Princess Sissi

TELETOON (ended 2000)





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  • I loved this show when I was younger

    A 1997 animated series that is very loosely based on the younger years of Elisabeth of Bavaria. AKA Sissi (Princess Sissi)

    More specifically, the story focuses on the plucky young farm girl nicknamed Sissi who falls in love with Prince Franz from Austria. The rest of the series tells of the trials and troubles it takes for the two of them to actually get married. There's her future mother-in-law, who's looking for a better girl to marry her son; political tensions, Sissi's own father, and lots of danger and wacky adventures in between.

    However in real life their lives were not such fairly tales. Sissi married Franz at 16, while he was 24. Helene was acturaly her older sister who was 18 at the time.
  • things look so much better at night

    OH my i sweare the movies were SO much better. Or i may have been the coffee keeing me awake to watch this movie, or the raging fever, the partial blindness that i suffer, who knows.
    SO if i hae worked this out right, to make the tv show better or an good at all, you would need to have eaten and entire bag of chocolate covered coffee beans so you will end up in creadbl sick , so sick that you hillousinate then pass out just before the end
  • A unique series

    A period piece is how I would describe this series.
    An interesting storyline with romance in focuse, and with lifelike events. A different kind from all those pummeling match like shows you can see nowadays. It has a nice touch of humour too.
    The drwaing is quite fair, considering it's a show from the 90's.
    As for the historical accuracy... Well, if you want to learn, your best bet is NOT watching a cartoon. ^^
    What also is to note, that this series was definitely not meant for guys. However, a teenage girl may find herself watching and rechecking on her studies.
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