Princess Resurrection

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2007)


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Princess Resurrection

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Hiro Hiyorimi is an average boy who just moved to a new city in order to meet up with his older sister, Sawawa. However, when he spots a goth, blond-hair girl about to be crushed by falling iron pillars, he naturally dives in the way, taking the blow for her and saving the girl's life. Unfortunately, Hiro loses his life in the process. The goth girl decides to 'resurrect' poor Hiro using a mysterious power, returning him to life and giving him the power of 'half-immorality'. As long as the girl is alive, Hiro will live, and become just about indestructible. However, when the girl dies, Hiro will die as well. Now, Hiro has no choice but to become the girl's, who calls herself Hime (Princess), slave. Little does he know that Hime is actually a talented warrior, who can use almost any weapon she gets her hands on. Hiro and Hime, along with many other characters, now fight the many creatures that are constantly after Hime's life. Hime: Her real name is Lillian, but she prefers to be referred as just Hime. Her other siblings are fighting for the right to claim her parent's throne, causing many assassins to attack her. Hime is a talented fighter, who can use almost any weapon efficiently. Hiro Hiyomi: A poor middle school student who becomes half-immortal due to Hime's powers. He is just about indestructible with his wounds healing as soon as they are inflicted. However, in the case he's killed, Hime can just revive him again. Hiro tends to be the one killed in battle, and usually treated as the comical character. He came to work for Hime after she hires his sister, Sawawa, as her maid. Flandre: Nicknamed Flan, she is a android, although she appears as a child. She is one of Hime's servants and valuable for her strength. Riza Wildman: A half-werewolf with incredible strength and speed who freeloads at Hime's mansion. She loves speed and is seen constantly dragging Hiro around. Due to her half-blood heritage, she can only transform her arms up to her elbows. Reiri Kamura: A female vampire who also freeloads of Hime. She and Riza have a slight rivalry due to their race. Op: BLOOD QUEEN by Aki Misato Ed: Hizamazuite ashi wo oname by Ali Projectmoreless

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