Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 11

Bolshoi Booze

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Previously Michael and the Madman faced off, Linc came face to face with Silver Fox (again) and Owen caught Doc. T-Bag's still trying to get loose, 'cuz the cops, they are a-comin'. He gets away, leaving behind his severed-then reattatched-and once again severed hand. New Mexico. Michael buys a bunch of fishing reel oil in vials, but doesn't have enough cash for the GPS unit so he just snatches it. The elderly clerk tries to stop him and in the ensuing mini-tussle, the old guy is knocked down. Michael sprints off and gets flashes of all the people he's wronged (well, all the people who've appeared on this show, anyway). My, my, guilt looks mighty tasty on him. He spies a church across the street. Colorado Compound. SF fills in Linc. It seems he and his crew plan on taking down Pres Patricia and in doing so will exonerate Linc. Apparently the NSA recorded a call between the White House and Steadman, two weeks after Steadman's "death." An operative tried to get the recording out, but was intercepted by GJH's guys. They figure GJH had the recording when he came home and now Doc has it. Did you guys get all that? Anyway, while SF is storytelling, Random Lackey shoots a couple of other dudes and Linc employs his superhuman hearing in order to hear the shell casing hit the floor. WTF? He heard that? A little shell casing? Oo-kay. Linc tackles RL, they fight (and man, Linc sure knows how to use his brute-strength, rawr!). He stabs RL, but RL refuses to die, so Blonde Chick, whose name is Jane (yeah, how original is that?) shoots him. Owen duct-tapes Doc to a chair. "Hi, my name is not Lance and I am not an addict." Heh. He says GJH left Washington with something he needs. Doc keeps repeating, "I don't know what you're talking about." Owen doesn't believe her (shocker!) and goes into the bathroom to...draw her a bath? He's going to make her wash up? That bastard! Michael goes to confession. Colorado Compound. A call comes in to RL's cell so Linc answers. It's SAM and Linc promptly threatens him. SAM calls his bluff, "You don't even know who I am." "Maybe not, but you sound really short," is not how Linc responds. Michael hitched a ride to the desert, 75 miles north of the Mexican border. Major Madness Mahone is still stuck in his cage when SAM shows up. Mahone's all, "uh, I called Owen and who the hell are you." SAM introduces himself and bitches that he hates being called out in the field. Mahone can barely refrain from rolling his eyes. SAM brings up bolshoi booze and says it's a meeting place for the brothers and he reminds Mahone that once the brothers get over the border, they'll be out of Mahone's jurisdiction. Mahone's all, "whatever, shorty, just open the damn door." SAM does so. "As long as you do your job, we forget about Shales. And then you can go back to Colorado and visit your son. Cameron? He's five, right?" Ooh, Mahone goes all papa bear and warns SAM away from his family. Colorado Compound. Linc and L.J. hug goodbye and Linc and SF head out. Michael's still in the desert, walking all sexy-like in slo-mo. Mahone's working on bolshoi booze and he's, shall we say, frustrated. He gets a breakthrough when he looks at the picture of the tattoo upside down (the pic's upside down, not Mahone, though that would have been amusing) and figures out that the letters are actually numbers. The b's are 9's and so on. We cut to Michael, who's using his stolen GPS to get to those exact coordinates in the desert. After commercials, a truck pulls up and a Latino man gets out. He greets Michael and asks for his payment: the medical-grade nitro. Ah, one of many questions answered. Thanks for that, writers. Michael hands over the box of oil and asks where the plane will be. LM says he'll get a call with the location, but it'll be a while. He suggests getting out of the sun and his two cousins exit the truck to join him and Michael. Back to the Owen and Doc Torture Hour. Doc still refuses to talk, so Owen holds her head under water for a spell. Mahone speeds south with his deciphered coordinates. Shack in the desert. LM observes that Michael seems nervous, which Michael dismisses. LM says he knows who Michael is, but he doesn't have to worry about them turning him in since he and his cousins have warrants out on their heads. He asks about Linc and says he'd never break his brother out of jail. But in all fairness to LM, he's got two brothers locked up so he'd have to choose which one to break out and that would start a fight inside the family. Brother #1 would be all, "Dude, I got you Playboys." And Brother #2 would put in, "You know he's the one who snitched on you when you stole Grandpa's whiskey." And on and on. Where were we? Oh, yeah. LM wouldn't break out his bro, blah blah. "My brother gave me a baseball mitt for my fourteenth birthday. I owed him," Michael deadpans. Hee! LM then moves on to the nitro and decides to do a "little quality control test." Uh-oh! A once again one-handed T-Bag doesn't look so hot as he checks out a little gizmo (dirty!). Bellick's in the hospital, being questioned by a lady cop as to how he came to be unconscious with a huge-ass welt on his forehead. He's totally condescending and full of shit. Once she's gone, he leaves W-MSF a message, promising to gut him "bow to stern." Lovely. W-MSF is too busy livin' it up in his swanky hotel room and greeting a trio of hookers. Okay, ew. Shack in the desert. Michael's becoming increasingly nervous as LM gets a call. Before he gives Michael the plane info, Cousin #1 pipes up that the stuff isn't nitro. Michael acts all indignant, saying the chemist screwed them both over. He promises to make it right, but LM ain't havin' it. He pulls his gun (dirty!). Commercials. Outside the shack in the desert, Cousin #2 gets whacked (not Mafia whacked, just knocked out). Inside, LM's trying to get Michael to reveal when Linc's meeting him. And in bursts Sucre! He orders LM to drop his gun, but LM does not comply so Sucre shoots him. Yay! That nearly makes up for the whole Maricruz/Hector storyline. Nearly. Michael gets Cousin #1's gun. Owen and Doc Torture Hour. Owen spiels a bunch of psycho-babble (read: crap) as he plugs in an iron and dons a pair of thick rubber gloves. "Are you that surprised that there are people in the world that stand up to people like you? Are you that far gone?" Go Doc! In response, Owen pushes Doc's head back under and holds the iron in as well. That shit's gotta hurt! As W-MSF digs through his loot (to coerce a hooker to perform some sort of weird sexual act that I so do not wanna think about) he discovers a little beeping gizmo. He's interrupted by a knock at the door and is most displeased to find a thoroughly messed-up T-Bag who points at the hookers and hisses, "Leave." They comply so they're not stupid. T-Bag shows off his gizmo (dirty!) and, duh! it's a tracker. W-MSF backs up. "All that torture stuff, that was Bellick's idea." Heh. But, seriously, why does everyone treat teensy T-Bag as some sort of all-powerful force? Yes, he's a raging psychopath, but the man weighs about as much as my son. And my son just turned eight. ANYWAY, W-MSF tries to bribe T-Bag with the money, but T-Bag just grabs the champagne bottle. Shack in the desert. A tied-up Cousin #1 begs Michael and Sucre to let them take wounded LM to a hospital. Sucre's all, "Suck it, dude. Give us the info, then maybe we'll let you go." LM gives it up and Sucre's ready to go. Michael says they can't just leave the man to die, but Sucre doesn't care. And he's got a point, they could've been killed. We leave the scene with Michael looking mighty conflicted and indecisive. More torture. Well-acted scenes, but they're getting tiring. Owen gets a call from SAM who orders him to kill Doc. "Put her in the ground, Paul!" Owen's all, "Who's Paul?" T-Bag kicks back in the lap of luxury. Michael's finally come to a decision and (surprise) cuts the guys loose. Sucre thinks he's nuts, which duh! But still: hot! As Cousins #1 and #2 carry out LM, he gives them the real info regarding the plane. Michael's all, "See Fernando, good deeds are rewarded." As Bellick barrels outside the hospital he overhears an EMT describing a DOA named Roy Geary. This stops Bellick cold. He turns back and uncovers W-MSF's bashed-in skull. "You know him?" queries EMT guy. "He's a friend of mine." Really? The lady cop from before is standing right there and tells Bellick she'd like to chat with him some more. Anyone else think that phone message he left W-MSF is going to come back and bite him on the ass? Mahone's in his car when he gets a call from Callie. He apologizes for what went wrong in their marriage and William Fichtner totally acts the hell out of this scene. After their call ends, he gets out and enters the desert. Outside the shack in the desert. "I'm glad I told you about this place." "I'm glad I figured out how to work a GPS. Could you make it a little more difficult next time?" Heh. Linc shows up and greets Michael and Sucre. Michael asks about L.J. and Linc responds that he's safe. He adds that he brought someone. Silver Fox comes around the corner and we zoom in as Michael's face registers shock and recognition. "We've met before." Torture. Are we done yet? I'm sure Doc's thinking the exact same thing. Surprise! She spills all! Only, not. It's more along the lines of, "Go to hell." Owen performs his magnificent-smarmy-bastard line delivery perfectly with, "Drowning is horrific, don't get me wrong. But once you give in, you just let the water come into your lungs, there's a certain euphoria, I hear. As a junkie, I thought you'd appreciate that." Oh Owen, you dick! But, well delivered. "You did this to yourself." Actually, Owen, I believe you are the one doing this to her. Doc goes back under and her gurgles and terror takes us to the Prison Break end credits. Dun!
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