Princess Resurrection

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Princess Coma
      Episode 26

      Hime, Reirei, Liza, and Hiro are all having tea together but then they notice that Flandre isn't around for some reason, so Hiro decides to go look for her. Hiro takes a look around the whole mansion but cannot find her, but then suddenly he is attacked by some old foes. What is going on and why isn't Flandre around?

    • 9/28/07
      This episode is all about Flandre. It seems as of late for some reason Flandre has been acting up and doing a lot of bad things to the house and people. But no one can figure why she is doing these things. So what is going to happen to Flandre if they can't stop her!?moreless
    • Princess Duel
      Episode 24
      After the Phoenix appeared in the last episode Hime was charged with the making of illegal zombies by her brother. So Hime was taken to court with her brother and it was decided at court that the 2 of them would duel and that would determine who would walk away from this problem. So who is going to win this duel and what is going to happen afterwards as the result!?moreless
    • Princess Spirit
      Episode 23
      Hime and everyone decides to go a certain town when they here rumours about there being zombies there. But instead of seeing any zombies the first thing that happens is they are attacked by an immortal warrior but then she runs away. So they decide to investigate further and that is when they run into zombies but then all a sudden Flandre shuts down and they have to stop to recharge her. But while they are waiting the zombies continue to increase and Hime realizes that this is the work of one of her siblings. What is going to happen know and will Hime and the others get out alive?moreless
    • Princess Slaughter
      Episode 22
      The tension is rising because everyone is starting to realize that something is coming and that they all will have to fight soon. But before that they are attacked by 3 werewolf's that are immortal warriors for one of Hime's siblings. The group has a hard time with them but eventually captures them all. But because they are immortal they have to keep them locked up until they run out of there "flames" and because of this Hiro is not very happy and is having conflicts within himself.moreless
    • 8/30/07
      For the past several days Reirei has not been to school or visited Hime so Hiro starts to worry about her. So Hiro decides to go visit her and see what's going on but when he gets there she is being attacked by a lot of vampires so Hiro jumps in to help. Will they are being attacked one of Hiro's "friends" is taking pictures of them and Hiro relizes he's there so he sends him to get Hime and the others for help. Will he be able to get to Hime in time and what will happen to Hiro and Reirei!?moreless
    • Princess Unity
      Episode 20
      One night when Hiro is walking home from Sherwood's place Liza comes to meet him and take him home but before they con get home a new Vampire attacks them and takes Hiro away. Since Liza is left behind she tells Hime what has happened and they get the help of Reirei to enter the Vampire world. Will they be able to rescue Hiro in time or will the Vampire beat him to death!?moreless
    • Princess Ocean
      Episode 19
      Hime, Liza, and Hiro decide to take a relaxing break out on the open ocean on their boat But then suddenly they are run over and have to take refuge on a "ghost" ship with apparently no one abroad. But when they run into some zombie's on board a werewolf suddenly jumps in and helps them. Afterwards he explains to them that the same thing happened to him and that apparently there is a legend about the boat that involves a mermaid. So they set out to find this apparent mermaid and hopefully get of the boat and get back to shore.moreless
    • Hunter Princess
      Episode 18
      A new character seems to have come to town and he is claiming to be a Vampire Hunter. But when he follows a bat and tries to kill Hime we find out that he is not skilled or qualified to be a Vampire Hunter. So once Hime lets him go because he realized she wasn't a vampire he still goes on the hunt and runs into Zeppeli who tricks him into hunting Reirei. What will happen to Reirei and the Vampire Hunter know?moreless
    • Aging Princess
      Episode 17
      A Witch has come to town and she is obsessed with the idea of looking beautiful just because she found 1 wrinkle under her eye. So she has sent her servants to look for Hime so that she can take Hime's soul and eat it so that she will forever look beautiful. But even though she has a magical mirror to capture Hime's soul her servants aren't that useful so will she succeed or fail.moreless
    • 1/1/09
      Riza has become frustrated with her training. She decides to go to the lake mansion and meets up with Aron.
    • Princess Sucession
      Princess Sucession
      Episode 16
      Like any other day Hime has gotten attacked by another assassin again and even though Liza and Hiro come to help the assassin soon leaves. Because it was "another" small fry Liza gets angry and decides to go looking for strong opponents. While she is looking she runs into an old friend of her brother and they get along great. Because of this Liza is in a better mood and she goes home, but then the assassin from the other day attacks again but something seems different then before?moreless
    • Princess Visiting
      Episode 15
      Hiro's supposed friends all a sudden decided to visit him and Hime at there place. There main goal there though is to see all the beautiful girls the Hiro is staying with. But because of their meddling a contest starts and however wins gets to stay at the house. Hime also tells Hiro that he must participate but then something seems a little different about Hiro and the way he is acting. Just what is going on!?moreless
    • Princess Running
      Episode 14
      Liza has been going out every night on her bike trying to pass and prove she is faster then the Knight that has been riding there every night. But then somehow the Knight loses his head and goes berserk. While Liza and Hiro are looking for it though Hiro gets run over by an ambulance and taken away. What will happen to Hiro and will Riza be able to defeat the Knight?moreless
    • Princess Sacrifice
      Episode 13
      It is the night of a lunar eclipse, but both Hiro and Hime somehow managed to get themselves lost while on a drive away from home. They are then sucked into the legendary Akasabi village, where a masked murder is going around. While attempting to escape from a murder attempt, Hime injures her foot, rendering her unable to walk. Hiro once again will have to defend her.moreless
    • 6/28/07
      The common cold is going around, and unfortunately, both Hime and Sawawa succumb to it, and have taken drowsy cold medicine that would cure it in a day, but render them sleepy for the night. Worse, the monster Pharaoh and his army of mummies invade the mansion in search of Hime's life. With no choice, Hime puts her life in Hiro, Sherwood and Riza's hands.moreless
    • 6/21/07
      While walking home from school, Hiro finds a white kitten with a bell around its neck. Bringing her back to Hime's mansion, it turns out the kitten is really a cat-person, which Sawawa takes an instant liking to and nicknames 'Hiroko'. Later on, odd but crudely-made traps start popping up all over the place. Could Hiroko be the cause of this?moreless
    • 6/14/07
      While out shopping, Flan meets the mysterious Ceil, a badly-damaged android who has memories of nothing more than a beach. Ceil, in return for Hime's kindness in letting him live in her mansion for a while, does numerous odd-jobs around the place. However, Ceil is not exactly what he seems to be...moreless
    • 6/7/07
      Sherwood becomes bored with her new life in a castle near Hime's mansion. However, when Franscesca comes back carrying a panda, new problems arrive. The panda, Ryu-Ryu, vows to serve Sherwood with his life, but Sherwood instead refuses, saying she needs proof of his worth first. However, the situation changes when Sherwood's team comes under attack by monster bats.moreless
    • 5/31/07
      While out driving during a major storm, Riza, Hiro and Hime end up stranded when the road is blocked due to a mudslide. Luckly, they manage to stay at the Sasana Motel, which to Riza's dismay, Reirei is also staying. When a mysterious spider creature starts to take down the guest one by one, panic erupts, except for Hime and Reirei who continue on with their chess game.moreless
    • 5/24/07
      Hiro has been captured by a mysterious doctor, convinced that Hiro is the legendary 'Dead Man Walking'. Meanwhile, Hime worries on the fact Hiro's life force will run out soon, causing panic among her allies. With no choice, Hime's team rushes to save Hiro before the crazy doctor can complete his experiments.moreless
    • 5/17/07
      Sherwood, Hime's younger sister, appears to propose an alliance between the two in defense of their other siblings. Naturally, Hime refuses. However, Sherwood's plan for Hime seems to go much deeper than just a simple alliance when Hime and her allies are suddenly attacked by a giant plant monster.
    • 5/10/07
      Hiro meets up with the Reirie, a beautiful and well-respected girl who goes to his school. Unfortunately, their closeness is only a scheme of Reirei to get to Hime. Secretly a vampire, she attacks Hiro, using him to get to Hime and the scarce blood of royalty.
    • 5/3/07
      Liza has something to talk to Hime about. Liza soon meets Hime and Hiro at a lake, where Hime’s vacation mansion is located. Soon, trouble occurs as fishmen from the lake start attacking them. It seems these fishpeople want immortality from Hime, but in order to gain this immortality, one must die first. Soon, Liza and a a larger fish person duel to see if immortality really is needed...moreless
    • Princess Rampage
      Episode 3
      Hime longs for more servants as Hiro and Furandre aren’t enough to fight for her. Hiro gets in an accident when trying to save a dog from a truck. Luckily, a mysterious girl saves him. This girl isn’t normal, though... This girl soon reveals herself to be Liza Wildman, half-breed and sister of her murdered brother. She has come to avenge her brother by killing Hime! Will Hime be able to defeat this half-breed?moreless
    • 4/19/07
      It’s Hiro’s first day at his new school. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go well. Something strange is happening... Hime is running around with a chainsaw. Hiro finds out that he’s half-immortal due to Hime’s Flames of Life. He also finds out that there is an invisible man in the mansion. Will Hime and Hiro be able to stop this invisible intruder?moreless
    • 4/12/07
      Hiro arrives at the mansion and decides to look for his sister. Hiro soon finds a girl being carried through the streets. A bunch of rails are about to fall on this girl, but luckily, Hiro pushes her out of the way and saves her. Unfortunately, he loses his life in the process. This girl, who reveals herself to be the Princess of all Monsters, revives Hiro but only if he becomes her servant... forever.moreless