Princess Nine

Season 1 Episode 19

Hearts & Diamonds

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2002 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Hearts & Diamonds
It is June and very hot. The girls train diligently, but there is only a shower and they must selected, who comes first at it. Kido emerges and and explains, the team bräuchte an official Captain. And in addition Ryo auserkoren becomes. The other find the one very good idea and Ryo prides rather and promises Kido to give its best. Ryo gets accidentally with that at the next day Hirokis 16th birthday is. That catches it coldly because it has naturally no gift. In the evening, the coach sits once again in Shinos bar and converses made has with Shino over Ryo, and why it it to the Captain. Because it an unbezwingbaren battle spirit, exactly like its mother, that had placed led has all the years entirely on itself alone the tavern. And naturally like Hidehiko. Above in its room, Ryo sits meanwhile and embroiders last pricks itself for Hiroki a handkerchief what costs it a few things at blood, because it into the fingers. And because it the half night on that seat, is it at the next morning rather tired. Later it meets Hiroki and that means, would have hidden it yet certainly a birthday gift for it there behind its back. And so it is also. Easily blushing it gives it to it. That opens it however not, but rather it sticks into its breast pocket. Seishiro sits at a little lake and paints (or draws). It can that rather good; except sport, it can actually all rather good. Hikaru comes vorbeigeschlendert. It opened herself the knee and attends Seishiro to it. And so it noted is actual, what kind of nice boy he. It asks it if it would like yet Ryo, why would say it it its not simply. Yet Seishiro calculates itself against Takasugi no chances. It answers, it should try it simply once, for let it be yet very nice. Hiroki trains also, and with it, also the Kisaragi-boys have a good chance on Koshien. Incidentally it is knows the swarm of all girls, but there each that it belongs to Izumi, has it before them its quiet. It fits Izumi then after the school off. Before the entrance gate, dozens of girl, that want to give a birthday gift to it, but he wait has misprint themselves with Izumi. Both make a romantic picnic too second at the river bank. Izumi arranged an Obentou how it made it for 10 years always to its birthday. When both were yet little, it gave its ring once one, and it carries that now. It not to is surveyed that Izumi is fallen in love in Hiroki. For it on the other hand it is only friendship, like between brother and sister. Nevertheless it says its how pretty and feminine it had become in the last years. Izumi answers, it wanted be more for it than only its sister little. Hiroki does not know so quite, what it should begin therewith. Later Hiroki Izumi brings home. It asks it what it would have there in its breast pocket. It unpacks it, and it knows is immediately, of that whom it, namely of its Lieblingsrivalin. It is also a letter at the same time, and after Hiroki read that, he takes leave precipitate of Izumi and cycles therefrom. Kido inquires how it would go Ryos shoulder. And which type man actually would like its mother. Tja, one, that does not drink, for example. When Ryo comes in the evening home, Takasugi stands before the door. Ryo wrote in the letter, it would become it if it would play baseball, of far cheer, but felled it that "of far" not. Why written it that so would have? Ryo answers, Takasugi would become always of so many girls umschwärmt, therefore it has probably no good cards. Above all not against Izumi. Moreover it never scolded it when it returned out of the hospital, it should more so frivolously its life on the game set, therefore it, it believes would like it no longer. Yet exact the opposite is the case. Hiroki says its that it would mean it very much. The girl, who would mean it more than each other person, had died around a hair, and that would have broken it almost the heart. So what it had perceived never before. It gives it a medal that first, that won it in its life. It should bring it good fortune. And then flüster it its into the ear: "Suki there". Seishiro wants to paint yet more pictures of Ryo and wants to make then a type display. At the next morning, it asks Ryo therefore on the way to the school whether it wanted stand it model. Ryo find, that would be too much the honor for it, others would be yet much better models. Then it runs cheerfully therefrom. Seishiro of late Hikaru tells this flop. That comforts it and drags it to the Karaoke off in order to cheer up it. And what concerns its pictures whether it would not be also with its as a model satisfied. Izumi can play also piano, and that does it now. At the same time it reflects on that how it could get rid of Ryo as a Rivalin. Your mother sits beside it, a glass of red wine in the hand, and they speak old dear over Keikos. How felt it would have if at that time another woman had emerged? Keiko answers if one cannot be with that, that one loves, together, could become the torment intolerable. But that arrives on each even. At the next morning, the team goes for four days to the training camp. The coach has tomatoes at the same time because it wants to begin apparently a new, healthy life. Finally it knows now that Shino sooner such men prefers. So far it does not pass in Ryo however, and it believes, it would be somehow sick or so. Seira on the other hand sees through it immediately. Izumi emerges and throws Ryo to the greeting one its usual "kind words" at the head. Therewith it received quasi officially the fight for Hiroki.moreless

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