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Duck, a young girl living in a small town, is an awkward girl enrolled in a ballet academy who has a crush on one of the most talented boys in the school - The emotionless Mytho. In essence, the story is about Duck's quest to find a way to reunite Mytho with his ability to feel. A cute, unique show that doesn't overdo the cuteness. While it looks like a kids show, and from the summary above sounds like a kids show, it's not. There is a melancholy feeling to the show, starting from the beginning theme song. Just what direction this show will go, is yet to be known. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Season 1: Chapter of the Egg Season 2: Chapter of the Chick <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Opening Theme: "Morning Grace" by Ritsuko Okazaki Ending Theme: "Watashi No Ai Wa Chiisaikeredo" by Ritsuko Okazaki <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Based off of the manga by: Story and Art- Mizuo Shinonome Original creators- Ikuko Ito and Junichi Sato
Akiko Hiramatsu

Akiko Hiramatsu

Edel [J]

Jay Hickman

Jay Hickman

Mythos [E]

Nanae Katou

Nanae Katou

Ahiru/Princess Tutu

Jessica Boone

Jessica Boone

Rue/Princess Kraehe [E]

Chris Patton

Chris Patton


Luci Christian

Luci Christian

Ahiru/Princess Tutu [E]

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  • Magically transformed a small duck, despite self doubt, changes her world through hope, love, and courage.

    Truth be told, I did find it a little bit corny, but I still really enjoyed it.

    I think that a good deal of the corniness I saw may have been due to the English translation. If I ever get a chance to watch it again with subtitles instead of dubs then maybe I'll see.

    I really loved little Duck, she was so cute and sweet, then they introduced Uzura and I about died from sweetness overload. I also got to say I really loved Fakir. He pretty much rocked.

    I actually really wish there was a sequel. I want to know what happens to poor little Duck. Does she ever become a girl again?moreless
  • A great romantic anime that involves wonderful ballet and is a ballet itself!

    This is a really great show to me. Mostly, because I am a ballerina myself. When I first watched it I thought it was so awesome, because I've been looking for an anime with some ballet in it at least. I think Princess Tutu and Princess Kraehe are excellent characters too. I love their outfits. Princess Kraehe would have to be my fave character though. I thought at the beginning it would be cutesy and too fluffy, but there are dramatic moments and some violence, but I loved it! Princess Tutu is trying to collect the pieces of Prince Mytho's heart. While Kraehe is trying to prevent that through most of the story. Fakir is another character who is the knight and protector of the prince. The story is actually told as a fairytale with "Once upon a time..." I love all the ballet moves in it, I know them all and can do most of them. The whole anime is a ballet itself with it's structure of the story. The only complaint I have that doesn't make this show a perfect 10 for me, is that I do not like the ending!!! I won't say anything about it, but it doesn't end the way I wanted or expected it too!! lol oh well. Besides that, it is a great anime for magical anime otakus out there and a great anime beginner show!!!moreless
  • Once upon a time, there was a man who died.

    This is how we’re introduced to Princess Tutu. We’re told of a man that wrote stories, and who was in the middle of writing, “The Prince and the Raven,” when he died. Without an ending, the battle between the two waged on until they escaped from the story and the prince sealed away both the raven and his own heart. All the while, the man who was said to have died looked upon the scene with glee.

    That man is Drosselmeyer, a spinner of tales, writer of stories, and manipulator of all. One day a young duck dreams of dancing with a prince. Drosselmeyer, watching from a mysterious place filled with gears, sees her and bestows upon her a pendant. That pendant allows the duck to become a girl, as well as a prima ballerina superheroine by the name of Princess Tutu. From that, the story truly begins.

    Princess Tutu is one of those rare shows that is just superb in almost every way. You can really see the care the creators put into it and all the different layers it has. It is at times both light and comical, and dark and tragic. Princess Tutu is a story about stories, with characters who are themselves characters in a story. Late in the series, even Drosselmeyer ponders for a moment whether or not he is himself a character in someone’s story. Unlike a lot of shows out there, these characters are multi-dimensional and change drastically throughout, as does the audience’s perception of them.

    You have Duck, the heroine of our story, whose goal is to return the broken shards of our prince, Mytho’s heart back to him. We are also introduced to Fakir and Rue, who add pivotal roles to our story, but to tell you what they are would spoil half the fun.

    If anyone out there is hesitating to see this because of the ballet aspect, do yourself a favor and just watch it anyway. The show contains references to ballet, but in all honesty, it’s so much more than that. You don’t have to be a fan of ballet to appreciate all of the effort the show puts into its ballet references. All of the song choices are carefully selected and include pieces many will be familiar with (such as Nutcracker and Swan Lake) and also some that are more obscure to the average viewer. Because of this, the soundtrack to the show is absolutely amazing. Princess Tutu has a score that contains some of the best-composed music in the history of music.

    It really makes me sad to see how this show seems ignored by many, when it deserves so much more than that. This is one of the funniest, most heart-wrenching, dramatic, intense, well-produced television series of all time and deserves to be seen, loved, and seen again and again.

    All you children who love stories, come gather round.moreless
  • Reall great show, still, it's not my kind of show, i'm more into Inuyasha, Bleach & Naruto, and that kind of stuff^^

    It was an awesome show, i really loved it, like i said it's not my kind of show, but it's great, I would love it if the show would come back ^^ Really, even if your not the kond of girl/guy would like to watch this, i can tell you for sure, that you will like it! But maybe i only like it, because i'm a girl xD Well, have to stop my review, i have to go tomy grandma, ^^ Bye Bye, have fun watching the show!! Now i have to fill inat least 100 words xD Like is said, have fun watching! Kathymoreless
  • This show was one of the greatest animes i have ever watched!!!!

    When i saw the title of this anime on Anime on Demand on Time Warner cable, i though it was some girly girl show. But then i saw this AMV on youtube with the song once upon a december and i was struck. i had to see it. i really love this show. i actully love everything about it! it has good music like Auquarium carnival of animals and has a good story outlay. The dancing is cute and it inspired me to get into ballet, which is hard, by the way. My faveorite characters were Fakir and Ahiru!!!! They also made the cutest little couple. The episodes were very divine and showed a lot of character. I only hope that this show will come back with a season. im ging to buy Volume 4 and Volume 6 of the DVD this saturday so i can watch it as much as i like!!!!moreless

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