Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 4

First Down

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Abruzzi finds out that Fibonnaci is in DC, we have a clear shot of his neck and we see the scar of when T-Bag cut his throat is almost gone. However, when Abruzzi came back from the hospital he had a really big scar. Could that scar disappear in so little time?

    • After Mahone draws a cross on Abruzzi's picture, we see that Michael and Lincoln's pictures don't have the same cross. However, they did have it earlier in the episode.

    • The song that Tweener sings in the car is Take Me Home, Country Roads written by John Denver.

    • Nika says that if she turns in the brothers she'll get $200,000, "legal money." However, the reward for Lincoln is $300,000. Combined with Michael's reward that's a total of $400,000.

      While it's unlikely, Nika may have meant that out of the reward she would be able to keep $200,000. Since the IRS takes about 40% in taxes, she would probably end up with closer to $200,000 than $400,000.

    • Dr. Sara Tancredi's name in the news article at the beginning of the episode is written: "Sara Wayne Tancredi" as a shout out to the actress who plays her, Sarah Wayne Callies.

    • The blood type of Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows is B Negative.

  • Quotes

    • Bellick (about Nika): That´s one pissed off Communist you've got on your hands, Scofield.

    • Sylvia: But you could go back to prison.
      Abruzzi: I swear to God, I'd rather die than go back, there's no going back, never ever again.
      Sylvia: Christ saved you John, don't turn your back on him, don't turn your back on us. (She puts a crucifix in his hand)

    • Nika (to Bellick): Typical man. I'm talking about millions of dollars and you'd piss it away for sex.

    • Bellick (to Nika): If you need to tinkle, Sweet Pea, I'll watch you anytime.

    • Kellerman (posing as Lance): I was a huge ass. I apologize.
      Sara: I'm not going to argue with you.

    • Bellick: All the cops following you all over the country, when all you had to do is tail the tail (Nika), you know?

    • Kellerman: This is really like the best pie I've ever had. Do you know what it needs though?
      Sara: Hmmm?
      Kellerman: Some crack. No, I mean ya know not a lot. A pinch.
      Sara: A pinch of crack?
      Kellerman: A pinch of crack. A pinch of crack, a dollop of smack... Mm (in a high pitched voice) that's good pie!
      Sara: This is so wrong.

    • Bellick: My Daddy always said "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I put you in the ground."

    • Bellick (about Nika): For all the aggravation, I hope you got to hit that a few times, Scofield. Ba-Ba-Boom-Ba.

    • (After T-Bag lays his hands on 14-year-old Danielle's shoulder)
      Danielle: What are you doing? - No, no. I'm telling my dad.
      T-Bag: No. Wait!
      (Scene switches to Danielle with her father, Jerry. T-Bag arrives)
      T-Bag (to Jerry): She's got it all wrong.
      Jerry (to Danielle): Wait outside.
      (Jerry picks up an iron)
      Jerry: You and I are gonna work this out.
      T-Bag: Jerry, you really don't want to do this.

    • Cop (to T-Bag): What were you, Army?
      T-Bag: Hell no, Corps.
      Cop: Well then. "Semper Fi" brother. What outfit where you?
      T-Bag: Hundred and ninety sixth.
      Cop: Hundred and ninety sixth? Never heard of it. Where they out of?
      (Cut short when another cop appears with another suspect. T-Bag smiles)
      Cop: Semper Fi, brother.
      T-Bag: Semper Fi.

    • Sylvia (slaps Abruzzi twice): Look at this room, John. Look. (turns around to look at the kids) We can be a family again, but you wanna risk it all, disrespect us, and for what, for vengeance?
      Abruzzi: He betrayed me.
      Sylvia: I don't care.
      Abruzzi: He betrayed us.

    • Bellick: Cops found your girlfriend fish belly white, gurglin' her own puke.
      Michael: Shut up.
      Bellick: What do you care, as long as she left the door open for you?
      Michael: SHUT UP!!
      Bellick: Hit a sore spot, didn't I?
      (Michael kicks Bellick in the head)

    • Mahone (to Michael's picture): You have no idea what you're in for.

    • Nika (pulling the gun on Michael and Linc): I loved you, Michael. And I thought I was gonna get that back, but you just used me.
      Michael: That's not true.
      Nika: I deserve more than this. I deserve more than just being the girl you call when you need something.

    • Wheeler: HQ called. They're askin' why you didn't intercept Abruzzi when he was walkin' towards the motel.
      Mahone: The man was a mob boss. The right move was to get him trapped.
      Wheeler: They're sayin' the way you played it, there was only one possible outcome.
      Mahone: HQ has a problem with the way I do things, they can pick up a gun and follow me into the field next time.

    • Mahone: I'm asking you respectfully. Drop the gun, kneel, and put your hands on your head.
      Abruzzi (his last words): I kneel only to God. I don't see him here.

    • Abruzzi: Who are you? Local cops or feds?
      Mahone: Feds, John. Only roll out the best for a man of your stature.

    • Michael: She'll get it done. Nika and I have come too far together.
      Lincoln: The money's on the line, you trust no one.
      Michael: Sometimes you have to.
      Lincoln: If you want to survive, you don't.
      Michael: You really don't trust anyone, do you?
      Lincoln: You blame me? After all that's happened?
      Michael: No, I mean before that. Before prison.
      Lincoln: Every time I trusted someone I got burned. Every time I got close to someone, I got screwed. (sighs) I know better, and so should you.

    • Lincoln: You took your time.
      Nika: It takes time to gain a man's confidence. You're right – he'll bite on anything I say. You just tell me where we trap him and I'll tell him that's where the money is.

    • Bellick: I never thought I'd say this, Scofield, but I thank God for the day you walked into Fox River.
      Geary: And out of it! (both laugh)

    • Lincoln: No need for anyone to get hurt, boss.
      Bellick: Boss? Oh, there's no need for formalities anymore there, saint. I'm no longer an employee of the state, thanks to you.
      Michael: I think somebody wants that reward.
      Bellick: Oh, it's not about reward money, friend. Your pal Manche told me all about your little treasure hunt for Westmoreland's stash. Get in the car. We're goin' to Utah!

    • (When he arrives to notice Bellick is tied down and Lincoln is pointing a gun at him)
      Geary: You really suck Bellick, you know that?

    • Bellick (to Lincoln and Michael): Good to see you again, boys.

    • (on phone)
      Sara: Hello?
      Michael: Sara. It's me.
      Sara: What do you want?
      Michael: I don't have time to talk. I think there's every chance they're listening to this call right now. But there's a lot I want to say. Please don't hang up on me.
      Sara: I don't – I don't want to talk to you.
      Michael: I heard about…I heard about what happened. I want you to know…I want you to know how sorry I am. For everything.
      Sara: Sorry's not going do me a whole lot of good with what I'm up against right now.
      Michael: Listen…anyone with any ties to me and my brother is in danger now.
      Sara: I've no ties to you and your brother anymore.
      Michael: There's a way I can protect you. It's already in your possession.
      Sara: W-what are you talking about?!
      Michael: It was real, Sara. You and me. It's real.

    • Mahone: Can you believe it? With all the players in this thing, it's the rat that could give us our first collar.

    • Mahone: The problem with being that clever is that sooner or later you end up getting too clever for your own good.

    • Nika: Don't come any closer or else I'll shoot you.
      Lincoln (holding up the bullets): No you won't.

    • Michael (to Nika): You can't go where we're going. It's not the life for you.

    • Mahone: You are going back to Fox River, John. Or the morgue. That's your call.

    • Nika: I need to talk to you alone.
      Bellick: For what?
      Nika: To ruin his life like he ruined mine.

    • Michael (to Nika): We'll drop you off at the next town. Then I'll wire you the 10 thousand that we agreed on.

  • Notes

    • Though they all are credited, Marshall Allman, Amaury Nolasco and Rockmond Dunbar do not appear in this episode.

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: December 18, 2006 on TV3
      Greece: July 8, 2008 at 23.00 on ANT1

  • Allusions

    • "Semper Fi", a term heard in this episode, is a reference to the motto of the United States Marine Corps. Short for "Semper Fidelis" meaning "Always Faithful".

    • "First Down" refers to the grid iron term after the first play. This could be referring to the first play made to get Abruzzi or the first play made by Michael to get Sara.

      It also refers to the fact that the first of the escapees has been taken "down". Abruzzi is dead. He's the first to fall.