Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 15

By the Skin and the Teeth

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

As Lincoln is about to be executed, he sees his father in the viewing room. A phone call from Judge Kessler delays the execution. After reviewing the newly surfaced evidence, the judge orders the exhumation of Steadman's body.
Michael creates a new, more dangerous, break-out plan, involving going through the prison yard. An accident puts Michael's new plan in danger.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle has to come up with a new plan since his brother exuction was delayed. and the secret service are also tring to fiure out who came forth with the evidence to stop it. and veronica and the guy are exsume the brother of the vice president. and the evidence points to its him but veronica does not belive that. and michle must figure out the plan and he deiced to sneek into the phyce ward but its dangrious becasue you got to go through the guard towers. to get to it. and so michles cell mait comes up with the idea to disscuse himself as one of them with the help of a friend. but as he is leaving the phyce ward he takes off the uniform and gets badly burned and a peice of the tatoo gets torn away and its a key pecie that they need. this was a good epmoreless
  • good

    As Lincoln is about to be executed, he sees his father in the viewing room. A phone call from Judge Kessler delays the execution. After reviewing the newly surfaced evidence, the judge orders the exhumation of Steadman's body.

    Michael creates a new, more dangerous, break-out plan, involving going through the prison yard. An accident puts Michael's new plan in danger.

    ANOTHER emotional episode that right prison break has gone all soft on us and its fantatsic, the show calm and slowed down here in these last few episodes its like a little break from the good stuff. 9 out of 10 .moreless
  • Some more Complications!!!!!

    Since prison Break returned of his fall season, it did not manage to create those super intense episodes like before, however comparing with the previous episode, this was better.

    This Michael second escape plan that he has in mind, is more complex than ever and dangerous. So the things will be going to be more complicated when we advance for the end of the season and this is already explore in this episode. We had some intense suspense moments too.

    Lincoln scenes was only meant for him to participate, at least he discover that his father returned. There are some weak points:

    How the guard didn't notice he was there or hear his whimpering? The normal inspection of the cells in the night also have this problem, if you compare with what happened in the sixth episode, but in this case, you can believe that is possible. How they are going to connect that hole in that uniform with michael, it is going to be complicated, one more time, the writers will have to create another plot hole.

    This episode presents some plot holes, as usual. It is necessary to suspend some of your beliefs, to be able to enjoy this show.moreless
  • Amazing.

    When anonymous evidence leads to a stay of execution of Lincoln, Michael reformulates his escape plan. He must now figure out a way to get into and through the prison's asylum undetected. I this episode was another awesome episode of Prison Break. The story - line was so good, there was ups and downs for Michael and now that he has burned some of his tatoo off, what is going to happen? I thought the best part of the episode was when Lincon was in the electric chair. I was crying so much. I thought also when Lincon saw his dad was a great part in the episode. And Michael didn't know what he was saying. It was so exciting. I cant wait until the next episode!moreless
  • Lincoln's Execution is Saved

    Strapped into the electric chair awaiting his fate, Lincoln spots a tearful Michael and Veronica… as well as another familiar face. Is the stress causing him to hallucinate or is that his estranged father? Suddenly, the proceedings screech to a halt. Judge Kessler has phoned with the news that fresh evidence has come to light. The Vice President's office is going mad but it's too late to plug the leak. The medical report is out. The body in the autopsy might not have been Terence Steadman's. Studying the blueprints tattooed on his back, Michael works out a new route to the infirmary. T-Bag is appalled to hear it involves a spell in the psychiatric ward and 40 metres of scurrying above ground. Michael heads off to try out the route, clad in a guard's uniform, escaping identification by the skin of his teeth and getting a nasty burn in the process.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman

LJ Burrows

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney

Veronica Donovan

Andrew Rothenberg

Andrew Rothenberg


Guest Star

Tracy Letts

Tracy Letts


Guest Star

Tony Denison

Tony Denison

Aldo Burrows

Guest Star

Patricia Wettig

Patricia Wettig

Vice President Caroline Reynolds

Recurring Role

Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes

Samantha Brinker

Recurring Role

Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo

Nick Savrinn

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In a previous episode we learn when cell count happens the guard must see "some skin" from an inmate to be counted present. In this episode Michael is still in the hole when the guard does cell count. He never asks to see a part of Michael's body. The guard counts him present even though he never saw Michael.

    • Goof: Why didn't Veronica and Nick ask to test the deceased person's DNA against Caroline Reynolds? Wouldn't this have proven that the two people weren't related and that it wasn't her brother that had been buried?

    • Goof: Because the guard uniform belongs to Geary, shouldn't it look a bit too large on Michael? However, it seems to fit him perfectly.

    • We get to see that Lincoln and his father were fans of the Chicago Cubs and that they went to see them at Wrigley Field When Lincoln was a child.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Michael: (on the telephone) So that's not Steadman that was buried.
      Veronica: We don't know. If it isn't, Lincoln's free. If it is, we're right back where we started. Take care of yourself, Michael.

    • C.O. Stolte: Hey, do you know what school Art Schlicter played for?
      T-Bag: Not really sure there, Boss. I really ain't much of a football guy, Boss. Too much violence.
      Stolte: Come on, you know the guy I'm talking about. Art Schlichter, the quarterback, got nailed for gambling.
      T-Bag: No, doesn't really ring a bell.
      Stolte: Bet if I asked you what his ass looked like you'd remember.

    • Nick: Steadman asked for a green burial. No embalming, biodegradable's very environmentally aware.
      Veronica: Or smart if you don't want the body to be identified.

    • Sucre: (to Manche) Trust me, Primo, the less you know, the better.

    • Vice-President Reynolds: Why is he still alive?
      Kellerman: It appears that some information was anonymously slipped to the judge.
      Vice-President Reynolds: Anonymously? It was your fat little friend Hale.

    • (In warden's office)
      Sucre (looking to Warden): He was acting kind of weird when we lined up for final account. He was sweating you know, but he's not a big talker anyway so I didn't think much of it. In the middle of the night, I get up you know, to shake hands with the president, and there he was, face down on the floor.
      Bellick: My ass.

    • Sucre (talking to his cousin Manche): I'm in prison pendejo! How much trouble can I get into?

    • Michael (to warden): What happened in there?
      Warden Pope: Judge Kessler called. The execution has been delayed.
      Michael: What do you mean delayed?
      Warden Pope: Apparently some new evidence has come to light.
      Veronica: What evidence?
      Michael: I don't understand. How long do we have? One day, two days?
      Warden Pope: That's all the information I have at the moment. I'm sorry. (looks at Michael) I'll give you a minute. (The warden leaves the room)
      Michael: I need to know how much time we have.

    • Bellick: Let's review: a locked cell, two inmates, one gets branded like a South Dakota steer. You think we should call Matlock in on this one?
      Sucre: Who's Matlock?

    • Vice-President Reynolds (to Agent Brinker): The next time you're in my office, I expect you to stand when you're addressing me.

    • Sucre: What's wrong?
      Michael: The blueprints, the ones we need to get from the psych ward to the infirmary, our map out of here...they're gone.

    • Judge Kessler: I don't know what these papers mean. And for that reason I'm going to err on the side of caution. I'm delaying the execution by two weeks. That should give us more than enough time to exhume the body. It's the only way we're going to know if that body in the ground is Terence Steadman.

    • Vice-President Reynolds: I hope you're proud of this. You've gotten your pound of flesh. Are you done now, or would you like to hurt my family some more?

    • Bellick: Still got some piss and vinegar in those old veins, eh Charles? I like it.

    • Manche: If they catch you with this, they'll kill you. I need this back by morning. If not, they'll know something is up. And cousin? Now you owe me.

    • Michael: He (Dad) took off thirty years ago. Why would he come back now, at the very last minute?

    • Lincoln: Did you see him? The guy in the viewing room?
      Michael: No.
      Lincoln: It was Dad.

    • Michael: We can go into that hole in the guard's room. About forty yards up Route 66, there's a grate and that'll get us halfway there.
      C-Note: And what about the rest of the way?
      Michael: We gotta do it above ground.
      C-Note: Oh, so it's just a bunch of cons taking a stroll in the middle of the night for all the guards to see?
      Michael: Yep.
      Sucre: You're right. It is suicide.

    • C-Note: You know what they say about weather in the Midwest, if you don't like it...wait an hour.

    • Sucre: So, that body, what if it's him [Steadman]?
      Michael: Well I'm not going to sit around hoping.
      Sucre: What does that mean?
      Michael: It means we get back to work...
      Sucre: God, I was hoping you would say that.

    • C.O. Geary: Hey, slim! You got my uni ready?
      Manche: Um... there's been a bit of a problem, boss.
      Geary: What the hell is this?
      Manche: I left the iron on it too long.
      Geary: You're as stupid as you are fat, you know that, D-cups? My new shirt's coming out of your kick.

    • Michael: The pipe system beneath the psych ward is, well it's complex. Be real easy to get lost.
      Sucre: How complex can it be?
      Michael: Very. When they built this place in 1858 the pipes were lead, a century later they discovered lead was a health risk, so they went to copper. They never removed the lead pipes, cost too much. There's thousands of yards of the stuff still down there. Then a few years ago they switched to industrial plastic, again it was cheaper just to lay it down over the old stuff. If I make a wrong turn down there tonight I won't make it back for count.
      Sucre: But you won't make the wrong turn, right?

    • Sucre: You owe me.
      Manche: Like hell I do, it's your turn not mine.
      Sucre: Ms. Mangina's broken window!
      Manche: The Dellaro sisters?
      Sucre: Your brother's lost El Camino.
      Manche: The church collection basket?
      Sucre: The donkey!!
      Manche: Yo! We took an oath bro.
      Sucre: Don't make me break it.

    • Sucre: You don't know all those plans by now?
      Michael: No, memorizing it would be like memorizing the phone book.
      Sucre: Yeah, but why not just tie up Route 66?
      Michael: Contingencies.
      Sucre: Contingencies?

    • Bellick: My god, you cons are slower than a spelling bee full of stutterers!

    • C-Note:Wait a minute - why are you changing the plan, man? We're already through that room beneath the infirmary, that's all we gotta do is get through that pipe and we're home free!
      Michael: There's a reason they replaced it with a twelve-inch pipe, Darwin - people can't get through it.

    • Sara: Did your cell mate do this to you? Michael: Sucre?... No. Sara: Then who did? Michael: This is the part where I don't answer you.

    • T-Bag: You tellin' me to get to the Infirmary we gotta go through the Whack Shack?

    • C-Note: When we come up out of that ground there, that tower there (points to his right), that tower there (points to his left), and that tower behind me, is gonna see us. We'll be like ducks in a shooting range, you feel me?
      Guard: Hurry it up, con!
      C-Note: Your plan sucks, snowflake.

    • (While Lincoln is in the electric chair about to be electrocuted)
      Lincoln: It's him! Michael!
      Veronica: What's he saying?
      Lincoln: Michael, turn around! It's him!
      Veronica: What do you think he's saying?
      Lincoln: Michael, turn around!

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Sucre's cousin asks him what is going on with the burned guard uniform, Sucre responds with "the less you know the better off you are." This is alluding to the time Michael told Sucre the same thing when Sucre and C-Note thought they were just being used as labor for the escape plan.

    • When Sucre claims it wasn't him who burnt Michael's back, Captain Bellick comments on their locked cell before remarking sarcastically, "think we should call Matlock in on this one?" Sucre replies with, "who's Matlock?"

      Ben Matlock is an extremely expensive, though very good, criminal defense attorney from the TV series titled "Matlock" that aired from 1986-1995. He defends his clients by first finding the actual perpetrator.

    • Title: By The Skin and The Teeth

      This is a slightly skewed version of "By the skin of your teeth," Which means just barely getting away with something.