Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 11

And Then There Were 7

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2005 on FOX
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Michael gets a visit from his wife, much to everyone's surprise. She brings him what appears to be a credit card, but is in fact something entirely different. Bellick does some research after seeing Michael's wife, whom he thinks looks familiar.
Michael learns that his watch has been stolen by a guard, and he must enlist the help of an inmate in order to get it back.
In the woods, Veronica, LJ and Nick are threatened by Quinn, who is determined to find out who else knows about the conspiracy.


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  • Lots of implausibles but thoroughly enjoyable.

    This was a great episode. The plot moved along in this episode and there was plenty of suspense and interesting character interaction.

    If I am being completely truthful though, there was also a lot of writer manipulation of the audience. A lot of what happened didn't happen because it was plausible or even likely but in order to fill time and create suspense.

    Case in point, Michael's gold watch - as another reviewer noted, who would bring a gold watch into a prison and not expect it to be nipped? - but writing it into the story allowed for suspense as we wonder what Michael is going to do and for his interactions with the hip hop fish character.

    Same thing with Veronica clocking the CIA guy but not managing to knock him out or kill him. I'm sorry, but if someone really is a threat to your life, you make sure that he stays down. But hey, since she only tapped him, we could be treated to several minutes worth of chase scene.

    I could go on and on with the devices the writers used in this ep to create suspense and draw the story out.

    Whatever, I don't watch this show because it is high art or subtle. When it is good, as it was in this ep, it is an absolute thrill ride.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break the guy pretends to be injured and he is let into the cavern thing is its a trick and he shoots the guy in the back. and then ties veronica up and the kid also. and starts to interigate them. also in this ep michle is tring to figure things out and he has a women come in and its his wife belick says he has seen her thing is he startes to go checking into it. also she gives him what appears to be a credit card. but its not. then michle goes to the old man becasue he wants to have help getting a gold watch back and so the old man tells him to talk to his cell mate and so he does and the guy pretends to have a seger and he gets the watch back also the kid that he was going to be on pi but he it not. then old man finds out that his daughter is dieing and he cant go and see her unless she is dead. he is not going to wait for that and so he wants to join michle and he admits he is davy cooper. but michle does not belive it . also the guard checks out about his wife. at the stripper joint this was a good ep.moreless
  • Awesome episode

    Michael gets a visit from his wife, much to everyone's surprise. She brings him what appears to be a credit card, but is in fact something entirely different. Bellick does some research after seeing Michael's wife, whom he thinks looks familiar.

    Michael learns that his watch has been stolen by a guard, and he must enlist the help of an inmate in order to get it back.

    In the woods, Veronica, LJ and Nick are threatened by Quinn, who is determined to find out who else knows about the conspiracy. A great episode of the show very exciting and fast in storytelling.moreless
  • Too Many People!!!!!!

    This episode sets everything for the next episodes that will come.

    In the end of this episode, We learn that there are to many people are in involved in the escape plan. Before that, we some goods scenes and what michaels need to do to get this information. This will be interesting, since there are 7 plus more one.

    Not everything goes well for michael, which is already normal, principally with sara, who is jeaulous and bellick, that now knows what michael wife´s did for him.

    Its interesting how prison break can change your mind, since it can make you want things between sara and michael work out and the ame goes to the Escape Squad, even when you konw that would mean convicts running in the streets, you want them to make it. For that, the writers deserves credit.moreless
  • Amazing.

    The escape team and prison staff – including Sara – discover that Michael has a wife when she arrives to give him an item for the plan. Westmoreland changes his mind about escaping. Veronica, Nick and LJ try to escape Quinn. Another awesome episode. Even the title gives me the butterflies. Awesome. There is so many awesome scenes in this episode and so many awesome lines, there is too many to telly ou on this little review but there all good. This episode was awesome and I can not wait until I watch more and more episodes, and the next seasons.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman

LJ Burrows

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare

John Abruzzi

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Michael Gaston

Michael Gaston


Guest Star

Sephus Booker

Sephus Booker


Guest Star

Dado Rothenberg

Dado Rothenberg

Female Guard

Guest Star

Rockmond Dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar


Recurring Role

Muse Watson

Muse Watson

Charles Westmoreland

Recurring Role

Holly Valance

Holly Valance


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: At the very beginning of the episode when Michael gets up from his bed, a bit of his back can be seen. There are no tattoos there.

    • We find out that Michael robbed the bank the day after he married Nika. This means he was married on March 8, 2005.

    • When Quinn is thrown by LJ in the pit, one can see hie cellular phone near him...But when he wakes up, he has his phone in his jacket.

    • Westmoreland's daughter is in "Sacred Heart" hospital in Indianapolis. In reality, there is no Sacred Heart hospital in Indianapolis.

      This may be a reference to the "Sacred Heart" Hospital in NBC's show Scrubs.

    • When Quinn was pushed into the well he broke through the wooden piece that was covering it. A continuity error occurs when Agent Hale and his partner are seen covering the well with the wooden piece intact.

    • Charles Westmoreland claims in this episode that he in fact is D.B. Cooper after vehemently denying it in past episodes. As proof he gives Michael a $100 bill that was supposedly a part of Cooper's $200,000 ransom payment, however the actual ransom payment only consisted of $20 bills per the request of D.B. himself.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • (Quinn is trapped at the bottom of a well)
      Hale: You can't just leave him down there. He'll die.
      Kellerman: He's the only one who knows we don't have the Burrows kid. The only one.
      (Kellerman starts to leave. Hale hesitates)
      Kellerman: There's room for you down there too, Danny.

    • Quinn: You ever stay at a fancy hotel, LJ? You know, you leave your room in the morning, it's a mess. Wet, dirty towels on the bathroom floor, last night's room service stinking to high heaven. But then, when you come back at night, it's all gone. Fresh towels, clean sheets, candy on the pillow. It's just the best feeling in the whole world, 'cause someone else cleaned up your mess, all you had to do was walk away.
      L.J.: Don't you hurt them.
      Quinn: Okay. But you got to tell me exactly what they know and who else they have told, and nobody has to die tonight. You just walk away.

    • Quinn (to Veronica): Do you know how many pints of blood a human body has? (sighs) The answer is 10. 10 pints. How many you think Prince Charming over there on the floor has left. 8, going on 7?. Tell you what. I'm gonna take him out to the woodshed to have a little talk, in the meantime I want you to chew on this. You tell me everything that you've discovered about the Burrows' case and who else you have told about it and there's a chance that I may let you go in time to get Mr. Savrinn a doctor.

    • Quinn (to Veronica): You know how the Russians do things? They let you live, and they kill everyone in your family and, and, anyone you've ever loved. How does that sound?

    • T-Bag: You know, it vexes me that I'm made out to be the bad guy in the room. It's not like y'all are incarcerated for stealin' Girl Scout cookies.
      Abruzzi: None of us murdered any Girl Scouts in the process.

    • Bellick: You have a good time in the romper room with that Euro?

    • Michael: You came.
      Nika: Of course.
      Michael: How've you been?
      Nika: Fine. I found a job.
      Michael: Good. I'm glad.
      Nika: Is it awful being here?
      Michael: Remember the first place you stayed? That hotel by the airport? Only difference is $69 and the free shampoo.

    • C-Note (to T-Bag): You know what? We may be a team in here. But just to let you know, the minute we get over that wall, it's every man for himself. Or sooner.

    • Sucre: Coming back to PI? It's getting kind of testy in there, you know?

    • Quinn: I've come to a realization that either Miss Donovan and that boy don't like you very much, or they have an unreasonable amount of faith in your cardiovascular system.

    • Sara: See, I don't think the riot changed anything. You've seen the latest budget cuts for this place?
      Katie: Another 10% from healthcare.
      Sara: And 35 from prevention.
      Katie: He may be the governor, but he's still your father. Maybe he thinks if he cuts enough they can't afford you.

    • Quinn: You decide whose life is more valuable: the guy waiting to die on death row or the guy wishing he'd die out in the woodshed.

    • Westmoreland: Things have changed. I want in.
      Michael: Why the sudden change of heart?
      Westmoreland: I have my reasons.
      Michael: Don't take this the wrong way, but everyone who's on is brining something to the table.
      Westmoreland: How 'bout money?
      Michael: How much are we talkin' about?
      Westmoreland: I think you know.
      Michael: I seem to remember several conversations that ended with "I am not D.B. Cooper".
      Westmoreland: I lied.
      Michael: You lied?
      Westmoreland: We're cons, we tend to do that.

    • Sucre: Michael's coming back from the boneyard.

    • Nika: Why would you need a credit card in prison?

    • C-Note: Rough day, huh, Scofield? You know, while the rest of us are in here slinging concrete, you got some little girl to play on your rusty trombone, huh?

    • Bellick: Make sure you take a shower, Scofield. You never know what some women can give you.

    • Bellick: 'Cause damn if I don't recognize her from somewhere. Maybe she visits some other con...killing two birds with one bone. Catch my drift?

    • C-Note: How come Fusilli over here ain't grabbing a shovel.
      Abruzzi: I'm handling arrangements on the outside.
      C-Note: Really. So what is that, transpo, paper, what?
      Abruzzi: Exactly. It makes me management.
      C-Note: And that makes us just labor, right?
      Abruzzi: Now you're getting it.
      C-Note: You know, management better keep a close eye on the conditions up in here, or labor's liable to go on feel me?
      Abruzzi: Get back to work.

    • Michael (after Tweener tells Michael he needs a Job in P.I to make money): It pays 19 cents an hour.
      Tweener: 19 cents? That's slavery, yo!
      Michael: That's prison, yo.

    • T-Bag: Hey, Sucre. I got a question about you and the rest of the Mexicans.
      Sucre: I don't think I'll be able to help, seeing as I'm Puerto Rican.
      T-Bag: Geographical semantics, amigo. I'm speaking about the general Latino population. How is it that a people so historically lazy ended up being such a big part of the nation's workforce?
      Sucre: The way I see things, it's everyone else that's lazy. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any jobs for the immigrants. The ones sitting at home, collecting unemployment, the lazy ones? It's not us.
      T-Bag: You gonna let him talk about your people like that?
      C-Note: Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Deliverance.

    • Michael: Still interested in getting in on P.I.?
      Tweener: Does my momma got big breastesses?
      Michael: I wouldn't know.
      Tweener: Hell yeah, she does and hell yeah, I do.

    • T-Bag: I don't know about you all, but um...this room is getting a little too dark for me to dig.
      C-Note: Are you telling me that there's a hole in Fox River that you don't want to get into?

    • Abruzzi: OK, let's rotate! (to T-Bag) Sergeant Sodomy, you're up next!

    • Lincoln: Come on, Michael, talk to me.
      Michael: You want the good news or the bad news?
      Lincoln: The good.
      Michael: Westmoreland and his money are in.
      Lincoln: What's the bad?
      Michael: I've done the math. I figure it'll take at least 5 minutes for us to get the bars off the window in the infirmary, and 2 minutes for each of us to get across the wire and over the wall.
      Lincoln: So?
      Michael: We've only got 18 minutes. We've got too many people. And one of them has to go.

    • Sara: So you're married.
      Michael: Uh, well, not in the traditional sense of the word.
      Sara: Michael, we're both adults here. Put your cards on the table. (He gives her a look) Ok, I'll go first. As one of the very few women around here, I'm used to a certain amount of…innuendo and flirtation being thrown my way. I'm not used to enjoying it
      Michael: Look, Sara –
      Sara: It's Dr. Tancredi. And, please let me finish. I'm not a jealous woman, but I am a careful one. And for some reason, when I'm around you, I'm not, careful.
      Michael: You don't have to be.
      Sara: Yes, I do. There are so many questions surrounding you, Michael. There are way too many. So here's the deal. From now on, your shots, any medical concerns, they're all fine, as long as it's doctor-patient. But personal questions and favors of any kind are no longer a part of our relationship.
      Michael: The questions you have about me...there are answers.

    • Tweener: Why you need this watch so bad anyway?
      Michael: Let's just say it means a lot to someone in my family.

    • Bellick: Says here they got married the day before Scofield robbed that bank.
      C.O Geary: Why the hell would he do that?

    • T-Bag: Come on, give me something. I thought you was a musical people.
      C-Note: You know, your parents must be so proud of you, man. I mean, hitting the trailer-park trifecta: racist, pedophile, and stupid.

    • Guard: Scofield, move it. It's time for your conjugal - your wife is here.

    • Nick: We just learned that Vice President Reynolds funneled millions of dollars in research grants into her brother's company. That money was filtered into millions of small accounts that made millions of small donations to her campaign, setting her up to be the next leader of the free world. This doesn't end with us stopping an execution any more.
      Veronica: For me it does.

    • Michael: You kept it.
      Sara: Kept what?
      Michael: The flower.
      Sara: Well, I'm a pack rat, I never throw anything out.
      Michael: Yeah, all this clutter. It's ah... overwhelming.
      Sara: You should see my apartment.
      Michael: Whoa. Haven't even had our first date yet and you're already inviting me in. Thought you were a nice girl.
      Sara: Oh Michael, we all know nice girls finish last.
      Michael: So where do you finish?
      Sara: That depends on where I start.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The scene where Michael remembers his personal affects is nearly identical to the scene The Blues Brothers where John Belushi gets his possessions back.

      Coincidentally, both The Blues Brothers and Prison Break were filmed at Joliet Prison.

    • T-Bag: You gonna let him talk about your people like that?
      C-Note: Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Deliverance.

      C-Note refers to T-Bag as Deliverance, which is a reference to the 1972 film Deliverance in which 4 men camping in the rural woods are tortured and raped by grizzly mountain men.

    • Westmoreland's daughter was sent to "Sacred Heart". Sacred Heart hospital is the name of the hospital from the television shows, Scrubs and Desperate Housewives.

    • The title of the episode alludes to the book "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie. The title of the book is an allusion to the poem "10 Little Indians," which entails 10 Indians dying one by one until there are none left. The Christie novel features 10 people arriving on a deserted island only to be picked off one by one by a killer among them. Each death was in accordance with the poem. Ironically, it seems clear to me that the episode's title is either an upward counter of inmates involved with the escape plan, or a countdown to Lincoln's execution, or both.

      The poem reads:
      Ten little Indian boys went out to dine; One chocked his self and then there were nine. Nine Indian boys sat up very late; One overslept himself then there were eight. Eight Indian boys traveling in Devon; One said he'd stay there then there were seven. Seven Indian boys chopping up sticks; One chopped himself in halves then there were six. Six Indian boys playing with a hive; A bumble-bee stung one then there were five. Five Indian boys going in for law; One got in Chancery then there were four. Four Indian boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one then there were three. Three Indian boys walking in the zoo; A big bear hugged one then there were two. Two Indian boys sitting in the sun; One got all frizzled up then there was one. One Indian boy left all alone; He went and hanged himself and then there were none.