Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prisonbreak cnote is in a dinner and is in there about to leave when a guy comes in with a gun and holds the place up and cnote helps the people and he takes the guy down. and the rstraunt watris helps cnote and he gets way when the cops show up. and in this ep kellerman and the brothers are making there way towards sara to help get the conspircy revealed. and belick gets recrutied by mahone. to help out this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 8.5
  • Much Better than the previous episode, Even some fillers scenes was well explored.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10). Sara Reunion with Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman, from that point, you don´t advance, just in Kellerman intentions and the romantic feeling between Michael and Sara. T-bag scenes continue in filler mode. C-Note scenes was filler too, but was interesting to see that complicated situation with a conclusion. Haywire had his last scenes in Prison Break, finally.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10). Some minor flaws, but was necessary to keep the plot development.

    Drama - » (9/10). Sara drama made a funny pay off and a romantic scene. Also Kellerman is letting his emotions get himself Killed.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10). The situation in the Train was the best part that this episode delivered tension. C-Note situation build up nice tension too.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (8/10). Bellick out of the prison was a surprise. Kellerman figure out something.

    Time and Scene Management - » (8/10). T-bag and C-Notes scenes were pure filler, doesn´t mean that they can be interesting, since C-Note situation created some tension. Michael scenes also was 70% of the time filler, but the situations was well explored like in C-Note case. Haywire was pure filler, can someone care for him?

    Beginning - » (7/10). Just following the previous episode, with a useless conflict inside.

    Complication Phase - » (9/10). C-Note situation is complicated, also Michael and Co ended up with another situation where there is no way out, or it seemed that way.

    Climax - » (9/10). When the cops were waiting for Michael and Co, this was the climax in this episode, the twist was great. Ending - » (8/10). A soft ending, only Kellerman mini plot conclusion was great.

    What I liked -» C-Note complicated situation. The way that the writers explored Michael, Sara, Kellerman in this episode.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Haywire and T-bag scenes.
  • Yes, I saw this episode very time ago, but I still thinking it was an awesome episode, because it shows things that some people who watch this series wanted to see.

    I really like this episode because it was very special in this series, that is because it shows Michael and Sara in an intimate moment in that train. But I also like another Michael and Sara scenes, example when they are "talking" with Kellerman. One of the things I like of this episode is that it shows a lot of characters: C-Note with his daughter, T-Bag with his "family" and Bellick and Mahone looking for Hawire, who later dies. The death of that character is another thing I liked a lot, not because I didn't like that character, it was because I don't like watching the same characters all the time. That's all, for me this one of the best episodes of the series, I know there are better, but I really like this episode.
  • Awesome.

    Michael and Sara have an intimate moment on a train as they head to Chicago with Lincoln and Kellerman. Mahone enlists help from Bellick and corners Haywire. C-Note is held up at a diner with his daughter. T-Bag continues to hold the Hollanders hostage. Wow, another awesome episode of Prison Break. I know I say this on like every review but it is so true. In this episode there was so much action, I loved this episode. I loved when Michael and Sara kissed, so cute it felt real while I was watching it, I must say greta acting and "Sara" is a lucking thing, to be hinest. Anyway, I also love the way Sara and Kellerman were acting, it was awesome just liek this episode! The last scene in the episode was brilliant. Just because Michael said he loved Sara too. And oh my god, Haywire jumping off that building was perfectly done. I mean I'm going to miss him so much, but I don't think we have seen the last of him. Awesome episode!
  • Michael is reunited with Sara. After several situations, they finally reveal how they feel about one another. T-bag is keeping the Hollander's hostage in their own house, Haywire tries to escape from reality, and C-Note's daughter starts deteriorating.

    My favourite Prison Break episode from the first 3 seasons, particularly because of the Michael and Sara reunion. Their first hug is very sweet! I love it when Michael finds out about Kellerman trying to drown Sara. The look on his face is priceless. Also, I loved the scene with Sara trying to strangle Kellerman herself! And possibly my favourite scene, Sara and Michael in the train's bathroom. The kiss they shared was very sweet and intimate! The other storylines in the episode was also intriguing - T-bag keeping the Hollander's captive in their own home, and T-bag been horribly charming when a guest comes over for lunch. Also, poor C-Note and her sick daughter Dede get stuck in an armed hold-up at a diner. C-Note's great when he takes the guy out, I always wince whenever I see him break the guy's wrist on the table. And we say goodbye to poor Haywire, who get's cornered by Bellick and Mahone. Mahone convinces him that the only way out is to jump off the top of the grain elevator, which poor Hayway does. Also, Lincoln helps the train run a roadblock, and Kellerman realises he's being tricked by Bill Kim by using someone who's pretending to be the president. However, seeing as I'm a huge MiSa fan, their scenes made this episode awesome from my perspective.
  • Sara comes face to face with Kellerman, T-Bag takes the Hollinder Family on a road trip and Haywife takes the plung

    Sara steps off a train in Evansville, Louisiana, where she meets up with Michael and Lincoln. All seems to be going well until she clocks Kellerman, whose apologies over her torture don't wash with any of them. But they're forced to back down when the rogue finds his bargaining chip: the answer to the mystery surrounding the key in Sara's possession. Following the trail, the foursome embark on an eventful journey to Chicago, where they head to a private cigar club. Kellerman, fresh from finding out that Kim's been setting him up, fails to convince the others that he should be the one to retrieve the evidence hidden in Governor Tancredi's humidor. Michael and Sara prepare for the task… Meanwhile, C-Note saves the day when he and his daughter are involved in a hold-up at a diner; and T-Bag finds the neighbourhood welcoming committee too much to take, prompting him to relocate with his captives in tow. Haywire's been spotted fleeing the scene of a homicide, and Kim wants him dealt with in his usual way. Mahone needs a junkyard dog who's willing to play dirty, and Bellick's more than up to the challenge. Faster than you can say "habeas corpus" the former CO is swapping his prison overalls for a shiny new FBI badge as he works under the radar to track down his target. With Haywire cornered at the top of a storage tower, it's time for Mahone to step in. Not willing to get his hands dirty, the agent plays on Haywire's desire for freedom by telling him that there's a way out. It works. The Fox River escapees become five as Haywire jumps from the tower and plummets to his death, his treasured picture of Holland landing by his side.
  • Loved this episode!

    Michael and Sara have an intimate moment on a train as they head to Chicago with Lincoln and Kellerman. Mahone enlists help from Bellick and corners Haywire. C-Note is held up at a diner with his daughter. T-Bag continues to hold the Hollanders hostage. Wow, another awesome episode of Prison Break. I know I say this on like every review but it is so true. In this episode there was so much action, I loved this episode. I loved when Michael and Sara kissed, so cute it felt real while I was watching it, I must say greta acting and "Sara" is a lucking thing, to be hinest. Anyway, I also love the way Sara and Kellerman were acting, it was awesome just liek this episode! The last scene in the episode was brilliant. Just because Michael said he loved Sara too. And oh my god, Haywire jumping off that building was perfectly done. I mean I'm going to miss him so much, but I don't think we have seen the last of him. Awesome episode!
  • I love this show for the action, smart story line, and mostly Michael and Sara. This Episode had it all! :)

    The kissing scene in the bathroom was so well done. It was also realistic because they didn't just jump on each other it was gradual and their conversation lead up to the moment perfectly. Also the interaction between Sara and Kellerman was great. When I first heard that she was going to try to kill Kellerman in the episode, I thought it would be weird, but I could total see him pushing her over the edge. His looks made me want to strangle him too. The last scene in the episode was also great. Not just because Michael said he loved Sara too but the merging between that and Haywire jumping off that building was perfectly done.
  • Three down, five left.

    One more of the escapes where caught and terminated. It looks more and more like they have no interest to keep any of them alive. They want eight bodies and so far they have gone that road.

    This episode is really well built, the difficulties between chars and how they comprehension each other. Not mentioning the most beautiful scenes as Sara and Michael finally admit themselves what the feel.

    Sara and Kellerman reunion is not the cheery one as she has some really hard feelings towards him and without question why. And in this episode, Sara proves again she can be very strong and take it if she has to. Luckily there are people to stop her as Kellerman might have some use after all and now when he understands that he was fooled again, I think he does not think about crossing them and continues with their plan to bring down the president.

    Things are starting to get even more interesting as they are going to use the key...
  • Three Convicts Terminated, Five Convicts Remain...

    We have another death and the person who died isn't all that shocking to me. Michael and Lincoln will never die, Sucre is chilling in Mexico, T-Bag is moving somewhere, and C-Note is trying to protect his little girl.

    Haywire never relaly had a story to follow this season other then his occasional apperences for comedy reasons only. It seems that the manhunt is winding down, with 3 of the 8 now benig captured.

    I liked the reveal that Kellerman wasnt talking to the president at all and figured out Kim trying to play him. I thought that made for interesting drama putting him back onto the good side for the moment. Michael and Sara having a kiss was long overdue. I didnt think we would be waiting 16 episodes into the new season to see them kiss. Granted I thought Sara was dead but...its all good now.

    C-Notes storyline wasnt horrible in this episode either. I like how he has the sympathy crowd pulling for him. I think he is going to be the next to go, if there is another death this season.
  • Finally: MiSa!!!

    Kaley Cuoco's appearance was really fun. She was protecting Haywire, but it didn't quite work out. Mahone got to him and pretty much had him jump off that tower anyway. It was kind of a sad ending and a very powerful moment!
    But that's besides the point. More important: Michael and Sara! They were apart for so long and now we finally got them back together. This episode had a great MiSa scene when Michael and Sara kissed on the train. And she told him she loved him, wasn't that just amazing? It was so touching! And then he just says "Me too" in the end. Classic :) We've all been waiting for a moment like this for so long ever since the escape. The tension and the sparks are still there, amazing!
  • Conflicting goals in close quarters provide fresh drama for Michael Schofield and crew. And the ending blew me away! (spoilers)

    Well, another of the Fox River eight is down after the climax of this week's riveting episode of Prison Break. Let's face it, we all knew Haywire wouldn't make it to Holland, and by the time Bellick had him cornered, there was really only one way to end it. We knew what Mahone's intentions were, but it was still a powerful and poignant final scene.

    Sara joins the core cast suddenly at the beginning of this week's episode, and though they spend most of the hour on a train, their interactions are as exciting as the prison scenes ever were. The characters' behavior and dialogue strike me as particularly believable, and the increased tension in the group after Sara's attempted revenge on Kellerman is especially realistic. Not to mention her awkwardly emotional confession to Michael in the bathroom--how endearing that two seasons of romantic tension built up to such a muted and tentative love scene, briefly referred to once more at the end of the episode, as if we (or Sara) could have forgotten.
  • One of the best episodes of season 2. A very emotional episode with major character development! Sarah Wayne Callies gives one of her best preformances to date!

    Wow what a great episode! A rollar coaster ride of emotion! Sarah Wayne Callies gives a truely phenominal preformance going from every range of emotion, showing just how fantastic she truley is! Major plot and character development as well.

    Will the key lead to Lincoln's freedom or will it be anohter dead end? Will Paul Kellerman find his wat back to President Reynolds? and What will become of Haywire?

    Some major Michael and Sara moments as well which are Great. Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies bring amazing chemistry to the screen and shine when they are together on camera!

    This episode will keep you Glued! but what else would you expect from Prison Break! only the best!
  • One of the best episodes of season two! Lots of action and one of the hottest MiSa moments of PB so far.

    Michael and Sara meet again, and that's just great. Together with Linc and Kellerman they travel to Chicago. Sara tries to kill Paul K., understandable after what he put her through. She doesn't make it, and lock herself in the bathroom. After a while Michael enters the room - and you can literally feel the romance evolving as Sara says she's in love with him, and they share a kiss.

    A romantic episode, but also a very adventurous episode. I liked the ending when Haywire jumped - and the music was great! One of the best PB episodes so far.
  • great kiss, new allies, death and more suspense!!!

    "Chicago" is an important episode due to the reunion between Michael and Sara. In this episode they admit their feelings and the fact that they need one another. The kiss from the train is very special... During their train travel, Sara tries to kill Paul Kellerman, but Lincoln stops her. Mahone puts Belick to find out where Haywire is by getting him out of prison and making him an FBI agent. At the end of the episode Mahone determines poor Haywire to kill himself. T-Bag is still in Ms. Hollander's house and after a visit that Mrs. Wallace made to them, he decides to move out from town with the whole family because he realises that that is not going to work. The episode ends with the image of Sara and Michael who are in Chicago. Both of them are trying to find out what does the key from Sara's father mean.
  • Exciting episode where we finally see a reunion with Mike and Sara!

    After the message Michael send to Sara, she goes to him taking the key that she got from his father only to find out that the man that try to kill her before is now working with the brothers, after first shock she awesomely revenge and intent to kill him (Wasn´t personal, Paul).
    Mahone make Bellick his ally, sending him to track the prisoners, he found Haywire.
    C Note gets himself and Dede in a robbery, but all ends up good except for the girl being sick.
    TBag goes to find Susan Hollander.
  • best episode yet!

    IMO this was THE best of prison break so far……including season 1! It had everything in it to make it a perfect episode! It was HOT, jam-packed, thrilling, shocking, awesome, exciting and every other word in the dictionary for great!!!! I loved it!!!!
    It started off with a MiSa reunion! They hugged and it was beautiful, sweet, cute, and satisfying to see them both together and happy! Sara finally told Michael how kellerman tried to kill her and mike choked kellerman asking him how long he could hold his breath for….that felt great…retribution! He just says “it was nothing personal, Sara!” T-bag still has the Hollander family under lock and key and when a visitor comes to visit he acts just as charming as he can be! She doesn’t suspect a thing! He later decides its time to move his “family” and packs them for a long trip! C-note is in trouble when a robber decides to hold up a restaurant where he and dede are dining he convinces the robber to let him and dede go after telling him that hes a wanted man! The robber lets them both go but takes a young gurl hostage…c-note doesn’t like that and sticks up for the gurl! The police are starting to arrive when he beats the robber up and the girl gives him a way out thru the back door…when the police come and question who beat up the robber a man stand up for c-note and says hes the one who beat him up. Haywire is desperate to start moving again before the police catch up to him. Mahone asks bellick to be his dog and bellick agrees to work as an FBI agent under the radar Mahone and him take on haywire as they play with his mind as haywire jumps to his death! Michael, sara,linc, and kellerman get on a train in route to Chicago. Linc thanks sara for putting her life on hold for him and apologizes for the fact that she had to get involved and tells her everything will be ok they embrace for a few seconds as kellerman takes mike in the train and tells the train officer that hes transporting a fugitive and needs an empty cart where they wont be disturbed. Sara sits across Michael and kellerman slyly looks on. Sara shows mike the key and kellerman knows it’s to a private cigar club. Sara flashbacks to kellerman trying to choke the life out of her and decides its time for payback! She sees linc is asleep and asks mike to go get her a glass of water. As mike goes to get the water she walks past kellerman as he says “It was never personal, Sara. War never is.” She takes the drawstring from her jacket and wraps it around his neck slowly trying to choke him to death! He tries to pull her from the back but he cant! Linc wakes up and rushes to kellerman as mike returns and holds Sara back. He gasps for air and points at Sara and warns, “You get ONE of those.”! Kellerman walks and opens the door; the ticket taker says a couple of other passengers are saying they saw a fight. He tells them to mind their own business and leave them alone without any interruptions! Sara and Kellerman separate, Sara walks away and says, “It’s nothing personal, Paul.” Sara is visibly upset and goes and locks herself in the bathroom. Michael goes after her when she doesn’t answer the door he leaves her and goes back to linc. Kellerman gets up and walks away to find a secure place and calls Reynolds and asks him what hes gonna get when he turns in mike and linc…she wants to make him her chief of staff…he says they’ll meet and hangs up. Michael goes to the bathroom again to check up on Sara and she lets him in he goes and sits next to her and they talk. He says the only that his him going is faith and she says there are 2 things that have her going justice for her dead father and she continues, “The first thing they tell you when you take the job, is to never fall in love with an inmate.” Meaning the second thing is Michael. She turns to see his reaction. He slowly caresses her face…the moment is so intense and they want each other SO badly. He goes in for the long-awaited kiss…they stop fro a second a smile comes across Sara’s face and they kiss again this time even more passionately. All their feelings for each other that have been held in come to the surface and gush out. Mike moves to the floor as they kiss and sara wraps her arms around his neck suddenly the train jerks and starts slowin down they rush to linc to see what happened as linc says “roadblock” police have their cars on the train tracks creating a roadblock! They all get to the drivers car and threaten him to run the roadblock and they finally do! Mike, Sara, linc, and kellerman get to the back. Over the radio the ticket taker comes on and says there are 4 jumpers 3 male and 1 female. The engineer reports that to the cops and the cops are running after 4 ppl. Finally the cops get close enough and someone yells don’t shoot! The police realize it was a false alarm it’s the passengers wearing their clothes and they were forced to jump…the police realize their still on the train the train stops at their destination as the 4 of them casually walk out just as a police goes in to search for them. As the 4 of them go around checking for unlocked cars Paul calls Caroline and asks if he notified the police that he was coming she says no then kellerman gets a thought and asks Caroline where his 35th birthday was she stutters as he realizes that he isn’t even talkin to the prez but an imposter and says tell kim he just screwed up Big Time! The 4 are in a car and pull up to the cigar club as kellerman says hes the only non-fugitive and volunteers to get the key and go to the club but mike smiles and asks sara if she wants to go for a walk..She says yes and as they pull up to the front door and holds sara’s wrist just as she opens the door and enters “Sara, about before…me too…” he says, she smiles coyly and walks in. :)

    Oh boy, this episode was great ... personally, I loved this because of the Misa moment - definately more than a quick peck on the cheek, totally wicked (as previously stated =) So anyway, not much on the other cons, I can't really remember, the main memory that sticks is that Sara tries to take revenge on Kellerman, and she doesn't succeed (what a pity) but yeah, I'm not really sure whether or not he's good, a good ploy from the show, but I'm more leaning towards the bad guy side. I think that he just wants to get into power again, but I really want Kim to die! He sucks! So does Mahone, he's too smart. But yeah, I will forever remember this episode because of the Misa moment =)
  • very nice episode well written when we watch we have all our attention to the episode .and we want the week to pass very fast very good for the next episode congratulations

    very nice episode well written when we watch we have all our attention to the episode .and we want the week to pass very fast for the next episode very good very nice episode well written when we watch we have all our attention to the episode .and we want the week to pass very fast for the next episode very good very nice episode well written when we watch we have all our attention to the episode .and we want the week to pass very fast for the next episode very good congratulations
    for that episode episode episode episode
  • Michael and the group continue their journey towards freedom!!!

    This episode was adventurous and enjoyable...It begins with Sarah joining Michael and his group...She is somewhat vexed with Kellerman being present and even tries to kill him... She brings with her a key that may be the their only way towards freedom...Agent Mahone receives the order to eliminate J-Cat and he uses Bellick to do it...C-Note does a good dead in helping with the capture of a robber...He is rewarded by the locals by helping him escape...Kellermen is taunted with phone calls by a person imitating the President's voice...The group decides to take the train to Chicago and due to a mistake by Kellerman they are in danger of being caught...Fortunately their resourcefulness helps them reach Chicago...T-Bag convinced that he is in danger, decides to take his so called "family" and move...9/10.
  • Prison Break Episode 2.16 "Chicago" Airdate: Monday, February 5th 8:00PM-9:00PM

    And then there were five. Charles "Haywire" Patoshik was next to join the list of Fox River escapees who fell victim to falling into the conspiracy's death trap. Cause breaking out of prison with the different last name brothers brings a whole new obstacle to being on the run other than just staying away from the cops. This of course is due in part to Michael failing to mention to his fellow eager escapees that by breaking out they'd get a bullseye on their back just like his brother.

    Haywire's death was really depressing. Definitely gonna miss him (and Larry the dog). All of his scenes were terrific. I was hoping they'd carry out his escape story a little longer, but I suppose they had to establish some credibility to the new storyline created by Mahone when he got Bellick out of Fox River to help track down the cons. (Apparently there's TWO ways to get out of Fox River, but Michael's way was definitely cooler) The scene where Bellick is practicing his FBI introduction was hysterical. I wonder if he'll eventually catch on though that Mahone is killing the escapees rather than trying to bring them back to Fox River, and if he does, if he'll get caught in the middle of it. After all, he has to be thinking something's up after watching Haywire jump to his death after a "chat" with Mahone.

    C-Note's story didn't really go anywhere but was still an exciting adventure nonetheless being caught up in a robbery at the diner. I have faith in the writers, but I really just don't see where else his story can go. Taking care of his sick daughter on his own while on the run is going to be nearly impossible, so unless he finds a way to get his wife back, this story could hit the end of the runway real soon. I had thought that C-Note would be next to go, even before Haywire, and out of the five left now I definitely think he'll be next. The brothers are obviously the show, Sucre (not in this episode but from the previews meets up with Maricruz soon) should be around for a while, and I'll seriously be devastated if our favorite rapist murderer psycho is no longer on the show.

    Yes, I love T-Bag and I don't care what anybody thinks. He is an amazing character, a brilliant actor, and creates such a great aspect of the show. Not that I don't feel bad for this poor family he's basically taken hostage, but seeing him at least attempt to start living a normal life (even if its by threatening deadly force) is just awesome. Besides, isn't it every girl's dream anyway to wake up tied to their bed post with T-Bag spooning them and whispering in their ear offering to unlock the kids and make breakfast? What a gentleman. Of course Mrs. Hollander is one of those people who likes to read books and talk about them with lots of people in their house so Teddy activates Plan B. "This isn't gonna work. We're moving," he says before driving away with his hostage family and hand signaling as he turns like a good citizen should.

    Alright, now onto the big stuff. Michael, Lincoln, and unsure-to-be-trusted Kellerman are meeting Sara in Indiana to uncover whatever evidence it is that Dead Daddy Governor gave her that can bring down the conspiracy. Of course, this presents a bit of a problem for Mr. Kellerman as just a few episodes ago he tortured her and left her to drown. He definitely could've justified it by simply explaining that he was experimenting whether or not it was possible to pull the plug out of a bathtub with your hands tied behind your back. But unfortunately one of the men he'd be saying this to is a genius who orchestrated a breakout from a maximum security prison, so instead he went with the "I know what Sara's key is for and it will set you free but you need to keep me alive to help you" approach.

    Now feeling unsafe with the brothers and Sara however, Kellerman's loyalty to them was even more in question. Supposedly, the key Sara has is for a cigar shop in Chicago, coincidentally (?) where the president is speaking and requesting Kellerman rejoin her to make things right again. Fortunately for the brothers, Kellerman isn't doing a double reverse since apparently he went to Michael Scofield's School of Being a Genius and by the third phone call with the "president" realizes it's a setup by the only character on the show that is simply impossible to like. "Whoever this is, tell Bill Kim he just screwed up... big time," he says to fake president lady. Kellerman might seriously be my favorite character on the show.

    But before the troops returned to Chicago to stop Evil President and crew, they got to take quite possibly the greatest train ride ever. Next time I'm heading from Indy to Chi-Town, I'm definitely gonna request the "String Strangling - Make Out with Sara - Walk Across the Top - Smash Through a Four Cop Car Roadblock" Train. So awesome. Though when I got to Chicago, I'd probably go to Wrigley to see a Cubs game or something instead of bringing down the President of the United States and giant conspiracy, but I guess that works too.

    Amazingness wise, thought the last two episodes since coming back were probably better, but a great episode nonetheless and a big step towards moving the overall plot and bringing Lincoln's framers to justice. But it'll be at least a couple more weeks before we find out how successful they are and/or how much closer they are to bringing everything to an end, because the consequences of having two hours of 24 next week are that there's no PB. So I guess "hell yeah" for double 24 and "hell no" for no Prison Break... and for saying hell twice I get an "Ooooh potty mouth" from T-Bag.

    Overall Episode Rating: 8.3

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  • great example of what they go through

    It is at this episode where we realy see how hard it is on all of them, you get in a tough situation, you may have to do something crazy but smart, but you may have no choice but to end it all. I think it was to soon to kill Haywire, but his death was definatly a great addition to its suspence and it was definatly a great way to go, just too soon. The stunt where Lincoln got on top of the train was great and made the episode fairly special and also I found the intelligence used in that episode great, (where they kick off the crew and fake its them). Memorable episode
  • Sara and Michael finally express their feelings for each other in their second rendezvous of season two. Sara is less than pleased at seeing Paul Kellerman again. C Note finds himself in a tricky situation and T Bag plays house with the Hollanders.

    I absolutely loved this episode, it was my favourite of season two and perhaps the whole series. I was delighted to finally see Sara and Michael re united although their problems are far from over. The show always leaves you wanting more but this one really drove me mad with two weeks to the next episode.

    Although I never liked Haywires character I was really sad to see him go like he did, it was heart wrenchingly painful and sad! I was delighted with Saras attack on Paul Kellerman, it was exactly what he needed in my opinion! As for C Note and Dede, I loved their part in this episode as it humanized C Notes character even further.
  • fantastic episode.saw it last wk n yesterday again and i have to say that the next to die will be c - note but not in the next episode. as for scorfield and burrows there inside man must be completely for them for them. there has to be a twist somewhere?

    the way i see it there is a big twist to come up either for the "company" or the president or burrows n scorfield. As for c - note I think he will survive. then for my favorite character T bag I think in the very near futute he will be found and and i think he will kill himself and his so called "family". its smart how he's managed to evade the cops and stealthe five million.sara finally admits her love to snowflake whic is nice n was comin so no surpise there but between her n kellerman one of them has to leave or die. I cnt wait to see it on monday
  • Great Episode It Was So Good Haywire Passing Leading Us To Think Who Will Be Next I Personally Think That C-Note Will Be Next To Go. Hope Michael Lincoln Sucre & Sara Never Die Great Episode. Another Outstandin Installment. Monday Nite Cant Wait :-D

    Truly Oustanding Episode. I Have Heard From A Reliable Source That C-Note Is The Next Con To Be Caught By Mahone. OMG I Hate Him. Killing Everyone. But Ive Also Heard He Uses C-Note To Get To Mahone & Michael And Sucre Finally Meets Maricruz In Extapa And T-Bag Has A Suprise In Store For The Hollanders. Cant Believe We Needed To Wait 2 Weeeks Because Of 24. Prison Break Is The Best Programme Ever :-O.
  • wooot great episode!

    One of my fave episodes! cant believe sara tried to kill kellerman haha they should have let her do will be interesting to see how the michael-sara storyline continues..... haha n how was mahone's face as he was climbing the tower lol classic.... i think the kellerman storyline was is hard to guess whether or not he would actually turn on the brothers for the president or one things 4 sure him n bill kim will make for intersting tv time when and if they meet up again.... R.I.P Haywire :( all he wanted 2 do was go to holland....
  • amazing episode

    this episode was the best so far! I loved it so much! I've watched like a 10 times I guess because it's so good! I loved the scene when sara tries to kill kellerman! that was awesome! but I was like OMG!! don't tell me kellerman is actually going to die??? Well, thank God, Lincoln and Michael stopped her!! And I loved also the kiss's scene, I've been waiting for AGES for this kiss!!! It was lovely and intense and soooo beautiful!! Awesome! What more can I say,?? The story is perfect! It's going in the right direction!!

    Long life to Prison Break!!!
  • Best episode ever!!

    It's not even funny anymore. Prison Break has ruined every other show out there for me. It is so good that it makes all the other ones look like a waste of time. This episode was unbelievable, I loved it from the first second to the last. Let's start on Haywire. Poor thing, I was very sad to see him die although it was for the best of the show because his storyline was over a while back ago. T-Bag has officially lost his mind, I have no clue of what he is planning to do or how he's planning to do it. How long can they really keep this madness for??? Bellick is out on the streets once more because Mahone apparently pulled some strings and got him out so the Bellick could do his dirty work for him. That should be interesting. And C-Note is having a lot of trouble trying to keep his daughter from harm and to not make her see that everything around them is falling apart, I really like his character but I have a feeling he's about to be killed off pretty soon. And last, but definately not least at all, are the fantastic four, Michael, Lincoln, Kellerman and Sara. Oh my God! I love to see them all together. Michael reaction when he found out what Kellerman had done to Sara was priceless, Michael and Sara's hug when they first saw each other was the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed. The moment where Lincoln said thank you to Sara for helping them was very touching too. Sara jumping on Kellerman trying to kill him was just awesome, I really didn't think she had it in her. Oh and how to forget, Michael and Sara's super make out sesion and love declaration was... there are no word to describe such level of beauty and tenderness. Those two break my heart to a million pieces!!! This episode was great on so many levels, it had it all. Perfect 10 all the way!!
  • This is a really exciting episode.

    Continuing the episode of last week, Burrows and Scofield link up with Sara. They head to Chicago. This episode also shows the last time we'll be seeing the quirky and funny convict Haywire. Agent Mahone hunts down Scofield and Burrows while he goes after Haywire, he enlists the help of Bellick in tracking down Haywire. This episode shows some decent action, it's a classic Prison Break. The writers surely made a good episode. This is really exciting, some twists are thrown in to heighten the tension. This is one hour of TV viewing definitely worth watching, I'm waiting for more prison break.
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