Princess Nine

Season 1 Episode 12

One hundred pitches

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2002 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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One hundred pitches
Yoko practices once again a sample reception, this time for a wig-advertisement. Nene and Kanako must listen to its presentation, and Nene shows Yoko then how it yet better could make it. In the training, all good achievements (except Yoko naturally) show, but Mao seems to have a problem. And Izumi has already an eye on that. Meanwhile Kido Ryo shows a video of the Rinkai-team. No geniuses are to be sure under that, but everyone is well trained boys with solid technology. Ryo certainly not is could win the view, it, would bark would throw could because it its fast not going through. Kido should form into a ball teach its the Lightning. It willigt on, but under a condition: a piece of forest must dig up Ryo because it wanted design there a vegetable garden. Ryo believes, Kido would spin is a little, but that entire and not at all so. It must dig up the field entirely alone, and that is condemned one hard and long work. But it forms into a ball learn unconditionally the Lightning, therefore it bites the teeth together and begins. Later Seishiro passes by and offers to help its, but it rejects because it promised to make it very alone. Ryo hackt, curses, digs tree stumps from, scolds actually is dug up before itself there, and so gradually the field. Takasugi emerges also once and inquires, what would make it there and would go like it it. It answers, she had lost its confidence because she not simply could imagine, that they could win against Rinkai. Yet Takasugi admonishes it if it could not this battle against itself through state, would have it no right to stand on the Pitcherhügel. Let and it be totally equal whether it would be now a boy or a girl. Furiously Ryo snatches itself the hoe and digs further. Yoko asks the coach for a free day because it would have a before language. Seira becomes therefore rather furiously on it and wants to give means it a lesson, but Kido, that would receive he himself. And so it told would be entirely determined its, in the next game a tv team there. There it had to make in any case a good figure. Yoko can hardly believe it. That is possibly a better chance discovered to become than a before language. And so she falls herself on the field and is entirely wild on the training. The other girls are surprised over this sudden sense change, and above all how its coach accomplished this miracle. The girls train, Kanako hides itself before its father, Ryo hackt and hackt, and sometime the entire piece of country is dug up. Kido passes by and praises it. Only - unfortunately it forgot how the Lightning goes form into a ball. Therefore it cannot teach it Ryo. Ryo fells almost in faint and tramps then furiously to the playing field. Slowly however certainly is outlined that Mao cannot keep up with the team, because it does not create it somehow, that would bark to catch and to hold. In its direct and offensive type declared Izumi its now following: either it the technology learns, and to be sure briskly, or out! Ryo contradicts, but Izumi does not answer would bark catch could its, as long as Mao its fast with absolute security, also not certainly could throw it because it would have always anxiety to compromise Mao. They have much time no longer, therefore Izumi demands that Ryo of 100 its fastest throw would bark and Mao must catch at least one. It does not create that, the team must seek itself another Catcher. And therewith it too easy becomes not, receives Izumi the roll of the Batters. Ryo throws form into a ball one after the other, and the more Mao misses, its anxiety and its uncertainty the more badly become. Approximately in form into a ball means number 90 it, Izumi would make that in order to throw out it. Yet then she sees Izumis bloody hands that she got herself in its training. Izumi gave everything, without consideration on itself. Somehow spornt Mao that on to try it yet once. Finally it is convinced firmly to be much harder than an Izumi. Slowly its confidence returns form into a ball catches, and number 100 it finally. And then the day of the game against Rinkai came. Takasugi gives type its one with on the way: it should shake in any case the hostile Pitcher the hand.moreless

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