Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 3

Call Waiting

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

Linc's still trying to figure out he bird book. Good luck with that, Linc. He's alerted to something in the hall and finds photos of L.J. and Doc, each holding a current newspaper. Sucre drops by and asks for a little dinero. Linc tells him the bag full o' cash is no more. Sucre persists and Linc gets in his face, reminding him of Michael's predicament. Sucre reminds Linc that not everybody was exhonerated. Linc continues this odd game of Ping Pong and shows him the photos, like, "Hah! Take that! Kidnapped kid trumps no pardon!" Sucre leaves. The Yard. Oh, look, another dead body. Bellick makes a play for the dead guy's shoes but manages to snag only one. Michael tries to thank MBBM for calling off the bounty on Whistler and asks if there's anything he can do around SONA. MBBM tells Michael that if anybody needs anything, he will take care of it, not Michael. And no more favors! Inner fence. Linc tells Michael about the bird book and says it's full of numbers. He shows Michael the pictures and points out that Doc appears to be pointing at something in her paper: the name Santa Rita. Linc says it's a town near here. Perhaps she's being held there? Michael says he needs to talk to her and asks Linc to clear it. Linc reminds Michael that They will be listening to any call Doc makes. Michael knows and says he's "coming up empty in here" and if he can't get Whistler out, then Linc will have to break out Doc and L.J. New credits. Whistler asks about moving day, but Michael would rather get to know Whistler a little better. Not like that! He'd rather talk about Whistler. Jeez, get your minds out of the gutter! When Whistler clams up, Michael heads over to Sparky and asks for a phone. And we go to a bar where Linc is asking JLOK for the phone call. He says it's not a request, but a "dictation of terms." JLOK assures him the hostages are fine and he has more of a chance of "banging me on that bar" than he does of arranging a call between Michael and Doc. Linc: "I appreciate the offer, but I'll pass." "Oh, what if that's a dictation of terms?" Hee! And Purcell's reaction shot is high-larious! And back to SONA where Sparky says the government got rid of the phones. The only cell inside belongs to MBBM. Of course it does. Sofia and Whistler meet at the inner fence. She tells him some guy stole the book. He asks her to describe him. She says Linc had a shaved head and was kinda big. Don't forget hot, Sofia. Although, you are describing your future boyfriend to your current boyfriend, so perhaps it is wise to leave out the part where his manly chest made your heart go pitter-patter. Anyhoodling, she says he's Scofield's brother. So she wants to know who Scofield is. Whistler says he's someone who's helping get him outta here and Sofia thinks he's a lawyer. She asks why the book is so important and Whistler says it contains numbers for people who can help. Sofia doesn't believe him, but he tells her to just sit tight. As she signs out, she notices Michael's name on the visitor's log and takes note of Linc's name and address. Michael's skulking, trying to figure out how best to snatch the phone. Henchman sees him and sends him on his way. Jailbird Jittery Mahone is seriously withdrawing. Michael's feeling guilty again. After staring at Doc's photo, he steels himself to do something unsavory, something involving...T-Bag! Unsavory indeed. Michael asks for a favor: he needs the phone. T-Bag gets snippy, asking if Michael would like him to turn water into wine or maybe if he'd like T-Bag to nail MBBM's mommy while he's at it. "She'd be a little old for your taste, no?" Heh. "Careful, don't bite the hand you're trying to get fed out of." Good point, T-Bag. Michael threatens to tattle on T-Bag, reminding him that this is a religious country and the others may not be so forgiving if they knew he was a pedophile. Whistler is pissed about the theft of his book and shares his feelings with Michael. Michael says everything inside of him is telling him to not break out Whistler, but They have Doc and he's going to do it for her. MBBM chats with his cousin on the outside. Seems he's concerned that someone is trying to steal his business. The call is dropped and MBBM pissily places his phone in the charger. Mahone looks like shit as he staggers to the inner fence to meet with a public defender. The pd happily informs him that a trial date has been set: June 13th, of next year. Needless to say, Mahone is displeased. Blah blah, loony tunes, "I need drugs!" MBBM leaves for his haircut and T-Bag swipes the phone, passes it to Michael and tells him they have thirty minutes. Michael hurriedly calls Linc, who's on his way to see JLOK. He's also sporting a tail by the name of Sofia. As this little drama is unfolding, Bellick tries to make nice with Pistachio, the SONA barber and current owner of the other shoe. Bellick hilariously attempts to man-flirt and fails miserably when Pistachio calls him fat. "This is all muscle!" he protests. Hee hee hee! He beats it when MBBM arrives for his haircut. When JLOK enters the bar Linc gets all up in her face (seems to be an on-going problem with him) and (hotly) demands the phone call. MBBM's cell rings and it's Doc and someone who is clearly not Sarah Wayne Callies. NotDoc drops some clues: "L.J. and I, we can see it now, it's a lost cause." She says maybe Michael needs more time, "like they're giving you until midnight and I'm sitting here at 3 AM." After disconnecting, Michael explains to Linc that they're not in Santa Rita, rather they're someplace where they can see a statue of Saint Rita, the patron saint of lost causes. T-Bag interrupts to warn Michael that MBBM's coming. Michael H-O-T-L-Y spits, "Stall him!" Oooh, it's not what was said, it's how it was delivered. Is it getting a little redundant when I note how hotly the brothers accomplish their tasks? How's this: from now on, assume hotness is always involved, unless otherwise noted. So, T-Bag stomps away and Michael tells Linc the midnight/3 AM clue. Michael hustles to MBBM's quarters, drops the phone on the charger and hides just as MBBM enters and we go to commercials. After said commercials, T-Bag manages to distract MBBM so Michael can sneak out. But d'oh! MBBM notices that the phone isn't pushed all the way into the charger, like it was when he left. Linc's cell rings, he answers but remains silent. Good thing since it's MBBM calling. Linc hangs up and MBBM tells a lackey to find out who the caller was. Linc's day continues to suck as Sofia pulls a knife on him. He manages to talk her down, saying they're on the same side. He says he's one of the guys who's trying to break Whistler out. Sofia's all, "What the hell? Scofield's a lawyer, Whistler's not breaking out!" And Linc's all, "Wake up and smell the pile of bullshit your boy's been feeding you. The Bad Guys want Whistler out bad enough to kidnap my son in order to force me to help." Linc gets in a cab and asks to be taken to the Saint Rita statue while Sofia stands about, confused. SONA. Whistler tries to chat up Mahone in order to get info on Michael. Mahone warns him that Michael will do anything for those he loves, but if you're not on the list "he'll screw you three ways to Sunday." Hmmm, sounds like fun. Linc arrives at the statue and tries really really hard to figure out Doc's clue. He seems to get it and Doc confirms his guess by kicking her shoe through the window. Linc races through the commercial break and actually manages to stand in the same room as L.J. for, like, two seconds. The hostages are herded into a van as Goons keep Linc from succeeding in his rescue attempt. JLOK receives news that Linc made a move. Inner fence. The brothers switch places (figuratively) as Linc gives Michael a pep talk. Back in his cell, Michael recalls Skinny Dude's short bid for freedom. Whistler pops by and tells his very loooong story. He really was a fisherman, and a tour guide and anything that paid the rent. About a year ago he took out a naturalist who took some water samples and measurements. Afterwards he got a call, asking where he'd taken the guy. He couldn't remember. Then "government types" showed up, asking the same questions. So he decided to move to Panama full time. Then came the bar fight and he ended up in SONA. The guys visited him and said they would help him get out, as long as he told them where he'd taken the naturalist. That's why the book is so important, it's a ship log and it has coordinates. Michael says that's swell, but he's gonna hold onto it. Well, Linc will do the actual holding. Whistler's all, "Fine. So how do we get out? No one's ever broken outta here." Michael says he's heard that before. Heh. Henchman hassles T-Bag so he runs to MBBM. He goes on and on about being the new guy and the new guy always gets blamed when things go south and blah blah. Basically he preys on MBBM's paranoia and winds up becoming the big man's spy. Bellick tosses Pistachio's cell, looking for that other shoe and as he does so he overhears Mahone and Michael's tense conversation. Mahone figures that since the Company went to all the trouble of getting Michael thrown into SONA, They must have plans for him. Add to that Whistler's curiosity about Michael and we've got ourselves a conspiracy! Michael tells him to pop a pill and chill the hell out. Mahone asks if Michael would mind if he offed Whistler. Michael reminds Mahone that the Company wouldn't hesitate to kill Mahone's family. After ending the conversation, Michael watches as a gravedigger douses a body with gasoline. Linc returns to his hotel and finds Sucre passed out in front of his door. He drags Sucre's sorry (but pretty) ass inside and receives a call from JLOK. He promises to be a good boy and to never, ever try and rescue his kid again. She says okay, but she left him something in the garage. Oh, here come the duns. So Linc goes downstairs and slooowly approaches a white box. He crouches down, tentatively lifts the lid and...we don't get to see anything. Of course not 'cuz if we did, how could the FOX announcer guy ask, "What's in the box?"