Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 3

Cell Test

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 05, 2005 on FOX
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When Michael reveals his escape plan to Sucre, Sucre chooses to be no part of it, and requests a cell transfer. Michael gets a new cellmate called Haywire.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle needs to know if he can trust his prison cell mate. and so he goest to his brother to tell this information. to tell him they need him to be in on it so he can do the digging in the cell. and not rat him out. so he pretends to hide a cellphone in a locker and he sees it and interested in becasue he is having girfrend problems becasue the person he wants to marry is getting interest in a another man. and she does not want to wait for a baby. and so michels brother goes and tells the head guard that to question a man about a cell phone for exchange for cigs and to get more time on the yard. so the gurd goes to question and threatens him with losing his room to spend time with her he does not give in and he loses it. and then he goes to michle and asks for the cell but thing is its just a bar of soap and he gets pissed off he goes to tell him in the cells to talk to him but he is getting a transfer and wants nothing to do with his plan. and a new person comes in to take his place his name is haywire and michle trys to start doing some work but thing is haywire never really sleeps this was a good epmoreless
  • Lowered intense, but managed to be Great!!!

    This episode is a littler weaker than the previous one.

    This is due to the lower intensity. However, things go well and the episode managed to be great.

    The tension was created since we had two problems for michaels from the previous episode, abruzzi and t-bag, the way this episode tried to create more tension was great, because michael is not JEt Li, so how he will escape forom this? Again, the writers managed to pull this off, tied the two problems for now, like they did in the previous episode.

    This means that all the 4 mini - plots, only 3 remains, however, a new mini plot arrived, since Michael needed to know if he could trust in his cell mate. This plot is not over, and this create another mini plot for now, since Michael has a new Cell Mate that doesn´t....well, you will see the great cliffhanger.moreless
  • Amazing.

    Michael plans to test whether Sucre, his cellmate, can keep a secret, but it backfires when Sucre wants nothing to do with the escape plan. T-Bag wants revenge on Michael and Abruzzi tries to get Fibonacci's location a different way. i really, really liked this episoed, but I'm starting to hate T-Bag. I dont really know him yet, and I need to get warmed up to him. Plus he scares the hell out of me. There was so much going on in this episode, and its awesome. there was alot of tension and it was awesome. I cant wait to watch more and more episode on this show, I'm so excited to watch the next one.moreless
  • good

    After Michael is bandaged up in the infirmary (after the two smallest toes on his left foot were cut off) he meets with Veronica Donovan to talk about Lincoln Burrows' exoneration. While painting a room, Michael hides a cell phone in a small power box in the wall. Sucre sees this and starts to imagine if he could use it whenever he wanted. However, Lincoln tells a guard that Sucre has a cellphone in his possession. When Sucre is asked about the phone from a guard, he denies it, even to the point of losing his conjugals. This proves to Michael that his cellmate can hold a secret. Great episode not the best of the season but still a good episode.moreless
  • A good episode.

    Cell Test was a well written episode. We find some things falling into place for Michael while some fall out of place. Michael finally gets Anbruzzi to come on board with the plan but Sucre decides he wants nothing to do with being Michael's cellmate after finding out he is going to try and escape. Sucre requests and gets a transfer leaving Michael with a new mate who happens to have a condition where he never sleeps. Overall this was a good episode but one thing I thought strange was how quick Lincoln and his son have reconciled. I think the writers should have drawn that out a little longer as It just seemed way to quick and that made if feel out of place to me.moreless
Adina Porter

Adina Porter

Leticia Barris

Guest Star

Tom McElroy

Tom McElroy

Rev. Mailor

Guest Star

Tab Baker

Tab Baker

Crab Simmons

Guest Star

Mark Morettini

Mark Morettini

C.O. Rizzo Green

Recurring Role

Anthony Starke

Anthony Starke

Sebastian Balfour

Recurring Role

Gianni Russo

Gianni Russo


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When Michael and Lincoln are talking about Abruzzi through the fence you can clearly hear Dominic Purcell's Australian accent.

    • Goof: When Michael is talking to Veronica in visitation, Michael said Lincoln had "60 days to live". This means Michael had about a month to organize everything for his breakout plan. However, in the Pilot episode, Sid the tattooist comments that Michael got his full tattoo "in a few months".

    • Silas Weir Mitchell (Haywire) originally wanted the part of T-Bag.

    • At the end of the previous episode, Michael leaves the infirmary where Dr. Tancredi is seen wearing a blue shirt and is taken to Abruzzi where he is mutilated. He is taken back to the infirmary and although only minutes have passed, Dr. Tancredi has changed her hair and her shirt is now red.

    • Goof: When Lincoln is entering the visitation room you can see Veronica, standing up, at the side of the camera shot. When the camera then cuts to Veronica, we see her rising, when before she was already standing.

    • Goof: When Veronica and Kellerman are shaking hands in her office, they at first are shaking hands over Veronica's laptop. When the camera switches angles, however, their hands are on the left side of the laptop, not directly over it.

    • Veronica's graduation picture isn't accurate. Baylor University's colors are green and gold, not blue.

    • Haywire, Michael's new cellmate, does not sleep - ever.

    • Abruzzi decides to use a soft touch to get Michael's information about Fibonacci, and takes care of Michael's T-Bag problem for him. Michael reveals a few more details to Abruzzi in return, including that Abruzzi will be out within a month.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Lincoln: Louis, take these off. (gesturing to the hand shackles)
      C.O. Patterson: Sink, I can't do that.
      Lincoln: Come on, I'm in a cage. Ten minutes. Please! It's my kid.

    • Sebastian: Look. I'm going to make this real easy for you. Do you want to get married? Or not?
      Veronica: I don't know.
      Sebastian: (sarcastically) Wonderful.

    • Hale: (about to execute Leticia) I'm sorry. You gotta believe that.

    • Veronica: I thought maybe they'd gotten to you.
      Leticia: Oh yeah? And why do you care so much about my well being all of a sudden?
      Veronica: I don't.
      Leticia: Finally, an honest answer.

    • Kellerman: We have been informed that you obtained a copy of the surveillance tape entered as evidence in the Lincoln Burrows trial.
      Veronica: Is there a problem with that?
      Kellerman: We are just following up.
      Veronica: Has there been some amendment to the Freedom of Information Act that I'm unaware of?

    • Bellick: Open on forty! Scofield. Found you a new celly. As luck would have it, I found him in the psych ward. You were the only guy with an empty tray so...
      Michael: Psych ward?
      Bellick: You got a problem with that? Because if you do, please feel free to drop it in my suggestion box here. (He taps the toilet) Haywire, get in here! Close it up on forty! (The gate closes) Oh and Scofield? Just a heads up. Don't make eye contact with him.

    • Lincoln: Hey um, I've been talking to the chaplain and they'd like me to cite who I should uh... have at the uh... I guess what I'm trying to say is, when you get to the end, you start to realize what's important to you. You know, who really matters to you. And uh, you know, that leaves you and Mike. You're the only blood I got left in this... this world. LJ: You know, I, I gotta say I'm not really following what you're saying. Lincoln: Well uh. In the end, the only thing that matters is love. Blood, family, you.Um. (He puts his hand to the grate at the top of the cage.) Give me your hand. LJ: What are you doing? Lincoln: Give me your hand. Give me your hand... (LJ places his hand against his father's) I want you to be there when... I want you to be there the day before I die. So I can see you. So I can hold you. I uh, I love you. I've always loved you. LJ: This whole thing, um, I don't know if I can take it. Lincoln: Me neither. I don't have a choice. You do.

    • Abruzzi:I need to be outside these walls before Fibonacci testifies. Michael: You will be. Abruzzi: He testifies in one month. Michael: Then we'll be out in plenty of time. Abruzzi: If not, you're a corpse. So you'd better cut the crap and tell me the exact date and time so I can start making the arrangements. Michael: I don't know if I can trust you with that information yet. Abruzzi: Why not? Michael: Like I said, John, you're a mercurial man.

    • Abruzzi: Got an issue with our little friend over there?
      T-Bag:: I don't gotta come to you. You don't give the green light.
      Abruzzi: Everything in here runs through me, you know that.
      T-Bag:: Maytag's in the ground because of that piece of detritus.
      Abruzzi: So now you want him.
      T-Bag:: Every day, for the rest of his bid.
      Abruzzi: Seems you and I have something in common, then.

    • Veronica (expecting Leticia): Have a good smoke?
      Kellerman: I don't smoke.

    • Lincoln: Bellick.
      Bellick: Hey, what's up, Lincoln?
      Lincoln: I want some extra time outside for the next couple weeks.
      Bellick (Laughing): Paint fumes from PI must be getting to you.
      Lincoln: Cell phone's allowed in here? (He stands up and Bellick takes off his hat)
      Bellick: Who?
      Lincoln: Extra time outside. Couple cigarettes?
      Bellick: Half hour, one week, one cigarette. (Lincoln nods and walks to his cell)
      Lincoln: Know a con named Sucre?

    • Pope: Why didn't you include any names?
      Lincoln: Why would I want anyone to watch me die?
      Pope: I've seen it happen a number of ways. Some people want to go it alone, others have grandiose statements that they want to make, but most want some member of their family there before they leave this world.
      Lincoln: I'll do it alone.
      Pope: Son, in my opinion, all inmates who have made that choice have deeply regretted it in their final minutes. I'll uh, leave it blank for now. You have less than four weeks now. You should give it some thought.

    • Sara: What happened?
      Michael (Breathing in deeply): Oh, nothing.
      Sara: This isn't nothing Michael. I need you to tell me what happened.
      Michael: Don't make me lie to you... Please.

    • Sara: I think you'd better have an instant Investigation. Bellick: Oh, there's no need. We know what happened. Sara: Uh, perhaps you'd be good enough to enlighten me? Bellick: Ah, well there was a bit of gardening shears left on the floor of the shed, evidently he stepped on them. Sara: But they went straight through his boot huh? Bellick: Yeah. Sara: So, why wasn't the boot still on his foot? Bellick: Like I said doc. We got it taken care of.

    • Sucre (catching Michael hiding a bar of soap disguised as a cell phone): Tell me that ain't what I think it is.
      Michael: It ain't what you think it is.

    • Bellick: I thought you said you were just gonna have a conversation with him.
      Abruzzi (holding Michael's severed toes): Yeah, I did. Things, uh…escalated.

    • Abruzzi (after elbowing T-Bag in the face): Ah, he talks too much.

    • Michael: What's your problem?
      Haywire: I got a neuroanatomic lesion affecting my reticular activating system.
      Michael: What does that mean?
      Haywire: It means I don't sleep. At all.

    • Michael: You're a mercurial man, John.
      Abruzzi: I prefer bold.

    • Abruzzi's Cellmate: I say we take his whole foot.
      Abruzzi: We could cut off all his limbs. He still wouldn't talk. Pain is not the answer here. Maybe the Beatles were right after all – maybe all you need is love.

    • Lincoln: How far behind are we?
      Michael: Three days.
      Lincoln: I thought you said the margin of error was zero days.
      Michael: I did.

    • Michael: What are you doing?
      Sucre: What's it look like I'm doing? I'm rolling it up.
      Michael: You can't do this!
      Sucre: I'm done playin' your reindeer games, fish. I'm gonna transfer to a nice, quiet cell with a normal cellie. One that doesn't screw my entire life up.

    • Veronica: (Michael limps out to meet her in the visitation room) They've gotten to you haven't they? The other prisoners. My God Michael, this place is gonna kill you.

    • Lincoln (finding out what Abruzzi did to Michael): I'm gonna kill that scum!
      Michael: You won't. You kill him, you kill our express ticket out of here.

    • Sara: If you want I could recommend you be sent to ad-seg.
      Michael: With the rape victims and the snitches.
      Sara: It would keep you safe.
      Michael: Thanks. But I think I'd like to face the monsters on my own.

    • Sara: Michael, you understand by law I'm obligated to file a report if I feel there's been prisoner misconduct. There's no way this injury happened by stepping on a blade in a garden shed.
      Michael: If you file a report things could get a lot worse for me.
      Sara: They're not already?
      Michael: Not compared to what they could be. I've made some enemies.
      Sara: Yeah. You scared? (Michael glares at her) (mutters) Men.

    • Michael: You said you talked to a woman. What was her name?
      Veronica: Leticia.
      Michael: Leticia Barris.
      Veronica: How'd you know?
      Michael: A year ago I was doing exactly what you're doing. Tryin' to find out the truth. It's a bottomless pit, Veronica. They designed it that way, so by the time you got to the bottom of it Lincoln would be dead.

    • Sucre: (to Michael) Soap? I lost my conjugals... over soap.

    • Michael: Preparation will only take you so far. After that you gotta take a few leaps of faith.

    • Dr. Tancredi: Here's what I think. I think you are scared and you wouldn't be human if you weren't scared in a place like this.
      Michael: When I was young, I couldn't sleep at night because I thought there was a monster in the closet. But my brother told me there wasn't anything in the closet but fear. And fear wasn't real. He said it wasn't made of anything just…air. Not even that. He said you just have to face it. You just have to open that closet and the monster would disappear.
      Dr. Tancredi: Brother sounds like a smart man.
      Michael: He is. In here though, you face your fear, you open that door and there's a hundred more doors behind it. And the monsters that are hiding behind them are all real.

    • Sucre: Are you crazy? You think I wanna break out of here? Sixteen months from now I'm out the gate. I'm getting married, Papi, and I sure as hell not doin' it with no posse on my ass. Man I oughta beat you six ways till Sunday. I lost my conjugals pendejo, because of your little bar of soap.
      Michael: I had to test you. See if you could keep a secret.
      Sucre: You want a secret, well I got a secret for you, fish. You dig in my cell when I'm there and I'm gonna split your wig. Tu me estas entendiendo? (Walks off.)
      Lincoln: That went well.

    • Michael: Lincoln, we have a problem.

  • NOTES (1)


    • With Haywire as his new cellmate, Michael tells his brother, "Lincoln, we have a problem."

      This refers to the common saying, "Houston, we have a problem." The tagline for the 1995 film, Apollo 13, it went from being a genuine formal report of a potentially life-threatening issue to being used colloquially, even humorously, to comment on all types of problems.

    • Abruzzi: Maybe the Beatles were right after all – maybe all you need is love.

      This is a reference to the hit 1967 song by the Beatles, All You Need Is Love.

    • The informer's name, Fibonacci, is a reference to an Italian mathematician. He is best known for the discovery of the Fibonacci numbers, referred to in the Dan Brown Novel, The DaVinci Code.

    • The episode title appears to allude to the fake cell phone that Michael made to test Sucre. "Cell Test" was also written on a Post-It note when Michael planned the escape.