Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • Rest In Peace: HAYWIRE!

    A tearjerker, because Haywire didn't deserve to die... even though he chose his destiny... it was still sad to watch! At least he didn't have to go back to jail. His character was a crack up, but too bad he didn't get a lot of lines. Oh well... moving along with no Haywire now...
    This episode was it for me... I loved it... I love the fact that Pope comes back next week and that Michael & Lincoln are that much closer to uncovering the conspiracy that put a black cloud over their family all for nothing. I'm anxious to see Lincoln and his son reunite... with Jane(hopefully Linc's love interest) I am mad that Michael & Sara's bathroom make out session was cut short... I don't blame the road block, I blame Kellerman for opening his big a$$ mouth about where the train's headed... if he hadn't said anything, they would've had some hot pashionate wild bathroom sex... I'm all for that!!
    Bellick needs to get shot in the forehead... same with Bill Kim, I can't stand him! arrrggghhhh!
  • Great episode, included,(finally) a short but hot MiSa moment!

    Some people are saying that they didn't really like this episode. I thought this episode was awsome! Finally, MiSa has a short but hot moment in a train. I was kind of sad though when Haywire jumped to his death. But I thought something was going to happen to him, because he was only a guest star. Oh well, there goes our Whack Shack Graduate. T-Bag anounces that they're moving. I loved the moment where Robert Knepper is in the car with K.K Dodds, and the music... It made me laugh so hard for some reason! Kellerman is almost tricked by Agent Kim, by using a woman's voice transformed into the presidents to bring him in. However Kellerman relizes who it is, and hangs up. Sarah strangles Kellerman on the train. And C-Note is in danger when a man threatens the patrons of the diner he's in. He escapes though:D This episode seemed like kind of a filler episode, but thats okay. Right now it seems that the writers are setting us up for the finale. I don't really care, as long as they sneak another hot MiSa moment before the season end. And hopefully, there'll be a lot more than kissing going on, *wink wink*
  • I quite liked this one.

    As everyone said before, it's nice to know that Michael and Sara are getting together. Great!!! I'm a bit worried 'though about Kellerman. I think that, right now, he's back to work with the brothers but I think he's too unstable and from one minute to the other he can change sides.
    Concerning the "wonder" agent Mahone ... he is even crazier than Haywire. How can they get rid of this pest??
    There aren't many ex-prisoners left alive now. Let's wait and see.
  • Hell yeah! Good stuff just keeps getting better.

    Michael, Linc, and Kellerman meet up with Sara, and she proceeds to take her revenge upon Kellerman for trying to kill her episodes earlier. Sweet stuff. One might even say that they are even (doubt it!). It seems the key her father had left her goes to some kind of gentleman's club. If only they could get inside...

    C-Note keeps his cool when a robber holds up the diner he's in and saves everyone, so they help him sneak out the back and escape with his escalatingly-ill daughter.

    Mahone enlists the help of Bellick in locating the convicts, and Haywire is the first target of the new Odd Couple. They locate him and convince him to plunge to his death.
  • Fairly good episode. Despite the lack of action Sara's character development is very well appreciated.

    It goes without saying that like all the other Micheal/Sara fans outthere I was also pleased that they expressed their true feelings for each other. Was this sudden burst of romance in honour of Valentine's day next week? Anyways it was a very sweet scene.

    Another thing I loved about this episdode was Sara's scene with Kellerman on the train where she tries to strangle him. It was high time we had some strong-female-action in this male-dominated show. So a definite thumps up for deciding that Sara's character development was overdue. She came off very weak and fragile at first but I am pleased to see that she has become so much more. I hope Sara becomes a major aspect of the show from now on so audiences can see more of this talented actress.
  • No action, Nothing New , Getting Bad, Does Not worth waiting it week by week and evently they moved it 2 double , wtf , do they want audience to move away to other shows, I dunno

    Prison Break,as we most agree, is the best show for 2006. But will it be in 2007? i don't think so with this kinds of last episodes are gonna success. the shows are progresively going down and worse. what we saw in last episode is a re-review with no-action. i may give it 7.5 out of 10 all that because of the name of the show. my opinion that the shows when they were in prison was much much better and more action then when they escaped. If the producer are gonna have 3rd season , god helps them.
  • Prison Break, has all the ingredients for edge of my seat viewing, screaming at the TV and hitting my friend on the leg! Chicago proves to me, why this show has it all.

    This episode did not slow down for one moments, not even for Sara or Michael!
    And having secret agent Kellerman on their side, we are all still wondering when the truth will come out and if Kellerman was good or bad, and who he was playing.

    In this episode we see Michael and co. board a train and head to Chicago to use Sara's key. While Sara is still a bit shakey from seeing Paul again, days after he tortured her. But a plan to allude the cops succeeds, the group can breathe easy for a few moments.
    What i still don't understand is how people don't recognise Michael (he's too attractive to forget).

    Meanwhile, Bellick has scored freedom in return for helping Mahone capture (& kill) the other escapees. This is bad news for Haywire, who is trying to get to Amsterdam and who helps an abused girl.

    Sucre, C-note and T-Bag are still out and about, finding their lost love, a safe place to hide or just anywhere where a hostage family can fit in-no questions asked (Wysteria Lane anyone?) All these plots are coming to a point where something big has to happen, and with the final episode approaching fast, it is about to happen.
  • it is the amazing! I thing this show must continue,season 4,5,6....

    it is the amazing! I thing this show must continue,season 4,5,6....they are special prisoner...and they are deserve freedom...sara and michael deserve their love...but i am not sure about ajan. because he loves a woman who is the worst caracter in the show.maybe he is not cheated on them but i don't trust him.
  • I can´t believe it´s real. MISA ... Together again!

    Of course, the best episode of the season.
    The way that it starts, the way that ends, everything it´s so cool, and lovely. We see how Michael and Sara get together aging, the way he defends her in front of Kellerman, and of course, how she realizes that she is really in love of Michael, and they should be together.- There is a great-big-sweet kiss-.

    I´m sorry for Haywire, but I think it´s the best death we saw after the poor 'Tweener.
    I like how the episode ends, with the sweet music, and Michael telling Sara that he loves her too!!!

    I can´t wait to see the next one.
  • best episode this season

    this was the best episode this season because misa get together but theres a road block before they real get together but i thinks thats because the creaters want to see what the rating are like before they sleep together, misa fan put up good reviews. also i think its kinda sad that someone dies i realy like that character. i hope theres more on sucre next week because i like that story line. but we have to wait 2 week why do we have to wait 2 weeks i cant wait that long anyway i realy like this episode keep it up.
  • Yay! Misa! Really good episode.

    I loved this episode. It was great. What with the fessing up of Sara and then Michael and the bathroom scene. Yay! This was such a good episode. And Haywire died which was sad. But i laughed so hard when he told his dog to run. That was hilarious. At least he went out in style. Except creepy eyes at the end. But i was distracted from his death by the 'me too' part. That was a good part...
  • A good, solid transitional episode

    Whatever else might have happened in the middle of the season, when the writers seemed to be struggling for direction, the episodes have taken a much stronger turn as the season winds down. Even this installment, which is largely transitional in nature, sets the stage for a lot of interesting and unexpected interactions. Some predictable elements remain, but they are given weight by strong performances.

    First and foremost, we now see how the writers intend to bring all the various subplots with the rest of the Escape Squad into the main arc. As the conspiracy feels the noose around its own neck, it wants as much closure and control as possible. That means the elimination of loose ends, and Mahone is charged with the task of taking down the survivors while other avenues are explored with Michael and Lincoln.

    That adds a new dimension to Bellick’s plot thread. Instead of sending him after Michael and Lincoln from the get-go, he’s sent after the rest of the Escape Squad. This gives him a taste of his new position and the bloody work he will be asked to do. This also provides a simple means for each and every subplot to find resolution before the end. They may be distractions, but it gives the writers time to play out the main plot thread for a few episodes before focusing on the big resolution.

    This is Haywire’s final moment, and while the subplot itself was threadbare and unsatisfying, it does serve to put more pressure on Mahone. One would expect that the next three episodes (17-19) will deal with C-Note, T-Bag, and Sucre, probably in that order. Which leave three episodes for the resolution of the conspiracy, and frankly, I like that idea. It worked well for the first season, where they played out the big finale over more than one episode.

    This being a transitional episode, the focus is on character. As anticipated, Sara’s reaction to Kellerman was violent and a trigger for his potential return to the conspiracy’s fold. This led to Sara’s reflection on how much had changed in her life in less than a month. It really does bring a lot into focus, and Michael’s expression is a nice reaction and recognition of the consequences of his actions. Once again, this adds to the potential of a third season focused on Michael’s attempt to repair all the consequences of his original scheme.

    A lot of fans had predicted that Kellerman would cut a deal with the President and turn on Michael and the others. And in fact, that expectation was used to deliver a clever twist. It makes sense that William Kim would use Kellerman’s relationship to the president as leverage, on the hopes that desperation will overcome paranoia. It has now backfired, and while Kellerman is still far from trustworthy, he’s definitely invested in taking down the conspiracy and getting his life back.

    While the writers are starting to pull the subplots into the big picture, there’s still a lot of time needed to lay the groundwork for each confrontation. As such, a lot of screen time is devoted to C-Note and T-Bag. Both subplots seem a bit scattered and disjointed. C-Note is suddenly dealing with his daughter’s illness again, which seems designed to add drama to the unlikely holdup at the diner. The only benefit to that subplot was the confirmation of C-Note’s heroic side, which should add to the tragedy when all is said and done. C-Note has gotten a raw deal from the very beginning, and it doesn’t look like things will change.

    T-Bag’s subplot is even worse. As delightful a character as Teddy might be, the last few episodes have been a mess. This hostage situation is ridiculous, and feels more like one of the half-baked ideas from “Desperate Housewives” than a story worthy of T-Bag’s depravity. It’s hard to imagine that this character might end on a low note. Of course, with T-Bag, things can always change on a dime, so there is hope.
  • I want to goto holland!

    Another great episode here. Sarah is re-united with michael and that was a great moment. but i was waiting to see her reaction to kellarman and it was what i thought...she tried to kill him! i loved that. i don't know how you could want to and in fact most of that episode i didn't trust kellarman. rigth now i still don't but he seems to genuinly be trying to help them out right now. there was sad stuff in this episode. haywire made me sad. he was crazy and couldn't help it. but hering him at the end before he jumped just broke my heart and him jumping...well that was sad. a great episode over all
  • Another great episode!

    One more great episode as usual. Sarah gets to meet the brothers and it looks that this time she'll stick around with them for longer. It was more than nice to see Michael and Sarah working things out and showing their feelings to each other. A very exciting episode for MiSa fans! She's a though girl, she nearly killed Kellerman. About him, he got really close from changing his mind about the brothers but he figured out the con in time. I liked the participation of C-Note for the first time this season. One more escapee down, five to go... let's hope the brothers get away with it.

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! I love every episode, but this one was amazing. So much happened in 40odd mins, with Mich/linc/sara and kell, Tbag's family life (if you can call it that) lol, Cnote, and haywire.. Im gonna miss his wacky/strange/weirdo-ness, and felt so sorry for him, he just wanted to go to holland..sniff sniff ;(
    When it ended I thought.. is that it? can it not go on for another day or so? This just shows you, what the writers have up there sleeves, This show has to be the best ever! People that dont watch it, dont know what there missing!! Oh and how could I not mention the.. MISA KISS!! How I would love to be in her shoes for that moment lol HUBBA HUBBA!
  • Another fantastic episode!

    I loved this episode, it was very well written. The actors keep doing an amazing job. Each week I tune in for more. A couple of my favorite scenes are the interaction between Sarah and Michael in the bathroom on the train. What Michael and Linc do to Kellerman, when they find out what he did to Sarah. And when Sarah tries to kill Kellerman. I thought that was great. I wanted her to do it, because of what he did to her. Another reason besides those scenes why I liked this episode is because we got to see what Haywire was up to. Just like the last episode. I liked Haywire. I still can't believe he jumped. Overall, I think this was an awesome episode. And I can't wait for more.
  • To go or not to go to Chicago? To trust or not to trust Kellerman? To kill or not to kill Haywire? To save or not to save innoscent people? Those, my friends, are the the real questions!

    WoW! Sarah meeting Micheal... Finally! But Damn! I have that nasty feeling Kellerman will betray them. He's bringing them to Chicago pretending that the key opens something in a private cigar club. RIGHTTT! The president just call telling him that she's in Chicago. What are the odds that both are at the same place?? Sarah trying to kill kellerman was the worst move ever. Micheal got in the train as a convict so how the heck she thinks they're getting out with Kellerman dead?? Luckily, they stopped her in time. Sarah and Micheal making out!! Yay! Can’t believe they got interupted by a stupid road barage though!! But hey, fine enough they are on the run again. Season 1 finale memories right there. Oh wait, it was a trick!! Damn! Micheal is so SMART! I wouldn't have thought of that myself. So they got all safe to Chicago and now looking for a car. Woot-whooo! Kellerman just found out he wasn't talking to President Caroline all along but to Kim!! Maybe now he won’t betray them, which is awesome. But I still have a nasty feeling about that Cigare club Sarah just entered... At leas Sarah loves Micheal and Micheal loves Sarah, something great to end with.

    When Mahone told Kim he was back in, I taught that maybe he might change side and join Micheal and Lincoln, but he didn't. Now he's about to kill Haywire! Worst, he's tired of doing the dirty job all by himself so he recruted Bellick. And that police sign of his doesnt even look like an FBI sign. He so likes it, but he's still stupid. Why did he yell after Patoci before at least getting closer to him? Oh what's that? Agent Mahone?! Is he afraid of hights? Wouldn’t that be funny? But hey, can’t he shut up?? Dont play the nice guy who knows what the poor guy is going trough when your master plane is to kill him. Oh wait... folled again! He was actually trying to get him to commit suicide! Touch down Mahome, job is done! It's the end of the road for Haywire and no blood on your hands this time. Though this is another hit on his HEAVY conscience… Take a pill homy!

    T-bag is the same ol' psycho. Always playing that sick game with people who don’t know he's a convict. He's really good at playing it fake. That lady got fooled to the maximum. And now he's moving them! What a freak! Can’t he go on by himself?? Hmmmm… Guess that’s all we have on T-bag this week.

    C-Note is the sweetest papa convict ever! Taking care of his little girl and all. She's sick?? Sounds more like a kid thing... Maybe she's homesick and add to that the fact that momy's not around made her sick. But hey, daddy is there to take care of his little girl, right? WHAT'S that?? You damn junky! Dont worry people, Mr. Ex-Convict is taking care of him. Impressive! Looks like C-Note is taking care of the situation. Then again, jukies are stupid. Why didn't he just ran off with the money? He would've had time to if only he wasn't faking some brain work. Okey so he lets C-Note goes with his little girl, but he still is messing around with other people. Did I say junkies were stupid? Wooa C-Note just pulled a HERO out of him! Beats up the junky and -BAAAAAM- Police is here! Okey touching moment right there, I nearly cried. They didn't sold him out, any of the witness, NOBODY told the police one of America's most wanted was here. Even cooler, the waitress showed him a way out. WoW! That was WOW! All in all, awesome episode. It was lacking Sucre, but I didn't notice up until the end which means it was cool enough to keep me entertain all along. I really really liked that episode.
  • Awesome Episode including Action, Twists, Romance and Tragedy. What more can you ask for.

    The episode gets straight on with Sara getting off the train to meet Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman. She goes straight to Mike and they hug, mike is smiling. They then have the whole 'he tried to kill me' scene when the brothers tell Sara they are working with Kellerman - Mike and Link go nuts. Kellerman begs them to stop by telling them that the Key is to a Private Cigar Club in Chicago.

    They board the train and Kellerman secures them their own cabin. Sara kicks a@@ and attempts to strangle Kellerman but the brothers stop her as they need him - 'Nothing personal Paul' she says repeating what he said to her when he was drowning her. Classic line – go girl....

    They head towards Chicago on the train. On the way MISA have a steamy kiss in the bathroom of the train, best scene ever for the romantics among us, however it was cut short as the Train approaches a road block. In a really good action scene Link climbs on top of the train and enters the cockpit to let the others in to hijack the train. They run the roadblock and they elude the police by getting 4 passengers to jump of the train and pose as the fugitives - this trick works and the 4 get to the next station and escape.

    Kellerman's phone calls from the president are found out to be Kim and his colleague posing as the President using a voice disguiser - brilliant twist.

    The 4 head to Chicago by car to find the Cigar Club. Mike and Sara declare their love for each other in a round about way - very romantic, just what I have been waiting for.

    T Bag - he is still trying to have a normal life with the Hollander family.

    C Note - gets held hostage with a load of other people in a restaurant, he helps apprehend the gunman and in return the hostages help him escape the cops - nice to see the public finally helping one of the Fox River fugitives.

    Bellick - has been recruited by the FBI to hunt down the fugitives, he finds Haywire.

    Mahone - good to see he is still Pill Popping - he is still on a mission to kill all the Fugitives, however with Haywire all the cops are watching. Bellick traps him on top of this tower so Mahone cunningly persuades him to jump off to kill himself rather than go back to Prison – sadly he does. I found this sad as I always thought he would be the one that makes it to freedom.

    I love this show so much….
  • A Prison Break episode that has more emotional aspects in it. And it works!

    Prison Break is a series that I have always seen as high-paced with little or no room for breathing. This episode has brought in a new element into the series, which I have to say I welcome dearly. The emotional scenes mixed with the suspence we find in Prison Break gives a nice touch to the series as a whole. It develops the characters, and shows that even though a lot of terrible things has happened things are going to get back to normal.

    Haywire, a character in the series I have become found of, made his exit in this episode, which was in many ways a sad moment, but it did do justice to the character. Rest in peace, Haywire.

    The only downside with this episode, is the side story about C-Note, which has really grown old. I just don't find his story interesting. He serves no purpose to the overall plot, he just becomes a drag.
    But, besides this little bump in the road; an awesome episode!
  • this was a verry creative ep. so much happening with bellick, t-bag,haywire, c note, and Misa, Linc and the idiot (kellerman)

    i was very happy to see sara so strong in this ep her character has come a long way from where she started. and micheal defending her at the beginning was sweet. and the kiss... we've been waiting what seems like forever for that! it was worth it i think. Haywire jumping to his death! poor thing. and Bellick. im annoyed his bunking in fox river didnt last longer i really wanted him to pay for being such a jerk. as for t-bag, and can he be so charming one minute, vulnerable the next and a scary madman 3 seconds after that. i fear for hollander and her kinds too. i really do. c-notes in trouble too. he might have escaped this time but dee dee's getting sicker and he's gonna have to do something soon.
  • Hilarious transitional episode.

    Not much happened in the episode. Kellerman figured out the trick of the company: it wasn't Caroline he was talking with. So he's still on the brother's side. Good.

    Haywire's character came to an end. The moment he escaped from the prison it was clear that he will be a downer, but the question was, how will he go down?

    Well, he really went 'down'. As Mahone gets command to take him out(since he may know about Scofield....Jesus Kim, he's a psycho!) Mahone hires Bellick to do the dirty job..

    Quite funny how it all played off. Bellick is now a member of FBI, and him, on his first try caught an escapee. Nice one :D

    The episode's ending montage is great: it shows Sara and Michael finally admitting love, Kellerman lightening up and Haywire commiting suicide - but it's probably just better this way. he's free now.

    T-Bag was the other hilarious part of the episode. 'It won't work. We have to move'. CNote's things are going well, let's hope he'll keep it that way. I really wouldn't like to see his daughter being alone.

    Overally great episode with some love, alot of (dark) humor, and a little action.
  • Linc, Michael, Sara, and Kellerman get on a train towards Chicago. Meanwhile, Bellick has become an FBI agent alongside agent Mahone chasing after Haywhire. C-note kicks butt when a crazy robber holds up a diner.

    Sara reunites with Michael and Linc...and Kellerman. While on the train, Sara can't stop the horrible flash backs with Kellerman. Feeling the need to take revenge she attempts to choke the life outta Kellerman with her jackets hood lace –than Linc and Michael run in.
    I'm glad she didn't kill him, Kellerman awesome!
  • The characters just keep getting better and better. Just when you think you know which side they're on....

    I like how in the last couple episodes we were somewhat lead to believe that Malone would be the "rebel", and Kellerman the "Prodigal Son." Yet now we're shown the exact opposite. I do love the fact Kellerman was on to the "President" and again, for some reason I'm rooting for him. Not that he isn't a bad man, just that it would be a nice twist.
    It was kind of sad to see Haywire go, especially at Malone's hands, even if indirectly. He was certainly one of the "nicer" criminals.
    And, T-Bag. As much of a scumbag as he is, I have to admit his charisma. He was quite funny with his visitor. If he weren't so slimy, I'd almost wish he'd be capable of leading a normal life.
    Best scene though: Belek rehearsing his FBI introduction.
  • Revealing? Or should I say, not enough!? Only kisses? Haha! They should have taken off each other's clothes!

    Damn Sarah Wayne Callies, she gets to kiss Wentworth Miller! Haha! Well, I don't mind her. I think she's kinda cute. Anyhow, this is a very exciting episode. The writers for this one are highly intelligent. I seriously wouldn't have ever thought of the twist at the end - "Whoever that's doing this, tell Bill Kim that he's screwed up big time"! I was completely blown away. This is definitely one of the best twists & moments in the entire Prison Break. Of course, there have been many and will be more to come, but I must say, this is one of my favourites. I knew Haywire was going to jump. Mahone used the same technique for John Abruzzi. Mahone acted like he didn't really force them. He just sort of manipulated them into killing themselves, or in John's case, allowing himself to be killed. They both rather die than go back to prison. Who's next to go? I'm not really sure, but there probably won't be a death of a con for a little while until the plot unfolds itself further.
  • This show just keeps getting better! I really love the characters. Kind of hated to see "Haywire's demise. I don't know how long they can keep it up, but it is never boring-and a perfect lead-in to 24.

    The Chicago episode was very well written and I look forward to many more surprises when they return. In a way I want to see the brothers come out on top, but then the show would be over I guess. Scofield and Sara make a really cute couple and they deserve some happiness.
    I don't know who will be killed off next but they should not trust the Fed. Does anyone agree that this show has some undertones that bring to mind "The Fugitive?" I really wish I knew where the key is going to lead them. I hope Sara's dad is up there smiling down on her!
  • Michael, Lincoln, Sara, and Kellerman catch a train to Chicago to figure out what the key is for. C-Note is held up in a diner. T-bag still has the Hollanders captured, and Bellick is back on the hunt for the cons, but this time he's working with Mahone.

    "Chicago" was a really good episode. One of my favorite parts was when I thought Michael was going to kill Kellerman for what he did to Sara because he was protecting her, and he loves her. Then when Sara tried to choke Kellerman on the train, I thought that was cool; I knew she was going to try to do that. I'm glad Haywire is gone because I felt like he slowed the plot down. Now I'm just waiting for T-Bag to die because I don't really care about his story either (Sorry T-Bag fans). I will say that some things were predictable. For example, I knew at the end of "The Message" that when the "president" called Kellerman the first time it wasn't really her.Predictability aside, Prison Break is my favorite show, and I love it!
  • Michael, Lincoln, Sara, and Kellerman head to Chicago, while Mahone seeks the help of Bellick for the exchange of freedom. A thrilling episode! Spoilers ahead.

    What a great episode, a great example why this show is one of the best edge-of-your-seat show. Its nice to see all these different stories move along with great character development and nail-biting action. First Michael is yet again reunited with Sara and they along with Lincoln and Kellerman head to Chicago in search for whatever it was that Sara’s father intended to give her. Obviously Sara isn’t that happy to see Kellerman as the last time she saw him, he left her for dead, however as Kellerman says himself, they need him. Also T-bag returns this week, as he continues to try and make his new “family” work out. Bellick is “hired” by Mahone to track down the rest of the escaped convicts, starting with Haywire. He does catch up to him and the result is devastating. At the same time C-Note happens to be in a diner when it gets robbed and the robber refuses to let anyone leave until the cops come, clearly a dilemma for C-Note. Overall this was a great episode with a lot happening, and by the looks of the preview the next one should be nothing less.
  • Wow...The episode was as per usual until the very end, have we seen a new side of Agent Mahoney? Belluck doesn't seem like that bad of a guy anymore either, and the song at the end with Haywire / Sarah+Michael really hit something, amazing show!

    The ending was both troubling and amazing. The episode was normal until the last few scenes. First when they trick everyone and stay on the train, that was awesome. Now near the end Agent Mahoney seems to have been hit hard with the reality of haywire being trapped (has he had a change of heart maybe?). I wonder what Belluck was thinking at the end, I couldn't tell by his face but it was interesting. To add on top the song at the end was a perfect fit to close the episode. "Exactly why I watch this show" pretty much sums it all up every week for me. This & 24 rule television, no exceptions!~
  • Edge of your seat!

    One heck of an episode as it had me on my seat. It was great to see Michael & Sara reunited again. But then again, they were interrupted as it wasn't the first time nor will be the last time at all. Mahone makes Bellick an FBI agent in order to capture the escapees. Kellerman finds out that the "President" he wasn't talking to. But a woman disguised as the President. C-Note & his daughter escape the police with the aid of a waitress. After what happened in the restaurant.
  • The pieces are starting to come together

    Let me start with this, this episode is the beginning of the end...but in a good way. The episode starts with Sarah meeting up with Michael, Lincoln and unknown to her Kellerman, forming a Party of Four. I was always wondering how Sarah would react when she finds out that the person who tried to kill her several times, in this episode we find out--she tries to kill him. Lincoln and Michael talk to Sarah and get her to realize that she needs him as much as they need him. Michael goes to talk to Sarah in the bathroom where the two of them finally act on their feelings for each other.

    It is here where the writers of Prison Break go to the play book of The Fugitive and script a train breaking through a police road block and then the state troopers tracking them through the woods, in camera work eerily similar to The Fugitive. Only we find out, and rather predictably that the people fleeing are not Linc, Michael, Sarah and Kellerman, and that they are safely on the train. The Party of Four continues their trek to Chicago and Kellerman unravels another piece of The Company's conspiracy, when he finds out that Agent Kim has been impersonating President Reynolds and now Kellerman has vowed to make them pay.

    The highlights of the episode by far were Bellick rehearsing his FBI lingo in the car and Agent Mahone becoming even more of a slime ball by convincing Haywire to commit suicide atop the grain elevator. Mahone will grease his way into anything for Agent Kim and Prison Break is building towards an epic showdown between our Party of Four, President Reynolds, Agent Kim, Agent Mahone and Bellick...I can't wait for that to happen.
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