Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 10

Dirt Nap

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2008 on FOX
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Lechero's demotion devastates Michael's breakout plan as Sammy takes the reigns at Sona.
T-Bag forces Bellick to fight in the ring where the odds are stacked heavily against him.
Lincoln and Sucre have some surprise fireworks set for Susan.

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  • This episode presents another “Guestâ€� Plot, with a beginning, middle and ending, very interesting and thrilling.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10). Lechero is in big trouble, but not only him, Michael head is the prize and Sammy is implacable.

    Complication Phase - » (9/10). Everyone (except the escape squad) is looking for Michael because Sammy wants to kill him, but Bellick is also in big trouble with Sammy because he challenged him, however, Bellick can´t use his special trick. Lincoln is making more setups.

    Climax Phase - » (9/10)*2. When Sammy found Michael everything seemed lost, but some people like me could predict Michael plans for Sammy.

    Ending - » (8/10). Lechero wins and the plan still safe.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). Lincoln scenes seemed filler, until Sucre get himself in big trouble because of him. All the other scenes was relevant to the event of this episode. This bomb in Gretchen car seems that will be for nothing.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). Nothing that I could notice.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10). Sammy is the new boss in Sona and this plot began in this episode and ended in this episode, the writers couldn´t do better.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10)*2. The final scenes is filled with tension (in Michael side).

    What I liked -» Bellick scenes was funny. The tension is this episode was great.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Lincoln/Sofia scenes seemed pure filler.

    This episode presents another “Guest� Plot, with a beginning, middle and ending, very interesting and thrilling.moreless
  • Well written.

    As tensions rise between Lechero and Sammy, an unexpected con throws down the chicken foot; Susan tests Sucre; Michael and Whistler continue digging; and another body is taken out of Sona; T-Bag gets a shock. Another awesome episode from Prison Break. I love the Sammy and Lechero storyline. Oh I got to say Bellick is a legend in this episode thinking he is all great. Oh and I love the way T-Bag wants Sammy gone. I love T-Bag, but he is quiter in this season than the first too, but he is still awesome. Plays his character brilliantly. Anyway, I love the way they are all digging too, amazing storyline great job, writers.moreless
  • Awesome.

    As tensions rise between Lechero and Sammy, an unexpected con throws down the chicken foot; Susan tests Sucre; Michael and Whistler continue digging; and another body is taken out of Sona; T-Bag gets a shock. Another awesome episode from Prison Break. I love the Sammy and Lechero storyline. Oh I got to say Bellick is a legend in this episode thinking he is all great. Oh and I love the way T-Bag wants Sammy gone. I love T-Bag, but he is quiter in this season than the first too, but he is still awesome. Plays his character brilliantly. Anyway, I love the way they are all digging too, amazing storyline great job, writers.moreless
  • Good episode

    This episode opens with Michael and the other selected inmates continue digging their way out of the prison. Michael tells them that it should take them about 2 days. A bounty of a box of alcohol is placed on Michael's head by the new leader of the prison. A fight between Brad and the new leader, Sammy is arranged. Brad has been offered the chance to escape with Michael and everyone if he can kill Sammy. Lincoln goes to see a man, and buys a bomb. The fight between Brad and Sammy starts, as Sammy has him in a headlock about to kill him, he gets word that Michael has been spotted. Michael is trapped inside the hole with only one other person after James has been captured by Sammy. When Sammy returns to the fight Brad is still on the floor bleeding and the previous leader is being taken to where Michael is, to try and gain entry. Michael lets Sammy in & he realises that they were planning to escape. Part of the tunnel collapses and Sammy is killed and then the other men with him are also killed. Sucre plants the bomb in the car of Gretchen. Michael gets a visit from Lincoln.moreless
  • Prison Break at its best.

    Awesome episode. Love every bit of it.

    Mahone, finally rehabilitated, casually approaches Whistler and Michael and re-joins the escape. T-Bag soon joins them too and makes sure Whistler tells Micheal and everybody that T-Bag is included in the escape. Michael has to agree. Whistler, Lechero, Michael and Mahone work on the tunnel inside Lechero's secret cellar while T-Bag waits outside. Meanwhile Sammy and his men are planning a takeover of the prison. Lechero heads out of the cellar, giving T-Bag some money to go get some tools. As he waits for T-Bag in his room, Sammy approaches him with his pistol. Sammy and his men claim possession of the room and drive Lechero out. Sammy then announces his new reign over the prison to the other inmates, and then promises a whole crate of rum to the man who can bring him Scofield.

    Sucre meets Susan (Gretchen) again, who gives him a cashier's check of $25,000 as promised in return for 'information' about Lincoln. Sucre assures her that Lincoln is working on the original escape plan. Sucre returns to Lincoln's apartment and tells Lincoln the plan to double cross Susan is on track. He doesn't however tell Lincoln about the money. Sofia begins to doubt Whistler and his claims. Lincoln later leaves with Sofia (to act as a translator) to a house where two men sell him a bomb which can be remotely triggered from a mobile phone. Sucre meets Gretchen on the pretext of giving urgent information. He steps into her car and hides the bomb underneath her seat. Gretchen, however, is unhappy with Sucre's work and is visibly angry with him. Gretchen has traced the $25,000 check and comes to know that the money was wired to Maricruz. She assures 'Maricruz and her head will part ways' if Sucre plays games. Sucre hesitates before leaving the bomb in the car.

    Meanwhile in the prison, T-Bag convinces Bellick to use the acetone trick and challenge Sammy to a fight and kill him in the ring in exchange for being on the escape. Bellick accuses Sammy of stealing his money and makes racist abuses and challenges him to the fight. The prisoners applaud and cheer in excitement of the impending fight. The fighters have 15 minutes to get into the ring. Bellick however finds that his acetone has run out and is nervous about the fight now. Sammy sits in his room, listening to Mobb Deep's "Put Em In Their Place" and is reassured by his men that should the fight get out of hand, they can just shoot Bellick. Bellick meekly begs that it was a misunderstanding but is ultimately dragged to the ring. Sammy beats him up in the fight and has his hands around Bellick's throat. Bellick is about to breathe his last.

    Back in the cellar, Scofield, Mahone and Whistler get suspicious about Lechero not returning with the tools and head out of the cellar only to find it occupied by Sammy's henchmen. Michael realizes what's happened and runs back into the cellar. Whistler is unable to make it. Because of the combination lock, they are unable to pursue. One of them goes out and calls for Sammy announcing that they have found Michael Scofield. Sammy leaves a half dead and bleeding Bellick and rushes back to his room. They threaten Whistler to enter the code or convince Michael to come out. Whistler truthfully explains he doesn't know the code, and tells Michael to not open the door. Sammy heads out to the yard and gets Lechero, who was watching the fight from a distance. Sammy threatens Lechero to open the door with the secret code. He refuses. Inside, Michael wishes to open the door, as he needs Whistler alive. Mahone suggests they grab items lying around to be ready for them, but Michael goes ahead and opens the door. Sammy and his men enter and find the tunnel. Michael says he will let them in on the escape if Sammy can take Whistler out with him. He doesn't ask for his own escape showing how he still cares about LJ. Whistler tells Sammy that its impossible without Michael and that there is some work still left which requires Michael to oversee. Sammy doesn't believe it, and steps up to inspect the tunnel. He tries to enter the tunnel but it collapses on him. In the ensuing commotion Mahone breaks the neck of one of the men, while Lechero grabs the gun and kills Sammy's other men. Outside, Lechero is back in control and kicks out the bodies of Sammy and his men from the balcony proving once again that he is the boss. Bellick, realizing that he is now safe, demands that he is let in on the escape or he would announce their escape plan. T-Bag reluctantly accepts. Back in Michael's cell Whistler accuses a brooding Michael of building the tunnel badly – they could have all been killed – but we see that Michael actually removed a linchpin just before Sammy entered the tunnel. For the first time, Michael has directly caused somebody's death. Mahone sees Michael and says "It doesn't get any easier." Meanwhile, Lincoln gives an Eiffel tower key chain to Sofia assuring to take her if Whistler doesn't (Sofia had said she wished to go to France with Whistler). Later, in her apartment, Sofia closes a framed photo of Whistler on the table and begins to throw out his clothes from a closet. While doing so, she uncovers a bag filled with seemingly normal items. However, she finds a secret compartment in the bag which hides a conspicuous metallic suitcase.

    Back at Sona, Lincoln tells Michael about the passport Sofia found and expresses his doubts on Whistler and his claim that he is just a fisherman.moreless
Danay Garcia

Danay Garcia

Sofia Lugo

Robert Wisdom

Robert Wisdom


Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Wade Williams

Wade Williams

Captain Brad Bellick

William Fichtner

William Fichtner

Special Agent Alexander Mahone

Nathan Castaneda

Nathan Castaneda


Guest Star

Felix Pire

Felix Pire


Guest Star

Gabriel Luna

Gabriel Luna


Guest Star

Carlo Alban

Carlo Alban

Luis Gallego (McGrady)

Recurring Role

Laurence Mason

Laurence Mason


Recurring Role

Reynaldo Gallegos

Reynaldo Gallegos


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The word "sucre" does NOT exist in Spanish, although it DOES mean "sugar" in languages like French and Catalan.

      Nevertheless, it's the name of a city in Bolivia. The city's name comes from a General named Antonio Jose de Sucre, who was from The Viceroyalty of New Granada (now Venezuela). He is a descendant of a member of a French-Flemish family. So, although the word "sucre" is not Spanish, it does have roots in South America.

    • "Sucre" is the French word for "sugar".

    • Gretchen is seen sending text messages to Whistler's contacts pretending to be him (Gary Miller is a fake ID Whistler used). The text says:

      To: Edward Guthrie
      From: Gary Miller
      Re: Great Sales!~

      Ed, we'll be in contact soon. Sales are through the roof! Hope you're working on your putting...Gary

    • Just before the fight with Bellick, Sammy is listening to "Put Em In Their Place", the song by Mobb Deep.

    • The code Lechero uses to open the door is: 16783.

    • Susan states that "Sucre" means "sugar". Sugar in Spanish is "Azucar" but in Catalan, one of the languages spoken in Spain, "Sucre" really means "sugar".

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Michael: (about Whistler) If he's not a fisherman, what is he?

    • Lincoln: If he doesn't take you, I will. (Hands Sofia a small brown bag. After Lincoln leaves her, she opens it to reveal an Eiffel Tower keyring)

    • Sofia: This isn't the best neighborhood.
      Lincoln: I've been in a lot worse. Stick close.

    • Whistler: After all the times you wanted me to prove I was a real fisherman, I should have been asking if you were a real engineer. That could have been one of us buried down there.
      Michael: I'll do better next time.

    • T-Bag: We can invite Sammy on the escape.
      Lechero: He can go to hell.

    • Lechero: (to Sammy) Look at you, the power's made you mad already.

    • Susan B.: (to Sucre) If it's any comfort, you guys almost pulled it off. The Puerto Rican and the gorilla, you really had me scrambling there for a minute.

    • Whistler: Well, that gets us into No Man's Land, and then what?
      Michael: A helicopter would be nice.

    • Lincoln: I got your back. When you get home, whatever you need, whatever you want...
      Sucre: That won't be necessary. When I get back home, I'm a saint. I'm not even jaywalking.

    • McGrady: Were you really trying to escape?
      Michael: I don't know what you're talking about and neither do you.

    • Susan B.: Know what I just found out? That "sucre" means "sugar."
      Sucre: Uh, yeah.
      Susan B.: So every time I'm saying your name, I'm calling you "sugar."
      Sucre: Basically, yeah.

    • Mahone: You saw those guys. What do you think they've got planned?
      Michael: What do you suggest, Alex?

    • T-Bag: (to Bellick) Just don't take too long to finish him (Sammy) off, okay? The sooner he's dead, the sooner we can get on with the escape.

    • Sammy: (holding a gun on Lechero) If you'd gone after Scofield today, all would have been forgiven.

    • Mahone: It's a crazy world, we all agree on that.

    • Whistler: Just so you know, Bagwell's coming with us.
      (Michael just stares at him)
      Whistler: You were gone. He had something we needed. I didn't have a choice.

    • Susan B.: (to Sucre) Keep your eyes open, sugar.

    • Sammy: (to Lechero) You're holding Scofield up in your room?

    • Mahone: So, what's the new plan?

    • Michael: (to McGrady) You don't want any part of this.

    • Susan: You know what? I believe you.
      Sucre: So, I'll call you if anything comes up.
      Susan: Whoa, whoa! Am I a toothless crack whore? Sit down. I keep my promises. People I work for, they don't like to deal with green backs, it's just too balky. Cashiers check, payable to cash, same thing.

    • Bellick: I feel sorry for the guy, but you don't chicken foot an ex delta force and hope to make it out alive.
      Some inmate: You delta force? Like Chuck Norris?
      Bellick: Norris? He wouldn't have even made it through boot camp.

    • Sofia: Why didn't you tell me you were going to buy a bomb?
      Lincoln: You never would have come along.

    • Sammy (after assuming authority in the yard): First order of business...
      (holds up a box of Casarica Rum)
      ...a case of rum to the man who brings me Michael Scofield.

    • Sammy: (Whistles to get the attention of the prisoners in the yard)
      I'm running things now! Anyone who has a problem with that... (holds up the chicken foot) Come get it.

    • Whistler: You know, uh, I am a fisherman. I am. I'm just maybe a little bit more connected than I've let on.
      Michael (looking at a woodboard): I think this is gonna work.
      Mahone: Yeah.
      Whistler: You know, I run charters, just like I said... I have for years. Then one day, that brunette, Gretchen well, she asked me if I wanted to be exclusive to her corporation, right? And, uh, well, with the money she was offering, I had a pretty good idea she wasn't just trawling for salmon.
      Michael: So you two have history.
      Whistler: Yeah. And she's been an absolute nightmare in my life ever since that first job.
      Michael: Alex, I need a wedge.
      Mahone: (hands him a wedge) Wedge.
      Whistler: Look, I took them where they wanted me to take them. I have to figure out these coordinates and I have to take them back there.
      Mahone: Quit embarrassing yourself.
      Whistler: What?
      Mahone: We're not two chicks you're trying to pick up in a bar. (to Michael) Unless you need to hear this?
      Michael: No.

    • Bellick: Excuse me, sir. Do we come to you if we need the chicken foot?
      Sammy: Tiger pants. Who you got a beef with?
      Bellick: I don't know his name. Some Caribbean guy. Stole my wallet a while back.
      Sammy: Better think long and hard before you say another word, eh?
      Bellick: He's got this fruity little mustache and this ugly-ass vest.
      Sammy (holding the chicken-foot): Please, I'm begging you.
      (Bellick takes it and throws it to the floor)
      Sammy: In the ring. 15 minutes.

    • Whistler: Hey, I was supposed to kill you.
      Michael: Oh, so you're not a fisherman?
      Whistler: They threatened to come after my family if I didn't kill you and jump on that helicopter, but I didn't.
      Michael: I'm so grateful...

    • T-Bag: I know how you got your cherry yesterday. Daubing your wraps in acetone, smothering the guy until he passed out from the fumes. You do the same thing to Sammy, and you're in.
      Bellick: Chicken-foot Sammy?
      T-Bag: Chicken-foot Sammy. It's all riding on you, champ.

    • T-Bag: You can not just hide out all day.
      Lechero: What else can I do, huh? I've ruled these men for a year with blood. You don't think those men want to take the head of the man who wore the crown?

    • Michael: But you're staying up here.
      T-Bag: Maybe I didn't enunciate myself...
      Michael: The work downstairs (nods at T-Bag's prosthetic hand) requires two hands.

    • Lechero (to Sammy): Yeah. You think you can run Sona?
      You couldn't even run shipments from one dock to the other.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In Latin America, this episode was known as "Juego Sucio", which is an expression used for cheating.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      UK: February 5, 2008 on Sky One
      Denmark: March 24, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: July 16, 2008 on Channel 7/Prime
      Finland: November 18, 2008 on MTV3
      Germany: March 5, 2009 on RTL
      Czech Republic: April 20, 2009 on Nova Cinema


    • Bellick: I felt sorry for the guy, but you don't chicken foot an ex-Delta Force and expect to make it out alive.
      Inmate: You're Delta Force? Like Chuck Norris?

      Chuck Norris is an actor who is famous for starring in numerous martial arts films. Norris served in the Air Force, though he was never in the U.S. Army Delta Force. He did, however, star in the movies The Delta Force and Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold.