Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • best episode yet!

    IMO this was THE best of prison break so far……including season 1! It had everything in it to make it a perfect episode! It was HOT, jam-packed, thrilling, shocking, awesome, exciting and every other word in the dictionary for great!!!! I loved it!!!!
    It started off with a MiSa reunion! They hugged and it was beautiful, sweet, cute, and satisfying to see them both together and happy! Sara finally told Michael how kellerman tried to kill her and mike choked kellerman asking him how long he could hold his breath for….that felt great…retribution! He just says “it was nothing personal, Sara!” T-bag still has the Hollander family under lock and key and when a visitor comes to visit he acts just as charming as he can be! She doesn’t suspect a thing! He later decides its time to move his “family” and packs them for a long trip! C-note is in trouble when a robber decides to hold up a restaurant where he and dede are dining he convinces the robber to let him and dede go after telling him that hes a wanted man! The robber lets them both go but takes a young gurl hostage…c-note doesn’t like that and sticks up for the gurl! The police are starting to arrive when he beats the robber up and the girl gives him a way out thru the back door…when the police come and question who beat up the robber a man stand up for c-note and says hes the one who beat him up. Haywire is desperate to start moving again before the police catch up to him. Mahone asks bellick to be his dog and bellick agrees to work as an FBI agent under the radar Mahone and him take on haywire as they play with his mind as haywire jumps to his death! Michael, sara,linc, and kellerman get on a train in route to Chicago. Linc thanks sara for putting her life on hold for him and apologizes for the fact that she had to get involved and tells her everything will be ok they embrace for a few seconds as kellerman takes mike in the train and tells the train officer that hes transporting a fugitive and needs an empty cart where they wont be disturbed. Sara sits across Michael and kellerman slyly looks on. Sara shows mike the key and kellerman knows it’s to a private cigar club. Sara flashbacks to kellerman trying to choke the life out of her and decides its time for payback! She sees linc is asleep and asks mike to go get her a glass of water. As mike goes to get the water she walks past kellerman as he says “It was never personal, Sara. War never is.” She takes the drawstring from her jacket and wraps it around his neck slowly trying to choke him to death! He tries to pull her from the back but he cant! Linc wakes up and rushes to kellerman as mike returns and holds Sara back. He gasps for air and points at Sara and warns, “You get ONE of those.”! Kellerman walks and opens the door; the ticket taker says a couple of other passengers are saying they saw a fight. He tells them to mind their own business and leave them alone without any interruptions! Sara and Kellerman separate, Sara walks away and says, “It’s nothing personal, Paul.” Sara is visibly upset and goes and locks herself in the bathroom. Michael goes after her when she doesn’t answer the door he leaves her and goes back to linc. Kellerman gets up and walks away to find a secure place and calls Reynolds and asks him what hes gonna get when he turns in mike and linc…she wants to make him her chief of staff…he says they’ll meet and hangs up. Michael goes to the bathroom again to check up on Sara and she lets him in he goes and sits next to her and they talk. He says the only that his him going is faith and she says there are 2 things that have her going justice for her dead father and she continues, “The first thing they tell you when you take the job, is to never fall in love with an inmate.” Meaning the second thing is Michael. She turns to see his reaction. He slowly caresses her face…the moment is so intense and they want each other SO badly. He goes in for the long-awaited kiss…they stop fro a second a smile comes across Sara’s face and they kiss again this time even more passionately. All their feelings for each other that have been held in come to the surface and gush out. Mike moves to the floor as they kiss and sara wraps her arms around his neck suddenly the train jerks and starts slowin down they rush to linc to see what happened as linc says “roadblock” police have their cars on the train tracks creating a roadblock! They all get to the drivers car and threaten him to run the roadblock and they finally do! Mike, Sara, linc, and kellerman get to the back. Over the radio the ticket taker comes on and says there are 4 jumpers 3 male and 1 female. The engineer reports that to the cops and the cops are running after 4 ppl. Finally the cops get close enough and someone yells don’t shoot! The police realize it was a false alarm it’s the passengers wearing their clothes and they were forced to jump…the police realize their still on the train the train stops at their destination as the 4 of them casually walk out just as a police goes in to search for them. As the 4 of them go around checking for unlocked cars Paul calls Caroline and asks if he notified the police that he was coming she says no then kellerman gets a thought and asks Caroline where his 35th birthday was she stutters as he realizes that he isn’t even talkin to the prez but an imposter and says tell kim he just screwed up Big Time! The 4 are in a car and pull up to the cigar club as kellerman says hes the only non-fugitive and volunteers to get the key and go to the club but mike smiles and asks sara if she wants to go for a walk..She says yes and as they pull up to the front door and holds sara’s wrist just as she opens the door and enters “Sara, about before…me too…” he says, she smiles coyly and walks in. :)