Princess Tutu

(ended 2003)





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  • This show was one of the greatest animes i have ever watched!!!!

    When i saw the title of this anime on Anime on Demand on Time Warner cable, i though it was some girly girl show. But then i saw this AMV on youtube with the song once upon a december and i was struck. i had to see it. i really love this show. i actully love everything about it! it has good music like Auquarium carnival of animals and has a good story outlay. The dancing is cute and it inspired me to get into ballet, which is hard, by the way. My faveorite characters were Fakir and Ahiru!!!! They also made the cutest little couple. The episodes were very divine and showed a lot of character. I only hope that this show will come back with a season. im ging to buy Volume 4 and Volume 6 of the DVD this saturday so i can watch it as much as i like!!!!