Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 20

Cowboys and Indians

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 08, 2009 on FOX
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Michael must make a choice as chaos reigns at the energy conference.

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  • Overall, a good setup episode, with good distractions, moving the plot for the final position.

    This episode already began with the main complication, Lincoln is in the same situation, he is guilt from a crime he didn´t commit, we all already saw that, this is not a new, but trying to escape from the building and Michael has to improvise is something that only Prison Break can do and this is what is interesting.

    While Michael and Lincoln are in a bad situation, the writers used the rest of the time to make the last setups for the next two episodes that will end Prison Break. This is why Michael gets his hands on Scylla, but now both the General and Christina have leverage against Michael, this is why Lincoln is caught and this is why Sara was dump, to be caught.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10) Presenting the main complication, fine by me,

    Complication Phase - » (8/10) Escaping from the building, interesting,

    Climax Phase - » (8/10) Getting Scylla, seemed like someone would die there, Ending - » (9/10) the ultimate ending, very interesting,

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10) very satisfactory,

    Time and Scene Management - » (8/10) less filler and more relevant material, nice,

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine,

    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10)*2 good material but nothing great,

    Drama - » (7/10) light emotions in play,

    Overall, a good setup episode, with good distractions, moving the plot for the final position.moreless
  • what a situation Micheal were put in!!!

    Oh my god now lets see Micheal is going to do, i mean is he going to pick the girl he loves Sara !! or his brother or now we can say his brother from adaption !!!

    and Christina is really something i mean she shot her own "son" sweeeet

    nice way of getting Sella from Micheal and the guys.

    i really felt sorry for Self they shot his wife come on . but now i think he is going to play a role to help Micheal now he want to revenge for his wife .. can't wait to see the next episode to see what Micheal is going to do about the picking thingmoreless
  • Setting up the final ride.

    Cowboys and Indians is the episode to set up the final ride for prison break cause next is the Series Finale (well sort of). This is quite confusing as there is also some dvd coming out soon.

    Anyway, this episode was fantastic. Had everything I love about this show.

    Everything lead to Michael having to make his toughest choice yet. He have made many in the past but this time it just a situation where he might just loose, no matter what. Whatever happens in the final episode, the writers have managed to set things up nicely for an explosive exit for this continuously metamorphosing series. It's a story that's nearing its end and I`m hoping it'll be a conclusion worthy of the years of buildup. These are some excellent characters and next week will be our chance to say goodbye to a memorable cast.moreless
  • Pretty intense!!

    Wow, Prison Breal is coming to an end but it couldn't be at a more fast paced and intense manner.

    Full of twists, screams and deaths, Michael's mom is playing a very good job at being the vilan, even more than the General and his gooms.

    Hmm.. whatever happened to Sucre and that blue eyed brunette? I know Sucre took off but Amaury Nolasco's names still features in the openning scream.. So does Jody Leen O'Keefe.. well, I think she got arrested but we don't know for sure..

    Anyways, first, Michael's mom set him and Lincoln up for murdering the indian guy. Wow.. who would've thought about that??

    Bagwell is really a worthless but you couldn't expect much from that guy.. double-crosser douchebag!! lol

    Now for the last part.. hmm.. I was on the edge of my sofa when I saw the ending there.. pretty intense.. wonder who Michael will choose to save..

  • All about leverage.

    All about leverage.

    Prison break just took yet another dramatic turn in cowboys and Indians. After literally a reboot in last week`s episode with Micheal and Linc being on the run (once again), it was clear we were in for some good ole tension filled prison break episode.

    The whole was really entertaining. Starting from the situation at the hotel, the dramatic death of Self`s wife to Mike/Linc stealing Scylla from the mum.

    It came down to leverage. Mike have Scylla, thinking he was in the driving seat. But the general and T-Bag (who is back to his evil awesome ways) had another thing planned. Now they captured Sara. But meanwhile, Christina had a leverage on her own, the man with whom it all began: Lincoln Burrows. Tough decision for Michael. Add to that the recent revelation of Linc`s adoption which might be a factor. How would that influence Michael and what if he learns Sara is pregnant! Finale is going to be mental.moreless
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Ted King


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Michael McGrady

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Marshall Manesh

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