Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 11

Bolshoi Booze

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • "A Cleveland what...?"

      When Roy Geary is in the hotel room with the three ladies, he asks for a Cleveland Steamer. This is a sexual fetish where a man or a woman defecates on a partner's chest.

      That might explain why the ladies were hesitant.

    • Mahone's son's name is Cameron and he is 5 years old.

    • Sara's cell phone number is 555-0162.

    • Goof: In the 'Drowning Sara' scenes, her hair often switches between being half over her face and pushed back to show her face between angles and shots.

    • "Bolshoi" translated in Russian means "Big."

    • Bolshoi Booze actually is a set of coordinates: 32'0'09 (N) 104'57'09 (W)
      Upside down the numbers look like the words "Bolshoi Booze".

  • Quotes

    • Coyote: But you know, I have a question. I thought that these came in glass vials not plastic.
      Michael: I thought so too, but the guy I bought it from, he said that they packed it in plastic for transportation over long distances to prevent a fire or an explosion.
      Coyote: Really? I never heard of that. Vete a la camioneta y traiga el equipo. (go to the van and bring the equipment, Coyote says to his cousin Carlos)
      Michael: What's going on?
      Coyote: We're doing a little quality control test.
      Michael: It's the best available.
      Coyote: We got time.

    • Coyote: You know, constantly running from the law with a bad heart. Mexico, where I'm from, has a lot of great things, but ah health care is not one of them. (he looks at Michael) You all right? You look a little nervous.
      Michael: I don't do this every day, so I just want the information on that plane and ah move on.
      Coyote: Is that it?
      Michael: That's it.
      Coyote: Because I know who you are. Oh, you don't have to worry. We can't go within a hundred feet of a federal marshal to collect the reward because we got USA and Mexican warrants on our head. But this plan to Panama. Sit down. This is all for your brother? (Michael sits down)
      Michael: Yes.
      Coyote: I've got four brothers. Two in prison. Accept the call? yes. Break them out. Estás loco. (You're crazy)
      Michael: My brother gave me a baseball mitt for my 14th birthday. I owed him.
      Coyote: You're a better man than I am.
      Michael: Time will tell.

    • Sucre: Where's the plane gonna land?
      Coyote: Kiss my ass, cobarde!

    • Sara: I don't know anything about any of this!
      Kellerman: Really? Then why did you give your father the file on Lincoln Burrows? Why did you open the door for Scofield and help him escape? Why did Scofield send you those coded notes? Why did you come to New Mexico to meet him? Don't try to float a babe in the woods routine by me, it's really gonna piss me off. So… come on. (Sara doesn't say anything. Kellerman grabs Sara's head, forces her into the tub of water, and holds her down)

    • Mahone (answering phone): Yeah?
      Pam: It's Pam. What's going on?
      Mahone: I just wanted to say hey.
      Pam: Well…are you all right? You said it was important.
      Mahone: I know things got kinda ugly towards the…you know, the end… um...I got ugly. But I want you to know that, that there were circumstances that, uh…it was better that you and Cameron, that you were not with me.
      Pam: Why are you telling me this now?
      Mahone: If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it different, you know. We'd still be a family. I'd give anything for that. I just wanted you to know.
      Pam: Alex…what's going on?
      Mahone: Nothin', I - I just wanted to call to say that I was…that I'm sorry, about everything.
      Pam: Where are you right now? I can come get you.
      Mahone: Wouldn't that be nice, huh?
      Pam: No, I'm serious. Where are you?
      Mahone: One more thing. If you hear anything in the media…
      Pam: What, what are you talking about?
      Mahone: I love you. Give Cam a kiss for me, okay? (he hangs up the phone and is very distraught.)

    • Kellerman (to Sara): There is one thing about me that should mean a great deal to you right now: I am reasonable. If you tell me what you know, you get to go.

    • Coyote: When is your brother getting here?
      Michael: You were planning on turning us in the whole time, weren't you?
      Coyote: When is he supposed to meet you here?
      Sucre: Sueltalo! (Let him go)
      Coyote: Drop it, I'm gonna shoot him.
      Sucre: Don't let him go and I'll shoot you.
      Coyote: Suelta la pistola (Drop the gun)
      Sucre: Hey, no estoy jugando! (Hey, I'm not playing)
      Coyote:: Sueltala cobarde! (Drop it you coward!)
      Sucre shoots him in his left arm twice

    • T-Bag: It's amazing what you can pick up at an army-navy store.
      Roy: All that torture stuff…that was Bellick's idea. And if you ask me, he took the whole thing way too far. Listen, why don't I give you half of the money and call it a day. All right! 60-40. Come on T. We can deal.
      (T-Bag glares at Roy)

    • Lincoln: I'll see you soon, I promise.
      L.J.: Isn't that the same thing your dad told you?
      Lincoln: Yeah, but I mean it.

    • Kellerman (after binding Sara): As you can see, hi my name is not Lance, and I am not an addict.

    • Store Clerk: Must do quite a bit of fishing.
      Michael: Yeah, a lot of fishing. And a whole lot of catching.

    • Aldo: It's about corporate interest taking over the government. Buying elections, fighting wars, people dying so they can turn a profit. We're trying to stop it.
      Lincoln: What are you, a bunch of spies?
      Aldo: Just a handful of senators, congressmen, people like me that once worked for The Company. People willing to expose the president for what she is – a shill, working for these corporations. We bring her down, we bring them down.
      Lincoln: What's it got to do with me?
      Aldo: Because the way we're gonna bring her down is also what we're gonna use to set you free.

    • Sara: I don't know where Michael is.
      Kellerman: This is not about Michael; this is about your father. He left Washington with something that didn't belong to him, and we need it back.
      Sara: And you killed him for it?
      Kellerman: I didn't, no. For what that's worth. But I hope that his death properly illustrates the magnitude of the situation that we're in right now. So, where is it?
      Sara: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Kellerman: Where is it?
      Sara: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Kellerman: Where is it?
      Sara: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Kellerman: Sara, there's a next step involved in this. And you don't want to experience that.

    • (dead agent's cell phone rings, Lincoln picks it up)
      Aldo: Lincoln, don't! (he answers the phone)
      Kim: Is it done?
      Lincoln: You are.
      Kim: Lincoln Burrows.
      Lincoln: Your man's dead. Just like anyone else you send to take out my son.
      Kim: We want you. This isn't about L.J. There's a very simple way for all of this to end.
      Lincoln: I'll tell you how it's gonna end – me staring your dead eye with my hand around your throat.
      Kim: You don't even know who I am. (hangs up phone)

    • Kellerman: Now, after your father accessed this information he made three calls from his cell phone. All to you. What did he tell you?
      Sara: Just that he was coming back to Chicago.
      Kellerman: Good. You're being honest. Good. Now, there's a half an hour between when your father landed and when he got home that is unaccounted for. I know you stopped by his office, did you see him there?
      Sara: No. The last time I saw my father he was dead in his study.
      Kellerman: Did your father have anyone give you anything?
      Sara: Do you think that I'm just withholding information because I like hanging out with you? If I knew something, I would tell you. I don't, I don't know anything about any of this.

    • Mahone: Can you open the gate? And I need a new vehicle.
      Kim: There's something you should know about me. I don't like being out in the field. I only do so when there's been a screw up. I'm out in the field, Alex.
      Mahone: Then why don't you open the gate and you can hurry back to D.C. before your shoes get dirty?
      Kim: We have a lead as to where Burrows will be meeting up with his brother. It's a place he referred to as Bolshoi Booze. That mean anything to you?
      Mahone: Yeah it's one of a hundred tattoos on Scofield's body.
      Kim: What does it mean?
      Mahone: I don't know yet.
      Kim: You'll need to figure it out within the next couple of hours. If Scofield and Borrows cross the border they'll be out of your jurisdiction. And you'll be of no further value to us.
      Mahone: Open the gate.
      Kim: So you can do what? I wanna hear it, straight from the mouth of the guy who was supposed to be our closer.
      Mahone: I'll get Scofield. And Burrows. And all the rest of them. And then me, and you, and Kellerman, we're gonna part ways.
      Kim: I just hope you're properly motivated. (he opens the gate) 'Cause as long as you do your job, we forget about Shales.

    • Kellerman: Drowning is horrific, don't get me wrong. But once you give in, you let the water come into your lungs, there's a certain euphoria, I hear. I guess as a junkie, I thought maybe you'd appreciate that. (pause) You did this to yourself.(forces Sara underwater)

    • Michael: I'm glad I told you about this place.
      Sucre: I'm glad I figured out how to work a GPS. Could you make it a little more difficult next time?
      Michael: I owe you one.
      Sucre: No, we're even.

    • Sara (to Kellerman): Are you that surprised that there are people in the world that stand up to people like you? Are you that far gone?

    • Kellerman: This is happening right now, okay? Don't make me do this. Don't make me do this.
      Sara: Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.
      Kellerman: You wouldn't? Really? Are you that stupid? (shouts) Are you that stupid? Because now you're going to die!! You're going to die. And all you had to do was tell me what your father gave you.
      Sara: I know my options. I can not tell you and die, or I can tell you and still die.
      Kellerman: No, wrong, Sara. C'mon! Smarten up! For once in your life. Please.
      Sara (looks him in the eye): Go to hell.

    • Michael: Bless me father, for I have sinned.
      Priest: How long has it been since your last confession?
      Michael: This is my first time, in a long time.
      Priest: And what is the nature of your sins?
      Michael: The nature? I'm not really sure.
      Priest: Deep down inside your heart you know.
      Michael: Righteousness, maybe? Believing the ends justify the means?
      Priest: And what are those ends?
      Michael: Saving someone's life.
      Priest: And the means?
      Michael: I've broken just about every law you can name. But it's not just what I've done. It's what others have done. Because I let them. Because I was doing what I thought was right. I should have known better this time.
      Priest: This time?
      Michael: When I as a kid, I watched a man bleed out and die. I was glad, because he deserved it.
      Priest: Life is only for God to give and take, my son.
      Michael: Suddenly, there was a dark space inside of me. And I knew it was wrong, but here I am.
      Priest: There is a way to stop this: surrender your will to God.
      Michael: If I surrender now, I'll lose everything I love.
      Priest: But do you lose your soul in the process?
      Michael: We all have our crosses to bear.

    • Kellerman: I care about you. This is not what I wanted, Sara.
      (cell phone rings, Kellerman answers it) Kellerman.
      Kim: What's going on with Sara? Has she told you anything?
      Kellerman: (whispers to Sara) Don't go anywhere. (to Kim on the phone) Not yet.
      Kim: I trust you've been…persuasive.
      Kellerman: Yes, absolutely.
      Kim: Then kill her.
      Kellerman: Well, if she knows something…
      Kim: You disobey me, you are done. Do you understand me? Put her in the ground, Paul.

    • Lincoln: The last 30 years I've hated you. You walked out on me. You haven't even seen Michael.
      Aldo: I've seen him before.
      Lincoln: Not in the papers, Dad. Been trying to work out what kind of man abandons his family. Now I'm doing the same damn thing.
      Aldo: You'll see him again. I'll make sure of it.
      Lincoln: How much further?
      Aldo: About three hours.

    • (Bellick makes a cell phone call)
      Voicemail: This is Roy Geary, leave a message
      Bellick: You thieving son of a bitch. You better get down on your knees and pray to God that I don't find you because if I do, mark my words I'm going to gut you bow to stern.

    • Bellick: For the last time some black male, early 20's, jumped me from behind. I didn't get a good look at his face.
      Investigator: The assailant attacked you from behind?
      Bellick: That's what I just said.
      Investigator: Yet he managed to make contact square on your forehead
      Bellick: That's right.
      Investigator: With what a boomerang? Come on why don't you tell me what happened?
      Bellick: Look, I'm a retired correctional officer out of Illinois. How about showing some professional courtesy, honey?

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