Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 17

Bad Blood

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on FOX
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Michael and Sara request Henry Pope's help in retrieving the information that could possibly exonerate Lincoln.
Mahone pins down an escapee.
Sucre discovers a new threat while hitchhiking to reunite with Maricruz.
T-Bag brings the Hollander family to his home.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle and lincon and kellerman are tring to use the pope to help them out on retriving something that can maby help lincon on getting free and sare when she sees him kellerman wants to hurt him and she locks the door when they get the info and lincon beats the guy up alot . they get away leaving kellerman behide. and michle makes that deal with the pope but the pope lets michle get away on this one and this was a good ep i thought and had awhole lot of excitement.moreless
  • In the first arc of Prison Break you come to know T Bag as a monster, in it's sophomore season however - the character becomes more than just a mad man with a screwdiver.moreless

    This episode in particular left you vulnerable to empathy towards the character of T-Bag. Previously it was unknown where this person came from or with better words, what turned a man into the monster we came to love to hate each week.

    The discovery of the nature of this character's past and what would later be the driving force behind his psychological disorders is not to be taken lightly. It is easy to see the man that in his youth he would have come to been, if not for his inbreed disorderly family and the sexual misconduct that he received while in that youth and surrounding enviroment.

    It also becomes evident that this character is quite capable of love and shares an emotional value such as many of us in his ability to sacrifice what he wants the most out of life (to love, be loved and the family he never had) in an effort to stop exploiting their pain further.

    T-Bag is a very interesting character to watch and the Actor portraying his is quite great. It's the character you love to hate, but once more in this episode you cannot help but empathize the man that could have been.moreless
  • This episode it is all about the tape. Why? Because Sucre, T-bag and C-Note plots advance to a brief conclusion. This is the episode that you are waiting for a long time.moreless

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10). It all about getting that Key, they fill the whole episode with this on Michael and Co scenes. Why? Because Sucre, T-bag and C-Note plots advanced to a brief conclusion.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (6/10). Why the Bus leave with a criminal and a FBI agent pursuing him is another mystery from the writers staff. There is a reason for Mr. Kim not be dead by Kellerman?

    Drama - » (10/10). T-bag drama was really great. Poor C-Note, life is not easy for him. Finally Sucre is happy for now. Suspense/Tension - » (7/10). There is one C-Note scene that built tension.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (8/10). A return is always a nice surprise. Also make proposal is too. Mahone in the Hospital room was a surprise, since I thought that was his son.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). Finally Sucre finds Maricruz, finally T-bag decided what to do with that family and at the same time we discovered what happened in his past. C-Note has to made a decision. Michael get what is inside of that box. So even with any type of filler, the multiple threads brief conclusions made hard to notice filler scenes.

    Beginning - » (7/10). Running and a surprise involving a old character.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10). Multiple plots with only two had real complications.

    Climax - » (7/10). When Mr. Kim arrive, but wasn´t something great.

    Ending - » (10/10). Great conclusion for some plots: Michael has the Pen with the recording, C-Not turn himself in, Sucre finds Maricruz, and T-bag made a difficult decision.

    What I liked -» The brief conclusions.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Some strange details.

    This episode it is all about the tape. Why? Because Sucre, T-bag and C-Note plots advance to a brief conclusion. This is the episode that you are waiting for a long time.moreless
  • Well written.

    Michael and Sara seek Henry Pope for help to recover information that can bring down "The Company". As his daughter's illness worsens, C-Note decides to surrender. Sucre reunites with Maricruz while T-Bag visits his childhood home. Another awesome episode from Prison Break season two. At the start of this season I thought Prison Break wasn't as good as season one, but I was wrong as the season has progressed Prison Break is just awesome. I hope season three is better can't waot to watch it. Loved this episode to be honest, I can not wait to watch more of Prison Break, because it is awesome and I love it to be honest. So bring it on!moreless
  • C-Note turns himself in, Michael Needs the pope's help

    At the cigar club, an overly interested manager and the passing of a police car outside force Michael and Sara to flee without the evidence. But Michael's picked up something almost as useful: a leaflet containing the names of honorary club members, one of whom just happens to be Henry Pope. Pope reluctantly agrees to help them, but not before striking a deal with Michael. In return for his co-operation, he wants his former protégé to turn himself in. Meanwhile, another deal is done as C-Note agrees to help Mahone find Michael in exchange for medical treatment for his daughter and freedom for his wife; T-Bag takes the Hollanders to his childhood home with plans of playing happy families, only to flee following an attack of conscience; and Sucre makes it to Ixtapa airport to meet his beloved Maricruz just in time to utter those three magic words, "We gotta run." The memory stick and a stolen laptop in hand, Pope exits the cigar club and makes his way towards the car, where Michael and Sara are anxiously waiting for him. But there's trouble afoot. As they keep watch from a rooftop above, Lincoln and Kellerman spot Kim and a sidekick closing in on Pope. Having warned Michael, who rams into Kim with his car, Lincoln and Kellerman make their way down on foot ready to serve up round two. With the enemy floored, Lincoln jumps into the car and joins the getaway, leaving Kellerman behind. Back at Pope's house, Michael's willingness to keep his word sees him released from his promise, leaving him free to head back to a hotel room with Lincoln and Sara to listen to the recording…moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Rockmond Dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar

Benjamin "C-Note" Miles Franklin

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies

Dr. Sara Tancredi

Rachel Loera

Rachel Loera

Theresa Delgado

Guest Star

Zachary Friedman

Zachary Friedman

Cameron Mahone

Guest Star

Michael Gohlke

Michael Gohlke

Young Theodore

Guest Star

Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach

Warden Henry Pope

Recurring Role

Camille Guaty

Camille Guaty

Maricruz Delgado

Recurring Role

Barbara Eve Harris

Barbara Eve Harris


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Mahone enters the airport, there's a man reading the newspaper "Minneapoles Register". The articles that appear are:
      -"Lawsuit Accuses School Board Treasurer of Fraud".
      -"Zoo Will Investigate Grants for Renovation".
      -"LOCAL NEWS: Sewage Problems Disrupt Downtown Businesses/A3".

    • C-Note's daughter has PKD (Polycystic kidney disease), which is a progressive, genetic disorder of the kidneys. It occurs in humans and other organisms. PKD is characterized by the presence of multiple cysts (hence, "polycystic") in both kidneys. The disease can also damage the liver, pancreas, and rarely, the heart and brain. The two major forms of polycystic kidney disease are distinguished by their patterns of inheritance.

    • C-Note's hat changes every now and then, when Mahone was pointing the gun at him, you can see clearly that the hat was torn in some places. But when he was talking to the nurse, the hat didn't have any tears.

    • When Michael, Sara, Lincoln and Pope return to Pope's house, Michael gets in on the passenger side and the door does not close all the way. He holds the door.

    • When Mahone walks into the airport in Minneapolis he walks past a woman sitting on a bench. This woman was in the diner that was held up in the previous episode.

    • In the scene where C-Note is hugging Dede before using the payphone, her arm is resting on his chest but in the next scene, the same arm is over his shoulder.

    • When Sucre's car breaks down, during the close shots the car is next to a tree, but in the wide shots there is no tree nearby.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Pope (to Michael): What the hell are you thinking about, waltzing in here? You're a wanted criminal! In case you'd forgotten, I've dedicated my career and my entire life to keeping people like you behind bars!

    • Pope (to Sara): What are you doing here, aside from jumping bail and evading the authorities?

    • Kellerman (to Lincoln): You don't love someone who loves power more than life. I don't love her (the President). No offense, but you're not capable of understanding the relationship.
      Lincoln: Bitter, huh?
      Kellerman: Am I?

    • Mahone: Listen son, no one is mad at you. And this wasn't your fault. I'm the one who should have been looking out for you.
      Cameron: You weren't even there.
      Mahone: I should have been.

    • T-Bag: I am the last in the line of Bagwells. The tail end of the corrupted breed. The Earth, thank God, shall see no more of our generations.

    • Pope: I could shoot you right now and not even think twice.
      Michael: But you won't. You've spent too much time around prisons to throw your life away like that.

    • Lang: With any luck, Franklin's daughter will get sick enough to need help, then he'll show his face.
      Mahone: You don't have kids, do you, Lang?

    • Hospital Administrator: This is a hospital, not a homeless shelter.
      C-Note: A what? What did you just say to me? I can't believe you people!

    • Sara: Henry, please listen!
      Pope: Sara, I'm tempted to say, you should've known better.

    • Sucre: I have three words for you.
      Maricruz: Uh huh?
      Sucre: We gotta run!

    • (While waiting for Sucre in the airport)
      Teresa: I don't mean to burst your bubble but he's not going to show.
      (Maricruz looks sadly over to her side and sees Sucre approaching.)
      Maricruz (smiles): Bubble is not burst!

    • Michael (pointing a gun at Henry): I just want my brother's life back. I want people to know the truth. I'd give anything for that. I'd lay down my life.
      Henry: Well that's easy for you to say standing on that side of the gun.
      (Michael puts the gun on the kitchen counter and turns it over pointing it towards himself)
      Michael: What if I'm standing on this side? I'm not the man you think I am.
      Henry: Well, I have a pretty good idea of who you are, Michael.
      Michael: If that's true then you already know I never wanted to be in Fox River. I never wanted to meet you, Henry. I certainly didn't want to ruin your life.
      Henry: Yeah, well, you've done a pretty damn good job!
      Sara: You're not saying anything to him I haven't said myself, Henry. I've looked into this. What he's saying to you is absolutely true.

    • Michael (pointing a gun at Henry): I don't want to hurt you, Henry.
      Henry: Said by the man with the gun.

    • Henry: I don't give a rat's ass about you or your brother. I trusted you. I took you under my wing. I treated you like my own son. I believed you! Day after day you lied to me. What kind of a man does that?
      Michael: A desperate one.

    • T-Bag: I am not the animal you think you see before you. I am the laws of karma all come down wrong. Don't you understand?
      Susan (shaking her head): I don't.
      T-Bag: What I'm tryin' to say is that... I am the sin of my father.

    • Sara: You sure about this?
      Michael: Nope.
      Sara: By the way, you still owe me dinner.
      Michael: Is that so?
      Sara: Yep. First week in Fox River you promised me if you ever got out of there you'd take me to dinner.
      Michael: Well, maybe after we wrap this up we can stop off and get you a burrito on the way back to Pope's house.
      Sara: Scofield, I don't know what you're used to, but anything short of a filet mignon isn't gonna cut it with me.
      Michael: It's a date.(Reaches out to hold Sara's hand and seal the deal)

    • C-Note (talking about his daughter to the nurse at the hospital): Are you going to wait until she's dead to give us some help? Is that what you're telling me?

    • Kellerman: Okay, anyway you look at it there is no light at the end of this tunnel. One way or another, you and I, we die. Your brother too, which is a shame given all he's done for you. I have a sister I haven't talked to in 15 years. Think she's better off for it?
      Lincoln: We'll make it.
      Kellerman: What is that? Faith?
      Lincoln: Yeah, that's faith.
      Kellerman: All I see is a black hole. And sooner or later, they're going to suck each one of us into it. But when they come for me, I'll take as many of them with me as I can.
      Lincoln: She (the President) must have really broken your heart, Paul.

    • Lincoln: You wanted me dead, Paul.
      Kellerman: Just following orders.
      Lincoln: Send me to the chair for something I didn't do. All for your president. You were willing to do that.
      Kellerman: Just... following... orders.

  • NOTES (2)