Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • Sara comes face to face with Kellerman, T-Bag takes the Hollinder Family on a road trip and Haywife takes the plung

    Sara steps off a train in Evansville, Louisiana, where she meets up with Michael and Lincoln. All seems to be going well until she clocks Kellerman, whose apologies over her torture don't wash with any of them. But they're forced to back down when the rogue finds his bargaining chip: the answer to the mystery surrounding the key in Sara's possession. Following the trail, the foursome embark on an eventful journey to Chicago, where they head to a private cigar club. Kellerman, fresh from finding out that Kim's been setting him up, fails to convince the others that he should be the one to retrieve the evidence hidden in Governor Tancredi's humidor. Michael and Sara prepare for the task… Meanwhile, C-Note saves the day when he and his daughter are involved in a hold-up at a diner; and T-Bag finds the neighbourhood welcoming committee too much to take, prompting him to relocate with his captives in tow. Haywire's been spotted fleeing the scene of a homicide, and Kim wants him dealt with in his usual way. Mahone needs a junkyard dog who's willing to play dirty, and Bellick's more than up to the challenge. Faster than you can say "habeas corpus" the former CO is swapping his prison overalls for a shiny new FBI badge as he works under the radar to track down his target. With Haywire cornered at the top of a storage tower, it's time for Mahone to step in. Not willing to get his hands dirty, the agent plays on Haywire's desire for freedom by telling him that there's a way out. It works. The Fox River escapees become five as Haywire jumps from the tower and plummets to his death, his treasured picture of Holland landing by his side.
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