Princess Tutu

(ended 2003)





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  • A great romantic anime that involves wonderful ballet and is a ballet itself!

    This is a really great show to me. Mostly, because I am a ballerina myself. When I first watched it I thought it was so awesome, because I've been looking for an anime with some ballet in it at least. I think Princess Tutu and Princess Kraehe are excellent characters too. I love their outfits. Princess Kraehe would have to be my fave character though. I thought at the beginning it would be cutesy and too fluffy, but there are dramatic moments and some violence, but I loved it! Princess Tutu is trying to collect the pieces of Prince Mytho's heart. While Kraehe is trying to prevent that through most of the story. Fakir is another character who is the knight and protector of the prince. The story is actually told as a fairytale with "Once upon a time..." I love all the ballet moves in it, I know them all and can do most of them. The whole anime is a ballet itself with it's structure of the story. The only complaint I have that doesn't make this show a perfect 10 for me, is that I do not like the ending!!! I won't say anything about it, but it doesn't end the way I wanted or expected it too!! lol oh well. Besides that, it is a great anime for magical anime otakus out there and a great anime beginner show!!!
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