Princess Nine

Season 1 Episode 21

I hate you, Takasugi

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2002 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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I hate you, Takasugi
The girls train hard and devotedly. And even Yoko made impressing progress. For that Yuki is totally apathetic and makes nothing at all more. Finally it fells simply over. Kido and the girls they carry into the house. There just the telephone rings: Hiroki calls Izumi on. It is namely also out load and wants to encounter itself now with it. It asks it then, what the call in the previous night had to mean. Izumi is happy that he worried about it. It tells it however that all would be in best order. It can hardly believe it that that should be the entire truth. But how also always, it it leaves at the same time and concludes because it is already once there now, to enjoy the pretty mountain air. Unfortunately it loses at the same time the handkerchief that embroidered Ryo it, and unfortunately Izumi finds it. And that brings it on a good idea how she can would rake herself at Ryo. That again lifts its mood very powerfully and it strikes again like in best times. In the afternoon Nene prepared the usual refreshments. Yuki is always yet in trance and reacts to practically nothing. Then however it demands of Yoko to show it its pocket. It could be yes that Fifi is there inside. Yoko is excited to be held for a thief. Yet Yuki is doubted simply totally. It collapses under tears and means, it could play baseball without Fifi never again or could make generally any something. That is naturally also not so good for the disposition in the team. In the washroom, Izumi Ryo shows apparently very accidentally Hirokis handkerchief and maintains, it had given it to it. It had got it probably of one of its numerous admirers to the birthday. And then it sharpens would give it Ryo on, a volume between its and, also to it that could not also Ryo zertrennen if Hiroki would choose occasionally to turn to its attention also other little girls. Nene tries to cheer up Yuki again somewhat, first with violin-game, then with a little Kasperle-theater, finally with a bathing suit-fashions show and finally with a little doll, that its father brought along its out of France. Instead of cheering up itself, Yuki seizes however the flight at the end. Nene complains its sorrow Kido and Ryo, and that strikes before, it could go seeking Fifi. Perhaps Yuki Fifi lost yes in the duration course in the forest. While it runs now through the landscape and searches for the little doll, thinks it however continually of Izumi, Hiroki, that handkerchief and the question whom it actually really loves then now. Sometime it strikes the pretty weather over and gives a violent thunderstorm. Ryo seeks protection under a tree. Suddenly Takasugi in the vicinity emerges and brings it to a cottage, that it discovered. Yuki sits on the porch and says nothing more. Seira asks itself why it would hang only so very on this doll. Kido moves now with a couple of information out, that it has over Yuki. It was to be sure outstanding in Softball and won also a championship, tried directly after that it however to take herself the life. Something lost sits Ryo in the cottage, wrapped up into a cover, while its dresses dry. Ryo says, it had come in order to see Izumi. Let you be herself its feelings no longer certain, for that Izumi would mean it very much, to is surveyed finally not. That denies Hiroki also not at all. But why does Izumi have then this handkerchief? That catches Hiroki to be sure coldly, for it still has noticed not at all that it lost it. That holds Ryo however for a rotten excuse. It persuades herself that it would have simply no chance against Izumi, because it love yet only it in the reason. And that drives it so far to call Hiroki middle into the face that it hates it. Hiroki has comes and asks no idea, like it all at once to so somewhat it whether it would have another friend. Ryo answers, that would go it nothing on. Yet Takasugi knows, likes that Ryo Seishiro to be sure, but does not love. It reciprocates, he should imagine once not too much on itself. Hiroki deeply is encountered and goes. But also Ryo is natural all other as happy and satisfied. And its medal carries it also always yet. Ryo comes not until the night into the here mountains back - without Fifi.moreless

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