Princesses - Season 1

CBS (ended 1991)


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  • So...What Is Beauty?
  • Sex Sells?
    Sex Sells?
    Episode 10
  • Cycles of Life: Motherhood and Aging
  • Tall, Dark and Hansom
    Tracy and Melissa think Georgy should definitely meet a new man. So they go to a single bar where Georgy gets hit on by a guy. When she tells him about her big love towards her deceased husband Frederick and how she is longing for a lasting relationship the man escapes quickly. Depressed Georgy wanders through Central Park. There she meets Edward, a British coachman, who invites her for a ride. Georgy discovers amazing similarities between the coachman and her husband and wants to believe that their encounter is a sign from Frederick. Edward has troubles to make Georgy face reality and only new clients save him from her mystical clutch.moreless
  • The Showuhs in Yonkuhs Fall Mainly on the Flowuhs
    It's Pygmalion princesses-style when Georgy agrees to teach Melissa how to lose the Queens accent and speak like a lady in order to impress Fisher Hollinger, a wealthy publisher who's taken a liking to her.
  • Rocking the Runway
    Rocking the Runway
    Episode 6
  • The Snob Who Came to Dinner
    In order to meet rich men Melissa, Georgy and Tracy plan to throw a party at their apartment. All male singles who live in their building are invited. Among the guests is Harrison Fadiman, a columnist and art critic. Because he has the talent to offend everyone soon the girls are left alone with Fadiman only just after the party started. Merely Tracy is admiring him. After all she wants to become a writer and hopes Fadiman could teach her. When they visit the opera she gets confronted with his real character. Fadiman is picky, overcritical, arrogant and priggish. She tells him all that in a rather unfriendly way but Harrison isn't hurt - he seems reformed!moreless
  • Georgy Sings the Blues
    Georgy wants to enter show business but fails. She urgently needs an agent and hires Marty Gilfenbein, junior. Because Marty is ruined and practically on the streets she offers him to live in her apartment. Melissa has arranged a double date for Tracy and herself with two French representatives. The only thing she conceals from her: one of the gentlemen is a midget. Nevertheless they go to a blues club where Georgy has gotten her first engagement.moreless
  • Miss Indigenous
    Miss Indigenous
    Episode 4
  • Someday My Prince Will Gum
    Melissa's annoying, hoity-toity sister, Debra, tries to fix her up via two tickets to the Periodontists' Ball. One for her and one for Murray Lieberman, a dentist who works in the same office as Debra's husband, Len. Melissa hates blind dates (and her sister) and doesn't want to commit to an evening with someone she hasn't seen. Tracy and Georgy convince her to make an appointment with Murray, so he can check out her gums... and she can check out him. Melissa finds Murray so attractive that she puts aside her reservations and invites him to the ball, just like Debra wanted. Unfortunately, Murray already has a girlfriend, and is going with her -- and Melissa needs to have a plaque scraping. Melissa assumes that Murray's nurse, Shannon, is his girlfriend, but when she makes small talk with Shannon, she finds out some good gossip to destroy her sister with: Shannon is having an affair with Len. Tracy and Georgy talk Melissa out of laughing about it to Debra, but now Melissa has to go to the ball with no date. So she makes Tracy go with her, and instead of telling Debra, tells Len and demands he stop seeing Shannon. But Debra already suspects Len is cheating on her, and he puts two and two together when he sees Melissa and Len talking to each other. After Debra attacks Melissa, Len confesses whom he's really having an affair with, and the two soon patch things up. Meanwhile, Melissa's chances at a dance with Murray are ruined after Georgy drops by the ball dressed like Cinderella.moreless
  • Luv Leddahs
    Luv Leddahs
    Episode 3
    Tracy is thrilled because of a love letter she has received from her pupil Mike. Expectantly she invites him home - to a "private lesson". Georgy recommends Tracy to write Mike a love letter which she doesn't send. When Mike arrives it turns out that he isn't in love with Tracy at all but that the letter was to his wife. And in order to be a good friend Georgy had sent Tracy's letter secretly. The love letter ends up in the hands of Mike's wife and Tracy has to clear up this embarrassing misunderstanding.moreless
  • Her Highness for Hire
    Georgy has no money and decides to find a job. That seems hopeless because she has no schooling. So Georgy remembers what she's good at: singing and dancing. But her auditions fail. Depressed she hides in her room until Brian, Melissa's busy date, appears. He's searching for a pretty girl that represents a new Airline. Georgy gets the job and again Brian has no time for Melissa. So she hides depressed in her room.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Tracy and Melissa have a teary farewell the day before Tracy's marriage. Tracy's fiancé, Michael, surprises her with a wedding gift fit for a princess -- a luxurious Manhattan penthouse that his friend, Tony, is loaning to him for a year. Michael leaves Tracy and Melissa alone to explore the place for themselves, and they discover that it comes with strings attached -- Princess Georgy of Cilly has already taken up residence, as Tony absent-mindedly loaned it to her, too. Georgy's prince husband died, his children are contesting the will, and she has no money. Melissa wants to kick her out, but Tracy takes pity on her, invites her to her wedding, and decides to go to Michael's office to try to track down Tony. Tracy doesn't find Michael, but she does find his partner, Andrea, whom she assumed was a man, because Michael always calls her "Andy." That's not the only thing Michael didn't tell her; he and Andrea were married, and haven't yet finalized their divorce. Tracy angrily returns home, planning to call the wedding off, but an apologetic Michael (or Moe, as she finds out is his real first name) wins her back with a bracelet. Tracy comes down with a case of wedding jitters on the big day, wondering if she should marry a man she's only known for six weeks. Melissa talks her into going ahead with things, but when another ex-wife, Beverly, enters the picture, Tracy jilts Michael. Now that the tables are turned, Georgy lets Tracy and Melissa stay in the penthouse with her.moreless