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Princess Tutu

Season 1 Episode 12

Akt 12 - Kapitel des Eies: Banquet of Darkness ~ Scheherazade

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 2002 on
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Episode Summary

Mytho has been kidnapped by Kraehe, and the heart shard of love has been removed. Duck and Fakir join together to search for the prince. Kraehe strikes a deal with Drosselmyer - if he gives her a stage to perform on, she will give him the best ending for his story. He agrees. Fakir and Duck find Mytho. He says that the knight was useless in protecting him, and he had to fight the raven alone, sacrificing his own heart to seal the raven. Rue tells Duck that Tutu had a very small role in the story, and is hardly worth mentioning. She certainly couldn't win the prince's heart.Then she reveals her true identity, and calls Duck "Princess Tutu". Mytho was actually a crow, and Kraehe was just distracting them while taking the prince's sword from Fakir. Kraehe leaves. Fakir and Duck keep searching and run into Edel, who leads them to the entrance to where Kraehe and Mytho are. Edel says she's just a puppet with no feelings, but she is touched when Duck hugs her. Duck and Fakir head into the passageway. The run into some ravens who knock them off of a bridge and into a chasm, where they have to swim to the lake where Mytho and Kraehe are. Duck also reveals that she's really a duck, and Fakir is embarassed that he cried in front of her. They face off against Kraehe, who tells Tutu that she will let Mytho go and return his heart shard. If each of the princesses reveal their feelings, and the heart shard chooses Tutu.moreless

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  • This is my favorite episode so far!!

    This is my favorite episode of this series so far. I love how everything is falling into place. Edel tells duck that she is a puppet with no feelings, then leads duck and Fakir to an entrance where Kraehe and Mytho are. Duck reveals herself to fakir, that she is really a duck, and the expression his face is priceless!!! Its sooo funny when he finds out that princess tutu, is the duck that he held against his body and cried in front of. I love the look on his face!!! And then the end of the episode when princess tutu must reveal her feelings toward the prince's heart shard (love piece) but can't because if she does, she will turn into a speck of light and dissapear. Love this episode :)moreless

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    • (Duck transforms back into a girl but forgets that she is naked. Fakir blushes and looks away, then Duck realizes that she's not wearing any clothes)
      Duck: Did you see anything?!
      Fakir: ...I didn't look.

    • Fakir: (After realizing who Duck really is) She saw me cry..?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Background music in this episode includes Tchaikovsky's "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" and Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade".

    • The Introduction to the Episode (English Sub):

      Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful slave. what bound himw here not heavy chains, but a princess's love. Day and night, she whispered her love to the slave and the slave responded to that. His body was bound and his feeling were bound. Who was the one who couldn't move...? The slave, or the princess?