Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 6

Blow Out

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on FOX

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  • A good episode for Mahone but everything else dragged on.

    When Mahone is arrested for a racetrack caper, the team's mission is jeopardised, calling for an elaborate change in plans. Elsewhere Gretchen goes on the move. There was plenty of Mahone in this episode which I enjoyed but I think that at times this was a slow episode, there are some highlights like the opening scene at tracetrack and the part where Mahone escapes with Sucre which make it a nine but at times I felt the episode story was stretched. I have seen better episodes this season but still a decent hour. I'm excited to see where things are going because this season is starting to get intresting.
  • Overall, a well explored episode, the only relevant material is in the first 6 minutes, after that, was filler time.

    The episode began with our characters making their way to trying to copy the card, which was a nice touch, because in the previous episodes this only happens in the end, but then I understand why. The writers decided to explore the situation in a different way. The main event begins fast, but then you have the consequence and this is what the writers tried to explore here. Of course if someone had to be caught, there were only two persons to be the victims – Michael or Mahone.

    Mahone was chosen and this lead to a little exploration about fellowship. How Mahone get out was improvised, which makes me think that all was a filler, a well explored filler.

    Agent Self has his own filler time too. Wyatt was well connected to Mahone and Self. T-bag scenes was a mix of filler with relevant material and he was connect with Gretchen which had nice scenes, we know that she has a family, more important a daughter, this should be important later.

    Overall, a well explored episode, the only relevant material is in the first 6 minutes, after that, was filler time.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10), Complication Phase - » (8/10), Climax Phase - » (8/10), Ending - » (8/10), Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10), Time and Scene Management - » (7/10), Plot Details/Holes- » (7/10), Suspense/Tension - » (8/10), Drama - » (8/10), Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10).
  • Reports indicate that Prison Break is suffering heavily from the vast slue of competition in its post-Terminator Monday night slot, and I can only conclude that this is down to one thing: the continued absence of Marshall Allman.

    Reports indicate that Prison Break is suffering heavily from the vast slue of competition in its post-Terminator Monday night slot, and I can only conclude that this is down to one thing: the continued absence of Marshall Allman. Really, guys, where is LJ? What is he doing? Are he and Sofia, his **** hag, wandering around Panama's thriving gay village, looking for some hot Mexican boys to 'entertain'? Or has he abandoned her in favour of a trip to Terminatorville, where he's hunting John Connor, only to blow his brains out in an altogether different kinda fashion (nudge nudge, wink wink)?

    Oh sorry, was I daydreaming again? I do apologise. Back to the serious review. So, Prison Break did what it does best yet again, imbuing its forty five minutes with enough false starts, heart-pounding stops and suspenseful trip-ups to keep the viewer riding the roller coaster of tension for its duration, while also helpfully disguising any potential plot holes or moments of sheer 'unbelievability' that may be required in order for the whole thing to work. It's a very enjoyable recipe, it must be said, and one that benefits from the production staff's continued ability to play to their specific strengths… and by that, I mean, the casting of William Fichtner. Yet again, he gets a sizeable portion of the story; in fact, the episode itself is structured prominently around Mahone's capture and the question of his subsequent rescue, and yet again, he's fantastic. He's starting to outshine Wentworth Miller (no small feat), and, from the reviews and reports all over the PB message boards, it seems most are quite happy to let him. Certainly, he has the most interesting character arc in the show at the moment and I look forward to seeing where his war of wills with the assassin goes (how deliciously eerie was the 'pointing gun' moment?) Elsewhere, T-Bag's troubles continue to provide mild amusement; the quest for the cards manages to stay fairly fresh (a race track this week… whatever will they think of next?); Don Self gets something interesting to do and the irritating Tancredi wail is nowhere to be seen. Thank the Lord. All we need now is Marshall Allman in his underwear and we'll be set. Sorry, couldn't resist. Again.

    (Oh and, as another aside, Gretchen – season four's Kellerman? I really hope not. There's only so many times ex-Company guys and gals can turn good because their former colleagues wronged them before it all turns rather ridiculous. You'd think they'd learn from their mistakes and just kill off the deadwood rather than risk the repercussions. I'm hoping the writers throw a massive curveball at us with this one and have her on the trail of Michael and his band of merry men… but I have my doubts).
  • We learn some truths about Gretchen

    In this episode of Prison Break, the following happens. We see the team at the horse races, trying to copy yet another card. They manage to copy the card, but when Alex goes back to get the copying device, he gets arrested. We also learn in this episode that Gretchen has a sister, who is raising her daughter as her own. The team manage to get back the copying device, but Alex is still in police custody. Wyatt tracks Alex down to the police station and so Alex calls Michael to let him know that he is now as good as dead. The team cause a blackout at the court house and manage to get Alex out. He then calls Wyatt to set up a met to finish it once and for all. Here we learn that he once worked for the company. T-bags cover is blown and so he starts to pack everything up to run, but before he can Gretchen turns up and knocks him out.
  • I love every single scene in the episode

    I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode I love every single scene in the episode
  • Gretchen a daughter.

    Gretchen has a sister who has adopted her daughter Emily, because she shut down, and couldn't take care of her. We get to understand more and more why Gretchen has become the stone hard woman that she is. It's obvious that she has some issues to work out, but first she brings out the gun again, ready for revenge maybe? Who knows what she is up to. Not taking care of her daughter, that's for sure. I'm so excited, will she or will she not join Michael and the others. I would love to see that, but I guess she's more a one woman show. We'll see!
  • Thumbs up for Michael for doing the right thing:)

    Highly interesting episode with a lot of unexpected turns of event...To be honest I knew Michael would break Mahone out,he wouldn't let him rot in prison or die at the hands of the Company.
    As to what I didnt liked I wanna highlight 3 things:
    1.Mahone, ex-FBI a lot of experience,gets caught by three polimen and doesn't retaliate,doesn't do 1 thing to try to evade his captors.
    2. Gretchen goes to her sisters house after evading the Company...I would think this is to dumb for someone as smart as her, but it surprisingly isn't...
    3. After talknig with Wyatt, Mahone just thows away the piece of paper with the phone number... Hard to believe from a man of his experience,who managed to commit perfect crimes-more than one-.
    Now, I dunno if the writers have a reason for this flows but they could make thme less obvious:|
  • A very good improvement over last week's episode and definitely the best episode of Season Four so far. Maybe even the best of the Series. (Spoilers)

    The Prison Break episode Blow Out was the best one of this Season, and in my opinion the best of the Series. I like how the character's interacted with each other in this episode and how they all had different views and opinions on getting Mahone out of prison. Lincoln is becoming more and more of a jerk this season, and I think it's interesting. Though I am kind of starting to like him less. I'm happy to see that Michael is helping Mahone out and apparently forgiving Mahone for killing his father. But there is basically one thing that keeps me watching this show. And that is, of course, Alexander Mahone. He is the most interesting character on the show and right now it seems like he's the main character. He had plenty of great scenes this episode and very good character development. When he and Wyatt were in the same room, it had the perfect amount of tension and you could obviously see how much they hate each other. I love that they got to speak to each other and I'm sure Mahone will get revenge. Though it does seem like Mahone will get killed off soon due to him making Michael promise to kill Wyatt. I hate that Gretchen is still on the show, since she is very annoying. T-Bag's story has also lost my interest. But overall I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10.
  • at last some of the prison break taste came back.

    the beginning of this episode was awesome , it started with a brilliant way from Michel to get the 4th card, i really liked the way , and then mahon get busted and how Michel dealt with situation ... OMG .. i really liked this episode , busting mahon out was smart .
    in general the ideas this episode brought were great , the acting get better , and now we cant wait to see what gonna happen epecially now the gretshin is free and she found T-bag .. how they gonna get the general card .
    and again this episode was the best so far.
  • Season 4 has really been great so far.

    Michael Scofield, Brad Bellick, Lincoln Burrows, Alex Mahone, Fernando Sucre and Sara Tancredi are at the horse track where they are to find their next card holder. Although they successfully manage to copy the card's contents on to Roland's device, Alex, who has the device with him, is arrested after punching a cop and trying to flee the scene. At the police station, Mahone is locked up and his possessions, including the device, are stored away. The gang informs Donald Self of the news and ask him to free Mahone. Don tries to use his federal badge to wriggle out of the mess, but only manages to strike a deal to get Mahone's possessions. Mahone reluctantly agrees and signs the papers so Don can do so.

    Later, Don is confronted by Wyatt, who warns him that the Pad Man likes his privacy and tells Self to stay out of company business. Self stands his ground and walks off.

    As Mahone is scheduled to go to court, he realizes that Wyatt intends to be at the hearing to kill him. He informs Michael, who convinces everyone to help rescue him instead of focusing on the next card holder. Sara, posing as Mahone's representative, manages to take his file and fingerprints to hide the evidence. Lincoln and Michael blow the power to the building, and in the confusion, Sucre helps Mahone escape. Wyatt notices the gang leaving, but is unable to shoot them due to the police around the area. Mahone thanks the gang at the warehouse for saving him and then makes a surreptitious call to Wyatt telling him that it is personal. Mahone throws Wyatt's number away, but Roland manages to dig it out of the trash.

    Back at Gate Corporation, T-Bag uses the clues in Whistler's book to deduce there is something hidden in a supply closet connected to his office. Before he can investigate further, however, is revealed to be a fraud and flees back to his suite. Meanwhile, Gretchen, having escaped confinement by Wyatt, hides out at her sister's house to wash up. She stays briefly before heading off to find Whistler, but it is also revealed she has a daughter. Gretchen then heads to the coroner's office to gather Whistler's file; although she claims to be his wife, Gretchen is forced to knock out the guards to claim Whistler's records and belongings. This leads her to the suite T-bag is staying at. As T-Bag is frantically wiping down surfaces to hide his fingerprints, Gretchen arrives and knocks him to ground, demanding to know who he his.
  • The momentum continues to build

    As the momentum continues to build, certain elements of impending tragedy run through the episode. The crew and Gretchen each start to think for the first time that they might not see the end of this.

    At the Los Alamitos racetrack, the crew targets the next cardholder. Bellick creates a diversion at the betting window, drawing the security staff. Sara distracts a guard so Mahone can get into the monitor room and plant the "digital black hole". They disable the gate for the horse that the cardholder has bet on. When the horse loses, he goes to the monitor room to complain to security, and Roland picks up the signal from the DBH. But when Mahone goes to retrieve the device, Sara cannot distract the guard, and Mahone is trapped, then arrested.

    Mahone is booked under an alias, and the crew realizes it's only a matter of time before the cops find out who he really is. Linc calls Self to get Mahone out. Self arrives at the police station. He retrieves the DBH, but cannot get Mahone released. He offers to take Mahone out if he becomes a liability, but Michael refuses. The crew then starts to discuss who among them is considered expendable, with Bellick and Sucre being the most worried. Michael turns their attention to the next cardholder, named Scaderi. The crew breaks into a generator field, ready to overload them.

    Self finds someone who claims to be from IT working on his computer. The mystery man then shows up at a meeting between Wyatt and General Krantz, telling them he needs more time to access Self's files. Wyatt meets Self in a parking garage and warns him away from the General.

    Gretchen finds sanctuary with her sister and daughter, although she has given custody of the child to her sister. She retrieves a hidden gun and head out. When asked who she works for, Gretchen answers, "Myself." She tries to get Whistler's personal effects, claiming to be his wife. But when the officer presses her for ID, she attacks him and gets the items herself. Checking voicemail, she finds out about an apartment.

    As Mahone is led into court, Wyatt is lurking in the background. Sara shows up, claiming to be his attorney, and the other public defender surrenders his file. As Wyatt moves toward Mahone, the generators overload and the lights go out not at the Scaderi location, but in the courtroom. Mahone is whisked away. Wyatt gives chase, but there are too many policemen for him to take a shot. Sara returns Mahone's prints to him. He calls Wyatt, using the number he got from the hotel clerk. He drops the number in the trash, but Roland retrieves it.

    Bagwell finds another clue in the bird book, but his coworker, Andy, is still suspicious of him, and has found more inconsistencies in his past. Bagwell follows clues to an adjacent storage area, but is interrupted by the GATE receptionist, followed by Andy, who is threatening to call the authorities on Bagwell. He bolts from the office, then heads back to the apartment to clean up when he is jumped by Gretchen.
  • The Importance of Mahone

    Considering the fact that the producers and writers have always seen the value of the character of Alex Mahone since his creation, as evidenced by his inclusion in every season thereafter, it's about time that the Escape Squad figured out that he's valuable to them as well. After all, Mahone is just as much a victim of the Company as anyone else on the team, and Michael and Mahone working together represents a killer double threat.

    The writers pulled off an interesting change of pace in this episode, because it wasn't centered on the retrieval of the next portion of Scylla (which happened very quickly and too easily in the first act). Instead, it was about Mahone and Michael's decision to save him from the Company assassin. While one can never be certain on this show, especially when it comes to strange bedfellows like the current Escape Squad, I think it's safe to say that Michael has gained Mahone's loyalty.

    As usual, kudos must go to William Fichtner for bringing the necessary depth to Mahone. I also appreciated the notion that Sara helped Michael see the light and consider what would happen if he were in Mahone's place. Sara still hasn't quite found her footing yet, which is logical for the character, but serving as Michael's touchstone to his own conscience is a fair enough role.

    After "Shut Down", Agent Self could have been written in a less balanced manner, but he has been given some complexities of his own. It's fun to watch him throw what little weight he has around, and this episode did a good job of delineating the boundaries of his authority and influence. I'd like to think that Michael shamed Self a bit in the process of saving Mahone, but now that the Company knows for a fact that Self is implicated with some anti-Company operation, things are going to get a lot more complicated.

    While I think T-Bag's plot thread wasted a great deal of potential, it did serve the purpose of covering some background exposition on Whistler's little book. I look forward to T-Bag's next reunion with the Escape Squad, especially now that the slightly more sympathetic Gretchen is involved. Gretchen is still far from being a hero, but the writers did the expected and tried to soften her hardcore killer portrayal. Gretchen seemed like someone with nothing to lose, but that's obviously not the case.

    The end of the episode could have a couple of bad implications, since the hacker (whose name never seems to stick, since he's annoying) appears to be planning his own deal for survival. Will it simply be turning on the Escape Squad, or will he try to frame Mahone? Only time will tell.
  • Yes

    Thrilling as always!

    I like this show a lot. Heroes could learn from it. The danger, the well written plot. A story that keeps us interested and waiting for the next episode. That's what I'm talking about.

    I dunno about you guys but I'm liking how the writters turned Mahone from villain to good guy. He's sad and wants revenge for the death of his son. And us, smiling when the guys freed him and wanting him to kill Wyatt badly.

    I wonder if T-Bag and Gretchen will catch up with the team and eventually, go after the company and bring it down.. hmm, we'll see..
  • The gang are at the Races

    Michael and company stage a little scene at the racetrack. It turns out they're searching for the 4th card holder of Scylla. but it doesnt go to plan as Mahone gets caught and arrested.

    Lincoln calls Don, telling him to get Mahone out of the police station, Don isnt so willing. Michael devices a plan to get Mahone out, Wyatt comes face to face with Mahone. Sara shows up at the courthouse posing as Mahone's lawyer and Lincoln cuts the lights. Sucre and Sara get him out of there before Wyatt can track him down.

    Gretchen has escaped from the hands of Wyatt and made it to her sister's house, graps a gun and credit cards inside before heading back out. Padman sends Wyatt out to see to Don Self who gives nothing away.

    T-Bag's gets out caught so makes a run for it. Gretchen tracks down T-Bag at Cole's apartment, knocks him to the ground, and asks him with a gun to his face who the hell he is. Intriging Stuff...
  • Very interesting :)

    After seeing the previews and such for this episode I had my doubts a little bit but I was very wrong. This was an excellent episode of Prison Break. The best part of the entire episode to me was the whole freeing of Mahone from the court house. That right there was just amazing writing. It also shows off Micheal's great genius at getting out of tight spots. Roland (the character played by James Hiroyuki Liao) this might be a far left field idea but its hard to tell if he is working for the company or not. He just seems to be really sneaky. It also surprised me to find that Susan had a daughter. I was not expecting that at all. I believe her and T-Bag will make an interesting combo and I can't wait to see how that confrontation plays itself out in the next episode.
  • Blow out was better than I expected.

    This episode of Prison Break was a nice surprise it featured mostly Alex Mahone which was great because he's my favorite. The opening card scenes where very exciting and entertaining. the episode did go a bit boring however during the middle but it picked up again towards the end with the team getting Alex out of police custody. The chemistry between Alex and that company dude (never learnt his name lol). Also T-Bag's story seems to have finally moved on I thought him being in that office was boring but now it might get more exciting with Gretchen finally out and with T-Bag. Finally we got a good ending to a episode, it was pretty cool with Gretchen saying "Who are you?". We learnt a lot more about her character which was great. All in all "Blow Out" was one of the strongest episodes so far of the new season. Next weeks episode could be good aswell I can't wait to see more of T-Bag and Gretchen on screen together it could be interesting.
  • Very nice episode! One of those I've longed to see again.

    Yeap, nice episode, and not just because they broke Mahone "out of a prison", but because of the many twists that came about in this episode.

    It was kind of sad to hear that Lincoln said they'd leave Sucre behind if he had been prisoned, but then they go out and save Mahone after all (although the purpose of this is not clear yet). This brings back memories of how Michael would always leave Sucre behind in season 1, and then afterwards it would be revealed that that was there plan after all.

    To tell the truth, I haven't been this excited to see the next episode (not only of this series but of others as well). I do hope they continue this kind of excitement. Cheers!
  • New developments

    So, they are after another card holder and it is as on the line as ever but things get even more suspicious when Mahone does not manage to get away and he tries another exit and ends up arrested. There is no reason even to think why that is bad and even if the team first decides to try work on and forget it, they soon realize, Mahone is too dangerous for them out on there.

    Also the killer who killed Mahone's son is after him and it looks like there is more than that.

    I most say the most interesting part of this episode was Gretche's part - she was the bad char last season but now she is on her own and have her on main cast, it probably means some changes for her and they are taking place - her family is introduced and she has a daughter.. the way she acted there.. it was totally new side of her and I most say - I want to see more of that.
  • it's such a wonderful episode i miss prison break being that tense and interesting since season 2 i really didn't like season 3 because misa was hell down but season 4 seems very powerful and strong it reminds me of season 1 and 2 i really love prison bre

    it's such a wonderful episode i miss prison break being that tense and interesting since season 2 i really didn't like season 3 because misa was hell down but season 4 seems very powerful and strong it reminds me of season 1 and 2 i really love prison break i hope misa would end up togeather because they deserve to be happy and i hope nothing bad would happen to them and also i hope i see them making love or something because i adore misa and they were the very reason to watch this series from the beginning because
  • Typically I hate this phrase, but at the end of the episode I said "Oh, Snap!" It was appropriate I thought.

    Typically I hate this phrase, but at the end of the episode I said "Oh, Snap!" It was appropriate I thought.

    Things get a little bit more interesting when Gretchen and T-Bag's story lines collide. We also get some character development when we find out that Gretchen has a daughter, but it seemed like it was character development for the sake of character development. The information we get about Gretchen won't serve to further the plot. Who knows though, maybe it will, but I'm guessing it probably won't.

    We also reach a turning point with T-bag's story and I am on edge, waiting for him to meet back up with the team to find out what kind of information he has deduced from the bird book. I think this season is shaping up to be ultra complex and I can't wait to see how everything will fit together in the end.

    Overall I thought it was a good episode but it seemed like a lot of it was filler. The fact that Mahone got in trouble with the law and in the end they busted him out of custody seemed like it was contrived drama. They needed some conflict with the team while they furthered some other story lines and this is what they came up with. That part was kinda boring, but everything else that happened was really cool.

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  • Better!

    Season 4 is getting up with better and better episodes every week and I hope this will continue! Fortunately this episode wasn't all about getting the card as they did it in only a few minutes. I am glad to see Gretchen back and I hope she joins up with t-bag and not just throw him away. I think this was the best episode of this season so far. I really loved the scene, actually the scenes between Wyatt and Mahone and I hope Mahone will kiss his ass because I really start to hate that guy lately. Can't wait for next week
  • Prison Break has its foot on the gas. Four of the six cards retrieved, including the one tonight, and we're only 5 episodes in?!? They certainly aren't wasting any time.

    T-Bag looks like he's in trouble at GATE and I'm sure we'll be revisiting the 8X10 storage closet in his office at a later point in the season.
    Gretchen is one pissed off woman. I certainly wouldn't want to get in her way. I doubt Wyatt is as concerned about her though...One kind of a name is Wyatt for a big tough guy anyway? "Hi, I'm Wyatt and I'll be killing you today." Nah...Doesn't work for me.
    I was a little nervous they were going to leave Mahone in prison but should've known better. They had to get him out to keep the gang together. I hate the fact that Mahone is now going to have his faith questioned because of his phone call to Wyatt. Probably should've gotten rid of the phone number better.
    Self better watch himself...I don't think Wyatt will be so charitable next time they meet.
    Next week looks exciting...T-Bag gets a faceful of Gretchen's shoe AND gun and we're on to card number 5....What do they have planned for the 2nd half of the season?
  • Another great one.

    OK, obviously by this point if you've been watching PRISON BREAK this season, there isn't a whole lot of Prison involved. But there sure is a ton of breaking. As in breaking and entering.

    I know my reviews are one-track minded but if you have ever watched the TV series MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, you know this is exactly the same model that PRISON BREAK has adopted this year. Right down to the caper being done at the beginning only to get one of their own taken into custody against the bad guys or the bad country they were infiltrating. The same thing happened this week in "Blow Out." A seemingly great plan to get the fourth key card to The Company's Scylla – or the manifest of all the bad guys and investments and agents they have – gets in jeopardy after Mahone (William Fichtner) gets caught trying to retrieve the device that copies the key cards.
    But while the gang tries to get it back together, they keep getting drawn to the fact that one of their own is behind bars and big, bad guy hitman is on his tale to take him out as per The Company's order to eliminate all ties to Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). The trouble is that justice is damn quick in the PRISON BREAK universe and Mahone is already getting tried at a courthouse – given he only had one day in jail before he was arraigned – no, lawyer mind you either.

    Yep, it's a jail break! Except they really didn't show us how it was done. That's one of the one things I would love for them to do … an OCEAN'S ELEVEN/MI type recap of how the caper was accomplished. Give us serves at every turn and at the end, have everything come up roses as they pull it off. They have done this in some ways in the past but never to the extent that it would work here. One question, however, is why Scofield gives a crap about Mahone still. I mean this dude tried to hunt him down in season two and now he's saving him? Not to mention the whole killing the father thing. Anyway, it seems a little unbelievable but I guess they have become "kin" or something like that. Other things I dug this week: * I did love that they finally got Sarah (Sara Wayne Callies) involved in the acts – she was not only instrumental in the beginning caper but also in the jail break. * I also enjoyed the fact that they are building the tension between nasty hitman and Mahone. I think that should be something to watch for in future episodes. * I knew that the little Asian dude was gonna backstab them all eventually, he just had it written all over his face. * I love that Gretchen (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe) is getting back into the fold and it will be interesting to see what role she plays going forward. * The bird book is still around but what does it mean? What secrets does it hold? * Vegas baby next week? Maybe we'll see that caper?
  • Team work

    Apparently "Prison Break" isn't all about Scylla cards this season. It's also about teamwork. OK -- that sounds stupid, but it was nice to see an episode not focus on just capturing the cards for once.

    There was some card swiping, but that all went down in the first five minutes of the episode. Cardholder number four loved the ponies, so the crew pulled off an "Ocean's 11"-style caper at the racetrack. Bellick started up a distraction. Michael and Mahone planted the copying device. Linc rigged the starting gate to cause another diversion. And Sucre? He just looked good.

    The copying part was extremely easy. Getting the device back? Not so much. Mahone crept in to capture the device, but couldn't get out. Also, Sara couldn't distract a cop for five minutes. Is it possible that she's not as hot as Michael thinks she is? So instead, Mahone did the only thing he knew how: punched out a cop and got arrested.

    Mahone was arrested under the name Frank Zwan. Self dropped in to rescue the device, but not Mahone or Frank. He was left to rot in jail. That is, unless he dropped dime on Michael. Apparently, the cops thought the whole thing was a robbery. However, Mahone may be a murderer and occasional drug addict, but he's no snitch.

    While Frank/Mahone was sweating in jail, the rest of the Superfriends started working on the next cardholder. However, it didn't matter. Mahone's goodbye call to Michael was just enough of a guilt trip. No one gets left behind, man!

    In the meantime, Wyatt paid Self a visit. Did anyone think it was odd that Wyatt just didn't pop a cap into him? He's not really known for stern warnings. In their one-minute conversation, Wyatt noticed Self's parking ticket and tracked down Mahone. That's the "Prison Break" circle of life, friends.

    Wyatt meets up with Mahone, but so do the rest of the Superfriends. After yet another caper, Frank Zwan is back with the gang. When Wyatt made that gun motion at Mahone, was anyone else hoping he was going to give the finger back?

    T-Bag had very little screen time this episode. However, it wasn't so much quantity as it was quality. His cover was semi-blown when one of the GATE-ites figured out that his sales reports were all B.S. What gave it away? The crayon? So like that, T-Bag took off, bird book and all -- just went it looked like he was about to crack something... something in the stock room behind his faux office.

    I was kind of surprised that T-Bag just didn't go to his boss' office and cut out his throat with a GATE-embossed letter opener. How many episodes has it been since T-Bag has killed someone, anyway?

    There could be time: It looks like he's about to team up with Gretchen. Just when I was starting to feel bad for her. Not only has she spent a good portion of her life being beaten to a pulp, but she is also a mommy! After last week's breakout, she stopped by for a shower, a turkey club, and the gun she hid inside a ceramic owl that she had sent to her sister a while back. That must have been packed quite nicely. Upon leaving, she gives daughter Emily a kiss and off she goes.

    She's quite the badass, but I am ready for the Wyatt/Mahone showdown. Who is the bigger badass there? Also, what's Roland thinking? Will he dial up Wyatt about defecting or wind up stuffed as a centerpiece at a Company Christmas party? See you next week.
  • Despite the great Mahone storyline this was a let down for me.

    After last week I expected something more.... adrelaine pumping? Season 4 of PB seems to lack episodes where I sit on the edge of my seat all sweaty and then BANG the cliffhanger comes and I'm all puzzled.

    The episodes are much calmer... I mean just look at this one.

    Liked the beginning, finally, it wasn't as formulaic. Also loved Mahone's storyline. It was good, I mean, he's the MAN!

    His and Wyatt's little game was amazing. The way they kept staring at eachother, Wyatt's gun "sign".... like two pissed off kindergarten boys. Loved it!

    Also enjoyed Gretchen's storyline which surprised me.

    The rest? Very passable. T-Bag needs to get involved with the actual plot. Now that he met Gretchen maybe that'll happen. Michael and co don't really do anything, just discuss a really boring plan for 20 minutes then FINALLY get to rescue Mahone.

    Overall? 7/10...

    9/10 for Mahone
    8/10 for Gretchen
    5/10 for the rest.

    PB is still solid, but the writers need to drop a story bomb, or at least, make an episode where my jaw can drop like it did in the first 3 seasons.