and clearly said, know wants that it of it nothing more, and wants he laughably make himself now also not. Yet that Seishiro does not let go through. And it makes Takasugi clearly that Ryo loves only it, what can hardly believe that. Also Ryo gets visit, and to be sure of Takasugis grandfather, who plays once again the good spirit in the background. It makes its clearly that Takasugi love it. (On the occasion learns Ryo finally also, who it is, namely just Takasugis grandfather.) And so, how it tells it, Ryo remains to believe nothing other remaining as it. And so it comes that both call itself and a meeting arrange: at the place where they met itself for the first time. That to be sure ends in a catastrophe. And that comes so: Ryo comes first to the bank and waits. Takasugi is also underway, but Izumi runs it over the way. Izumi explains Takasugi klipp and clearly that they love it already for some time time. It knows loves and is however also, that it only Ryo ready to not to stand both more long in the way. They stood said has would hate also the intrigue with the handkerchief that led in addition, that Ryo it, it it to it. Izumi means it really honestly, she requests herself only a single kiss. For therefrom it dreamed already so long, each night. Then it would go. Ryo boringly became it in the mean time and runs it in the area around in order to look over where Takasugi remains. And so it comes come must, how it: it sees this kiss, that also, say is, to misunderstand we once, purely optically easily. For Ryo, a world collapses and it runs therefrom. Whom can it now generally yet trust?moreless
    • Beauties VS. the Beasts
      Ryo prepares itself for the game. Reflectively it takes the medal of Takasugi into the hand and pulls it then on. Then she makes herself on the way. Your mother promises its to come to the Anfeuern as soon as she can out of the business out. The team of the Kisaragi-Jungenschule with Takasugi has also a game and staubt orderly points off. The girls hear the radio-transmission while they go with the bus to its characteristic game. In contrast to the boys, they have however no easy game in outlook. Already the reception makes have clearly, what kind of opponent it there. One of the gorillas shakes namely the bus through and frightens the girls orderly. Go out and protest and as it, was it naturally no. Even Seira is easy geschockt. It knows would suffice this type of beater types yet to that. And an of them - Yano - Ryo also already became acquainted with. The only that worries is no the coach. On the playing field, it looks then just as. Technically and playfully the Hori-fellows have play not all too much thereon, for that it brutal, aggressive and with all dirty tricks. They want the girls simply with force aufreiben. Seira gets form into a ball for example one delivery rate that puts back a pretty blue spot at its shoulder as a memory. And so some pass round, without that one could make both teams also only a Pünktchen. How usually much hangs on Ryo. The Kisaragi-boys won its game in the mean time and took Takasugi on the spectator ranks place in order to watch the girls. Could yes be that both halves of the Kisaragi-school once against each other begin must. In any case, when Ryo sees it there, it becomes terribly nervous and verschmeißt a couple would bark. On so a chance, the gorillas only waited. Now it goes correctly to the thing. First, Kanako flachgelegt becomes. But it holds out stands, and the other on that on. And Ryo tries to throw form into a ball a Lightning. Mao catches the first unfortunately not correctly, and one of the Hori-players gives that the opportunity to race to the next field where Izumi stands. He wants it just as plattmachen as well as before Kanako, and if he had created that, how he imagined that, would have landed Izumi in the hospital. Yet Izumi not so easily is to be caught, makes an elegant sentence over the types away and secures form into a ball that. 8 of 10 round are over, and always yet 0:0 stands. somehow creates Yoko it to catch form into a ball one and on time zurückzuwerfen so that Yano, that was already rather far, out fly. It yet wanted to convene Mao at the same time, but that thoroughly can defend itself. And so the last round begins, and always yet 0:0 stands. Ryo worries large, for if the game goes into the extension, become it of the kräftemäßig of far superior Hori-fellow simple way oppressive. Yet Ryo is not the single good player in the team of the girls. Like Izumi Yano and its Brutalo-team abserviert, is to be described heavily, but really worthwhile. It encounters form into a ball one, comes that was thought actually for that to shoot down it, and therewith three fields far. The Horis the ass goes now very powerfully on reason ice, but know it, form into a ball would have been able to encounter that no more other than an Izumi, the former tennis-ace, one generally. Denkste. We hear giggle a single time in the 26 sequences Yuki (in any case in the English frame; in the Japanese is restricted it to an easy smile). Because she contrived herself a trick, to create around so something similar like Izumi. It can it naturally by far not so elegantly and sovereign like it, but it passes a point for the decisive. Ryo can hardly believe it: although it has heavily gepatzt, its team won nevertheless.moreless
    • You're not alone, Yuki
      Yuki in a girl-baseball-team was already earlier been. It was there the Captain because it was the best. So many a game only was won because it had created once again a Homerun. To be sure it was chosen in its team all other as, looked on the one hand because it so successfully was and all other palely next to it, and perhaps also because it was little strange or difficult a. In any case it was thrown of its comrades on brutal manner out of the team and found then neither in the school yet at its parents the slightest support. In the opposite, one made its remonstrance also yet heavy. That drove it so far that she tried to take herself the life (in the Anime to be sure only vaguely indicated), and then appeared all at once in a light light wreath Fifi, an extraterrestial of planet Yukara, 18 light years of the earth removes how we learn, whose mission was it to construct for Yuki existence and its destroyed confidence again. On that Yuki, that sits always yet on the porch of the hotel, had to think, now while it broods sadly before itself there. Also Ryo that stands just under the shower broods before itself there, over that, what said it to Takasugi. Later the girls sit in the supper and converse naturally over Yuki. The coach has them Yukis story and also its suicide trial told, and now they consider what they only should do. Izumi means, they should not write off Yuki simply - Yuki would be finally the only with problems, that it not with others divide could, but one would must there simply simply once through - and it should most quickly possible a replacement for it organize. The other contradict that however energetically. They wrestle Izumi at least a time period to the next morning off and proceed themselves then towards the top. Fifi appears Yuki and takes leave. Your mission would be concluded and would must it now after Yukara back. Yuki is death unfortunate that it must remain alone on the earth. At which also always it thinks now, it is interrupted emerged are of the girls (except Izumi), that with it and decided speak it into the conscience. Yet Yuki is of the opinion without being able to play Fifi never again baseball. And generally Fifi its single friend had been, had rescued its the life and had been the only, that had understood its feelings. In the mean time Izumi (in the Yukata) went to outside and strikes form into a ball one highly to Yuki - and to be sure a rather fast. Yuki catches it reflection good. And somehow that changes something in its. It can it yet yet, and Ryos conviction working that it very probably could continue, fells all at once on fruitful ground. Moreover let they be a team and each for the other there. "I am not alone". And as Yuki these words expresses, is completed Fifis mission and turns it in a light light back to its world. And all girls believe to not to be able to trust its eyes. This little material doll should really...? The illumination goes out. The coach appears and scares away the girls into the bed. It is final already rather late. The training is concluded and go the girls again home - rather exhausts. And there the everyday life goes off then again. Kanakos father has prepare let a postal service gigantic with its name, with which he wants its daughter of now at anfeuern. Kido returns Keiko meanwhile report and learns that the games of the regionally-league begin already very soon. The girls have not much time to the Luftholen. But they are also in Top-form. To the Auslosung of the pairing, it sends Ryo, and that pulls as the first opponent the Hori private training. One cannot say just that it caught there an easy opponent. Coarse, gigantic gorillas are, and the first both therefrom Ryo and Nene become acquainted with immediately. Later Izumi and Takasugi encounter themselves short. Izumi sees assures then Ryo in the training, but that its, it would be nothing between its and Hiroki. It would need to worry no. Yet on the after houses way, it can think of nothing of other as it. Before the Shino odes-bar, Ryo encounters surprisingly Yuki and takes it with in for meal. Yuki is surprised that Ryo is appreciated in the old Knackern, that sit there and drink Sake so famous and.moreless
    • I hate you, Takasugi
      The girls train hard and devotedly. And even Yoko made impressing progress. For that Yuki is totally apathetic and makes nothing at all more. Finally it fells simply over. Kido and the girls they carry into the house. There just the telephone rings: Hiroki calls Izumi on. It is namely also out load and wants to encounter itself now with it. It asks it then, what the call in the previous night had to mean. Izumi is happy that he worried about it. It tells it however that all would be in best order. It can hardly believe it that that should be the entire truth. But how also always, it it leaves at the same time and concludes because it is already once there now, to enjoy the pretty mountain air. Unfortunately it loses at the same time the handkerchief that embroidered Ryo it, and unfortunately Izumi finds it. And that brings it on a good idea how she can would rake herself at Ryo. That again lifts its mood very powerfully and it strikes again like in best times. In the afternoon Nene prepared the usual refreshments. Yuki is always yet in trance and reacts to practically nothing. Then however it demands of Yoko to show it its pocket. It could be yes that Fifi is there inside. Yoko is excited to be held for a thief. Yet Yuki is doubted simply totally. It collapses under tears and means, it could play baseball without Fifi never again or could make generally any something. That is naturally also not so good for the disposition in the team. In the washroom, Izumi Ryo shows apparently very accidentally Hirokis handkerchief and maintains, it had given it to it. It had got it probably of one of its numerous admirers to the birthday. And then it sharpens would give it Ryo on, a volume between its and, also to it that could not also Ryo zertrennen if Hiroki would choose occasionally to turn to its attention also other little girls. Nene tries to cheer up Yuki again somewhat, first with violin-game, then with a little Kasperle-theater, finally with a bathing suit-fashions show and finally with a little doll, that its father brought along its out of France. Instead of cheering up itself, Yuki seizes however the flight at the end. Nene complains its sorrow Kido and Ryo, and that strikes before, it could go seeking Fifi. Perhaps Yuki Fifi lost yes in the duration course in the forest. While it runs now through the landscape and searches for the little doll, thinks it however continually of Izumi, Hiroki, that handkerchief and the question whom it actually really loves then now. Sometime it strikes the pretty weather over and gives a violent thunderstorm. Ryo seeks protection under a tree. Suddenly Takasugi in the vicinity emerges and brings it to a cottage, that it discovered. Yuki sits on the porch and says nothing more. Seira asks itself why it would hang only so very on this doll. Kido moves now with a couple of information out, that it has over Yuki. It was to be sure outstanding in Softball and won also a championship, tried directly after that it however to take herself the life. Something lost sits Ryo in the cottage, wrapped up into a cover, while its dresses dry. Ryo says, it had come in order to see Izumi. Let you be herself its feelings no longer certain, for that Izumi would mean it very much, to is surveyed finally not. That denies Hiroki also not at all. But why does Izumi have then this handkerchief? That catches Hiroki to be sure coldly, for it still has noticed not at all that it lost it. That holds Ryo however for a rotten excuse. It persuades herself that it would have simply no chance against Izumi, because it love yet only it in the reason. And that drives it so far to call Hiroki middle into the face that it hates it. Hiroki has comes and asks no idea, like it all at once to so somewhat it whether it would have another friend. Ryo answers, that would go it nothing on. Yet Takasugi knows, likes that Ryo Seishiro to be sure, but does not love. It reciprocates, he should imagine once not too much on itself. Hiroki deeply is encountered and goes. But also Ryo is natural all other as happy and satisfied. And its medal carries it also always yet. Ryo comes not until the night into the here mountains back - without Fifi.moreless
    • Back in Training
      Back in Training
      Episode 20
      The training terrain is far outside in the mountains, and the girls already entirely are excited, arrive finally there. The proprietor receives it very friendlily and sends it first once on the room. It is same, as well as in traditional Japanese hotel usually, a large room displayed with deed American-mats in which everyone sleeps (men and women naturally separated). Nene is happy, for it spends the night the first time in its life in such a partnership room. Then the coach appears, and the extra-hard training begins. They begin with a duration course to the practice place. There goes arrived it then loosely with the actual baseball-training. Koharu strikes exzellent, Izumi however because of its dear grief lousy. And also otherwise it does not treat Ryo just very friendlily, and that because it has no idea, what advances in Izumis pretty head, it asks why it would be today so brutal. Kido planned to drink no longer, and all girls are surprised, what is loose with it. As a side-effect, it lost namely also its appetite. Seira places it on the sample. It holds it so long beer before the nose until it endures it no longer and becomes again entire the old. It is its lawn privately-revenge at it because it forced it to enter into the team. Although it made that not just unwillingly. Both have just a strange hate-dear together. After the supper, the girls in the dam light in the Onsen sit and tell themselves love stories out of its life. Kanako washes Ryo the back and asks it whether it would have a beloved person. It does not answer, actually. But certain she is not herself also. Kanako has however also no, but rather both concentrate at present rather on baseball. Hikaru means, let Ryo be yet entirely clear with Hiroki together. Also the other are this view. Izumi is just next door and hears that of all unintentional with. The girls find this triangle relation very interestingly and very promising. Later Izumi finds accidentally Hirokis medal that it gave Ryo. It knows, what that is and of that whom Ryo has it. Your Rivalin lies therefore after points ahead in the moment. Some of the girls sleep already (or try it at least) while some other always yet together seat want to know and of Hikaru, who then its friend would be. It does not want therewith however out back. Yet Mao comes then on that that it would be allowed to be probable Seishiro. Middle in the night: Izumi cannot fall asleep because it must think continually of the medal and with the question quält, why calculated Ryo it has itself. Therefore it slinks down to the telephone and calls Hiroki on. When it finally decreases, it brings out to be sure no word, but Hiroki comes nevertheless on that, who is at the other end. Both speak finally worries then yet another little, but Hiroki so large that it concludes to visit it at the next day. Accidentally Ryo becomes awake and sees Izumi outside around state. It descends to its and asks it what would be loose with its, that entire day already. Izumi intends however not to say it its. It should be concerned yet rather in that its characteristic stuff. And moreover they would have to concentrate everyone much more on the training, would find otherwise its baseball-dreams very quickly an end. Then however it moves yet yet therewith out: it finds it extremely unsuitably that Ryo brought something and honors now, what a boy gave it. Slow Ryo becomes clear, what is loose with Izumi. When Nene scares away at the next morning - or better morning - the verkaterten Kido out of the bed, the girls are already long in the training. Unfortunately Izumis blows always yet miserabel are about what she herself becomes angry naturally most. It is finished rather with the nerves. Yet that is not yet long the largest misfortune. Hikaru notes that Fifi is away. For Yuki collapses sudden a world and it is no longer addressable.moreless
    • Hearts & Diamonds
      Hearts & Diamonds
      Episode 19
      It is June and very hot. The girls train diligently, but there is only a shower and they must selected, who comes first at it. Kido emerges and and explains, the team bräuchte an official Captain. And in addition Ryo auserkoren becomes. The other find the one very good idea and Ryo prides rather and promises Kido to give its best. Ryo gets accidentally with that at the next day Hirokis 16th birthday is. That catches it coldly because it has naturally no gift. In the evening, the coach sits once again in Shinos bar and converses made has with Shino over Ryo, and why it it to the Captain. Because it an unbezwingbaren battle spirit, exactly like its mother, that had placed led has all the years entirely on itself alone the tavern. And naturally like Hidehiko. Above in its room, Ryo sits meanwhile and embroiders last pricks itself for Hiroki a handkerchief what costs it a few things at blood, because it into the fingers. And because it the half night on that seat, is it at the next morning rather tired. Later it meets Hiroki and that means, would have hidden it yet certainly a birthday gift for it there behind its back. And so it is also. Easily blushing it gives it to it. That opens it however not, but rather it sticks into its breast pocket. Seishiro sits at a little lake and paints (or draws). It can that rather good; except sport, it can actually all rather good. Hikaru comes vorbeigeschlendert. It opened herself the knee and attends Seishiro to it. And so it noted is actual, what kind of nice boy he. It asks it if it would like yet Ryo, why would say it it its not simply. Yet Seishiro calculates itself against Takasugi no chances. It answers, it should try it simply once, for let it be yet very nice. Hiroki trains also, and with it, also the Kisaragi-boys have a good chance on Koshien. Incidentally it is knows the swarm of all girls, but there each that it belongs to Izumi, has it before them its quiet. It fits Izumi then after the school off. Before the entrance gate, dozens of girl, that want to give a birthday gift to it, but he wait has misprint themselves with Izumi. Both make a romantic picnic too second at the river bank. Izumi arranged an Obentou how it made it for 10 years always to its birthday. When both were yet little, it gave its ring once one, and it carries that now. It not to is surveyed that Izumi is fallen in love in Hiroki. For it on the other hand it is only friendship, like between brother and sister. Nevertheless it says its how pretty and feminine it had become in the last years. Izumi answers, it wanted be more for it than only its sister little. Hiroki does not know so quite, what it should begin therewith. Later Hiroki Izumi brings home. It asks it what it would have there in its breast pocket. It unpacks it, and it knows is immediately, of that whom it, namely of its Lieblingsrivalin. It is also a letter at the same time, and after Hiroki read that, he takes leave precipitate of Izumi and cycles therefrom. Kido inquires how it would go Ryos shoulder. And which type man actually would like its mother. Tja, one, that does not drink, for example. When Ryo comes in the evening home, Takasugi stands before the door. Ryo wrote in the letter, it would become it if it would play baseball, of far cheer, but felled it that "of far" not. Why written it that so would have? Ryo answers, Takasugi would become always of so many girls umschwärmt, therefore it has probably no good cards. Above all not against Izumi. Moreover it never scolded it when it returned out of the hospital, it should more so frivolously its life on the game set, therefore it, it believes would like it no longer. Yet exact the opposite is the case. Hiroki says its that it would mean it very much. The girl, who would mean it more than each other person, had died around a hair, and that would have broken it almost the heart. So what it had perceived never before. It gives it a medal that first, that won it in its life. It should bring it good fortune. And then flüster it its into the ear: "Suki there". Seishiro wants to paint yet more pictures of Ryo and wants to make then a type display. At the next morning, it asks Ryo therefore on the way to the school whether it wanted stand it model. Ryo find, that would be too much the honor for it, others would be yet much better models. Then it runs cheerfully therefrom. Seishiro of late Hikaru tells this flop. That comforts it and drags it to the Karaoke off in order to cheer up it. And what concerns its pictures whether it would not be also with its as a model satisfied. Izumi can play also piano, and that does it now. At the same time it reflects on that how it could get rid of Ryo as a Rivalin. Your mother sits beside it, a glass of red wine in the hand, and they speak old dear over Keikos. How felt it would have if at that time another woman had emerged? Keiko answers if one cannot be with that, that one loves, together, could become the torment intolerable. But that arrives on each even. At the next morning, the team goes for four days to the training camp. The coach has tomatoes at the same time because it wants to begin apparently a new, healthy life. Finally it knows now that Shino sooner such men prefers. So far it does not pass in Ryo however, and it believes, it would be somehow sick or so. Seira on the other hand sees through it immediately. Izumi emerges and throws Ryo to the greeting one its usual "kind words" at the head. Therewith it received quasi officially the fight for Hiroki.moreless
    • The gift
      The gift
      Episode 18
      In a review, we see what happened at that time, when Hidehikos team that won Towa jaguar, for the third time in the Koshien-stadium the championship. Had to owe it that mainly Hidehikos Lightning form into a ball, and so was it the celebrated starling. But it not only was celebrated, but rather envies also. Mr. Mita sits at the telephone and explains would reprimand Ryo now of the university to someone, he, like 90% of the parents it demanded. Kanako brings it tea. It remembers that soon its birthday would be and asks it what would wish for it. It would fulfill it each wish. For if Mr. Mita also rather bärbeißig appears, its daughter he can knock off nothing. Ryo recovers astonishingly quickly. It tells its mother who visits it in the hospital, she had encountered its father. And it trust it firmly, equal, what the other people said. Shortly on that come both children whom Ryo rescued, in accompaniment of Mr. Sakurai, that learned in the mean time, that it is the daughter of its idol Hayakawa Hidehiko. It brings along its even flowers. And then the press appears. The rescue operation, that would have cost Ryo around a hair the life, made it namely to a hero. And as such, it appears in all newspapers of Japan. When Mr. Mita reads that at the next day in the newspaper, is clear to it that now at an out throw no longer to think is. The parents adviser session precipitates also because (almost) all agitators softly take leave and follower quiet and and no one comes more. Moreover stands also in the newspaper how Hidehiko attended always to the orphan children. And so a hero becomes out of a scoundrel over night. Entirely Mita gives however not yet struck itself. Because the baseball-team always yet suspended, the girls bore themselves and busy goes themselves, so well it. Nene tries itself at a new cake, Koharu makes speaks duration course, Yuki with Fifi, Yoko sits in the agency, and Kanako is home. Morning becomes it 16, and its father would know gladly, what wishes for it. Equal, what it would be also, it will fulfill it each wish. Therefore she wishes for that the baseball-team-together shelter may continue and. With Ryo naturally. The old Mita believes to have interrogated itself, but after it took to the knowledge to put through that its daughter bitterly seriously means it and it its will this time around each price ready is, makes be to lose it first once a loud departure, around not so quickly face. To the parents meeting, that busies itself with Ryo exclusion, many parents came yet yet relatively. Yet Mr. Mita made in the mean time a 180-grad-wende 180-grad-wende degree of 180-grad-wende turning point. It retracts the proposition simply of the order of the day. Keiko believes to dream. It reckoned fells with a battle on bending and breach, and now it the victory simply so in the lap. Incredibly however aware, Mita advocates the team and asks the parents to give a chance to the young girls. And most parents join its favor. Kanako that has before the door gelsucht deeply is stirred. That was the prettiest birthday gift that got it ever. Ryo is again home and wants to stuff itself first once with odes. Izumi stattet it a visit off. Ryo is convinced, it had belonged in its vision its voice, that would have it zurückgeholt. Izumi gives itself coolly like always, but that is only external. Later coach Kido and Keiko in the tavern Ryo make its attendance. Keiko betet of Hidehikos house altar, and now Ryo learns finally more over the past of its father. It was able to play baseball only for five years. It had had more time, it would have gone in with certainty into the baseball-story. Yet it had therefore also enemies and Neider, even in its characteristic team, that placed it one day this trap and took it for always out of circulation, at least, what concerned its sporting and also social career. For it was was not only the starling-Pitcher, it also closely friendly with the daughter of a heavy-rich family: Himuro Keiko. After the scandal, Keiko to it would have held, would have been even ready, with it blowout, but it leaned that off. It wanted to prove its innocence and wanted to return then in honors to it. That did not succeed it however, in the opposite, it became banishes on lifetime out of the baseball-league. And so it disappeared quiet and softly out of its life. It and put back with rather broken heart. Later it married a simple, dear girl - Shino, and they had a daughter. It died five years after that in an accident. Keiko loves it now, 20 years later, always yet. And as it Ryo saw, believed itself there it zurückversetzt into its youth and wanted to begin in any a manner on that. That brought Ryos life rather in confusion. Yet Ryo is its nevertheless grateful: in spite of the enormous difficulties, that had to master it, it is happy and grateful for this chance, this dream, that Keiko gave to it. And it prides to be Hidehikos daughter. Yoko encounters a decision. Although it runs in the agency well, it returns to the baseball-team. The time with the other changed also it. And then begins for everyone, also Kanako, again the normal routine with school and baseball. Kido does not admonish it, around stroll because the regional championships would stand before the door. And therefore they would go all into a training camp.moreless
    • Visions
      Episode 17
      Gedankenverloren slinks Izumi through the streets. Hiroki arrived in the mean time in the orphanage. Ryo really was able to rescue both children, but she herself landed in the hospital. Hiroki is delighted few, that to reports. But that is not yet all: Ryo wrestles with the death, for she perfectly exhausted herself in the rescue. Now pulses, temperature are and blood pressure far under the standard value, and if that so goes on, it will make it no longer long. Takasugi calls Shino, and they make itself on the way after Hanguri. With Keikos saloon car by the way, for also it was informed of Hiroki. Also the girls want there, also if they have not the entire story mitbekommen. Nene, efficiently and Innovatively like always, organizes them the bus of its father, and they so go expressed luxurious. Underway yet Seira read itself and Kanako, that slinks itself secretly out of the house, up, and then it goes on to Hanguri. Then even yet Yoko stands on the street, that has itself of its party abgeseilt, in order to assist Ryo. Seira is stirred. The treating physician informs Shino, Hiroki and Kido about the fact that Ryo would be in a critical condition. Actually would help asked now only. Shortly on that the girls (without Izumi) arrive. The bad novelties oppress it naturally very. They perfectly are shocked exact legend that Ryo does not survive if possible the night. Izumi is found in a Godzilla-film again. It is angry about very Ryo because it simply ran away. Is your ore-Rivalin now away, but why she feels then so empty? It thinks of all that, what experienced it already with Ryo together, and that was very much in the short time. And during Godzilla once again Tokyo niedertrampelt, Izumi leaves the movie theater and makes itself on the way to Ryo. With the taxi how that belongs itself for a higher daughter. In the hospital, it is not is already far after midnight, but at sleep naturally to think. Keiko betet, that other stare before itself there. And Ryo meets in another world its father. It is again a little girl, and its father wants to play with its baseball. But Ryo wants to play no longer. It stopped because it hates it. Izumi arrived in the mean time in the orphanage and learns of Mr. Sakurai, what happened with Ryo. The skin it almost over, and it goes immediately further to the hospital. There Ryos condition becomes always more critically and the physician means Shino and the other, it must with the worst calculate. Meanwhile Izumis taxi is delayed through an overthrown tree, but Izumi climbs simply from and continues on foot the way through storm, rain and mud avalanches. Hidehiko explains Ryo in its vision, it had promised it to play together with it baseball if it would be large. It wished, it would have been able to experience that. Ryo is all at once again large, and Hidehiko brings it in addition to throw again. Ryo is even again proud of itself; it forms into a ball throw now even the Lightning. Your father praises would be so good it, but until it like he, had to practice it yet much. Then Ryo asks it whether he would have grease let himself really in a game, how everyone maintains. Does it answer if it were at its place, would do it then so something? Exactly in the moment where it shouts it, it would trust it, remains stand its heart. Barefoot and on all Vieren Izumi fights itself meanwhile the steep street towards the top. Yet the thought at Ryo drives it further. Hidehiko takes leave of Ryo. Yet that holds itself at it. It wants to learn yet so much of it. The girls are shocked. Ryo is as good as away. There appears like a revenge God Izumi and marches straight into the treatment hall. It holds Ryo a flaming talk that it has to fight please and had not overcome itself, after it it, on so a manner out of the dust make might. If it would die now, it never would forgive its that. In its dream, Ryo becomes entirely tired and transparent, but its father admonishes it not to fall asleep, but rather to hear on this voice, the back calls: Izumis voice. Your father promises to be always with its and solves himself then up. And therewith Ryo returns into the life.moreless
    • Exile
      Episode 16
      At the Kisaragi-school, one already always knew it: Ryo does not belong here, and the baseball-team first quite not. And the parents adviser is decided to abolish both at this school. For the actual problem is not no longer that what made Hidehiko 20 years ago or, but rather the scandal that became from that now. The old Takasugi gives would be, to consider, a student to throw out a very serious thing that one had to consider well. But the press snoops everywhere around, and that burdens all students. The parents claim to have turned down and that immediately. Takasugi and Keiko have bad cards in this case. The girls are disappointed over the press very. Just yet they were is released the starlings, now at least one of them to the launching. Kanako has is always yet house crazy, Yoko in the before language and Izumi in the duration course-training. Around the team, it does not stand good. And as the girls (at least that, that yet there are) are so correctly sour, come the parents of the adviser. The team is dissolved, they should get its things, becomes here trains barrier. Above all Seira is except itself, and it comes almost to Handgreiflichkeiten. Shortly on that Ryo hereingeschlichen comes. It excuses herself for the annoyance, that all have because of it. The girls stand to be sure firmly on its side, but Ryos decision stands firmly. It takes leave and runs then therefrom. The girls want to delay it, but Izumi comes in addition and means, they could do nothing at all in the moment for Ryo purely because it had to find its answer itself. Ryo sits meanwhile until late in the evening on a bank and broods before itself there. It belonged too many ugly things in last time. And then it is attached also yet of two streets hoodlums. To the good fortune, Hiroki emerges and rescues it. To comfort it tried it also, but Ryo is not in the disposition. In addition its situation to is proceeded. And what the worst is: it has believe in lost that its father, who was for it always the over-hero. Therefore it can play also no longer baseball. It screams, it hates baseball and runs then therefrom - home nevertheless. At the next morning, it is to be sure away. All what has leave behind it, a letter, in which it explains its retirement out of the Kisaragi-university, is. That goes even Izumi under the skin. Ryo went with the train to Hanguri, the place of birth of its father. When it was yet entirely little, it brought its father once there, and now it went actually without special reason there. There rolls form into a ball it a before the feet: the children of an elementary school play baseball. One calls enthused, it formed into a ball throw now the Lightning. Ryo is galvanizeed how. The teacher later appears a moment. The school is actual works an orphanage, and the young man, who imagines as a Mr. Sakurai (spoken about Miki Shin' ichiro), there as a caregiver and girl-for-all. Long time ago, a baseball-pro that taught the orphan children baseball lived in the area. Based on strange circumstances, it had to conclude its career in very young years already. That is 20 years about here, and it was at that time Sakurais hero. Breathless Ryo asks it to tell more over this man. A very soft and friendly man is Sakurai and asks Ryo into the house. The man was named Hayakawa Hidehiko, and he was the idol of all children at that time. And especially were fascinates it of its Lightning form into a ball. Hidehiko was always well to the children and came, had whenever it time, and therefore they honored it very. And Sakurai honors it yet always. Then this incident in which one suspended Hidehiko, a game came arranged and to have taken for that money. But Sakurai rock-solidly is convinced that its idol was innocent. A man as well as Hidehiko would be simply not capable to such a fraud. You who knew children, what kind of person he was actual. Finally - that he attended to it, never brought in stood it a yen, and in the newspapers it also not because he never spoke about that. But it made it nevertheless because it liked the children. It gave hope and a dream to them. And that sets something in Ryo in movement. It has believe in recovered that its father. In the odes-tavern, the coach, the girls appear itself gradually and Hiroki. Shino the police asked in the mean time, once a little the eyes open stop. One never knows. Yet there Ryo calls and tells is Kido, where it, and that it could spend the night there. And that it again better would go its. They send Takasugi loose in order to gather it. That sees prowl outside Izumi. Even it endured it before worry no longer. It gives its the address in Hanguri, for it could be yes that it passes by also there very accidentally once. In Hanguri, it began to rain in the mean time violently and makes search itself Sakurai on that for three children, who are yet missing. Hardly it is away, comes run one of the children: the two other would be in large danger. Through the strong rain, the river is swelled are caught, and both on a quickly littler becoming island. The death through drowning is them certain, therefore Ryo jumps into the tearing floods and rescues it. Fifi says Yuki disaster ahead, and also Takasugi that is in the taxi underway, a very bad feeling has. To right.moreless
    • Scandal
      Episode 15
      Over the victory of the Kisaragi-girls becomes also on television and in the newspapers largely reported. The girls are very proud of itself. How usually, softens Izumi its spraying optimism. They would not be allowed to climb let themselves this a victory to head. For otherwise the case would be all the more deeper if they would win once no longer. Finally they do not stand because of special achievements in the limelight, but rather because they are girl. The Grat to the ridiculousness is rather narrow. The girls go eating then Okonomiyaki, only Izumi remains in the cottage and reads its book further. And then it practices striking. On the way, Hiroki Ryo intercepts and disappears with its through the rear exit while the other run ahead the reporter into the arms. That is the opportunity on which Yoko waited the entire time. It gives all interviews alone, and that quasi simultaneously. Ryo and Shino visit Hidehikos grave. Surprisingly they encounter there Keiko that made apparently Hidehiko also its attendance. Ryo is now famous, and that brings an old reporter by the name of Hashimoto on the idea to dig once a little in the past of its father. And that has rather dark spots. Kanako has stress with its father. It should become final physician and not baseball-player. Physician wants to become it also, but wants to play incidentally just also baseball. Mr. Mita holds that for a spinnerte idea and decrees its first once house crazy. It is absent therefore from the training, and it remains concealed the girls not long why. They want to speak once with Mr. Mita, and for Yoko, the one good opportunity is, to drop itself. A firm by the name of Hirohata graduation it seems finally discovered to have. When Ryo come at the morning to the university, it is expected of some reporters, who ask its questions incredible: like it in addition would stand, maintain had deceived that some people, its father 20 years ago its fans. Ryo has to be sure no idea what the reporters of it want, but it has also no idea, who or what its father was. Therefore it is would start helplessly delivered this. And it stands even already in the newspaper. Ryo is geschockt. End television learns it then that, what Keiko and Shino did not want to say its: 20 years ago, Hidehiko of the Pitcher was the Towa jaguar. Nominally it was involved then in a game arranged previously. There was a giant-scandal that cost it its career. The problem at the same time: Ryo as a daughter of a possible fraud beschmutzt the honor of the Kisaragi-school. Ryo searches for Keiko, but that can say (or wants) its no longer as that, what knows it now anyway already out of the newspaper. Ryo says would lie holds its into the face, that it its version for one, for Keiko denies off to have been with Hidehiko more than only fleeting well known. Why did it visit then however its grave? Keiko gives its the wax soft promising to say all to it if the time had come. Now however Ryo had to concentrate on its training because the game season would begin soon. Seishiro makes meanwhile that like the reporters and views in the archive after, what at that time so happened. Hidehikos team had won sequentially the spring game and summer games in Koshien. And the starling was Hidehiko. Then however a Buchmacher was arrested, that documents had with itself, in which the names of some players occurred, that had arranged nominally the game previously. Hidehikos name was under that. And one found 3,000,000 yen in its locker. It and five further players were excluded on lifetime out of the baseball-league. Hiroki comes consider in addition, and both whether they could not do any something for Ryo. The reporters were also in Shino. Ryo asks it whether it had known something of the at that time scandal. It has naturally; each knew it, for it stood yes in each newspaper. To be sure: when Shino Hidehiko became acquainted with, it was already long out of the baseball-business outside. And it wanted to address it then no longer on that. How it knew it, it never would have been able to do so somewhat. Shino is convinced of Hidehikos innocence firmly. Ryo on the other hand is full doubt because it has so well like no information. Izumi appears at its mother and asks it what would be at the rumors in the Ryos father at it. The thing heats up namely so that the team begins to suffer under that. Keiko tells its that Hidehiko had disappeared directly after this scandal out of its life. At the next day, Mita and Kodanuki Keiko make clearly, what would have it for consequences, if it further would support the baseball-team under the given circumstances. In any case the parents adviser would be on the other hand. And that Ryo has personally nothing at all to do with the entire thing purely, interests also no one. The scandal stains on it, of its on the school, and of the school on all students. If possible Rinkai was bribed also in order let win the girls. Therefore Ryo must disappear, and to be sure immediately. And the parents adviser already appeared himself. Nene listened and belonged at the same time very unsightly things: the coach would not be would come a Säufer, that girls out of the gutter and belonged sonstwo there, only at this elite-school. Yet Kido retains the nerves and sends would have been the team simply to the training, as never somewhat. Then it dances in Keiko on and would have gladly the permission for a training camp. Keiko holds that for a good idea in order to bring the girls once out of the direct firing line. Then it makes it a little courage. To be sure also it did not expect such a large scandal. Ryo sits at the river and cries. Seishiro finds it there, but it sends it again away. It is entire demoralisiert.moreless
    • Lightning ball
      Lightning ball
      Episode 14
      It becomes narrow for the girls. Yo is again at it with throwing, but the Batter set itself in the mean time to it. That first form into a ball goes would bark into the end, then verschmeißt it the other so that the Batter advance all a field. Also the next encounters form into a ball the Batter. Kanako slips around a hair the wig, therefore it does not form into a ball catch that correctly, and Rinkai so obtains 2 points. And Yo becomes would bark exactly predict can clear, that the Batter the throw in the mean time to hers and encounter become therefore probably usually. That is would be therefore the end, it then, you fell something else brilliant on.

      Hikaru muntert Kanako up, but that makes itself heavy reproaches. Because it fails - because of the stupid wig - was able to have Rinkai 2 points make. Furiously she tears herself it of the head. Chancellor Mita and Kodanuki can hardly believe it, who comes under that to the light. Mita suffers a little shock that lets petrify it passing.

      Yo lost in the mean time all its confidence, but Hikaru creates it with one just as brilliant as cool tricks to outmaneuver the Batter for what it harvests much praise of the other. Only of Izumi not. Finally everyone know stands, how it around the game, and it speaks it000 from. Yo throws too simply, practically directly on the beaters, and if it so continues, the game is lost. The other however my, it could certainly yet that on the field on or others get out. That proves however to be an error. The Rinkai-players have its accustomed form wiedergefunden, and the Kisaragi-girls get no more leg on the earth. Just, that they can prevent another advantage of Rinkai.

      Sometime Yo is throw once to the Abwechselung at it with striking instead of, and that makes it surprisingly good. Seira strikes as next, flies however out, and with its also Yo. Pitches had.

      In the eighth round, Yo goes out the Puste. Izumi is surprised. When it fighted against Yo, this was much stronger and more enduring. But apparently she injured herself in the course, for that went only extremely tightly from and Ryo has correctly hineinwerfen must itself. Izumi makes the team therefore reproaches: on Yo, not only the entire responsibility would weigh also yet had to run for the throws, now it. The other must would bark strike finally better.

      Surprisingly Hiroki emerges with Keiko and its grandfather. It saw the game on television and came now to help around the girls - and to be sure in a Kisaragi-Baseballuniform. Yo has aid also bitterly compel. It hardly yet can move its shoulder. On the return of the washroom where she freshly made herself a little, stands suddenly coach Kido before its. Now one of this magic would be would bark yet exactly correctly. Yo holds that however for impossibly. It knows not even how one throws form into a ball such a Lightning, let alone now yet could, that it it. Yet the coach is other opinion. Yos father threw always its best throws at the end of a game, equal how exhausted he was already.

      Meanwhile Izumi brings itself with its usual uncompromising use into a good position. Yet unlike in the tennis it can win here not alone. The team must help. Yuki is the next. And thanks to Fifi, it comes entirely without exertion on the first time. The next is Kanako. It encounters full, and Izumi can make a point.

      Now all of Yo depends. It is confused fells, but then it the field on. It dug up it although it exhausts totally and was tired. Your iron will has hold out let it. And also now it will help its again. It goes like a jerk through it. Everyone notes it, also the hostile players.

      And then it throws form into a ball the Lightning. One after the other. The Rinkai-Batter have no more chance.

      The girls created the impossible and won 3:2.

      Keiko gets the allowance, and Yo thanks itself in the coach. That means, that had been yet only gardening, but knows Hiroki it better: that was exact the correct training.moreless
    • The girl stratagem
      The girl stratagem
      Episode 13
      The bus arrives, and the girls plan to give its best because its career already ends otherwise here. Also the bus with the Rinkai-team holds, and the boys climb from. Ryo, mindfully the advice that Hiroki gave to it, tries to give the hand to the hostile Pitcher, is interrupted at the same time however of the coach. While the girls move themselves then, the Rinkai-boys make themselves already once on the playing field a little warmly. Kido emerges at the girls and means, naja, they would lose now so or so, but that would be simply simple pitch. Let it be then, they would use a couple trick. To confuse and to be sure, with its feminine attractions the boys who are not accustomed so something, that they can make a couple of point. First, they come once somewhat too late. The hostile trainer means laconic to its assistant if he would be married first once, already would notice he how long women always need in order to arrange himself. Then they come off let would be yet yet, Nene as a-man-jubilation choir, the other with Kido in the arm, and a couple sayings, the day yet much too pretty for baseball, they should go yet rather to the beach and so. The Rinkais get that naturally all with - for it is the show finally - and believe to have the victory already in the pocket. Ryo throws first, and it throws surprisingly quickly. The Batter misses three throws, and therewith Rinkai goes first once empty from. Now the girls are at it with striking, Seira first. With superhuman will exertion, it does magic a naive smile on its face and lets also otherwise nothing from in order to confuse the hostile Pitcher Ishimaru. It verschmeißt all four would bark, and Seira so can go cozily for the first time. Hikaru is the next Batter, and she wants to steal let herself of Seira naturally on no case the show. Then Koharu comes, and finally Izumi, and it everyone makes orderly points. And that will need it also, for long so will be able to show it the boys no longer. Therefore the game becomes already now, through which points are decided, that can make it at the beginning. The girls exploit this time however unrestrained and show the boys as well as stupid children. Here even Yoko to highly form can assemblies and the first time reach. With the same trick, it comes then also to the second. The hostile coach is short before the exploding because its men get purely nothing at all on the row. To the half-time, it stands 2:0 for Kisaragi. Mita and Kodanuki that are naturally also there are surprised rather. Yet in the second half-time, the sheet turns itself. The coach polishes its people orderly down, and one means, would have so pretty girls how that yet certainly everyone already a long time a friend, and they so take itself together and can be distracted no longer. And now the girls get to sense the strength of this team.moreless
    • One hundred pitches
      Yoko practices once again a sample reception, this time for a wig-advertisement. Nene and Kanako must listen to its presentation, and Nene shows Yoko then how it yet better could make it. In the training, all good achievements (except Yoko naturally) show, but Mao seems to have a problem. And Izumi has already an eye on that. Meanwhile Kido Ryo shows a video of the Rinkai-team. No geniuses are to be sure under that, but everyone is well trained boys with solid technology. Ryo certainly not is could win the view, it, would bark would throw could because it its fast not going through. Kido should form into a ball teach its the Lightning. It willigt on, but under a condition: a piece of forest must dig up Ryo because it wanted design there a vegetable garden. Ryo believes, Kido would spin is a little, but that entire and not at all so. It must dig up the field entirely alone, and that is condemned one hard and long work. But it forms into a ball learn unconditionally the Lightning, therefore it bites the teeth together and begins. Later Seishiro passes by and offers to help its, but it rejects because it promised to make it very alone. Ryo hackt, curses, digs tree stumps from, scolds actually is dug up before itself there, and so gradually the field. Takasugi emerges also once and inquires, what would make it there and would go like it it. It answers, she had lost its confidence because she not simply could imagine, that they could win against Rinkai. Yet Takasugi admonishes it if it could not this battle against itself through state, would have it no right to stand on the Pitcherhügel. Let and it be totally equal whether it would be now a boy or a girl. Furiously Ryo snatches itself the hoe and digs further. Yoko asks the coach for a free day because it would have a before language. Seira becomes therefore rather furiously on it and wants to give means it a lesson, but Kido, that would receive he himself. And so it told would be entirely determined its, in the next game a tv team there. There it had to make in any case a good figure. Yoko can hardly believe it. That is possibly a better chance discovered to become than a before language. And so she falls herself on the field and is entirely wild on the training. The other girls are surprised over this sudden sense change, and above all how its coach accomplished this miracle. The girls train, Kanako hides itself before its father, Ryo hackt and hackt, and sometime the entire piece of country is dug up. Kido passes by and praises it. Only - unfortunately it forgot how the Lightning goes form into a ball. Therefore it cannot teach it Ryo. Ryo fells almost in faint and tramps then furiously to the playing field. Slowly however certainly is outlined that Mao cannot keep up with the team, because it does not create it somehow, that would bark to catch and to hold. In its direct and offensive type declared Izumi its now following: either it the technology learns, and to be sure briskly, or out! Ryo contradicts, but Izumi does not answer would bark catch could its, as long as Mao its fast with absolute security, also not certainly could throw it because it would have always anxiety to compromise Mao. They have much time no longer, therefore Izumi demands that Ryo of 100 its fastest throw would bark and Mao must catch at least one. It does not create that, the team must seek itself another Catcher. And therewith it too easy becomes not, receives Izumi the roll of the Batters. Ryo throws form into a ball one after the other, and the more Mao misses, its anxiety and its uncertainty the more badly become. Approximately in form into a ball means number 90 it, Izumi would make that in order to throw out it. Yet then she sees Izumis bloody hands that she got herself in its training. Izumi gave everything, without consideration on itself. Somehow spornt Mao that on to try it yet once. Finally it is convinced firmly to be much harder than an Izumi. Slowly its confidence returns form into a ball catches, and number 100 it finally. And then the day of the game against Rinkai came. Takasugi gives type its one with on the way: it should shake in any case the hostile Pitcher the hand.moreless
    • Aim for Koshien!
      Aim for Koshien!
      Episode 11
      The dramatic victory of the Kisaragi-girls stands even in the newspapers. Ryo makes itself best mood on the way into the school and to the training. Shino is also very proud of it. Hardly Ryo is stands away, there Kido in the door. It wants to tell its old friend Hidehiko, whose shrine stands on a closet in Shinos house, over its success. Shino knew not at all that both generally known have itself. Meanwhile Izumi stands before the school-oven and burns its tennis equipment. Keiko and Yanagida watch its at the same time of the office out of reflectively. And also Keiko concludes to take the next train now in attack. Izumi shortly cut itself also the hairs. Your beloved tennis rackets rise in smoke. It gives now no way back more. On the way to the school, Ryo will be the skirt and an old man hat high bubble. Ryo gets the hat with a well aimed throw of the tree again down and returns the friendly old man to it. It throws so sent that the hat lands exactly on its head. That thanks itself and wants to reciprocate itself, but Ryo did it gladly. It runs further, to the school. Takasugi angeradelt later comes a moment and welcomes the man. It is, what learns Ryo first much later, its grandfather and therewith one of the richest and most influential people of the city and incidentally also the Kisaragi-Oberschule. Hiroki tells it in abridged version, who rescued it there just its hat, and that Ryo would be the Pitcher-genius of the new baseball-team. And moreover its friend. Mr. Takasugi congratulates its grandson to its good taste. Ryo comes into the team-cottage where Nene is already at the baking. Izumi later appears a moment, and Ryo is frightened rather. Yet Izumi belongs now to the team. That meant Ryo however not at all, but rather Izumis new hair-style. The old was however simple too long for a baseball cap. And even Nene finds that Izumi stands its new hair-style very well. Keiko is begun in the national baseball-union in order to allow its wish, girl teams, to lend stress. The committee rejects that unanimously. The usual objections are proposed, but in the reason, they are just simply on the other hand, and because Keiko does not give way, the men become louder. There the old Takasugi, that incidentally also in this committee a decisive roll plays, appears suddenly, also if it made previously never therefrom use. Leads sent it the discussion so that at the end following deal comes out at the same time: the girls must prove, include can that it it physically with the boys, and to be sure in a baseball-game. In a real this time. Against the famous Rinkai-team, that already often in Koshien played has. The chairperson holds could win the presentation, Keikos girl against Rinkai, for absurdly, but he lets himself zähneknirschend on the business on. Now Keiko must bring the Rinkai-university in addition to suppose the duel. Izumi officially is introduced of the coach and begins then the training. Can strike it already, therefore asks it Kido for help as Fielder. And that has it in the deed compel. It catches would bark no only of that, that Kido to its herüberschlägt, but abandoning an unknown word is for it. And after many hard hours, it created it. Your energetic use compels even Seira and the other a conscience respect off. Takasugi brings Keiko in the vehicle. It thanks herself for the unexpected aid, but she makes herself no large illusions over its chances. To teach later tried Kido the girls protective, what negotiated Keiko there. Rinkai won over 100 players and so many a championship so that the girls are appalled something. And then they have also only a week time. But equal, it must win. Izumi means, instead of herumzulamentieren, should begin it better immediately with the practicing, and all factors turn off, that could prevent its victory. And therewith it means would bark Mao that has always yet difficulties, Ryos to catch. If it goes to the will of Rinkai, it will come not at all in addition. They rejected namely. Yet of sowas, Keiko cannot be delayed. It lets inform Yanagida the press. The heros of Rinkai later do not stand there trust themselves and a day than a coward, that even to begin against a girl-team. The members of the board of directors of the Rinkai-university foams before fury, but Keiko it has successfully ausgetrickst. And already the reporters to the place are and want to know of Ryo, form into a ball" would have what it with the "magic on itself, so been afraid have should of the Rinkai. Yet that would know Ryo also gladly. It drew-off has no pale shimmer, what kind of number Keiko there. Therefore it asks it itself. Now, Keiko has form into a ball freely invented the magic, would have brought otherwise it Rinkai not in addition einzuwilligen. To be sure - Hidehiko had really such a throw that Lightning form into a ball. Ryo is surprised very. It did not know even that its father was once a pro-baseball. In the evening, Kido sits in Shino. Both converse gets over Hidehiko, and Ryo that accidentally with. There had been a terrible occurrence. It wants to know now, what happened exactly at that time. Kido tells its that they had been on the waiter training the best friends. And they played together baseball, also in Koshien. Hidehiko was the Pitcher, Kido of the Catcher. Ryo is excited that it never told its so something important. It does not learn more however first once.moreless
    • The Kisaragi Nine (Kisaragi NAIN Tanjou!)
      Ryo's team has come together, it is game day and they now need to see if they have what it takes to compete with the boys.
    • Winners & Losers (Katta mono to Maketa mono to)
      The game is a day away and they are a player short of being able to play!
    • The future on the line (Yakyuubu no Unmei wo Kakete)
      Yuki has a doll with her during training and Hikaru wants to know the meaning of the good luck charm.
    • We need you Izumi (Izumi-chan, Anata ga hoshii!)
      Izumi decides to quit the team and go back to tennis.
    • Catch this! (Kono BOORU wo Uketomete!)
      Tokashiki Yoko has been on track to be a famous model. But now her goal has changed and she joins the team.
    • Wave motion swing! (Aranami SUINGU to taiketsu)
      The team is formed, a manager is chosen and the girls begin training in hopes of playing at the Koshien Stadium where the "National High School Baseball Championship" is held each year.
    • Welcome Seira! (Yoroshiku ne, Seira-san!)
      Yuki and Hikaru join the girl's baseball team.
    • In my father's footsteps (Otosan ga tatta MAUNDO he)
      The team begins to come together as Ryo joins and eight others need to be found if they want to compete with the boys.
    • A baseball team at a prestigious girl's school? (Meimon Joshikou ni Yakyuubu ga?)
      Ryo is invited to join an all-girl baseball team in hopes the team can compete on the same level as the boys.
    • Hayakawa Ryo, Age 15 (Watashi Hayakawa Ryo, 15-sai!)
      A baseball team is doing well in a tournament and it is discoved the pitcher of this wonder team is actually a girl