Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • Prison Break Episode 2.16 "Chicago" Airdate: Monday, February 5th 8:00PM-9:00PM

    And then there were five. Charles "Haywire" Patoshik was next to join the list of Fox River escapees who fell victim to falling into the conspiracy's death trap. Cause breaking out of prison with the different last name brothers brings a whole new obstacle to being on the run other than just staying away from the cops. This of course is due in part to Michael failing to mention to his fellow eager escapees that by breaking out they'd get a bullseye on their back just like his brother.

    Haywire's death was really depressing. Definitely gonna miss him (and Larry the dog). All of his scenes were terrific. I was hoping they'd carry out his escape story a little longer, but I suppose they had to establish some credibility to the new storyline created by Mahone when he got Bellick out of Fox River to help track down the cons. (Apparently there's TWO ways to get out of Fox River, but Michael's way was definitely cooler) The scene where Bellick is practicing his FBI introduction was hysterical. I wonder if he'll eventually catch on though that Mahone is killing the escapees rather than trying to bring them back to Fox River, and if he does, if he'll get caught in the middle of it. After all, he has to be thinking something's up after watching Haywire jump to his death after a "chat" with Mahone.

    C-Note's story didn't really go anywhere but was still an exciting adventure nonetheless being caught up in a robbery at the diner. I have faith in the writers, but I really just don't see where else his story can go. Taking care of his sick daughter on his own while on the run is going to be nearly impossible, so unless he finds a way to get his wife back, this story could hit the end of the runway real soon. I had thought that C-Note would be next to go, even before Haywire, and out of the five left now I definitely think he'll be next. The brothers are obviously the show, Sucre (not in this episode but from the previews meets up with Maricruz soon) should be around for a while, and I'll seriously be devastated if our favorite rapist murderer psycho is no longer on the show.

    Yes, I love T-Bag and I don't care what anybody thinks. He is an amazing character, a brilliant actor, and creates such a great aspect of the show. Not that I don't feel bad for this poor family he's basically taken hostage, but seeing him at least attempt to start living a normal life (even if its by threatening deadly force) is just awesome. Besides, isn't it every girl's dream anyway to wake up tied to their bed post with T-Bag spooning them and whispering in their ear offering to unlock the kids and make breakfast? What a gentleman. Of course Mrs. Hollander is one of those people who likes to read books and talk about them with lots of people in their house so Teddy activates Plan B. "This isn't gonna work. We're moving," he says before driving away with his hostage family and hand signaling as he turns like a good citizen should.

    Alright, now onto the big stuff. Michael, Lincoln, and unsure-to-be-trusted Kellerman are meeting Sara in Indiana to uncover whatever evidence it is that Dead Daddy Governor gave her that can bring down the conspiracy. Of course, this presents a bit of a problem for Mr. Kellerman as just a few episodes ago he tortured her and left her to drown. He definitely could've justified it by simply explaining that he was experimenting whether or not it was possible to pull the plug out of a bathtub with your hands tied behind your back. But unfortunately one of the men he'd be saying this to is a genius who orchestrated a breakout from a maximum security prison, so instead he went with the "I know what Sara's key is for and it will set you free but you need to keep me alive to help you" approach.

    Now feeling unsafe with the brothers and Sara however, Kellerman's loyalty to them was even more in question. Supposedly, the key Sara has is for a cigar shop in Chicago, coincidentally (?) where the president is speaking and requesting Kellerman rejoin her to make things right again. Fortunately for the brothers, Kellerman isn't doing a double reverse since apparently he went to Michael Scofield's School of Being a Genius and by the third phone call with the "president" realizes it's a setup by the only character on the show that is simply impossible to like. "Whoever this is, tell Bill Kim he just screwed up... big time," he says to fake president lady. Kellerman might seriously be my favorite character on the show.

    But before the troops returned to Chicago to stop Evil President and crew, they got to take quite possibly the greatest train ride ever. Next time I'm heading from Indy to Chi-Town, I'm definitely gonna request the "String Strangling - Make Out with Sara - Walk Across the Top - Smash Through a Four Cop Car Roadblock" Train. So awesome. Though when I got to Chicago, I'd probably go to Wrigley to see a Cubs game or something instead of bringing down the President of the United States and giant conspiracy, but I guess that works too.

    Amazingness wise, thought the last two episodes since coming back were probably better, but a great episode nonetheless and a big step towards moving the overall plot and bringing Lincoln's framers to justice. But it'll be at least a couple more weeks before we find out how successful they are and/or how much closer they are to bringing everything to an end, because the consequences of having two hours of 24 next week are that there's no PB. So I guess "hell yeah" for double 24 and "hell no" for no Prison Break... and for saying hell twice I get an "Ooooh potty mouth" from T-Bag.

    Overall Episode Rating: 8.3