Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 17

Bad Blood

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle and lincon and kellerman are tring to use the pope to help them out on retriving something that can maby help lincon on getting free and sare when she sees him kellerman wants to hurt him and she locks the door when they get the info and lincon beats the guy up alot . they get away leaving kellerman behide. and michle makes that deal with the pope but the pope lets michle get away on this one and this was a good ep i thought and had awhole lot of excitement.
  • In the first arc of Prison Break you come to know T Bag as a monster, in it's sophomore season however - the character becomes more than just a mad man with a screwdiver.

    This episode in particular left you vulnerable to empathy towards the character of T-Bag. Previously it was unknown where this person came from or with better words, what turned a man into the monster we came to love to hate each week.

    The discovery of the nature of this character's past and what would later be the driving force behind his psychological disorders is not to be taken lightly. It is easy to see the man that in his youth he would have come to been, if not for his inbreed disorderly family and the sexual misconduct that he received while in that youth and surrounding enviroment.

    It also becomes evident that this character is quite capable of love and shares an emotional value such as many of us in his ability to sacrifice what he wants the most out of life (to love, be loved and the family he never had) in an effort to stop exploiting their pain further.

    T-Bag is a very interesting character to watch and the Actor portraying his is quite great. It's the character you love to hate, but once more in this episode you cannot help but empathize the man that could have been.
  • This episode it is all about the tape. Why? Because Sucre, T-bag and C-Note plots advance to a brief conclusion. This is the episode that you are waiting for a long time.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10). It all about getting that Key, they fill the whole episode with this on Michael and Co scenes. Why? Because Sucre, T-bag and C-Note plots advanced to a brief conclusion.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (6/10). Why the Bus leave with a criminal and a FBI agent pursuing him is another mystery from the writers staff. There is a reason for Mr. Kim not be dead by Kellerman?

    Drama - » (10/10). T-bag drama was really great. Poor C-Note, life is not easy for him. Finally Sucre is happy for now. Suspense/Tension - » (7/10). There is one C-Note scene that built tension.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (8/10). A return is always a nice surprise. Also make proposal is too. Mahone in the Hospital room was a surprise, since I thought that was his son.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). Finally Sucre finds Maricruz, finally T-bag decided what to do with that family and at the same time we discovered what happened in his past. C-Note has to made a decision. Michael get what is inside of that box. So even with any type of filler, the multiple threads brief conclusions made hard to notice filler scenes.

    Beginning - » (7/10). Running and a surprise involving a old character.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10). Multiple plots with only two had real complications.

    Climax - » (7/10). When Mr. Kim arrive, but wasn´t something great.

    Ending - » (10/10). Great conclusion for some plots: Michael has the Pen with the recording, C-Not turn himself in, Sucre finds Maricruz, and T-bag made a difficult decision.

    What I liked -» The brief conclusions.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Some strange details.

    This episode it is all about the tape. Why? Because Sucre, T-bag and C-Note plots advance to a brief conclusion. This is the episode that you are waiting for a long time.
  • Well written.

    Michael and Sara seek Henry Pope for help to recover information that can bring down "The Company". As his daughter's illness worsens, C-Note decides to surrender. Sucre reunites with Maricruz while T-Bag visits his childhood home. Another awesome episode from Prison Break season two. At the start of this season I thought Prison Break wasn't as good as season one, but I was wrong as the season has progressed Prison Break is just awesome. I hope season three is better can't waot to watch it. Loved this episode to be honest, I can not wait to watch more of Prison Break, because it is awesome and I love it to be honest. So bring it on!
  • C-Note turns himself in, Michael Needs the pope's help

    At the cigar club, an overly interested manager and the passing of a police car outside force Michael and Sara to flee without the evidence. But Michael's picked up something almost as useful: a leaflet containing the names of honorary club members, one of whom just happens to be Henry Pope. Pope reluctantly agrees to help them, but not before striking a deal with Michael. In return for his co-operation, he wants his former protégé to turn himself in. Meanwhile, another deal is done as C-Note agrees to help Mahone find Michael in exchange for medical treatment for his daughter and freedom for his wife; T-Bag takes the Hollanders to his childhood home with plans of playing happy families, only to flee following an attack of conscience; and Sucre makes it to Ixtapa airport to meet his beloved Maricruz just in time to utter those three magic words, "We gotta run." The memory stick and a stolen laptop in hand, Pope exits the cigar club and makes his way towards the car, where Michael and Sara are anxiously waiting for him. But there's trouble afoot. As they keep watch from a rooftop above, Lincoln and Kellerman spot Kim and a sidekick closing in on Pope. Having warned Michael, who rams into Kim with his car, Lincoln and Kellerman make their way down on foot ready to serve up round two. With the enemy floored, Lincoln jumps into the car and joins the getaway, leaving Kellerman behind. Back at Pope's house, Michael's willingness to keep his word sees him released from his promise, leaving him free to head back to a hotel room with Lincoln and Sara to listen to the recording…
  • (:

    Michael and Sara seek Henry Pope for help to recover information that can bring down "The Company". As his daughter's illness worsens, C-Note decides to surrender. Sucre reunites with Maricruz while T-Bag visits his childhood home. Another awesome episode from Prison Break season two. At the start of this season I thought Prison Break wasn't as good as season one, but I was wrong as the season has progressed Prison Break is just awesome. I hope season three is better can't waot to watch it. Loved this episode to be honest, I can not wait to watch more of Prison Break, because it is awesome and I love it to be honest. So bring it on!
  • Pope is brought into action again as he might be the only way from them to get the recorder conversations Sara's father left behind.

    This episode was stunning. Oh, poor Pope. Like he has not suffered enough because of that escape and now he is in the middle of it all again and Michael has to win his trust to make him go to the club and get the thing inside the box as they cannot go there. And they mess it a lot as Sara's visit was noticed and the asian man is after the box too and happens to come on the same moment Pope leaves the building. So, in one time, everyone is there. Michael saves the moment by driving in and Lincoln does not let his brother be hurt and they all try to get away. Only Sara has her time to revenge as she locks the door and Kellerman is left behind. I think it was stupid thing as sooner or later their roads will cross and they will regret it.

    Also this episode has focus on C-Note as he is having hard time with her daughter and this episode really portrays well how that char ended up giving himself up. The way he struggled but in the end the did what was best not for him but his family. And T-Bag - he finally letting the family go. What will he do now when all seems to be gone? He does have the money, I think...
  • Four Convicts Remain, Three Convicts Terminated, One Convict Captured

    I thought this episode continued the solid conspiracy issue, finnaly giving our group the chance to hear whatever is on this audio tape. I liked the intense scene with the Pope coming out of the club and running into Kim. Lincoln always seems to have that way about him of kicking the crap out of people when they gotta get going, but I love it. Kellerman is now on his own, stuck and not knowing where he should best allocate his resources. Hes nto wanted by Kim and company and his not wanted by Michael anymore.

    C-notes storyline could be getting better with his promise to bring Michael Scofield to Mahone in the next couple of days. Otherwise - I like that the wife was realeased and that she will have her mother back. It was a good ending to a bad written storyline.

    T-Bag has hit the ultimate bottom and shows that he has a heart for the first time in this epsiode when he realeased the family that he kiddnapped. I thought this backstory was very well done and it really almost made you feel for this man. Overall, solid episode that moved the plot foward.
  • Michael faces someone he hurt

    Seeing Michael and Pope face off was really great! It showed just how much Michael regrets the outcome of his actions and that episode revealed once again how much he suffers from all of it. I thought it was great that Pope helped them and let Michael. Isn't it also just amazing how Michael would rather turn himself in and risk a life in prison than breaking his promise? He's such a great man, what a character!
    I'm feeling for C-Note, he only wants to be with his family and he's turning himself in to save his daughter. That's love. But I hate how Mahone is making him betray Michael. Let's hope he doesn't give him up.
    In these episodes I felt almost sorry for T-Bag. At least he had the decency not to harm "his" family. But I'm actually surprised that he didn't. It's high time to catch that perv...
  • Back to what I like

    Finally starting to improve after two weeks of off episodes that didn't feel like Prison Break. It was nice to see the good side of Alex Mahone again and saw an understanding side when he corners C-Note and allows him to escape for a little while. C-Note's quest to save his daughter was showing a passionate emotion to him that only a father could understand hence Alex Mahone's deal with him.

    Henry Pope is back when Michael and Sara request his help to retrieve the information that will topple The Company which includes a chip with an audio message which we don't hear as the episode ends. Darn!! I loved seeing Bill Kim get run over and beaten up by The Burrows brothers which I like to call them. We see a further inside into T-Bag's life when he brings the Hollander family to his old home. Overall, it was a very good episode, looking forward to next week's.
  • I love it!!!

    Finally the return of Henry pope..I was a great episode!! From start to finish!! I wait o hear what`s on the tape!! I hated what Sarah did to Kellerman!That was not right!! But Mike running the car on Bill Kim and Linc beating the hell out of him what awesome!!Mahone was great again..he`s a great actor!!
  • It is very funny, need to take more then one pill to survive. I hope nobody will see it. Never say neve and dont tell anobody to do it. Please notice that is to much to take for one person.

    It is very funny, need to take more then one pill to survive. I hope nobody will see it. Never say neve and dont tell anobody to do it. Please notice that is to much to take for one person. My sister is more than pretty and I need to find her very soon. Please let me find her and rescue. My father is very sick and cant be at one time in the same place that sou are. What is wrong with prison break? I cant find any real way to solve this problem because I cant. Really its funny!
  • also a great all the others from prison break..

    Sara and Michael ask Pope for help and finally they convince him to help them. Pope goes with the key at a local where Governor Tancredi was member of and takes from there that important evidence that could proove Linc's innocence. C-Note turns himself in because of his daughter's illness and promises Mahone that he will help him to catch Scofield. T-Bag goes with Ms Hollander and her kids to his home and after he receives a refuse from Ms Hollander , he goes away leaving them locked somewhere. Then he makes a phonecall telling the police that there are some prisoners in that place. The episode ends with the image of Sara, Michael and Linc who are on the point of finding out something that nobody wants them to know.
  • Looks too great!

    Michael and Sara go to ask Pope´s help to find out what´s the thing that her father left when he died.Pope goes to the club and gets what they´ve been looking for (yey!)but he gets intercepted by a car and there appears Kim! He wants to pope give all he have but then mike and sara hit him with the car!
    They all runaway, but sara managed to make they leave kellerman behind. They listen to the tape, and the content it´s big. C Note has to find a doc for little Dede.Tbag regrets of what he becomes and leaves Susan and his kids free. Sucre reunites to Maricruz at last.
  • great episode!

    Prison Break delivers another great episode…no surprise there! :P Sara walks into the cigar club and to her father’s humidor before she gets there someone recognizes her and she knows its time to go meanwhile Michael sees police cars and knows they need to leave…FAST!!! He intercepts her and they leave thru an emergency door. Mike and sara get to the car and tell kellerman and linc they didn’t get what they’re looking for so someone else is going to get it…linc realizes its warden Henry pope! Sara knocks on his door and hes surprised to see her there and even more shocked to see Michael is there with her! He is totally caught off guard and pissed off cuz he trusted Michael and mike betrayed that trust! Hes about to call the cops when mike pulls a gun on him and surprisingly puts the gun in front of pope: a tactic which gets pope listening. Mike says if he helps them get Whats in the humidor he will give pope something he wants…pope goes into the cigar club as Paul and linc stand on a rooftop updating Michael via cell phone on thee activity goin on down under…..Paul and linc talk linc tells Paul he was the one who helped frame him and takes shots at kellerman and makes jokes about Paul proposing to Caroline…Paul clearly doesn’t like this at all. Pope gets the computer memory stick hes on his way to the Michael’s car when he has company in the form of Mr. Kim!!!! Mr. kim explains who he is and wants pope to empty out his pockets and flashes his gun but pope won’t back down sara and mike know they have to make a move and they start the car and hit mr. kim with it!!!!! Linc and Paul fight of kim and his bodyguard..linc gets a lil retribution when he punches kim repeatedly in the face. Mike yells for everyone to get in the car as sirens are heard. Paul learns the meaning of the phrase “payback a b!tch” when sara locks him out of the car as mike speeds away. When they get to popes house mike tells linc that he made a deal with pope that if pope would get whats in the humidor mike would turn himself in. linc is outraged and furious for mike even thinking of a plan as serious as this! He asks sara if she knew about this but she hears it for the first time too. Pope changes his mind and tells them he listened to what on the tape and it’s definitely something big! He tells them to leave before he changes his mind. When they get to their hotel sara brings a laptop and an audio file is being played….
    Dede is getting sicker and is desperate to find a doctor for his daughter at the end c-note turns himself in exchange for healthcare for dede and the release of kacee!
    Sucre finally gets to Maricruz and it is a long overdue reunion!
    t-bag takes his “family” to his childhood home where we learn that when he was young his father was inappropriate with him and he is glad that there are no more corrupted bagwells left in the world he asks Susan just to love him a lil bit becuz he loves her and wants to love her children and be a real family with the 3 of them…its just too much for her and she refuses he locks them up and leaves and calls the cops…he finally realizes what he has become and lets out all his emotions on the side of the road crying!
  • exciting episode

    Scofield and Sara go to the exclusive club where her dad is a member, but when the people working there reports their presence to the police, they end up running away from the club losing their chance of getting what they need. Michael and Sara seek a help of an old acquaintance Henry Pope. Pope is reluctant to help them but after Michael convinces him to help them he agrees in helping. A lot of stuff happens here within the episode, Sucre, T Bag and Franklin have ample screen time in here, this is a good episode, it's really exciting, i can't wait for the next episode.
  • This was an OK episode!!!

    Sarah tries to retrieve the information from a club of which her late father was a member...She is unsuccessful so they must turn to Pope for help...They manage to convince him...C-Note struggles to cure his daughter and he manages to escape the FBI, but seeing that his daughter is very sick, he decided to make a pact with the devil and he accepts to deliver Michael to Mahone in return for the freedom of his wife and the curing of his daughter...T-Bag returns to his old house with the family he kidnapped, but seeing that he has no chance of every making them love him, decides to do a noble act...Sucre manages to slip through the fingers of the Mexican Police with his fiance.
  • Another good episode...

    It's nice to see the three of them working together (Michael, Sara and Lincoln). I hope they stick together for many more episodes. Michael shows once more how far he's willing to go for his brother by accepting to turn himself in. They got rid of Kellerman, I'm not sure it was a smart or dumb move, maybe they should have waited until they heard what was on the pendrive. C-Note's participation was very sad, he had to make a tough choice, I don't like the deal he made but he had to help his little girl. Finally Sucre met his girl at the airport, hope things go OK for them.
  • A Great Episode...totally unexpected the Pope would help michael out after everything that happened..

    One of the Best eps all had me on the edge of my seat the entire time...when linc was bashing bill kim i almost cheered lol n who would have know michael would try 2 run someone over... This ep had on of the best naillbiting endings i have seen in this series...
  • Not the greatest of episodes, it was a little boring, and had alot of unexpected twists, and one super clear trivia.

    In the scene Link beating up that guy we clearly see that he was hitting him with his right hand, and in another shot we see clearly he is hitting him on his left cheek, though in a scene after his right cheek is bleeding.
    It was so easy convincing Henry to cooperate after michael ruined his life, and getting him fired, and all that.

    In all the episode was a little boring, and there was nothing interesting, and I think that the previous episode was much better than this one, and had much more excitement.

    The ending of the episode made me so anxious to see the next one, cause may be it has the salvation of all what they are into, and not like the other endings of any other episode.
  • Wasn't that great. Not anything that had me on the edge of my seat. I was bored. The only good parts were the cute dinner conversation between Michael and Sarah and the new C-Note twist. I'm getting sick of Michael "turning himself in." It's getting old!

    Prison Break is a show that always has me on the edge of my seat. But this episode didn't do that for me. It was boring and slow. I didn't really like it. It was so bad compared to the previous episode (which was amazing!). Nothing special. I think that they need to start escalating to the series finale (in late March, I know, tear, tear). I already know the main outline thanks to my frineds at I won't say what happens, but there might be another Prison Break. :) :) :) I'm also getting sick of Michael, "turning himself in". They did that on January 22nd, the returning episode. it's getting old!!! Something new please! I do have one question, though. Where the hell is LJ? We might see him next episode, cause they're gonna meet up with their dad's female friend and she had/has LJ. Next week's episode looks good, but there's a realy sad twist in it (again, but it leads to a great season finale. It has to do with the President. It's gonna be awesome.
  • the film is growing..

    I think this episode had more unexpectable events than prevoius. But anyway i think the film is growing in the sense of its drama moments, dynamics. Everyone could feel fear that was expressing by Linc, Michael and Sarah. And there was such a strong scene with T-Bag.. Everything was just great)!
  • Michael realizes they need an old friend to help them recieve what they came for. Kim shows up once he discovers what they are up to, and the fighting begins. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, and Pope jump into the car while Sara locks Kellerman out.

    I personally like how the show begins, but it gets better once Pope is in it. Up to this episode, every conversation Michael and Sara have is interesting, but it is even better when they bring up things from the past. (Example,) like when Sara says that he owes her dinner and he says that it is a date. Nothing can get better than that. I also thought that it was a big mistake leaving Kellerman behind, but I would also do that if he tried to torture me. Anytime now Sara should be leaving the show. I say this because it seems like whenever Michael and Sara have something going for them, it always gets ruined, plus I heard that she was pregnaunt in real life and they have to take her off for a while, but not by killing her.
  • Going great ....

    Still not very happy with Mahone ... really don't like him, although, he is kind of good when it comes to DeDe. Anyway, just simply, this episode follows the stories of all the cons (that are still alive). I thought that what Teddy did was pretty cute ... he actually did something good! He let susan go ... awww ... poor guy, I really felt sorry for him. I also liked it when Sara remembered Michaels promise to take her out to dinner ... can't wait for that =) And how he said 'deal' ... they are so cute together =) But everyone knows that. So, Kellerman is probably pissed of with Linc and all them, they go to find a recording, in a cigar place, and get pope to get it. On the USB thing, Pope lets Mike go because of their bargain ... I must sound so muddled here, sorry ... but this episode ends just before they are about to listen to the recording ... and I must say, Sara looked really good in that white shirt and jeans - very classy! P.S. I'll try do better reviews next time =)
  • An excellent episode! Kept me on the edge of me seat the entire time...

    "Bad Blood" was one of the BEST episodes this season of Prison Break. I screamed and clapped the entire time while following the main crew (Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Henry and Kellerman). Enjoyed myself a little too much watching Bill Kim get a beating from Lincoln. It was great to see Warden Henry Pope again and see a bit into how he has suffered from Michaels betrayal and to see Michael pleading for his help. I felt sad that Michael had to use Henry again as I had wanted to see hm make it up to Henry. I guess proving his brothers (Lincolns) innocence would/will be a kind of vindication in itself. I even found myself not as bored by C-Notes storyline this time around and his potential betrayal of Michael will make an interesting episode in the future. And lastly-yay for T-bag-not killing the family. Even found myself feeling sorry for the murdering rapist, but only just a little. Where is that $5 million?!
  • It just caught me by surprise... I didn't know Henry Pope was that much of use to Michael, Lincoln and Sara. Nice Story.

    What a great episode! Just perfectly plotted... I liked the scene when Lincoln beat the hell out of Kim. I was just so happy, really happy seeing Lincoln brutally attacked Kim. That was a very satisfying moment... whew! After leaving Kellerman behind, I just hope his not going to seek revenge to Michael, Lincoln and Sarah. He's known to be a very merciless killer of the company. After the company knew about Henry Pope, I think Pope is in trouble... I doubt taht Kim would have mercy on Henry Pope.

    Oh boy! This show's getting better and better each time.
  • Pope on their side!!

    This episode was a little bit too long, because they only got into a sort of a safebox but I hope the tape was worth all the trouble. And getting former warden Pope was a great idea, although the chances that would let Michael go afterwards were a bit slim. T-Bag's story was surprising and the fact that called the cops to help his own hostages- well, that was an unexpected twist. I'm just wandering how Franklin can help Mahone in catchng Michael, does he know something more? Or maybe he's just pulling some scheme to get his wife out of jail and win soem time?
  • Prison Break Episode 3.17 "Bad Blood" Airdate: Monday, February 19th 8:00PM-9:00PM

    Not the return of our favorite Fox River warden, or even the deeper look into the childhood of our favorite psycho killer could qualify to enter this week's Prison Break classic moment, which I may even go as far to say was the all time classic moment of the entire series. Ever since the character of Bill Kim was introduced, we've all been hoping for nothing more than for a piano to fall from the sky and land on him. But I guess having Michael running him over in a freakin' car and Lincoln beating the crap out of him was quite brilliantly amazing as well. I haven't been that happy over something that happened in a TV show since Season 4 of 24 when Chloe killed someone with a machine gun. But even putting that aside, I thought the stories for each of the remaining five escapees were terrific, culminating into another fantastic episode.

    Sucre's 17 episode search for Maricruz finally paid off, as he met up with her in Mexico at the airport in vintage Prison Break heart attack fashion. Now that Sucre's found his girl though, I'm just concerned not only for the future of his storyline, but for the future of his character in general. For one, every escapee's story contains an extra element other than being on the run. This lets us root for them to achieve something besides not getting caught. Now that Sucre's journey to track down Maricruz is complete, there's only so much the writers can do with his plot line. Secondly, as much as we would all like to see Sucre live happily ever after with Maricruz, there's a reason I call this show 24 Junior and that's because happy endings are hard to come by. I wouldn't be surprised if Sucre's story has a really tragic ending.

    Well if I didn't idolize Robert Knepper's acting or appreciate T-Bag's character enough, this episode was the clincher. Not an episode full of witty and humorous lines that make me wonder why I'm rooting for a convicted rapist murderer, but rather an episode full of reasons why perhaps I AM rooting for a convicted rapist murderer. Taking a trip down memory lane in T-Bag's childhood home, we learn that T-Bag was physically, mentally, and sexually abused by his drunk father who forced him to memorize the dictionary. While it's always been a dream of mine to be given a word and think of ten synonyms off the top of my head, the end result of T-Bag being relieved to be the last in the generation of Bagwells tells the story. After having a change of heart or just simply a complete psychological breakdown depending on how you want to look at it, T-Bag leaves the Hollander family to live the rest of their lives in peace and not as hostages in his delusional happy family. While this is the end of T-Bag's "extra element" of what he's been looking to achieve from breaking out of Fox River, I think this opens the door for endless possibilities of where his plot line can go from here. It will be interesting to see if T-Bag now looks to better himself after not killing the Hollanders and seemingly going against the sadistic ways he's come accustom to in his terrible life. All I know is this is quickly becoming one of my favorite stories on the show.

    Meanwhile, C-Note's story as I predicted hit the end of the road. After realizing that it is impossible to be on the run and take care of his sick daughter with his wife about to be behind bars, Mr. Franklin resorted to the only option he could to save his little girl which was to turn himself in. Unfortunately for Mr. Scofield, the man he turned himself in to is the evil genius Mahone who's still reluctantly taking orders from The Company to cover up the conspiracy by killing all of the escapees. Unsure whether or not that's what Mahone plans to do with C-Note, we are sure that part of their agreement included tracking down Michael and in turn Lincoln. Whatever may be the case, Mahone will shortly find out time is more of the essence than ever before, because Michael and Lincoln finally caught that big break they needed and are on the verge of bringing down the conspiracy.

    After persuading help from good 'ol Henry Pope, the brothers and Sara obtained the evidence that should prove Lincoln's innocence. Naturally, the episode had to end on a "grab the closest thing next to you and throw it at the TV" cliffhanger and we won't see it till next week. But from what we've heard from the brothers' now dead father, it's a conversation between the evil President and her now dead brother (a conversation that took place AFTER Lincoln supposedly killed him) and a conversation that was recorded and given to Sara's now dead father who locked it in the cigar shop before he was murdered. Of course in the middle of acquiring the proof (normally I don't like to recap things I've already talked about in the beginning of the review but I think this calls for an understandable exception), Mr. Smiley flew in from D.C. to try and get the evidence himself but was unsuccessful when Michael ran him over in a freakin' car and Lincoln punched that stupid smile off of his face over and over and over! I don't think it's possible to watch that scene and not be so indescribably happy. I loved every second of it. The only down side to it was that in the commotion, Kellerman was locked out of the car and is now on his own again. Though I guess that was to be expected once Michael and Lincoln got what they needed. I just hope the episodes aren't numbered for my second favorite actor on the show.

    All in all, I'd say it was a very good episode. Assuming C-Note doesn't have some insane plan to break free AND get his wife and daughter back, it appears that the Fox River Eight are now down to four (with just five left breathing... for now at least). But while the escapees are starting to drop like flies once again, the intensity is building to unhealthy levels again, especially if the brothers and Sara are about to gain the upper hand in unraveling the conspiracy that started the whole thing. And again, to recap for a third time, Bill Kim getting his ass kicked automatically makes the episode an instant classic.

    Overall Episode Rating: 8.6
  • Without Stacy Keach, this episode would've been absymal.

    Prison Break is back after a short hiatus and it definitely disappoints.

    The last couple of episodes were brilliant. So much suspense, great unexcepted twists, and simply put: the writing was great! (Unlike early season 2 episodes).

    However, this episode falls back... bigtime.

    Not only basically every twist was predictable, but the episode seemed to go nowhere.

    Actually... last episode ended with Michael and Sara entering the cigar club. This one basically ended with them finally having what they went in for.

    The awesome Stacy Keach saved the episode. His acting skills are incredible. And he's really shining because frankly, some of the actors and actresses on Prison Break are... well, not doing their job properly.

    Luckily, other than this, the episode had one more strong point. T-Bag's subplot. Yes, it was fairly predictable, but still, it showed a new side of Theodore. I was actually feeling sorry for a kid raper, murderer.

    Overally, the episode didn't achieve much: one thing's for sure, it didn't achieve my attention much.

    No Bellick, no feds questioning Mahone why Patoshik died: nothing.

    Just a big... nothing. Mahone felt out of character, which totally killed the episode for me. CNote and DeeDee's struggle was laughable, too.

    Not impressed, not at all.
  • Great episode! Lincoln and Kim, Michael and Sara, Sara and Kellerman, T-Bag and... ew..., C-Note and his daughter, Sucre and Maricruz.

    Okay, three words for you - Linc kicked Kim. In the face. Hehe. Soooooo good. And extremely satisfying to watch. Then he punched but then Michael called out to him and i swear it was the first time i was like 'Damn you Michael!'. I wanted him to keep punching him. And why didn't Kellerman shoot Kim? I have mixed feelings about Sara locking the car door on Kellerman. Kind of Go you! and kind of What the hell?. It's very conflicting.
    Sucre and Maricruz... not the best storyline in the show but they finally met up in this one so that was okay. Sucre was funny with the whole we gotta run thing. Who knew?
    Michael and Sara - sigh - what a cute scene. But I wish she'd look at him. She seems kind of distant all the time. But then at the end when she came and sat next to him i thought that was really sweet. T-Bag. Grossest thing in the show ever. His dad was such a sick creep. I wonder what happened to him. I hope T-Bag got revenge. Dun dun dun.
    The C-Note and Dede thing was really sad. I can almost understand the way he offered to get Michael in exchange for his wife's freedom. But that did not stop me from being outraged. What did he say once? 'You gotta show some respect. The man here made the whole thing possible.' Or something to that effect. He also said 'You just shut your wordhole coz you don't know nothing about my racket!' once as well. We won't go into that now. Nice use of double negatives though.
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