Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on FOX
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Michael, Sucre, T-Bag and C-Note claim the hidden treasure.
An anxious Lincoln risks everything to get to LJ.
Kellerman rethinks where his loyalties lie after Sara gets to The Company's hit list.
Mahone resorts to deadly force to get the truth out of Tweener.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break mahone takes down tweener after he is running from him and he is taken in. also in this ep michle and the others find the treasuer and then sucrew pretends to act serious and he thinks he took it but thing was t bag swiched the bag with maginzines instead money and ran out with it. and michles brother licon goes for his son lj . and riks like everything. and this was a good ep i thought and it had alot of everything in it and that is why i gave it a 8.5moreless
  • Slow episode with some pay offs

    From Writers Perspective:

    Good material here. The problem with the money continues for the entire episode. This is a smart move, since Tweener was caught and the writers used his past "treason" when they were in Fox River.

    So, after the 30 minutes of episode, they found the money and Tweener made is move. This guarranted some tension. Until there, only scenes with dialogues to buy time.

    Sara plot is moving slow as expected, since the writers whant to make the reunion between her and Michael. She found a key (she is good, since the agents didn´t found the key, only her), and now she is in danger too.

    The Conspiracy Plot put LJ in danger too, to attract his father, LJ is free of charges. This is a interesting setup, because all the audience whant to see how lincoln will be able to free his son.

    Sucre move didn´t make sense, only because they are hiding his true motive. Contrary to mahone, who´s motives are clear, since he may be working for the Company. But since he is the new character, I think the writers are making the audience think that he work from free will, maybe this is not the case.

    One dead in this episode, was shocking because it was unexpected. The writers wrote that well.

    From My Point of View:

    What I most Liked was the shocking parts, regarding Sucre, Tweener and Mahone. That is why I think this episode is good, because the key moments was good, not great.

    Sara plot for me is nothing special, I could see her father dead from miles, and she will not die, but how she will escape is something that maybe I don´t wanna see, since I think it will be unrealistic.

    LJ setup was intriguing, next episode will be interesting.

    I did not appreciate the time necessary for the writers to delay things, until to near of the end of the episode, but there is a good pay off, and that is why I think a 7,5 is suitable.

    Why this episode wasn´t great. Slowing scenes for more than 30 minutes, which was not necessary.moreless
  • Well written.

    Lincoln leaves Michael in order to go search for LJ in Arizona. Michael, C-Note, Sucre and T-Bag succeed in locating Westmoreland's money. Sara and her father are targeted by "The Company". Mahone interrogates Tweener. What can I say about this episode? Well this episode was awesome! It was so entertaining. I couldn't believe it when Mahone killed Tweener, it was so sad, there is only 6 of the Fox River 8 left now. I hope Kellerman will help Sara out too. All in all I can't wait to watch more of season two, of Prison Break! Bring on more awesome episodes.moreless
  • Mahone Takes down Tweener

    T-Bag slaps gags on both mother and daughter while Michael panics. It's all going wrong. How's he going to undo this mess? He assures the hostages they won't be harmed but, as T-Bag reminds him, there's no such thing as an ex-con. Tweener's throwing all Mahone's tricks back in his face, refusing to give up his escape buddies. Tweener outdoes himself by tricking the agent into driving him to Debra Jean's house to apologise. But he soon feels the wrath of Agent Mahone. In bullet form. Now Sara knows who he is, Kellerman's got to change tack. He arranges for LJ to be released, cackling, "His only value is in who comes looking for him." When he hears of LJ's release on the news, there's no holding Lincoln back. The brothers bid each other a fearful farewell. And just as the treasure chest emerges, Sucre goes and pulls a gun on his comrades. Meanwhile, Governor Tancredi is found hanged in his office. The conspiracy rolls on…moreless
  • No, not Tweener!

    I loved this episode it was eventful (lets face it so are most episodes of prison break) and it saw the end of one of the most loved/hated characters. When he first appeared he was a rat and told Bellick everything Michael was doing in Foxriver, along the way his character changed and developed and even fell in love- sadly it was this that brought about his demise! at least he didn't rat the others out though and will have a place in the shows history, I alsonloved it when he was having flashbacks to season 1, because it showed how much he had changed since then.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman

Lincoln Burrows Jr. (LJ)

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Rockmond Dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar

Benjamin "C-Note" Miles Franklin

Joe Inscoe

Joe Inscoe

Lyle Sands

Guest Star

Alexandra Lydon

Alexandra Lydon


Guest Star

Jodie Moore

Jodie Moore


Guest Star

John Heard

John Heard

Gov. Frank Tancredi

Recurring Role

Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison

David "Tweener" Apolskis

Recurring Role

Silas Weir Mitchell

Silas Weir Mitchell

Charles “Haywire” Patoshik

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Sucre says he had 18 months left in his sentence when actually, he had 16 months left.

    • Goof: Sara Tancredi said she's an only child, however, in the beginning of the episode First Down, the news article states that she's the second eldest daughter of Frank Tancredi.

    • Tweener is 18 years old.

    • The key that falls on the ground, as Sara is trying to save her father and the key she finds later under her purse, have different shapes.

    • In the scene where Tweener goes to Debra's house he's told to put his hands behind his head. In the wide shot his hands are behind his head, but then in the next close-up shot he has his hands down and then puts them up.

    • Goof: When Mahone is talking to Tweener in the interrogation room he takes out his pen and there's a shot of two pills coming out of it. However, in another shot there are three pills at the table.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Agent Kim: Anyone who knows anything has got to be dealt with. If someone is a liability, they go. Tancredi was becoming a liability. (pause) So is his daughter.

    • Mahone (to Tweener): Are you Catholic? (Tweener looks at Mahone, but says nothing) Are you Catholic? (Tweener remains silent, Mahone looks at him and sits down) Not much good in it. A lot of guilt. But the one good thing is confession. Whatever you got eating at you, you just give it up. Feels good I have to say, guess it's letting it out, letting another human being hear.
      Tweener: I'm not going to say anything to you man.

    • Debra: Scott.
      Tweener: I haven't got much time, all right? I had to tell you something. What you did for me that day at the motel, ain't nobody in my life that's been to bat for me like that. (Police start to run up to Tweener)
      Mahone: (To the police) Get him. Go, go, go!
      Tweener And I lied to you, all right? My name ain't Scott. My name's Dave. (Police yelling for Tweener to put his hands up, etc)
      Debra: Oh my God.
      Tweener: David Apolskis. (Puts his hands on his head) And I just...I wanted you to know, all right. I'm gonna be writing you. And I sure as hell hope that you write back.
      (Tweener is dragged away by police, but smiles back at Debra. She looks at him, shocked, but then smiles)

    • C-Note: Where's Sucre?
      Sucre (pointing a gun at them): Right here.
      Michael: What are you doing?
      Sucre: Drop the bag, no-one's going anywhere.

    • Lincoln (disarming the police woman): Let's be civil. Stop. Relax.

    • Agent Kim (to Kellerman): Last time I checked, you left no shortage of bodies in your wake.

    • Mahone: We were talking about confession earlier and I think I owe you an apology because I lied to you about Oscar Shales. Smart-ass just kept pushing it. I snapped. Right there. (grabs Tweener's neck). That's where I put the bullet in him.
      Tweener: I don't care about none of this.
      Mahone: The thing about that is that forensics will tell the whole tale. Powder burns. The gun was right against his head.
      Tweener: Yo, sir. I think we should go back in...
      Mahone: See that's what's good about confession. You know, because you say something, you get it off your chest and it just goes out there into the whole world and I'm so sorry about this kid because I really hope you understand.
      Tweener: Yo, yo. What.. What..
      Mahone: I got nothing against you, kid... (Mahone steps back and takes out his loaded firearm, aiming it at Tweener).
      Tweener: What are you doing man?
      Mahone: ...but they do. (Mahone fires five bullets into Tweener).

    • Tweener (to Mahone): I got nothing to say to you, man.
      Mahone: What if I told you something, secret nobody else knows. Oscar Shales. Guy I was chasing a few years back. Smart as hell. I kept just missing him. Became kind of a game like chess. Would have almost been fun if it wasn't for the fact that he was killing people all along the way. Bodies kept stacking up and I started to feel that it was because of me because I couldn't do my job, because I wasn't smart enough. Never did catch him, but I did lose it. (starts to unscrew his pen). Saw things when I was driving at night, bodies, nightmares to the point that I couldn't sleep. It was a complete break from reality. (Mahone empties pills from inside his pen onto the table). That's what these little guys are for. Keep me in the game. So now you know. Now it's off my chest. Oughtta try it sometime.
      Tweener: Like I said before, I ain't gonna tell you nothing.

    • Detective: I know it's a shock, but we've also spoken to the detail guard stationed outside and he didn't see anyone other than your father enter or exit the mansion since he came back from Washington.
      Sara: My father's not a suicidal man.

    • C-Note: What the hell is up with you and Thailand, huh?
      T-Bag: Black-market surgery, anonymous transplant donors, hes dressed like shes. What's there not to like?

    • (Haywire is caught shoplifting)
      Shopkeeper: There something I can help you with?
      Haywire: What? No.
      Shopkeeper: You know, it'd be a little easier if you used a cart for all that stuff.
      Haywire: I'm just...uh...I wanted to--see if it all fit in the bag. What happened to your knee there?
      Shopkeeper: Motorcycle accident.
      Haywire: So, you don't move around too well then do you?
      Shopkeeper: Not really.
      Haywire: Well that's good.
      (Haywire runs out of the store)
      Shopkeeper: Hey! Hey! Hey!

    • Police Woman: Back away and put your hands up!
      T-Bag (holding a weapon against a woman's neck): I put my hands up, gonna take her jugular with it!

    • Agent: 5 million dollars buried somewhere beneath the streets of Tooele, you really believe that?
      Mahone: They believe it, and that's what's important.

    • Michael: This is going wrong in every possible way.
      C-Note (talking over Michael): This is stupid, man! We cannot do this!
      T-Bag: Hat's over the wall now.
      C-Note: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
      T-Bag: I mean we committed. It's time to go get the hat. We don't have a choice.
      C-Note: Yeah, we do. We can walk right up outta here, right now, man.
      T-Bag: And then what? We are already in the house. Those women are already bound. We have committed this crime. We leave, it ain't gonna change any of that!

    • Michael: Why couldn't it just be a silo, in the middle of a field, with no one around?
      Lincoln: We'll figure it out, we'll get the money, we'll go away.
      Michael: Yeah, maybe. I can rob another bank. You know what Charles once said to me? He said there's no such thing as an ex con. Because I used to think there was a way we could wipe the slate clean. Make up for everything we've done. The hat's over the wall, Linc. For everyone.

    • Michael (to the women tied up): Sorry isn't gonna mean anything to you right now. But I wanna say it anyway. This wasn't supposed to happen.

    • Lincoln: Since when did we become kidnappers? It ain't right.
      Michael: We can buy a conscience tomorrow.
      Lincoln: Yeah, well, closin' your eyes ain't gonna make it go away.
      Michael: I'll take 5 minutes of a situation I can control over 50 years of one I can't any day.

    • T-Bag (seeing his picture on TV): Picture makes me look like a sociopath!

    • (on phone)
      Kellerman: The doctor is suspicious.
      Kim: She should be. She was on the line with the governor when you walked up.
      Kellerman: You were listening.
      Kim: Both lines are tapped. We're not rookies.
      Kellerman: Did her father tell her what he found?
      Kim: Not over the phone. But he knows who you are. And so does she. Seeing how she was supposed to lead you to Scofield, and eventually to Burrows, it looks like we're back to square one.
      Kellerman: Not necessarily. There are other people they care about.
      Kim: The kid. L.J.
      Kellerman: Now in terms of the governor, Bill -
      Kim: Burrows' kid, Paul. Focus.

    • Sara: Hey, Bruce?
      Bruce: Oh hi, Sara.
      Sara: I'm trying to get a hold of Dad. I need to reach him on his cell.
      Bruce: He just landed, should be home soon. I don't know if he's gonna be in much of a mood to talk, though.
      Sara: Why?
      Bruce: Your father got a call from the White House. They withdrew his nomination.
      Sara: What?! I talked to him two hours ago, he didn't say anything about that.
      Bruce: It just happened. According to them, his confirmation was going to be a problem.
      Sara: We had the votes, right?
      Bruce: Super majority.
      Sara: Ok, so, President Reynolds pulled the plug on a sure thing in order to start over from scratch? How often does something like that happen in politics?
      Bruce: Never.

    • C-Note: Why don't you get down in that hole and dig, man.
      T-Bag: How 'bout you backin' up, dark fella?
      C-Note: You're a long way away from home, trailer park. I can put you in that hole and nobody'd ever hear you scream.

    • TV Reporter: We have security expert Marin Bernard with us who will explain how other prisons are ensuing that they are not victimized by the next Fox River Eight.
      T-Bag: Should be the Fox River Seven, now that Abruzzi's takin' his dirt nap. God rest the man's soul, of course.

    • Man: Hello, L.J.
      L.J.: What do you want?
      Man: Didn't they tell you why I came here?
      L.J.: No.
      Man: I'm an ADA here in Mohave County. I'm here to serve you with these. (puts papers on the table)
      L.J.: What are those?
      Man: Your release papers.

    • C-Note (throws shovelful of dirt on T-Bag): I'm not jokin' with you, trailer park. Now get in here and dig!
      T-Bag: I am incapable, thanks to all y'all! Just remember that my X marked the spot! You remember that.

    • Lincoln (after hearing about L.J.'s release): Keys to the car, where are they?
      Michael: Just hold on, ok? You can't do this! Linc! We are 5 minutes away in there.
      Lincoln: We've been 5 minutes for 4 hours.
      Michael: Just give me some time. Be patient.
      Lincoln: You think I give a damn about the money?
      Michael: I'm doing what's necessary!
      Lincoln: You're afraid to fail! You're afraid this big plan of yours ain't gonna work out. You wanna get caught proving you can pull this thing off, be my guest. L.J.'s out there. I'm gonna get him.
      Michael: We have come 1500 miles across country. We have made it this far.
      Lincoln: Then I guess this is where we part ways.

    • Lincoln: You can still come with me.
      Michael: I could…I could do this.
      Lincoln: And if you can't?
      Michael: We still meet up. Exactly where we planned.
      Lincoln: Bolchoi Booze.
      Michael: Bolshoi.
      Lincoln: Bolshoi. L.J.'s gonna be with me.
      Michael: You remember how to get there?
      Lincoln: How could I forget?
      Michael: Thursday night. 6:00. It's our last shot. Before, uh…um…if we do this right, we're gone. Forever.
      Lincoln: Lotta ground to cover in 3 days.
      Michael: Lotta ground.
      Lincoln: Alright. (hugs Michael) Take care.
      Michael: They'll be gunnin' for you. They'll get you anyway they can, so…
      Lincoln: Yup.
      Michael: Tell L.J…. tell him I said they'll be a surfboard with his name on it.
      Lincoln: Nice. Bolshoi Booze. (at same time as Michael) 3 days. Keep your head down.

    • C-Note (to Michael): Hey, Johnny KKK over here is gonna have an Asian hand.

    • Mahone (places a can of soda on the table): That's a hell of a good deal, son. I mean we're talking no additional time on your sentence for the escape. You want it in writing, I'll put it in writing. We will put you up at Club Fed, you'll spend your days playing racquetball with stockbrokers and lawyers. Four years from now you'll be out on the street. Twenty two years old with a clean slate and your whole life ahead of you and no blood on your hands. Okay?
      (long pause)
      Tweener: There's a woman in the house. If you guys show up, 's just gonna turn her into a hostage. T-Bag, he ain't comin' out alive and he's gonna take her with him.
      Mahone: Let me worry about that.
      Tweener: No, hell no. The only way that that woman comes out free is if someone shows up on that porch that they trust.
      Mahone: Being you.
      Tweener: Being me. (takes the can of soda and opens it) I'll take you to them.

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