Princess Nine

Season 1 Episode 14

Lightning ball

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 28, 2002 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Lightning ball
It becomes narrow for the girls. Yo is again at it with throwing, but the Batter set itself in the mean time to it. That first form into a ball goes would bark into the end, then verschmeißt it the other so that the Batter advance all a field. Also the next encounters form into a ball the Batter. Kanako slips around a hair the wig, therefore it does not form into a ball catch that correctly, and Rinkai so obtains 2 points. And Yo becomes would bark exactly predict can clear, that the Batter the throw in the mean time to hers and encounter become therefore probably usually. That is would be therefore the end, it then, you fell something else brilliant on.

Hikaru muntert Kanako up, but that makes itself heavy reproaches. Because it fails - because of the stupid wig - was able to have Rinkai 2 points make. Furiously she tears herself it of the head. Chancellor Mita and Kodanuki can hardly believe it, who comes under that to the light. Mita suffers a little shock that lets petrify it passing.

Yo lost in the mean time all its confidence, but Hikaru creates it with one just as brilliant as cool tricks to outmaneuver the Batter for what it harvests much praise of the other. Only of Izumi not. Finally everyone know stands, how it around the game, and it speaks it000 from. Yo throws too simply, practically directly on the beaters, and if it so continues, the game is lost. The other however my, it could certainly yet that on the field on or others get out. That proves however to be an error. The Rinkai-players have its accustomed form wiedergefunden, and the Kisaragi-girls get no more leg on the earth. Just, that they can prevent another advantage of Rinkai.

Sometime Yo is throw once to the Abwechselung at it with striking instead of, and that makes it surprisingly good. Seira strikes as next, flies however out, and with its also Yo. Pitches had.

In the eighth round, Yo goes out the Puste. Izumi is surprised. When it fighted against Yo, this was much stronger and more enduring. But apparently she injured herself in the course, for that went only extremely tightly from and Ryo has correctly hineinwerfen must itself. Izumi makes the team therefore reproaches: on Yo, not only the entire responsibility would weigh also yet had to run for the throws, now it. The other must would bark strike finally better.

Surprisingly Hiroki emerges with Keiko and its grandfather. It saw the game on television and came now to help around the girls - and to be sure in a Kisaragi-Baseballuniform. Yo has aid also bitterly compel. It hardly yet can move its shoulder. On the return of the washroom where she freshly made herself a little, stands suddenly coach Kido before its. Now one of this magic would be would bark yet exactly correctly. Yo holds that however for impossibly. It knows not even how one throws form into a ball such a Lightning, let alone now yet could, that it it. Yet the coach is other opinion. Yos father threw always its best throws at the end of a game, equal how exhausted he was already.

Meanwhile Izumi brings itself with its usual uncompromising use into a good position. Yet unlike in the tennis it can win here not alone. The team must help. Yuki is the next. And thanks to Fifi, it comes entirely without exertion on the first time. The next is Kanako. It encounters full, and Izumi can make a point.

Now all of Yo depends. It is confused fells, but then it the field on. It dug up it although it exhausts totally and was tired. Your iron will has hold out let it. And also now it will help its again. It goes like a jerk through it. Everyone notes it, also the hostile players.

And then it throws form into a ball the Lightning. One after the other. The Rinkai-Batter have no more chance.

The girls created the impossible and won 3:2.

Keiko gets the allowance, and Yo thanks itself in the coach. That means, that had been yet only gardening, but knows Hiroki it better: that was exact the correct training.moreless

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Jason Douglas (I)

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