Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 2

Breaking and Entering

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2008 on FOX

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  • very entrested

    a nice series
  • Prison

    It was cool.
  • Prison break is back, but is not the same.

    I really like this show, but I feel like it has lost it's track a while ago. To be honest, in my opinion the show changed forever in the final episodes of season 2, when Sarah is judged in one day, suddenly appears in Panama and then the whole game changes. Season 3 was good, but I didn't like that they've killed Sarah off, and the finale was not as good as I was expecting, but we have the strike to blame for that.

    I understand that after two seasons in Prison the "let's break out of another prison" storyline cannot be used, so the change is good. However, I feel like they're trying to reinvent the show each season, and that makes believing it harder every time.

    What I really like about this season is Mahone, Fitchner is one of the best actors in the series and the writers use it really well. Each time his character is pushed further away, and he delivers with a great performance every time.

    I really like to have Sarah back, but it makes the whole series a lot less beliavable. If you kill somebody, it should stay dead. I feel like they've actually corrected a huge mistake for last season, but this makes the error a lot more tangible and makes it difficult to follow the storyline.

    I liked Whistler's death, but I didn't like Gretchen appearing at the end alive. It looked like they've made a really bold move by killing of a couple of characters, but then they proved not to be able to do such thing, specially with Sarah's return in mind. In a show that's always on the edge, is good to think that everyone could be killed at anytime, like happens in shows like 24 or Lost, if they do this kind of things, you feel like everything is just an entertainment but nothing really bad will happen to anyone with a contract, and that is bad for the show.

    T-Bag is following the storyline for last season, using Whistler's mysterious "bird book", nothing really great happened but I think that this may bring some consistency to the show.

    Finally, I like the new character (Roland) but I think that the "digital black hole" storyline is hilarious, why don't they make it more beliavable? It's ok to suck data of wireless devices like cellphones and laptops, but of a card not connected to anything? I find this REALLY hard to believe.

    To sum it up, is good to have the show back with some of it's strenghts, but I doubt they can achieve the same quality as in the first season. They should make the story more beliavable and take bigger risks.
  • Still Rushed.

    Like I said before this episode was slightly rushed. There has been no real Character development out of both these episodes only between Michael and Sarah. I'm liking the breaking in scene it was awesome. You gotta love Bellick and Tbag they are great characters to watch. I was laughing when Bellick robbed the purse lol. When T-bag ate bad Mexican that was great and very funny. Hopefully next weeks episode continues with the show which is getting increaseingly better. I just hope no one dies because the whole Whistler getting killed off was totally wrong it really annoyed me. All in all it gets a 8.9 out of 10.
  • Average.

    Michael, Lincoln and the others get a new team member, Roland, and work to copy the data card.
    Wyatt continues his quest to find the brothers.
    T-Bag makes his way north. What can I say about this episode? I mean it was a better episode than the firts but still it seems a bit rushed. Bellick is a legend though, the way he was running. I thought that was an awesome scene. I really like the way Michael and Sara are back together though, it's just so right. I loved it when they broke in though, another amazing sccene. Hopefully the other episodes in the season will be better and not rushed.
  • Another great episode

    The team are taken to a warehouse building and are all made to wear ankle tags so that the police know where they are at all times. They meet a man there named Roland. He is a tech wiz. We see that Michael and Lincoln are staking out one of the company's head men's house. They use Sarah as a decoy to plant a cell phone into the housekeeper's bag. Which they hope will allow them to copy the disk, which the company have. They manage to copy the disk. Meanwhile the hit man hired by the company is still trying to track down Lincoln and Michael, in order to kill both of them. When the team move back in to get the cell phone back, they can't find it. They believe that the maid has handed it back in to the house and now they must find a way to get it back before they notice that it is even there.
    So the team hatch a plan and manage to make it inside of the house and manage to get the cell phone back. Michael tells Sarah that he is there for her, for whatever she needs. We learn that the data they got was only a piece of the puzzle and that there are 6 (another 5 to be found) of them out there. At the end of the episode we see Michael in the bathroom looking at himself in a mirror and his nose starts to bleed. Michael looks panicked.
  • This episode shows the new formula for each episode of PB. This episode is very interesting and show that this show have the capacity to build interesting episodes.

    Complication Phase - » (10/10)*2. I liked the complication that they had to solve, seemed impossible to overcome that obstacle. What I liked more was the level of the difficult that was increasing.

    Climax Phase - » (8/10). When they decided to enter in the property, however, in my opinion, the tension could be even better.

    Ending - » (9/10). Exactly the kinds of ending that you can expect from prison break, things are more complicated than ever.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10)*2. They had a mission they were successful. Nothing in terms of emotional progress.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). Again T-bag is the filler material here. Of course to divide the cards is creating more filler, but at least, this makes some sense, since Scylla is something very important.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10). As usual, suspend your beliefs and everything will be ok.

    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10). Could be better, but was very good anyway.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (7/10). Expect some surprises, a character is alive and Michael is sick, well, this seems more like setups.

    What I liked -» The complicated situation that they had to overcome.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» T-bag scenes.

    This episode shows the new formula for each episode of PB. This episode is very interesting and show that this show have the capacity to build interesting episodes.
  • This second part soon picked up in pace toward the end.

    Reeling from some shocking news about Sara's death, Michael is recruited to recover a crucial data card that could bring down the Company once and for all. Meanwhile, T-Bag holds the key that will lead him to Michael. With T-Bag and Wyatt closing in on them, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone and Bellick team up with a tech-savvy hacker to retrieve and decrypt the Scylla data card.
    The first two episodes were ok it was a very, very slow premiere until the final twenty minutes were the team got the first card. THe shocking death of Whistler really dissapointed me and Lincoln annoyed me by acting like a jerk throughtout the entire episode. Bellick was funny but I think that the character is not the same old Bellick we used to know in season one and now he is just there for comedy value. Some good acting from Fitchner in the scene were he drives up to his house.the reunion with Mike and Sara was cool and I'm glad that she is back.
  • Nothing better than a new challenge for Michael Scofield and Co.

    There is nothing that they could have done to make this episode any better. I look forward to the rest of this great season!!!

    Sarah is alive, and is working with Michal and the gang to take down the company once and for all, and with the complex system that "the company" has it's going to be harder then they ever imagined. Sucre, Lincoln, Michal, Sarah, Bellick, and Alex, are going to have to put their differences aside, so they can take down the company once and for all, because each person has reason to want them down, Michal most off all. T-bag is on the hunt for Michal, with the book that Whistler needed so badly to expose the company once and for all.
  • Moving forward.

    Much better than the premiere as the boys (and the girl) face the season`s challenge and it is all promising.
    Season 4 of this amazing show starts off with an episode I consider controversial. The writers apparently had much to show in the limited 10 minutes of the episode, so I guess I they did the besxt they could. This episode had a couple of wow moments with the highlighting one being Whistler`s death which I totally did not see coming, specially given his importance in Season 3. His death gave like a shock and I love it. The new company killer is pretty good, oddly reminds me of the Terminator, lol. Also Sara returns and am not against, she`s lovely and kinda assure in some way a happy ending to the show. Good start.
  • Sweet action and average scenes

    This was an average episode that continues from where the last one left off...Michael's group gets closer to finding the truth thanks to some useful intel from Alex...plan is expanding, getting access Scylla requiring 6different access keys...The Company's hitman also makes a lot of progress towards discovering the whereabouts of Michael's group...Some very interesting scenes from T-Bag,who crosses the desert to get to San Diego and in the process tastes some human meat to survive...It presented a lot of action scenes and adventure, as well as plenty of ingenuity... For me, the things that interest me is where does T-bag fit in all this..We got 2 groups,and I reckon T-bag will have to join one or be eliminated.
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  • Breaking and Entering was an exciting episode and an improvement over Scylla. (Spoilers)

    Breaking and Entering had its ups and downs. I liked how Lincoln was being a jerk in this episode. It gave me some laughs. =] And again, of course, I loved Mahone's scenes. Especially the end where he saw the picture of a young boy and he started to react to his son's death. I thought it was a strong moment and my favorite part of the episode. Another good scene was when Bellick stole the lady's purse and Mahone had to pretend to chase him. I thought it was funny that he had to slow down not to catch him. I really disliked that Gretchen is still alive. She is one of my most disliked characters and I hope she isn't in Season Four very much. No offense to the actress of course. The end of the episode was surprising and it kind of sucks that Michael could die, but if he does I think it'll just make the show stronger. Overall a good episode and a good way to end the two hour Season Premiere.
  • The exciting new challenge of the season.

    The new challenge of the season is exposed. Time to track down the scyllas cards. Also Michael is having some health trouble,weird.
    The unholy alliance is formed, Michael, Linc, Sara, Bellick, Sucre and Mahone all team up to bring down the company. Current objective: track down Scylla. Character interaction that this A-team gives is gold. This one is better than a the already trilling premiere with a good ending too. All is set up for a very exiting season of prison break. I keep this show has run out of premises but it keeps surprising me, credit to the writers. Great.
  • Good ep!

    Was very fast paced, better than the first ep as it had more going on (well to me anyway).

    Its nice to see the team all working together, especially Sara, since we havent really seen her work together with Michael and Linc yet.

    Also its nice to see Michael back to his smart and cunning plans, like getting the phone thing (whatever it was that they used to steal the data on the chip/card) back.

    One thing is that is in the good old Prison Break traditional style, nothing works out first go, for example, getting the maid to copy the data, and also finding out that Scylla isnt just one chip and they have to go through the same process another 5 times. Not a bad thing, just like to point it out. Its back to the old 10/10 for me. Right back on track with the older eps we know and love.
  • Michael is on the hunt against Gretchen & Wistler. He's informed that Sara is still alive, but before he gets a chance to meet her he gets arrested along with the rest of the gang, theyre given an option to be set free in exchange for syclla.

    There was some points in this episode that were very unbelievable, but considering the writers strike and how they had to convince a long list of filler episodes into just one hour, I'm not overwhelmingly displeased with it..

    It was a good filler episode with a bunch of classic humorous moments. I felt the acting was a little off especially from the Don Self Character, and the Sarah/Michael Reuniting was a major let down considering how long they've been away from each other, but its good to have her back and it was a pretty good episode. I have a feeling this season is going to be a lot better than this first episode.
  • This one is more driven towards this Season`s exciting direction.

    I didn`t know prison break was back, only learned it yesterday on IGN. Actually I knew it was back but rather forgot. Heard the audience is not too good, hopefully many people were same as me and just forgot and will tune in.
    Anyway, Prison Break return but many things happened since we last saw it. It is great to see this show still gives so much entertainment. Sara is back and we learn it pretty quickly in the episode, after 1 minutes we already know Michael already know sara is alive and we know that some cards are very important to the company. Nice to see pad man back too, he does look that scary when he talks tho. :P All the characters somehow get together. Mahone`s life takes yet another tragic turn that promises other great William Fitchner moments. And Bellick is hilarious. He maybe a character most people hate but Wade Williams is a great actor. Of course the show is no longer really realistic (when was it ever) but I don`t care cause I still love as I am entertained every time I watch prison break. A major "hic" here is Linc`s characters, I think he has lost a lot of credibility from not knowing Sara was not dead to having a nice at the market while his brother who gave it all for him was in trouble.
    Anyway, by the end of the second hour (nice ending too) we all know the direction of the season and I like it. Of course it needs some working. The second episode was better that the first mainly because it is more driven towards the Season 4 plot.
    Glad it is back.
  • So we finally know what Season 4 is gonna be all about... Scofield's Six against The Company!

    I have to admit, after watching the first episode I was a little bit worried about which way Season 4 would go but after "Breaking And Entering" my worries are blown away. This episode shows that the writers are still capable of bringing excitement to the show, although Season 4 is taking a different direction than the other seasons. I mean, seriously, would we really want to watch a third break-out? Thank god the writers recognized that the whole "Break-Somebody-Out-Of-Prison-Story" was getting a little bit old and came up with fresh ideas, and the title of this episode perfectly reflects one of those ideas (why not breaking in somewhere for a change ;) What I really liked about this episode was that they finally brought back Mahone and I mean mentally. It was good to see him like in the old days (Season 2) and not just sitting in a corner, having illusions.

    Gretchen's return was not surprising (you didn't hear the shot ;) but a good choice, cause I want more interaction between her and Michael.

    And the end...well, why does every genius get a brain tumor and die in the end...I hope I'm wrong and he just hit his nose on the sink :)
  • Better.

    Michael, Lincoln and the others get a new team member, Roland, and work to copy the data card.
    Wyatt continues his quest to find the brothers.
    T-Bag makes his way north. What can I say about this episode? I mean it was a better episode than the firts but still it seems a bit rushed. Bellick is a legend though, the way he was running. I thought that was an awesome scene. I really like the way Michael and Sara are back together though, it's just so right. I loved it when they broke in though, another amazing sccene. Hopefully the other episodes in the season will be better and not rushed.
  • Its finally back, and the drama in prison break never stops!

    This is a review of both episodes. First love that sarah is back in the show missed her last season, wasent a chock do I have heard rumors about. Love that in the beging LJ and Sofia and Lincon was together,they could be a great family if they did´t have to run all the time. but they were not together for very long, what did happen to LJ and sofia are they still in panama? This season I think will be better then the last not as boring, did not really like season 3 it was just okey, nothing more. I was a littel disappointed when Micheal and sarah was reunited, they LOVE each other and there was not this big moment that I hoped for, yes I understand they been true alot but the could have showed more emotions, and I feel bad for them both, they look so sad. But I love that they together again! This season the storyline is about them trying to take down the company,with help of Michael Rapaport( feels kinda funny having him in PB) and they are finally get revange. Spoiler!! Felt bad for alex even do his history, when his wife and son got killed. Hope they dont kill or kidnap sarah or LJ that story is getting old. What more can I say, great to have them back, but really think this season should be the last.
  • Breaking and entering.

    Wyatt tells Padman that Lincoln and Michael are being held in a maximum-security federal prison, a lie created by Agent Self to divert attention from his group of operatives.

    Self and the group arrive in Los Angeles, and he fits them each with GPS ankle monitors. They will live in a warehouse on the harbor and are obligated to follow his every command. They are working with Roland, a hacker and identity thief who will assist them in finding and decrypting Scylla. Mahone knows that Whistler was to drop the Scylla card to Tuxhorn, a high-level corporate officer. Through reconnaissance, Mahone can tell that Tuxhorn's driver is former military.

    Abandoned and robbed by his transporter, T-Bag is on foot with Sancho in the Mexican desert. He is walking toward San Diego, aiming to survive and hopefully find Michael. Sancho suddenly turns on T-Bag trying to kill him for something to eat, and in the subsequent fight T-Bag unintentionally kills Sancho. In the following scenes, T-Bag is shown dragging Sancho's dead body to a small campfire, from which we can infer that he ate Sancho's body in order to avoid death by starvation. T-Bag is forced to move on alone until he meets a couple of Americans on ATVs who help him out.

    In Sara's flashback, we can see some snippets of the horrible things Gretchen has done to her while holding her captive, some of them being torture, whipping, and killing an unknown person right in front of her face.

    Roland narrows down military men working locally and Mahone recognizes the driver. They follow the driver to Tuxhorn's house. It is completely secure with armed guards. Roland suggests they merely copy the card from a distance instead of stealing it. They can do so with a wireless hard drive device that copies electronic data within ten feet. Roland invented this device and was imprisoned for it.

    The guys stake out Tuxhorn and follow his car. In order to get close to the man, Sucre and Bellick crash into the car. Sucre, holding the hard drive, argues with the driver in proximity to Tuxhorn. Unfortunately. Roland cannot get a signal on the data copying.

    Self approaches a former accountant for the Company who is now under witness protection. Self threatens the man to find out where the Company hides the decoder box in its headquarters.

    Wyatt threatens a prison worker to use her security access to find out where the police transferred Michael and Lincoln. He learns that Bennett posted bail for them.

    Sara goes to the bus stop where Tuxhorn's maid is waiting. She slips the device into the woman's purse. Later, Michael calls the house as the maid is about to leave. He pretends to be from the home's security company and asks her to check all the windows. She still has her purse on her arm as she makes her way through the house. Michael instructs her to check the library, and Roland is able to get access from the device and copy Scylla. Mahone and Bellick stage a mock robbery, stealing the woman's purse as she waits at the bus stop, but the device is not in it. The maid found it in her purse, thought it was her boss's and left it in the house.

    They need to break in Tuxhorn's house. Sucre sets off an alarm across the street and the guards go scrambling. Tuxhorn turns off his alarm to go outside and investigate. This allows Mahone and Michael to sneak into Tuxhorn's house and find the device. They slip out as Tuxhorn resets his alarm.

    Wyatt goes to Bennett's house but Bennett swears that he doesn't know where Michael and Lincoln are. Wyatt stabs the man's neck with a syringe and injects him with something, causing him to pass out.

    Gretchen is still alive but being held captive.

    T-Bag arrives in San Diego at the Pacific Coast Lines station. His Bird Book has a clue that leads him to a locker and a combination. T-Bag finds a bag with Whistler's fake ID and instructions from the Gate Corporation. He heads to Los Angeles by bus.

    Roland decrypts the data card, but realizes that the information is incomplete. Deducing from an excerpt from The Odyssey left behind by Linc and Michael's father about a necessary sacrifice of six men by Odysseus to pass the monster Scylla, Michael realizes that Scylla is actually made up of six cards being held by different people. The gang has not completed their mission. They have to now track down the five others.

    Michael's nose starts to bleed. He hides it from his brother.
  • Season 4 exposed.

    This show is better than Scylla as it deals with the season 4 plot while Scylla dealt with concluding season 3. The plot with the tracking of the scylla 6 is new, a pleasant surprise and sure refreshing. It promises thrilling moments and quality entertainment. Glad to see development of the on certain characters like Gretchen and to certain extent Sara. Good thing also to know more about the Company`s transactions, something we never really got to know in the past seasons. The A-Team is entertaining, putting these guys together in a warehouse gives gold interations just like when they were in prison. Prison Break missed the prison setting in season 2 but I feeling season won`t miss it.
  • Glad to be back on track!

    After the writer's strike, there were a lot of loose ends. That needed to be tie up. And that hopefully, season four will pick up where the short-lived season three left out.
    Really good show and they are off to a great start. We are introduced to a new character named Roland. And Roland is charged with a federal offense. Meaning some kind of virus that could really be damaging. Michael, the man with the plan, is doing his best to stay alive. But it is whom you trust and not just staying alive. Mahone, what can you say, the show's breakout character. Will get even better and better if it keeps up like that.
  • Now we're getting somewhere.

    This ep. is so much better than the previous one. The plot is finally infolding infront of our eyes. Characters have gained a sense of purpose, a mission I might say.
    An interesting new character is introduced, Roland. Charged with a federal offense for inventing a hardware that can copy infinite, and i mean 'infinte', amount of data from any digital object in the range of ten feet. That's the coolest thing ever.
    Previously, Whistler had stolen a data disc that belongs to the company which they got back. The new... let's say 'team' if you will, copied that data to Roland's hardware by 'Breaking & Entering' into the house of the guy who kept the data disc. Later, they find out that this data was only one of six data discs. Welcome Season Four ! P.S: Gretchen turns out ... surprise surprise. Like we didn't know that already.
  • Bad casting and acting in Oceans fourteen... Prison Break is a different show altogether, and perhaps that's a good thing.

    They have now assembled the Ocean's team of criminals where everyone has their speciality (not really) and are ready to acquire "the card". Not PB at all, but better than having to break out of yet another prison. What made people love Michael so much was the fact that he had it all planned out, into every little detail. And he had the plan on his body, which was a very clever idea. But when all the tattoos had served their purpose he was just another average engineer. The writers realized that, and had to get him planning once again. Although the idea is good, the way they pulled it off is not just as good. Because of the writer's strike they had a lot of loose ends from season 3 that needed to be summed up in the very beginning of this season. And we didn't get much explanation as to how the rest got out of Sona for example. But we'll let that pass by because of the unusual circumstances. Also I understand the need of getting rid of Michael's tatoos, since they take a lot of time getting done each episode, and really don't serve a purpose anymore. Maybe we'll even see him wearing t-shirts now? But they could at least made it realistically, and not having him healing over night. But, you now, it had to be done in the first episode. I won't even get in to the Sara thing. Anyway, switching over to the more high-tech criminal thing is ok, but if you want to use technology you have to do it in the spirit of PB since this still is the same show in a way. Because in prison break it's not the fact that you get something done but HOW you do it. I mean, that's what the whole first season was all about. Details and logical problems that had to be solved. You can't just add technology and hope you don't need that aspect any more. What am I really referring to here? The "thing" that magically could retrieve information. It was connected to a wireless harddrive that was IN the device apparently. And it could retrieve information from the card (that for some reason was plugged in to a docking station so that it was turned on) from inside a thick safe made of STEEL. That's just utterly impossible. No type of waves are capable of that. Anyhow, beside the silly aspects of the first episodes I think PB might get on it's feet again. I can overlook the flaws due to the special circumstances in which the writers were in, and hope that this was only a way to catch up quickly and get the storyline going before we see some real quality TV again.
  • Prison Break has just successfully re-invented itself.

    Well, here we are exposed with the plot for Season 4. 6 Scylla cards to get..I think that really refreshing and yeah Prison Break has just re-invented itself. Some shocking death. I mean will know what I mean.
    AS for the plot as the moment, I got to say it is the most exciting one since...season 1. On the run and Sona break out was awesome but his one just excites me the most since season 1. This second episode has a classic, I mean classic T-Bag moments. Again the interactions are great. Sure we are in for another hell of a ride.
  • I like where this season is going.

    Michael, Lincoln and the others get a new team member, Roland, and work to copy the data card.
    Wyatt continues his quest to find the brothers.
    T-Bag makes his way north. I like where this season is going. Tracking the cards is an exciting enough challenge and should provide thrilling episodes. Season 4 is started in an excellent way as far a I am concerned but I understand why some people will dislike it too. I consider this a hit or miss. But as far as I am concerned, I hope they keep it up and even raise the level because I definitely like what I saw in these 2 hours.
  • At least this episode was better than "Scylla", which honestly though isn't quite the hardest thing to achieve.

    What they finally did is NOT shooting lame action sequences. In the near past those attempts appeared to be completely cheap and unprofessional. Fortunately they chose to go with the old Prison Break style, or at least tried to. While I'm glad they built some sort of plot that makes halfway sense, I still can't get over the fact that the overall impression is ridiculously unrealistic. Now I know that this is a TV Show and doesn't necessarily have to be realistic, but for god's sake it doesn't say "Sci-Fi" in the show summary now does it? No It still says "Drama" but with all the fancifulness they have you can't really refer to this series as Drama anymore. Seriously dear Prison Break writer staff, get back to planet earth, where you can't fool a seemingly entire army of security guards, standing sentinel over what appears to be one of the most important things the company can call its own, by literally making some noise down the street and taking a walk through this highly secured building, where surprisingly the cameras we have seen in the first look at the house suddenly seem to be gone and just take what ever you please to.

    Where is the creativity?

    Now this was just one example. And I'm sure some might say it's ridiculous to pick this stuff apart in such tiny pieces that don't even matter... well I say it's ridiculous to say "Hey, who cares if it's completely moronic and insults the viewers intelligence? Just turn off your brain and you won't even notice that stuff!"

    I prefer to watch TV series with my brain on.
  • Our gang of merry prisoners are at it again.

    I thought the entire 2 hour premier was exciting. the only thing I wanted to comment on was how funny it was that 5 seconds of TV time probably saved Wentworth hours in the makeup chair applying those tattoos. Its was hilarious how in 5 seconds the viewers are suppose to believe he got rid of a full upper body tat. I guess they banked on the fans not really caring about them. I thought it was a cop out. The writers could have been more creative rather then just showing him sitting in a chair with a pain face getting them removed in one sitting. It would have been better if they worked in to the new season. I always thought this shows gets its charm from utilizing things that happen in the pass to help our heroes move forward. Again, I guess it probably came down to Wentworth not wanting to sit in the makeup chair.
  • Meat and potatoes

    (Note: This review covers the second half of the two-hour season premiere event. The first half was covered in a previous review.)

    The second episode begins where the premiere left off: with the new status quo firmly at the center of attention. Michael and his team (a name for which is sorely needed) must find and acquire the encoded black book of the Company, called "Scylla", thought to be located on a datacard in the possession of one particular Company associate. Once Scylla is in their possession, they must break into a super-tight Company facitlity, steal the means to decode Scylla, and deliver all of that to Homeland Security. Oh, and they have to stay alive in the process, despite having a Company assassin and T-Bag waiting in the wings.

    It's actually a very simple setup, so it's no surprise that the first true episode of the season hits the ground running. Mahone proves his worth from the start, identifying the man likely to carry Scylla, and the rest of the team (with the notable exception of Bellick) comes together with a reasonable plan to copy Scylla without putting themselves in the line of fire. Of course, things go wrong, and that's where the fun begins.

    Michael is always least comfortable in a situation that requires quick thinking with little preparation. He's better at putting together the perfect plan and working out the contingences. His experiences in the second and third seasons have forced him to evolve that dangerous mind of his, but it's still hard for him to adjust to unforeseen circumstances. Seeing him work through that process and come out the other side is the strength of the episode.

    Some moments strain belief (a "Prison Break" staple). For instance, I don't know that exposing Sucre to Company inspection during the initial gambit with the car was a smart idea. Granted, he's probably the least identifiable of the squad, but any exposure could be problematic at this stage of the game. It's also hard to believe that the Company security force would leave such a long and wide gap for Michael and Mahone to exploit.

    It's a nice touch, however, for Scylla to be split into six datacards. It places the Company in a much stronger position, and also ramps up the danger for Michael's team. It also gives the season a reasonable scope: the search for the other five datacards and the subsequent break into the Company facility will comfortably stretch over a full season. Adding a personal medical issue (tumor, perhaps?) on top of the artificial pressure from Homeland Security should keep the tension high. The trick will be making each and every challenge unique.
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