Princess Nine

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 28, 2002 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Gedankenverloren slinks Izumi through the streets. Hiroki arrived in the mean time in the orphanage. Ryo really was able to rescue both children, but she herself landed in the hospital. Hiroki is delighted few, that to reports. But that is not yet all: Ryo wrestles with the death, for she perfectly exhausted herself in the rescue. Now pulses, temperature are and blood pressure far under the standard value, and if that so goes on, it will make it no longer long. Takasugi calls Shino, and they make itself on the way after Hanguri. With Keikos saloon car by the way, for also it was informed of Hiroki. Also the girls want there, also if they have not the entire story mitbekommen. Nene, efficiently and Innovatively like always, organizes them the bus of its father, and they so go expressed luxurious. Underway yet Seira read itself and Kanako, that slinks itself secretly out of the house, up, and then it goes on to Hanguri. Then even yet Yoko stands on the street, that has itself of its party abgeseilt, in order to assist Ryo. Seira is stirred. The treating physician informs Shino, Hiroki and Kido about the fact that Ryo would be in a critical condition. Actually would help asked now only. Shortly on that the girls (without Izumi) arrive. The bad novelties oppress it naturally very. They perfectly are shocked exact legend that Ryo does not survive if possible the night. Izumi is found in a Godzilla-film again. It is angry about very Ryo because it simply ran away. Is your ore-Rivalin now away, but why she feels then so empty? It thinks of all that, what experienced it already with Ryo together, and that was very much in the short time. And during Godzilla once again Tokyo niedertrampelt, Izumi leaves the movie theater and makes itself on the way to Ryo. With the taxi how that belongs itself for a higher daughter. In the hospital, it is not is already far after midnight, but at sleep naturally to think. Keiko betet, that other stare before itself there. And Ryo meets in another world its father. It is again a little girl, and its father wants to play with its baseball. But Ryo wants to play no longer. It stopped because it hates it. Izumi arrived in the mean time in the orphanage and learns of Mr. Sakurai, what happened with Ryo. The skin it almost over, and it goes immediately further to the hospital. There Ryos condition becomes always more critically and the physician means Shino and the other, it must with the worst calculate. Meanwhile Izumis taxi is delayed through an overthrown tree, but Izumi climbs simply from and continues on foot the way through storm, rain and mud avalanches. Hidehiko explains Ryo in its vision, it had promised it to play together with it baseball if it would be large. It wished, it would have been able to experience that. Ryo is all at once again large, and Hidehiko brings it in addition to throw again. Ryo is even again proud of itself; it forms into a ball throw now even the Lightning. Your father praises would be so good it, but until it like he, had to practice it yet much. Then Ryo asks it whether he would have grease let himself really in a game, how everyone maintains. Does it answer if it were at its place, would do it then so something? Exactly in the moment where it shouts it, it would trust it, remains stand its heart. Barefoot and on all Vieren Izumi fights itself meanwhile the steep street towards the top. Yet the thought at Ryo drives it further. Hidehiko takes leave of Ryo. Yet that holds itself at it. It wants to learn yet so much of it. The girls are shocked. Ryo is as good as away. There appears like a revenge God Izumi and marches straight into the treatment hall. It holds Ryo a flaming talk that it has to fight please and had not overcome itself, after it it, on so a manner out of the dust make might. If it would die now, it never would forgive its that. In its dream, Ryo becomes entirely tired and transparent, but its father admonishes it not to fall asleep, but rather to hear on this voice, the back calls: Izumis voice. Your father promises to be always with its and solves himself then up. And therewith Ryo returns into the life.moreless

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