Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 13

Deal Or No Deal

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Previously: Self pissed off the Unusual Suspects good.

WOTUS. Linc's response to the betrayal: SMASH! Sucre's in denial and tries to reassure the others. Michael just sits there and lets Sucre babble and Linc break things. He quietly tells Doc they should call Homeland.

Self calls SH-A and is all about labored breathing (uh, ew). He says the brothers shot him and took Scylla. He calls out, "Burrows!" and fires a few shots in the air. He then puts his gun in T-Bag's face and says he needs to find JLOK. T-Bag agrees to help.

WOTUS. Sucre's wondering if Self was even government. Adversary Anger Mahone says he certainly was and that makes it worse, he's sure Homeland will be showing up shortly. He suggests they split. Doc says Michael needs surgery. "I'm not talking about running, I'm talking about surviving," Mahone points out. They all chew on that.

SOG's pity party is still in full swing. He takes a break to attend a meeting. Vegas COTW is ticked and peppers SOG with really annoying questions. SOG's response: shoot Vegas COTW dead. "Any further questions," he asks the room. Not a one. Lisa looks shaken.

WOTUS. Michael fiddles with some little piece of metal, sort of computer chip looking. His tumor starts to act up, such an inconsiderate tumor. Linc pops in and Michael pouts that they were so close. Linc says it's not their fault.

SH-A and a couple of agents storm WOTUS and find it empty. The boys watch this unfold from across the way. Michael calls SH-A who informs them they're wanted for double murder. Michael's all, "Who with the what now?" SH-A promises to hunt them down and refuses to listen to Michael's claims that they were set up by Self.

New new credits.

No-tell hotel. The Unusual Suspects are holed up. Linc wants to go in, guns blazing. Yeah, that'll work. There's a reason Michael is the planner in the family. And plan he does. He says they need to flush out Self.

Co. HQ. The boring counterfeiters plot, though I must admit that SOG's offing people during meetings has made them somewhat more interesting.

Back to the hotel. Doc wants to call the doctor, but Michael says no. A news bulletin pops up on the tv, stating a one Cole Pfeiffer and a female accomplice shot up Gate.

Co. HQ. Lisa's stressing over Vegas COTW's demise. SOG's all, "Suck it up."

Our boys wonder how Self's gonna sell Scylla. They figure he'll need JLOK.

Lord, T-Bag's talking. Again. Some more. Does that man ever shut up? He probably talks in his sleep. Oh and if that doesn't give you nightmares...just imagine the freaky-deaky things he must mutter while he's asleep. I shudder at the mere thought. Anyhoo, why would Self let him sit up front? With his mouth free of duct-tape? Self does rather hilariously threaten to kill T-Bag if he doesn't shut up.

Hotel. Doc shoots up Michael again. She says they could go to Mexico; there are some doctors there that she trusts. That must be an interesting story. Michael can't leave until this is finished.

Linc and Mahone are at odds over how they should proceed.

Checking in with JLOK, she's just entered the house where BAD men died. Linc calls and says Self double-crossed them. JLOK's all, "Are you shitting me?" Heh, I love her reaction. She's aghast that someone out there is capable of betrayal. Besides her anyway. She says Self'll need a new buyer and arranges to meet the boys. Shortly after ending that call, she receives another. It's JLOKSis, who reports that Emily was in an accident. JLOK stops her right there: "I want you to tell whoever's got that gun pointed at you to grow a set and get on the phone." Heh.

The Unusual Suspects discuss their options, or lack thereof. Sucre doesn't trust JLOK, but the brothers say they have no choice. Mahone sides with them.

SH-A meets with Senator Dallow, who's upset that SH-A's using such a small team to hunt down the Unusual Suspects. SH-A points out that they need to keep this situation contained. The fewer people who know, the better. A US Marshal appears and says he has questions concerning the whole "the brothers are in a maximum security pen" story. Okay, I thought the dude looked familiar upon first screening, but I can't place him. So if he's figured into the story previously, my apologies for failing to point it out.

Co. HQ. The bad guys connect the dots from Self to SH-A.

The Unusual Suspects stake out the plaza for the JLOK meet.

Speak of the devil! She enters JLOKSis's house and surrenders her weapon. Self says she's going to help him find a new buyer. He asks where the brothers are and she tells him, "Gee, Don, I don't know. I'm not their mother." This opens the door for T-Bag to step aside and reveal Emily seated at the table. Self says she may not be the boys' mother, but she's Emily's. JLOK plays along, saying she's supposed to meet the boys in half an hour. Self tosses a phone to T-Bag, ordering him to call in a tip to Homeland.

Plaza de meet. On the phone with SH-A Michael tries to plead his case, but SH-A's not buying. Michael deduces that Homeland knows where they are and gives the order to Run! So the Unusual Suspects Run!. Linc cuts off some agents so Michael can get away, but in doing so, Linc is caught.

WOTUS. SH-A questions Linc who shouts. A lot. My reaction: eh. Linc getting yelly doesn't have the same affect on me as when Michael does it. When he gets all loud and bothered, it gets me all hot and bothered. I sort of built up an immunity to Linc's hot temper since he spent much of Season 1 getting huffy. But, if either of the brothers get whisper-angry...ooh, I'm getting tingles just thinking about it.

The Unusual Suspects, minus Linc, of course, meet up and Michael calls JLOK. She hands the phone to Self, who's smarmy and self-Self-congratulatory (heh). He tells Michael thanks for all the help and he's gonna go sell Scylla now. He advises the boys to Run! After ending the call, Self and JLOK chat about potential buyers. JLOK doesn't know of a buyer, per se, but she knows a "conduit." Big words confuse Self, so she explains: maybe five people in the world know what to do with Scylla and are willing to pay for it. Mr. Conduit can put her in touch with one of those people. Self's all, "Great, let's go! Oh, and the child-killing pedophile will stay behind with your sister and small daughter, okay?" JLOK shoots T-Bag a warning. Then, awesomeness occurs. JLOKSis slugs JLOK! She is pissed ever so much! JLOK takes it, then calmly says she'll take care of this. JLOKSis's response: slug her again! I'm having fun!

WOTUS. Apparently all of Linc's shouting actually sunk in. Seems Self left behind evidence of a bank account and new identity. Dallow apologizes and asks Linc to help them out by testifying. In return, he and the others will get immunity. Linc says they already have a deal. Uh, not anymore. They ask Linc to trust them and call the others in. "We got trust issues," Linc delivers the understatement of the year.

Hotel. Big Brother calls and Michael puts him on speaker. Linc updates them on Self and tells them about Dallow's proposal. Doc's all, "Immunity for what? We did the job they asked us to do." Michael says they need to think about it.

I guess Michael decided during commercials, 'cuz he sends Doc and Sucre to scope out the meeting place.

JLOK and Self are waiting in the car. JLOK tells a story about how Self will end up very rich, but very much alone. Not liking her story, he rings up T-Bag and tells him to take out his gun (dirty!). JLOK grows alarmed and spits out his name. Self orders T-Bag to point it at JLOKSis's head. T-Bag complies. JLOK yells. JLOKSis braces herself. Self coldly orders the gimp to pull back the hammer. T-Bag does so. JLOK yells some more. She finally gets Self to back down by showing him a message from Mr. Conduit.

Doc and Sucre arrive at a lot and are confused. Michael's meeting Dallow here? Uh, no. Mahone shows up and says Michael's plan is for them to get out of town in case things go south. How much farther south could they go? Doc and Sucre hesitate, but Mahone gets.

WOTUS. Michael marches in (hotly) and states (hotly) that he'll give his testimony, then he's leaving (hotly) with his hot brother. I like it when he's all take-charge.

Sucre and Doc don't get Michael's thought process. Well, in his defense, he does have a gigantic tumor growing in his brain. Doc says if the deal is legit, why do they need to run? If it's not for real, then Michael could be in trouble. Sucre puts on his thinking cap.

Dallow and SH-A discuss how deep in shit they currently are. They put together this off-books op, without congressional approval and are looking at hard time. So what could they possibly do to clean up this mess? I'll let you think about that for a moment. Back inside, Dallow reiterates that he needs the brothers to testify. He asks where the others are and SH-A sends the US Marshal on his way. He then draws his weapon and begins a count to five. He makes it to three. Marshal returns and plugs him. He informs the brothers that they have an appointment with SOG.

Sucre and Doc arrive at WOTUS.

JLOK and Self are busy being frisked. Mr. C tells them SOG issued a reward for the return of Scylla. He also says he's gonna enjoy sticking it to the old man. Isn't that JLOK's job? Yeah, I said it.

WOTUS. Sucre stealthily enters, gun draw. Marshal's marching the brothers and Dallow toward the door. He says SOG requested he keep the senator alive. Sucre manages to disarm Marshal and Linc shoots him. He turns the gun on Dallow, who's all, "Can't we talk about this?" He says six people know the inner-workings of the operation and only two are left: him and Self. He directs the boys to a file on the table, all that remains of the op. He says they can destroy it and forget any of this ever happened. Yeah, but the boys will be right back where they started. Anyhoo, they let Dallow leave.

Outside Linc asks if they're gonna Run! as Doc joins them. Mahone's a no-show.

Alleyway. Mr. C informs Self that Scylla's incomplete. He shows Self and JLOK the back of Scylla where there's a small opening. It looks like a little metal computer chip looking piece would fit right in there. Hmmm.

WOTUS. Michael retrieves said missing piece from his hiding place. His cell rings and he answers, "Hello, Don." Self's pissed and spits that Michael has something that belongs to him. "Come and get it!" Michael hotly challenges. Oh, it is on!