Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 29, 2005 on FOX
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Michael seeks the help of his fellow prison inhabitants to execute his escape plans.
Racial tensions escalate inside the prison.

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  • this is a good ep

    in this ep of prison break michle is trying to get the pills hie needs to fake being a dibetic to keep going up there. and there is tenion between the racits of white and black and there is whites who want michles with them and there is the blacks who are getting him the pills. he pretends to be with the whites to get the scew he needs and the blacks see this and they dont want to give him the pills becsue they saw him with wites but the tells them he is not and then there is the lawer his brothers old girlfriend who is poking around and they want to get rid of her the goverment. so this ep was really good and then there was the italian guy who is being threaten if they dont get rid of the guy that knows were the guy there looking for is so they go after michles at the end and cut his toe off . this was a good epmoreless
  • This episode is filled with great Tension and Multiple Plots!!!!

    I think that I already understood the formula of the episodes of Prison Break. An advancement in Michael's plan (what he needs to do or take) in each episode, a big obstacle for this, create tension, solve the case later, cliffhanger in the end.

    So this struture creates the 9 episodes and this episode deserves a 9.

    But this episode made more. Is not only one thing that Michael needs, actually is two, and how this tied in was very weel done. This make the episode be filled with spectacular tension, that keep you at the edge of your seat.

    But needing two things is not the only problem, since there is a war between blacks and whites, and michael has to make a choice, on which side he will be, since he needs one thing from a white guy an another from a black guy. So, this make things very interesting and even a more interesting conclusion

    The Cliffhanger, well is simply great.moreless
  • Well written.

    A race riot is brewing amongst the prisoners of Fox River, and Michael finds that he needs something from both sides. Veronica sees the evidence that seems to prove that Lincoln did murder Terrence Steadman. This episode wasn't as good as the Pilot, but that episode is hard to get better. This episode was still really, really good though, dont get me wrong. I really enjoyed it. I am so happy that Prison Break became a show beacuse it is so good, it is better than good its awesome. The tension in this episode was awesome! I cant wait to watch more of this show.moreless
  • Better than the pilot.

    Allen" is the second episode of television series Prison Break which was first broadcast on television on August 29, 2005. The episode was written by series creator Paul Scheuring and directed by Michael Watkins. The episode's title refers to the hex key that Michael makes from a screw, the key being named "Allen Schweitzer 11121147".

    this episode is brilliant I loved ,very entertianing the part with the giant fight was great and it had me on the edge of my seat, T-Bag seems really creepy in season one well he is always creepy, cant believe it when they cut michael's feet off.moreless
  • Another great Installment

    As racial tensions simmer inside the prison, Michael confides to Lincoln that he's pretending to be diabetic. He's recruited a fellow inmate, C-Note, to get him some PUGNAc: a drug which will lower his insulin levels accordingly. He's not just doing this for fun. The infirmary is the weakest spot in the prison's security chain, so as long as Dr Tancredi believes Michael is diabetic he'll be free to case it out. Michael unscrews a bolt from the yard bleachers - a precious digging tool - only to have it swiped by white thug T-Bag. The only way to get it back is to accept T-Bag's offer of protection in the brewing race war. But when C-Note spots Michael talking to T-Bag, his racist friends withdraw their offer to get hold of the PUGNAc. A vengeful T-Bag blames Michael when one of his posse is killed. With both sides holding a crucial part of his plan hostage, Michael is left in a fix.moreless
Adina Porter

Adina Porter

Leticia Barris

Guest Star

Keith Diamond

Keith Diamond

Tim Giles

Guest Star

David Lively

David Lively

Terrence Steadman

Guest Star

Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach

Warden Henry Pope

Recurring Role

Kurt Caceres

Kurt Caceres

Hector Avila

Recurring Role

Anthony Starke

Anthony Starke

Sebastian Balfour

Recurring Role

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    • (Belick is whistling while escorting Michael back to his cell)
      Michael: You are positively beaming, Boss.
      Bellick: Got up on the right side of the bed this morning I guess.

    • Tim Giles: I wanted to apologize for being so short with you before.
      Veronica: No problem.
      Tim Giles: The closer it gets to an execution, uh, the harder it becomes. That's why I want to give you this. It's the, uh, surveillance tape of the garage that night. It was a closed trial, so no-one outside of the courtroom saw it, but, I though I could help you out.
      Veronica: With what?
      Tim Giles: Closure.

    • Veronica: (about Steadman) The guy was like a saint. All the charity work, the environmental progress his company was making. About the only person in this entire country who had motive to kill him, was you.
      Lincoln: You came all the way down here just to tell me how guilty I am?
      Veronica: I don't know why I came here.

    • Sucre: Toilet won't flush.
      Michael: So?
      Sucre: Means only one thing, Fish. They shut down the water so you can't flush your contraband.
      Michael: So? We've got nothing to worry about.
      Sucre:(shows Michael a small plastic bag under his mattress containing narcotics) Says who? (throws bag out of the cell)

    • Kellerman: We have a small complication. There's a lawyer poking around.
      Reynolds: Veronica Donovan.
      Kellerman: Yes.
      Reynolds: You can handle a girl who graduated in the middle of her Baylor law school class. At least I'd like to think so given the stakes of what we're dealing with here. Anyone that's a threat to what we're doing, is expendable. Anyone.

    • Michael: What's it take to shake down another inmate? Get something he took from you?
      Abruzzi: It would take Fibonacci.
      Michael: Oh. I'll give you Fibonacci. I promised you that. When the time is right.
      Abruzzi: The time is right now.
      Michael: No. The time is right when you and I are standing outside those walls.

    • Westmoreland: (about Michael) Three days in and he's already thinking about turning rabbit. It'll pass. It always does.

    • C-Note: (to Michael) Listen, white boy, your luck just ran out. You chose the wrong side.

    • Abruzzi (to Michael): This little polka you and I have been doing for a of this moment: it's over.

    • T-Bag: I'll protect you. All you gotta do is take this pocket right here, and your life'll be all peaches and cream. I walk, you walk with me. I'm gonna keep you real close so no one up in here can hurt you.
      Michael: Looks to me you already got a girlfriend.
      T-Bag: I got a whole 'nother pocket over here.

    • C-Note: What's up there in that infirmary that you need so bad?
      Michael: You get me that PUGNAc, and maybe I'll tell you.

    • Sara: You seem nervous.
      Michael: I do?
      Sara: You're sweating.
      Michael: Must be the needles. Never really got used to 'em.
      Sara: Somehow with diabetes and that tattoo I find that hard to believe.

    • Lincoln (to Veronica): You have a new life now. I know that. But if what we had before meant anything to you, you'd find out the truth.
      Veronica (tears in her eyes): Maybe all this is the truth. Maybe they got it right.

    • Lincoln: Now's not the time to be trusting a black inmate, Michael.
      Michael: Our relationship transcends race.
      Lincoln: Nothing transcends race in here.

    • T-Bag (to Michael): You come around these bleachers again, it's gonna be more than just words we're exchangin'. Know what I'm saying?

    • Leticia: They killed him. 'Cause he knew things. Things they didn't want to get out.
      Veronica: Like what?
      Leticia Like who was really behind that hit that night. Wasn't Crab, that's for damn sure. And it sure as hell wasn't Lincoln! Neither them boys knew what they were gettin' into. They were just pawns in a big game.

    • Westmoreland: Bigger things to worry about at the moment. I've been in here long enough to know it when I see it – the calm before the storm. Whites and blacks will be going at each other real soon here. Everybody chooses sides and a lot of guys bleed.
      Michael: There a reason?
      Westmoreland: Same reason you don't put cats and dogs in the same cage – they don't get along.

    • Lincoln: It can't be done, Michael. No one's ever broken out of Fox River.
      Michael: Every single step's already been mapped out. Every contingency.
      Lincoln: Every contingency? You may have the blueprints to this place but there's one thing those plans can't show you – people. Guys like Abruzzi. You so much as look at these cats the wrong way, they'll cut you up.
      Michael: Far as the rest of these guys are concerned, I'm just another con, doin' his time. Stayin' out of trouble.
      Lincoln: You don't go lookin' for trouble in here, it just finds you!
      Michael: And when it does we'll be long gone.

    • Michael: As long as I get that PUGNAc I'll get all the access I need.
      Lincoln: What the hell is a PUGNAc?
      Michael: It lowers my insulin level to the point that I'm hyperglycemic.

    • T-Bag: Maybe you're one of them milk chickens, all confused-like? White on the outside, black as tar on the inside.

    • Officer Bellick: You're the old man's back pocket, are you? I got news for you fish, he may run this place during the day, but I run it during the night.

    • Inmate: You best speak with respect, fish. Man kidnapped half a dozen boys and girls down in 'bama, raped and killed 'em. Wasn't always in that order either.
      Michael: Does this T-Bag have a name?
      T-Bag (walks up): That is my real name. (Michael gets up.)
      No, no, no please, sit. So you're the one I've been hearing all the rave reviews about. Scofield! One things for sure, you just as pretty as advertised. Prettier even.

    • Westmoreland (while playing a game of Checkers): You're anticipating every one of my moves three moves in advance. You're a helluva strategist fish.
      Michael: You ever think about Boston?
      Westmoreland: Sure.
      Michael: Think you'll ever see it again?
      Westmoreland: I'm a sixty year old man with sixty years still left on my ticket. What do you think?
      Michael: I'm thinking of going.
      Westmoreland: Well there's going, and then there's going. Which one do you mean?
      Michael: The one you think I mean.

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