Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

Right off the bat we get a reunion between Doc and Michael (and Linc and Owen, who's lurking around a corner) at a train station in Indiana. Doc shows the brothers her key which she is now wearing around her neck. As they chat, Owen gets a call from Pres Patricia. She tells him she's speaking in Chicago and wants him to bring in the brothers. Back to said brothers, the younger of whom tells Doc, "We've got someone working with us now." Doc follows Michael's gaze and spots Owen.

Vomit Inducing Storyline. T-Bag awakens in bed next to a tied-up SM. As he snuggles she tries to get rid of him. Sooner or later someone's gonna notice that she's not going to work and the kids aren't in school. She brings up her friend Patty, who's supposed to come over this afternoon. T-Bag says he'll take care of it and goes to unlock the kids from their rooms.

Michael, Linc and Doc come over to Owen, who smarms, "Hi Sara, what's done is done. We all want the same thing." I'm pretty sure Owen doesn't want to be thrown up against a wall with Linc holding a gun in his back and Michael choking him, but that's what three-quarters of the PBCT want, so majority rules. As Owen gasps and Doc looks all bithcy angry (a good look for her, I must say) Michael growls, "I wonder how long you can hold your breath. Maybe we should find out." God, he's so hot when he's all protective and pissed! Owen sputters that they need him and when he spies Doc's key he says he knows what it's for...a private cigar club in Chicago, of all places.


Who Cares? Haywire's wigging 'cuz he did a bad thing.

Posse Central. Agent R-HM#2 informs Ensign Enraged Mahone that Haywire killed a guy in Wisconsin. Mahone's fairly dismissive, being all obsessed with the brothers. He passes this off to local field agents and R-HM#2 says he'll inform headquarters. Mahone's all, "Excuse me?" And R-HM#2 informs him that he reports directly to headquarters from now on. Mahone's pissed and his mood is not gonna improve when he answers his phone to find SAM on the line. SAM's caught up on the Haywire situation and he orders Mahone to get rid of him. Mahone actually doesn't want to kill the mentally ill Escapee, though one could argue that Newbie was definitely challenged in the mental area. SAM points out that Haywire was Michael's cellie for a time and may have been privy to sensitive info so, "Take care of it."

Owen, with Michael in tow, approaches a conductor, flashes (dirty!) his badge, says he's Secret Service and is escorting a prisoner. He wants an entire car cleared out so he can escort the very dangerous criminal in peace. The conductor complies and Owen calls over Linc and Doc, who is visibly nervous.

Fox River. Mahone visits Bellick, who's hella pissed that he's not in AdSeg. Mahone says NuWarden's a hardass, but Mahone's got something better: he can set aside Bellick's conviction if Bellick will work for him, unofficially, to bring in the Escapees. "I need a junkyard dog who's willing to do the ugly things it takes to bring a con to justice. Are you my dog, Brad?" Is it just me, or did that totally sound like Mahone was asking Bellick to be his bitch? Bellick responds with, "Damn, hell yeah, I am." So poetic, that Brad.

Vomit. T-Bag's charming Patty, who must be brain dead 'cuz she's oblivious to the fact that everyone's on pins and needles.

Train to Chicago. Doc keeps flashing back to the Owen and Doc Torture Hour. She asks Michael for some water. He gets up to get it and she follows. As she passes Owen, he snides, "It was never personal, Sara. War never is." Well, you wanna know what is personal, Owen? That cord Doc's wrapped around your neck in an attempt to strangle you. Doc's awesome murder attempt in progress takes us to commercials.

After said commercials, Linc looks up from his book How To Button One's Shirt For Dummies and hustles over. Michael shows up as well and pulls the would-be murderess away. Linc holds back Owen who warns Doc, "One of those, you get one of those. One!"

Bellick walks out of Fox River a free man and finds a swanky new BellickMobile, complete with firearm and federal badge.

More Vomit. T-Bag's showing idiot Patty out. Before she leaves, she trills that it'd be simply wonderful if SM hosted their next book club meeting. Once she's gone, T-Bag says this isn't going to work so he orders them all to pack which they do at an amazing speed.

Aw, it's my home state where it's currently eighteen below or thereabouts. But a heatwave is comin', it's supposed to be eight above by the end of the week. Woo! Right, back to the show. Uh, C-Note and Dede are at a diner in Minnesota when in comes an obviously Strung-Out Robber. C's all, "WTF?"

Linc and Michael chat. One brother plays Deputy Downer and the other is all about denial/faith. Guess which one is which. Owen calls Pres Patricia and says he's on his way to Chicago, via train. She asks about those pesky brothers, but he won't answer. So she offers him the position of Chief of Staff.

Diner of Eye-Rolling and Robbing. S-OR socks a guy so C-Note takes charge and calms everyone down, including S-OR.

Train to Chicago. Michael reaches out to Doc, who's feeling sorry for herself, but who cares since she so awesomely tried to strangle Owen. She can whine all she wants. She confesses her feelings to Michael and they mack. It's all sweet and gentle and rather intimate, though no clothes are cast aside (boo!). Screech! There's nothing like a police roadblock to spoil the mood. Oh! Dear! Lord! Linc actually climbs on top of the speeding train! and makes his way to the engine. He's armed and orders the engineer to run the roadblock. The engineer complies.

Bellick talks to the girl whose dad Haywire offed. He calls Mahone, saying he's got a lead. Mahone says he's on his way. While departing, he orders Agent R-HM#2, "Any information on Scofield and Burrows I want to be notified immediately, if that works out for you." R-HM#2 just shrugs/nods. Heh.

Diner of Eye-Rolling and Robbing. C-Note collects everyone's valuables and hands them over to S-OR who then orders them all into the back room where they can wait for the cops. C doesn't like the sound of that and suggests that S-OR just leave now. But S-OR is strung-out and won't hear of it. So C admits to being a wanted man and says his daughter's sick and he just wants to get away. S-OR agrees to let them go. He orders everyone else into the back room, except for a pretty waitress, who he wants to take with him. This doesn't sit well with C-Note so he and S-OR fight. Well, it's not so much a fight as it is C-Note kicking S-OR's ass. Moments later the cops arrive and they ask who disarmed the robber. The guy who was socked by S-OR steps forward and says he did while the camera cuts to the pretty waitress showing C-Note and Dede out the back door. Aw.

Bellick finds Haywire who Runs!

Train. The engineer calls in that he's got some jumpers: one woman and three men, though I'd categorize Owen as a weasel, but that's just me. Cops, puppies and copters give chase through the woods. They finally catch up with...why it's the engineer and some other dudes. The engineer is wearing Owen's clothes and says that they were ordered to call in the jumpers, then jump themselves and run and not look back. So they did.

We cut to the PBCT disembarking and whaddya know? Linc's wearing someone else's clothes and the shirt is still unbuttoned. He should give back that book, it's clearly done him no good. And do you think Purcell laughs his ass off every time he dresses for a scene?

Back to Haywire and Bellick. Haywire runs to an old factory and climbs to the very top of said factory.

The PBCT scopes out cars. My bad, Linc is in fact wearing what appears to be a pullover, it's just three too small so it barely reaches his sternum. Anyway, Owen calls Pres Patricia to bitch that the cops knew he was on that train. Because only one train is ever coming into Chicago at any given time. Insert eye roll here. Pres Patricia just keeps asking about the brothers as Owen keeps getting flashes of SAM taking his place as Pres Patricia's lapdog. He recalls what a teeny, devious bastard SAM really is (emphasis on the teeny) so he asks Pres Patricia where they went for his thirty-fifth birthday. Pres Patricia's all, "Huh?" A quick cut shows us the back of a blonde woman who is clearly not Pres Patricia. She's speaking through a voice-modifier. Owen warns her, "Whoever this is, tell Bill Kim that he just screwed up. Big time." The camera moves in to show that SAM has indeed gotten the message. Linc breaks into a car and the PBCT rolls out.

Mahone arrives and is most displeased to find a crowd of gawkers, well, gawking up at Haywire. Yeah, witnesses always make it tough to commit murder and cover it up. Mahone begins to climb, popping a Pen Pill in the process (dammit! I thought we were done with those! Where's the wicked Mahone who offed Blonde Agent?). He reaches the top and begins to chat with Haywire, who just wants to go to Holland. Mahone's side of the conversation can be summed up thusly: kill yourself and this will all go away, though he's much more eloquent than that.

Chicago. Outside the cigar club, Owen offers to fetch the recording since he's the only one who's not a fugitive. The others refrain from laughing in his face and Doc and Michael exit the vehicle.

The crazy dude not wearing a suit jumps. And dies.

As they're heading into the cigar club, Michael brings up Doc's declaration of feelings from before. His oh-so-romantic response: "Me too." What a smooth talker!

Hey, there was no racing Prison Break music to cap off the episode. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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