Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 6

Blow Out

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Previously: Self was in deep shit and was also thisclose to becoming NuSelf permanently.

Gah! Michaels borrowed one of Offender Out-For-Blood Mahone's hats! Is it wrong for me to wish he was wearing nothing but the hat? Ahem. The Unusual Suspects, sans Roland, have gathered at the racetrack and it's all very Ocean's 11 and, I must say, Bellick plays his role of obnoxious asshole brilliantly. He creates a distraction so Linc can fiddle with a gate while Doc distracts a security guard so Michael and Mahone can slip into the security office in order to hide the FSG. We zoom in on COTW who's drinking champagne. The race starts, but Oops! one of the gates is slow to open. COTW is pissed.

New new credits.

The very irate COTW demands to speak with the manager and is let into the security office. We're copying! The manager plays the tape and it's very clear that the gate was indeed stuck. At 75% the manager receives a call and is told that something was found on the gate (thanks Linc!). The manager gets up to go investigate and COTW says he's coming along. Roland announces that they got it all. Yay! A fistfight between disgruntled gamblers breaks out, attracting the attention of various security guards. Mahone tells Michael to split since his face is quite recognizable, even in that fugly hat. As Doc provides yet another distraction, Mahone gets back into the security office to retrieve the FSG. The security guard outside sends Doc on her way so Mahone is stuck. He tries a different exit, but is stopped by a guard. Mahone tries to play another disgruntled gambler and when that doesn't work he decks the guard. Genius. Mahone Runs! He's soon surrounded.

Outside the Unusual Suspects meet up and note that they're one short. Doc points out their comrade who's in the process of being arrested. Sucre: "We're screwed."

Riverside, California. A little girl hears knocking at the door and calls for her mom. Mom answers the door to reveal a rather shitty-looking JLOK. "Hey sis."

Gate. Asshole Andy questions T-Bag about screwy SSN's for a couple of buyers. T-Bag says he's a salesman, not a secretary. So what if there are a few typos, the checks cleared, didn't they? Boobs watches with interest.

Police station. Mahone's at booking where he's questioned about the ankle monitor. Mahone's all, "..." They finger print him and send him to holding.

Linc updates Self who is ticked. He's also upset with the IT guy running a check on his computer. Self throws him out.

WOTUS. Michael suggests they focus on the next COTW who's the head of a huge-ass agriculture conglomerate with ties to Laos.

Riverside. JLOK showers, cries and eats a sandwich. She Lies! that her car broke down in the desert and she had to hoof it. JLOKSis is all, "Riiight." JLOK asks if she still has the ceramic owl she sent from Germany. JLOKSis hands it over and JLOK smashes it, revealing a ID's, cash and a gun. JLOKSis rather hilariously questions if JLOK really works for the IRS.

SOG and CW are going over Self's bio when the annoying IT guy enters. He says he can't get through Self's firewall without arousing suspicion.

Self hustles over to the police station where he says Mahone's one of his informants. He tries to be all hard-ass, but only manages to get papers for the release of Mahone's personal property (including the FSG), not Mahone himself. Mahone's pissed and says once they run his prints...Self blah blahs about the mission and whatever, dude. It's not your ass on the line. Mahone signs.

WOTUS. Linc informs everyone that Self's got the FSG. The others ask about Mahone and Linc says he's staying put. "!!!" is their reaction. Sucre asks if he got popped, would they just let him get sent up the river. Linc doesn't hesitate to answer in the affirmative and Amaury Nolasco's reaction shot is priceless. Sucre appeals to Little Brother, but Michael sides with Linc.

Oh no, it's a parking garage! That doesn't bode well for Self. Neither does the fact that CW is walking up to him.


CW introduces himself as an associate of Gen. Krantz and asks why Self was running a check on him. Self blusters that as an agent of Homeland Security it's his job to investigate threats against important people. SOG is one of those people. Sidenote: Self is so shitting his pants right now. CW asks him to elaborate, but Self says he can't just give out that info. CW leaves Self with the warning that SOG values his privacy.

So Self hustles over to Michael (presumably after changing his pants). Michael confirms that he did indeed meet CW. Self brings up Mahone, saying he's a "major liability." He says he can't get Mahone out, but he can get to him. He proceeds to beat us over the head with euphamisms. Okay, we get it: you're willing to kill Mahone to preserve the mission. Still doesn't make you a bad-ass. Anyhoo, Michael responds with a, "That's not an option." Self says it'll come down to Mahone or them. Instead of replying, Michael hotly stares Self down.

Jail. A cop questions Mahone about the younger man who was with him at the track. The cops figure the two were planning on robbing the vault. They offer to lessen the charges if Mahone gives up his accomplice. Mahone thinks.

WOTUS. The Unusual Suspects go over COTW's alarm system. Bellick says that since the crew would toss his ass to the wolves if he got caught, he wants to know exactly what he'll be doing on the next job. Sucre echoes Bellick's sentiments. The topic switches to Mahone and Roland's sure Mahone will cut a deal and they should have a plan in case the cops arrive. Linc tells him to shut it (hit him, Linc!). Michael says they can't break Mahone out of a police station and they have to move forward.

Gate. T-Bag's checking the bird book and comes across "8 x 10." He measures his office: too big. But the storage space behind his office is just right.

Back to WOTUS. Michael and Doc have a heart-to-heart. He's a bit bummed that he can't do any of the breaking-people-out business he so adores. Doc asks what Mahone would do. She thinks he'd want them to keep after the Co.

Police station. CW arrives, peruses the visitor's log and spots Self's name next to Mahone's alias. He asks to see Mahone, but they're getting ready to transfer him to his arraignment. Mahone spies as CW asks for the arraignment's location so he can provide "moral support."

Mahone calls Michael and lets him know that CW found him. He says it's over for him and he's accepted that. He wants Michael to promise to finish the mission, kill CW and call Callie once the job is done. Mahone manages to hold it together, barely. Fichtner rocks! Michael promises.

Riverside. JLOK's getting ready to head out and JLOKSis asks if she's taking Emily. JLOK's all, "I gave you custody for a reason." She kneels down and kisses Emily's head.

The brothers plot. Hotly.

Self makes a call and gets his wife's(?) voice mail. He checks the GPS signals from the monitors and notes that everyone's gathered around Mahone. He hurriedly calls Michael who's futzing with electrical boxes. Michael: "We'll call you when we're done." He awesomely hangs up on Self's complaints and gets to law-breakin'.

Courthouse. As CW enters, Mahone gives new meaning to the phrase "If looks could kill."

Gate. Asshole Andy's discovered more inconsistencies and suspects fraud. T-Bag freaks, wipes down his office and hightails it outta there.
JLOK pretends to be Whistler's widow so she can collect his affects. The coroner asks for proof of their marriage and JLOK responds by punching his lights out. She locates Whistler's cell phone and listens to a message about Pfeiffer's furnished apartment.

Doc pretends to be Mahone's newly hired attorney and gets his file from the public defender. Doc gives Mahone a Look, who gives one to Sucre. Sucre begins a countdown on his cell as CW moves closer to Mahone. And the lights go out! Chaos reigns! Gasp! Mahone's disappeared!

The Unusual Suspects make their getaway, at a snail's pace so as to not draw attention to themselves. CW, gun hidden in a newspaper, strolls alongside Mahone's vehicle. Instead of putting a bullet in his quarry's skull, he does that lame-ass finger-gun thing. Smooth, CW. Smooth.

WOTUS. Mahone sincerely thanks everyone for saving his ass. The others aren't exactly gracious in accepting his gratitude. Doc hands him his finger print sheet from the file.

Mahone wanders outside and calls CW. The large one says that since Mahone worked for the Co., he should know not to take things personally. Mahone's all, "Why don't you and I get together so I can pull your tongue out of your mouth and wrap it around your neck to choke you and you can tell me to not take things personally." Or something like that. They end the call, Mahone tosses away the phone number and Roland picks it up. Not good.

T-Bag's still wigging, wiping down various surfaces in the apartment. His exit is halted by a fist to the face and he's knocked flat on his ass. JLOK places her foot (now if I'd been held in a dank prison, tortured, not fed or watered for days and I'd managed to break out, my footwear of choice would not be spiked heels, then again, I'm not a sociopath) on T-Bag's face and asks, "Who the hell are you?" Sweet.