Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • Another exciting episode. I love this show!

    This was another great episode. I was so happy to see Michael and Sara reunited. It had to be hard for Sara to see Kellerman after everything he done to her before. I think he would have sold them out tonight if he had not caught on that it was Agent Kim setting him up once again.
    I still do not trust Kellerman but I think Michael, Lincoln and Sara need him to get through some of the mess they will have to go through so they can let the truth come out about the president and the secret service and the fbi. I really felt bad for Haywire jumping to his death tonight. I think that Malone should have tried to get him some help instead of telling him to go ahead and jump.T-Bag C-note needs to let Ms Hollander and her kids go.
  • And another goes down.

    What a way to end this episode. When Haywire climb up to the top on that structure, i knew he either was going to get arrested or killed. It seemed likely Mahone would have done something but there were people on the scene wondering why Haywire was on top of that structure. Mahone needs some inside help so he makes a deal with Bellick to be his lap dog in exchange for being sprung from prison and becoming an FBI agent. After interrogating Sasha, he finds Haywire easily. In other news, Agent Kellerman finally realizes that he was never talking to the president but a woman who disguise her voice through some technological equipment. Meanwhile, Michael finally reunites with Sara and they have an intimate moment together before they are interrupted by a roadblock in the middle of the road. They do managed to outsmart the police as they force several crew members to disguise themselves as the convicts to lure the attention of the police away from the train. T-Bag decides his "family" needs to move after he has a lunch with one of the family's friends. He figures if he doesnt get away from this town, he would eventually be caught. And to sum it up, C-Note does a great job in "saving" the hostages in a botched robbery, as he and his daughter manages to escape from the police with the aid of the waitress.
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