Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 4

Eagles and Angels

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on FOX

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  • Better episode after re watch.

    With Wyatt hot on Sara's trail, the crew, dressed as police officers, crashes a charity event in order to retrieve vital data from a card belonging to the wife of a Turkish consul. I have to say I'm enjoying some of Michael and Sara's talks reminds me of season one. The episode is very much a Sara centric, which I think can get tiresome sometimes when she goes all depressed. I enjoyed the scene were T-Bag is noticed by Lincoln and is chased. T-Bag's story is slowly getting better with him now part of GATE but I think there will be trouble brewing. This episode is the best of the season so far, the scenes with them trying to get the second card was awesome.
  • Like the previous episode, this was one of the best episodes of this season so far.

    Let´s start with Sara, she plays a nice drama here and we understand why Bruce was so important to her. However her sadness could drive her to certain death, since the Company assassin´s find her.

    This woman that is a cardholder will be important? Only time will tell, because she seems to be someone important for the General.

    T-bag scenes were funny, the first two scenes, then the next scenes was also ok and finally he made some pirogues.

    The company assassin´s had another mission where he was successful, seemed scenes to buy time. Just pursuing Sara was relevant and filled with suspense.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10). Good beginning.

    Complication Phase - » (10/10). Another impossible situation that was interesting.

    Climax Phase - » (9/10). Lincoln is caught and everything starts to move fast, nice.

    Ending - » (9/10). Very interesting ending.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10). One more card was caught.

    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10). This time was very hard to notice unnecessary scenes, this episode had entertaining scenes.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10). It was strange that the Cardholder couldn´t recognize Michael or how nobody could recognize one of the most wanted men, but it is ok, nothing to be worried here.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10)*2. There was a moment that I thought that Sara was screwed.

    Drama - » (9/10). One more time, we have great drama.

    Like the previous episode, this was one of the best episodes of this season so far.
  • Average.

    Michael, Lincoln and Sucre must crash a police benefit to obtain the next card key and Sara's life is put to risk once again.hat can I say about this episode? Errr. Well, I habve seen better, much better from Prison Break. I am not having a go at Prison Break here, but it isn't as good as it used to be, the new episodes are not as good as the old ones. There abit rushed. And Sara is starting to annoy me. I still love Prison Breka no matter what happens to the show. But I hope and wish that the episodes will get better, they need too. There was a couple of good scenes in this episode though, I like the buit were they were all looking at T-Bag, and he didn't know what to do and when Linc, Michael and Mahone were all dressed as cops. Well, hopefully next weeks episode will be better.
  • Boring

    This episode is overated, wow what's the matter with me all the episodes people dont like I like and all the episodes everyone likes I hate, ok but serously this episode bored me to death the first 30 minutes nothing happened I was like where on the third commercial and nothing has happened. Sarah is getting on my nerves I wish they just killed her off she's snnoying. Linc is annoying aswell he's stupid and always seems to hate everyone. Other than that there isn't much else to say about this episode because to be honest it had no memorable momments.
  • Michael continues to amaze me by his creativity

    Saw some other reviews that considered this episode not as good as the previous ones...I disagree,I think this episode is revealing because it gives quit a few turns...The Killer is getting clsoe and closer to the group,while they get cornered and running out of time...Michael's stunt to capture the information on that data card was very creative...I think it was harder then getting into the house of that CEO dude to retreive the information on the first card...Also I liked Bellick in action..its interesting,how different he is fro the one leading Fox River,not murder seems hard to him...T-Bag installs in a new office and tries to discover his new movements in that book...He is in a tough spot, getting very close to danger
  • I usually consider myself to be someone who finds the middle ground between both the positive and negative hyperbole of reviews on this site. However...

    While I'm excited about seeing Wyatt confront the gang in the next episode (unless Sarah realises she is being followed and leads him astray) I'm not satisfied with how he got her location. Consider it:

    1. Why has neither Michael nor Self made any attempt to bring her back in knowing the danger they are in? 2. Am i missing something or how did Sarah get Bruce's credit card?
    3. Do they not have chip and pin in the US?
    4. How often do people pay for a drink in a bar with credit card?!

    Like i said, i'm eagerly anticipating the next episode and enjoyed the guys masquerading as officers, but i think they must have been struggling to come up with how exactly Wyatt was going to get close to them in LA.
  • After a fantastic start and a great episode last week, I must say I was a little let down by this one.

    This week's ep was slightly dull. It wasn't exactly snail-paced but the main plot just wasn't all that engaging. Finally they gave Sara something substantial to do (and it really worked) but I really hope she's not just going to get kidnapped because of it next week. Just too predictable.

    T-Bag was the redeeming factor of Eagles and Angels. I was also glad to see Bellick doing something instead of just hanging around and whining. Mahone was underused and the only important thing involving Michael was that he had another nosebleed. Like we haven't seen that before! Please get to the backstory real quickly, writers!

    I was in awe of the first few episodes of this stellar fourth season but this was a bit of a dissapointment. I really hope they regain their footing next week.
  • a better episode

    well ... i can say that this episode brought some action , and bring some of the action that we want to see in the show .
    but now we can know about some stuff that may happen, like Gretchen start workin with Michel, and T-bag will have his effect later after they collect the 6 cards.
    but the most exciting thing that we wonna see what gonna happen when the new guy reach Michel place, that we saw that hes folowing sara.
    but still i have some points in this season that the level of acting performance is not good like the previous seasons, and thats just my opinion.
  • Disappointed about Tancredi kidnap plot

    After Tancredi spent the entire last season being kidnapped I was hoping so much they wouldn't do that again. The credit card theft was kinda lame and for a moment I hoped she'd got away, but as soon as we had the shot of her from behind it was obvious where things are going for the next few episodes...

    Spoilers for upcoming episodes:
    Tancredi tied up, interrogation, Michael upset, aggressive phone calls, choosing between Tancredi and the mission but figuring out a way to save both, blah blah blah blah blah blah

    I hope they prove me wrong and do something interesting.
  • Micheal & Mahone show why they make a good team. T-Bag unintentionally stumble on to long lost friends. Sarah fights her demons.

    I actually loved this episode. True it wasn't filled with all the action we're use to, but this episode supplied a sneak peak of the contribution each character makes. It was great to see how Michael and Mahone work off each other. Mahone somehow another always had the answer. And I liked his scene w/Roland. Bellick was even likeable in this episode. You could tell the death of the contractor hit him hard. After all Bellick isn't a killer. There was one mistake they made in this episode, Micheal said he never been on a yacht but what about the one he bought in Panama with his mother's name on it. I was glad to see Sarah fight off her demons. All in all this years Prison Break is different and I like the fast pace movement of it all. Can't wait til next week. Hopefully Mahone will come face to face with his son's killer. I still can't believe they killed a little boy and left Gretchen alive.
  • The gang continue in search of the card

    Michael and the gang continue their search for the next cardholder, which leads them to Eagles an Angles Reunion. They have to get close to Lisa (One of the Cardholders) Mike, Mahone and Linc all dressed up as cops.

    The gang get close to the cardholder until Linc gets recognized; Bellick saves him in the nick of time. T-Bag's in town, Linc and Mike spot him but eventually gets away, Bagwell certainly following the bird book but how long could it be until he gets found out?

    Sara turns into old habits following the death of Bruce, her close friend. Wyatt tracks her down. How long will it be until he finds them? Gripping Stuff
  • Another rushed episode.

    Michael, Lincoln and Sucre must crash a police benefit to obtain the next card key and Sara's life is put to risk once again.hat can I say about this episode? Errr. Well, I habve seen better, much better from Prison Break. I am not having a go at Prison Break here, but it isn't as good as it used to be, the new episodes are not as good as the old ones. There abit rushed. And Sara is starting to annoy me. I still love Prison Breka no matter what happens to the show. But I hope and wish that the episodes will get better, they need too. There was a couple of good scenes in this episode though, I like the buit were they were all looking at T-Bag, and he didn't know what to do and when Linc, Michael and Mahone were all dressed as cops. Well, hopefully next weeks episode will be better.
  • The hunt for the cards continues.

    Last time on Prison Break, the gang got a lead on an upcoming meeting between members of the company. Michael and Roland got stuck in a air-sucking chamber, Lincoln swung and axe, and Wyatt had some lemonade while talking about a fantasy picnic. Also T-Bag set up a meeting with an important member of Gate Corporation, and Michael took a photo of all six card holders.

    Out watching boats, Michael once again, promised Sara that "one day" they will sail away together, and then live happily ever after. Sucre interrupted the lovebirds saying the gang had some new information. It was a picture of a license plate belonging to an Erol Tabak. Thinking he had one of the cards on him, Michael and the gang set out to find him, and get the card. When they got to him, they learned quickly that he did not have the card on him, his wife did. The team was out of luck.

    Meanwhile, T-Bag practices spelling his alias's name in front of a mirror.

    When the gang went out to track down Erol, Sara stayed behind to take a closer look at Michael's picture he took, to try to name the other card-holders. Don Self took a minute of her time to tell her that Bruce Bennet was killed from an apparent suicide, but he knows better. Really? Suicide? Bruce was shot in the back of his head, who would take the time to reach all the way behind their head and pull the trigger from behind?

    Trying to figure out a new plan to get the computer card, Lincoln spotted T-Bag across the street. Noticing Linc and the guys, T-Bag ran off, dumping the bird book in a bush. The brothers stopped him, and he said he's in LA, because he's going to start his career in pictures. However they aren't able to find out where the bird book is, because about two seconds later, they all would have been caught by the authorities. So they all scattered.

    Wyatt arrived in LA, thanks to Bruce, and he is looking for Sara. The head of the company told him not to kill Sara, because he needs information. Back at headquarters, Roland Glenn googled the woman they're after. It seems she will be attending an event called "Eagles and Angels" Mahone recognized that name as an event that half the cops in LA will be attending, because its an event remembering the officers that died on duty. So the brothers will have to work extra hard to not be noticed.

    Meanwhile, T-Bag finally arrived at Gate Corporation. He flirted with the secretary, and she told him to wait for a few minutes. Those minutes passed, and he was greeted by the man he was speaking with on the phone earlier. He had his associate lead him to his work station, and he told him he was crippled. T-Bag noticed more coincidences in the bird book, and waited eagerly for his check.

    Still mourning over Bruce's death, and completely ignoring her years of success in AA meetings, Sara went to a bar. She obviously drank some alcohol, because she wasn't looking so hot in the restroom. Wyatt wasn't far behind, looking for Sara, but thanks to the nice bartender, she didn't give Sara up.

    So Michael set a plan into motion. He broke into a secure building, and stole police uniforms. With these police uniforms, Michael, Lincoln, and Mahone were able to sneak into the Eagles and Angels event. Sucre and Bellick of course, were in the get-away car. Michael put Roland's device under a table, and they were so close to stealing the data on the card, when the woman got a call to leave immediately. When Lincoln had his hat off, a member of the company noticed him, and he left the building, only to be cornered by the man. Well, Bellick saved him by stabbing the man dead. Lincoln took that time to call Michael and told him to get out. Michael had a better plan. Mahone came up to one of the woman's security guards and told him one of his people was found dead just outside, and he needed his help with the body. Michael stayed with the woman to make sure she was "safe". When in reality, he was stealing the info off the card. Brilliant! Here, we see more of Michael's unknown condition. The woman points out to him that his nose was bleeding. We aren't shown much more quite yet, I guess we'll have to wait to see what's really going on. He gets the info, and everyone leaves.

    Back at the warehouse, Mahone came up to Roland, asking his help to find whoever was responsible for killing his son, but to keep it on the down-low. Also, Wyatt tracked down Sara, the last shot shows him following Sara to the warehouse!
  • Another cardholder

    It was exciting episode when they realize where they have to go - they are going to police gathering and they will be dressed as policemen themselves. It ofcourse does not go without troubles - someone recognize Lincoln and they have to kill him. And the woman with card tries to leave too. So..I do not think it was the best part of the episode. It had excitement as they were in very contra versa position. But Sara... her little breakdown and those scenes with the woman on the bar.. they really opened up that char more and the ending looked really scary.
  • The boys dress in blue to get hold of another piece of Scylla.

    The latest installment of the once-again reinvented series featured a few relatively exciting action sequences, some memorable T-Bag scenes, Scofield's nose-bleeding in public, and a couple of other suspenseful moments.
    It is great to see prison break still going strong, no matter what anybody says. The show is still that damn good. I hear the ratings are down tho, bad news but given this show`s popularity, they better give us a nice conclusion or am sure the fans will try to do a Jericho with it. :) Even if it will not be that simple with FOX. So bring next episode, I cannot wait.
  • Review

    Sara needs to die. Again. I strongly dislike what is being done with her character. She reminds me of Kate in Lost. She is only good when she is around a member of the main cast. As soon as you put her away from Michael or any of the guys, she becomes a really boring and dull character. I know what she went through was hard but it seems like this is the only possible way for them to tell the story from her perspective. She can't really go out on every case, that would be too out of character. We've all ready seen her sob pathetic story when she gets too emotional over something. She almost killed herself in season one and she went through Kellerman in season two. Her character seems to always be in this situation where I'm just not interested in the storyline. Eveyrthing else about the episode was fine. I liked the "Eagels and Angels" theme to the epsiode and I liked how they went about getting the second of six keycards. Mahone recrits the new guy to find him the man that kiled his son, while he seems to be on the way to Mahone anyway. Really liked the possible double agent of the new guy, makes his character a lot more likeable now for me. He's a good guy, but a bad guy as well. I like the complex his character now provides. T-Bag is involved with our main characters now, I'm just waiting to see what Whistlers endgame was, becauase I am sure that T-Bag will get there. Good episode, dispite it being the season low (for me).
  • A capable transitional episode

    The previous episode worked because it placed an unexpected pressure on the Escape Squad early in the game. It threatened to upend the new status quo and keep the audience on its toes. After all, it would have been easier to ease into the black ops attitude and focus on just the hunt for Scylla. Instead, the writers made sure that pressure was coming from all sides, and placed Agent Self in a more delicate balance than anticipated.

    This episode, on the other hand, presents a more pedestrian situation. The next "mark" in the hunt for Scylla is identified, the team puts together a gambit to make the copy, and they execute the plan. There are the usual complications (one of which doesn't quite make sense), but the job gets done. Oddly, despite the foreshadowing, the mission does not involve the loss of part of the team. (The impending arrival of the assassin, however, might resolve that seeming discrepancy.)

    Generally speaking, the episode worked, except the writers made a key mistake. After the premiere, I wondered why the first cardholder's driver didn't recognize Sucre. It occurred to me that Sucre could have been dismissed based on the context of the "accident", but why wouldn't the Company men know what the Escape Squad looks like by now? Even so, the rule seemed to be that the team was more or less unrecognized, except by a certain few.

    This made the deception at the Eagles and Angels event possible, after all. But then the writers made a mistake; one of the Company men not only recognized Lincoln, but knew him by name. It would have made sense for him to recognize Lincoln's face from earlier in the episode, but if he knew Lincoln's name, why didn't he recognize Michael? For that matter, why didn't the other guards and the cardholder recognize Michael? (It also would have made sense for Bellick to die saving Lincoln, since Bellick serves no purpose and hasn't since the second season.)

    While the main plot was a bit by-the-numbers, I was surprised by Sara's subplot. It makes sense for Sara to deal with Bennett's death badly, and it makes even more sense for her old addictions to threaten her sobriety. The scenes with the bartender were very well done, and while it was probably a bit too easy in the long run, it had to be covered at the usual "Prison Break" pace. Even so, this was a nice way to explore Sara's character beyond her role as Michael's love interest.

    I'm not sure if it was revealed previously, but I'm almost certain that the Gate Foundation will be key to the decryption of Scylla. Perhaps they're a front company of some kind? Whatever the case, T-Bag's plot thread is actually interesting this season. I'm also intrigued by whatever plans are distracting the Company. Some kind of endgame is in the works, and I have the feeling it won't be pretty.
  • Best television series ever .. Television series impressed me very,very prison-break You better series I saw in my life I like prison break and I like him very much:P Also I think I am right in love And I think he will

    it's such a wonderful episode i miss prison break being that tense and interesting since season 2 i really didn't like season 3 because misa was hell down but season 4 seems very powerful and strong it reminds me of season 1 and 2 i really love prison break i hope misa would end up togeather because they deserve to be happy and i hope nothing bad would happen to them and also i hope i see them making love or something because i adore misa and they were the very reason to watch this series from the beginning because i knew from the very beginning that there was something special about those two
  • The second cardholder is in reach.

    First off I must say what a good job the writers are doing on season 4, I am really enjoying this season. The infiltration of the police function by Mahone, Linc, and Micheal was good. I also really liked T-Bag's little corner office thing, it seems he is starting to put everything together slowly. The rundown of T-Bag by Micheal and Linc was pretty cool, though I wonder why Mahone and Sucre didn't come that was a little off to me.

    There were a couple of things I didn't like about this episode mainly the whole Sara struggling with whether to drink or not to drink was kind of lame. Also Wyatt the assassin really isn't doing it for me. Hopefully next episode he'll be a little better. The ending of the episode was really interesting especially with the going to New York thing then coming back and finishing off the episode with Sara being tailed by Wyatt.
  • Great episode

    On tonight's episode of Prison Break, Sucre comes to Michael with a lead on one of the Scylla card holders - a camera phone picture of a license plate. Roland uncovers that the owner's name is Erol Tabak, from Turkey, and Michael starts making plans to track him down. Once they find him, Michael realizes that the card isn't on Erol, it's on his wife. Sara stays behind and gets a phone call from Don Self. She finds out the bad news that her ally, Bruce Bennett, was murdered last night. As Michael, Sucre, Mahone, and Lincoln sit outside waiting for Erol's wife, they catch a glimpse of T-Bag across the way and take off running after him!

    Michael and Lincoln catch up with him but are unable to get the information they need because there are cops watching them. Everyone takes off in separate directions and the brothers will have to track him down another time. Wyatt reaches Los Angeles and immediately starts searching for Sara. He receives a phone call from the head of The Company, who tells him to keep Sara alive as well as Gretchen. Nobody dies until they talk.

    T-Bag shows up at the Gate Corporation, posing as Cole Pfeiffer (one of Whistler's aliases) to collect some money. Don calls Michael, warning him that The Company may very well know where he is since Wyatt had contact with Bruce. Roland uncovers information about Erol's wife, Lisa, particiuarly that she will be attending an event called Eagles and Angels. Mahone lets them know that that's an event for police officers only so the only way they're going to get near her is wtih half the cops in L.A. surrounding them. At Gate, T-Bag gets his corner office and finds out that he'll be getting his check in no time. Everything is going according to plan, as laid out in Whistler's bird book.

    Without anyone to watch over her, Sara heads to a local bar but only orders a club soda. Minutes later, though, she has a drink in her hand as the pressure becomes too much for her. Don finds one of his agents dead as Wyatt escapes through an elevator. Michael, Lincoln, and Mahone disguise themselves as officers and head to the Eagles and Angels benefit event. Sara turns down a man at the bar and he pays her back by stealing her credit card, which bears Bruce's name.

    During a moment of silence at the event, Michael and Lincoln reflect on their father's death while Mahone thinks of his son. Just as Roland is about to capture the data from Lisa, she gets a call to leave the event. Lincoln is recognized by one of Lisa's men, who corners him outside, and addresses him by name. Bellick stabs the man from behind and Lincoln calls Michael to warn him. He tells Lincoln to leave the body and they'll meet up in a few.

    Wyatt makes his way into a cell where Gretchen is being tortured and held captive. He is about to do more damage when he receives a call that Bruce Bennett's credit card was just used at a bar. Wyatt heads right over and asks the bartender if she's seen her but she lies and says no. Roland texts Michael to let him know that they got the data from the second Scylla card and everybody meets back up at the warehouse. Don meets Michael there and lets him know that his informant, who once worked for The Company, is dead. Lincoln thanks Bellick for saving his life. Mahone approaches Roland and asks him to help him find the man who killed his son. He gives the description but asks for a name, making sure to tell Roland to keep this to himself. Wyatt catches Sara on the phone outside, talking to Michael, and begins following her back to the warehouse.
  • Michael and crew set out to find the third cardholder, but they also find T-Bag. Sara learns about Bruce's death and heads to the bar and Wyatt tracks her down. The guys crash a police benefit to copy the third Syclla card, but not without complications.

    This episode was okay, but it wasn't really as action-packed as the previous three episodes of the season. The crew is close to finding more of the cards, but it seems like the details of the break in are lost. They seem to be going all over the place now. I wasn't really happy with Sara in this episode either because she was kind of just there and didn't have a purpose unless it was to help Wyatt find her quicker, which he did. I also didn't like T-Bag because I don't know why he's there. I know he has the bird book, which clearly serves a purpose, but it's not like T-Bag knows what all the components mean. I still love the show, but this episode could've been better.
  • 'Eagles and Angels'

    Things I enjoyed most about "Eagles and Angels":
    - Sucre and Scofield working together again to not break out of a joint, but break in.
    - The subtle facial expressions that the gang uses when they have to do work that involves them say attending a ball for police officers.
    -Their hatred for T-Bag which has been a theme since season one and continues unto this day. At least they are consistent.
    - That the show has morphed into MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (the classic TV show not the movies) in nearly all respects
    - That they didn't get rid of Gretchen (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe), the main badass nasty mean chick from season three.
    - It's smart, instead of finding a more direct approach to getting the information on the Scylla, they did it covertly by using the death of one of The Company's men to get the info, in a great twist (see MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE above).
    - The nice romance between Sarah and Scofield, which, of course, is only going to cause them problems.
    - What is the computer wiz hiding?
  • Season 4 is getting better and better...

    This was a great episode, in my opinion better than any others in season 4 so far. It had everything , action suspense and I really enjoyed the episode. T bag finally goes to the GATE and we are going to find out what whistler was planning all this time with his bird book. About Bellick I think it's the only episode so far that he did something useful, something helpful for the team. About the ending... It was great as Wyatt found out where Sara was and let's hope he does not kill her. Gretchen is still 'prisoned' but I hope she leaves soon because I really used to love her character in the show.
    Can't wait for next week's episode!!
  • This episode proved to me again why I watch this show.

    This episode proved to me again why I watch this show. After a not so hot season three, it's picking up the pace again, and this episode certainly did not disappoint. It had everything that makes Prison Break such a great show, while bringing back the fun all at the same time. Action, drama, close-calls, emotion, all in one neat 40 minute package.

    I was particularly impressed with Sarah Wayne Callies in this episode. She acted her part beautifully, and managed to tug at the heart strings without over-acting or over-playing the dialogue she was given. Some excellent work on her part. I have to say that Sara picking up Michael's rose and flashing back to their 'one day' conversation was lovely. And I adored the bartender!

    Mahone was brilliant again, as were the rest of the cast. T-Bag finally makes it to GATE, and it will be interesting to see what he plans to do now that he's there.

    The ending was executed with excellent precision, leaving you on the edge of your seat. I didn't want it to end where it did, which can only set up next week as another good episode! Can't wait for next week!
  • Season 4 getting better and better.

    Things are looking better and better for this new exciting season. I don`t want to spoil it for those who read this so just notes.
    Good suspense in here, exactly why I watch this series. Mahone continues to be one hell of a character even if he was much more exposed last week. T-Bag was pretty good too, as entertaining as ever. Nice ending too, you`ll understand what I mean.
    So this season continues to look better and I think it will continue on that way,so far so good. Really fun season so far. Now bring on new season of House. :D
  • An unevenly paced episode. . . . But it was good.

    I wasn't too satisfied with the previous episodes, however, this one was a nice improvement. Still not fully up to the Prison Break potential, but we're getting there.

    First of all I enjoyed the T-Bag scenes alot even though they still seem to be very disconnected from the rest of the show. But they were entertaining. Especially the part where the boys run into him. Funny, to say at least.

    The episode was unevenly paced in my opinion. Started off really fast, and it was great. But then, for about 10-15 minutes it was really dull, rather slow. Mostly because of the Sara scenes.

    I never really approved her return and this is exactly why. She just doesn't really add anything to the show alive. Dead, she's great motivation. Alive? Nothing really. See, the love connection between her and Michael doesn't work as it did in season 1, or even, 2. I don't feel the chemistry between the two.

    Sara's storyline this episode was very very forgettable. It has been done several times before, remember season 1 finale? Now if Sara gets captured by Hyatt, I'll be very upset. That would just be rehashing the same plot twists over and over again. But obviously, she won't die... she already did not so long ago.

    Speaking of which, Wyatt... good character, I like his style. There's a creepy charm to him that makes it really fun to watch him. I'm looking forward seeing him more, but I doubt he'll live for long. With Mahone trying to find him, there's no doubt in my eyes he won't survive.

    A strong portion of the episode was the "break in". I liked that, which surprised me, as I didn't really like the previous episodes' break ins. Linc being made was finally a hint of realism and suspense. Though, what's up with the cheesy "I work for the company and now I'm going to kill you" lines? The General-scenes were as usuall good but we need more information! It's a bit frustrating that we still don't understand, for the most, what he's talking about. Hopefully once revealed, things will make much more sense.

    Overall, I honestly doubt that retrieving Scylla will be the plot of the entire season. It just goes too fast and there's no way that the writers can make recovering each card-part suspensful. I've a feeling a story bomb is coming.... soon.

  • This episode was only okay at best. It was a major let down from last week's amazing episode. (spoilers)

    This week's episode of Prison Break was boring and in my opinion it did not have enough action. Mahone wasn't in it enough and most of it was dialogue we've heard time and time again. The actors did a great job yet again but the episode just wasn't as strong. Hopefully next week's episode improves over this below average episode. At least they got a second card copied. Lincoln killing the Company agent was probably the best scene of the episode while Mahone asking Roland to find the man who killed his son was the second best scene. All in all this episode gets a 5 out of 10.