Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 7

Five The Hard Way

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on FOX

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  • Overall, the last step in the main plot, with some funny scenes, a nice twist and a step forward to the last step towards Scylla.

    Another card caught and some development. Let's start with Mahone, he had his own time to escape and be a detective, nothing thrilling. Then we have Don Self and his own filler time too, solved for now, then we had two main events, one is copy the card, and another is about the GATE.

    The card situation was better and interesting; they stretched the situation but was funny to see Sucre in that position and the twist. Lincoln conversation with Sara was nicely done. The ending of that plot was interesting.

    As expected, T-bag made one more friendship, which is predictable, like the end of this episode, where you already know that he will not go back Fox River. Speaking of this, Mahone escaping T-bag was a little joke. He escaped to save Michael, but it's strange how he discovered everything so fast, too improvised. Didn´t like the ending, I don´t understand what is special about a phone call of Gretchen.

    Overall, the last step in the main plot, with some funny scenes, a nice twist and a step forward to the last step towards Scylla.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10) Complication Phase - » (8/10)
    Climax Phase - » (9/10), Ending - » (7/10) Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10)
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10)
    Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10)
    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10)
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10)*2.
  • Now then. Now then, now then...

    Now then. I've been mulling over exactly what to write in this particular paragraph since about 10.30 on Thursday night, when Gretchen demanded T-Bag's release and the screen cut to black on the seventh new episode of Prison Break in a row (don't get too excited about that guys… no new ep next week). First of all, I'll get the plaudits out of the way. 'Five The Hard Way' is, for the most part, an exceptionally well-written episode. It picks up the overall narrative pace dramatically, and expertly marries the A story, retrieving the Scylla cards, with one of the B stories, T-Bag's infiltration of GATE. It's good to see the show's biggest hitters thrown together once more, and the actors pull it off admirably: when Michael is held captive by T-Bag, the chemistry between the two threatens to burn a hole in your television set. There's the added bonus, of course, of this providing the viewer with some answers relating to the importance of GATE (and also, as a bi-product, Michael's illness), and by episode's end, separate strands start to be drawn together in a highly satisfying way. There's Gretchen too, of course, who thankfully hasn't mellowed in her post-Company escape and is as psychotic a crazy **** as she ever was (take for your two examples the cold determination in her eyes as she severs the throat of the GATE employee, or the malicious glee with which she cuts open Theodore's arm). And let's not forget Don Self and The General, which plays out just perfectly: the scene in the Company big-wig's office, in particular, is wonderfully thrilling. I'm warming more and more to Mr. Self with each week and am starting to be of the belief that he could be one of the show's most memorable characters. All good stuff then, and a recipe for edge-of-your-seat success… and then they went to Vegas. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the change of locale, or indeed the blatant exploitation of their presence in that locale (were all those long, lingering shots of the city really necessary?), nor do I take umbrage with Roland's little life of petty gambling crime. What I'm not too sure of is poor, poor Jude Ciccollella. While it was good to see Mike from 24 back on our screens again in some form, someone needs to fire his agent for putting him forward for the role of 'pervy homo/bizarre pimp daddy' pronto.

    Right. Let's cut to the chase. A large proportion of this narrative made me uncomfortable… and at first, I couldn't quite put my finger on why. There's the sleaze element to begin: the manner with which the director chooses to portray Jude's apparent sexual interest in Sucre. Now, one could make accusations of stereotypical representation here; that the show is reinforcing the notion that gay automatically equals 'fornicate, fornicate, fornicate'. But then, the narratalogical context should also be considered. The objective is to woo him and, significantly, this had already been attempted with Sara. Her flirtation, while far more subtle than Sucre removing his top, flexing his muscles and the camera zooming in on his bum, was sexual objectification nevertheless and therefore places the gay element on an equal footing. Then there's Sucre's hesitation, nay revulsion, at the notion of pretending to be a homo Perfectly in keeping with his character, I say, and also none of the other characters even batted an eyelid. So… all clear, right? Wrong. Then they entered the bedroom and everything really started to fall apart. Having set up the notion of Sucre playing 'boy toy' to the gay man, they include the remark 'this is Vegas… any kind of pleasure is acceptable here' (or words to that effect), implying somehow that this sort of desire wouldn't be acceptable elsewhere. Not a good move, guys but equally, not the worst they make. No, their error is in the thread's pay-off, the sudden, inexplicably bizarre revelation that actually, this guy has a wife, can't pleasure anyone due to an accident and wants Sucre to insert his manly man penis into her for gratification. What the holy mother of f**k? Let me just get my head around that again… Jude took one look at Sucre, thought 'oh, my wife would love to be penetrated by that guy who keeps looking at me suggestively and is probably a raging homo suggestively looked at him in response and offered him some money to get jiggy (thinking that Sucre would believe he would be getting jiggy with him), and then threw the revelation of heterosexual lovin' on an apparently homosexual man?! What? None of this makes any sense whatsoever… and furthermore, it's excessively misogynistic. "Oh yeah, I can't do the manly thing and insert something in one of her holes, which obviously she needs in order to get by, I mean come on, how can she live without having an erect penis shoved up her every day?, so come on in, enjoy the fun, f**k my woman." Honestly, if the girl is so sexually frustrated and deprived, can't she go find HERSELF some fun? Isn't she capable of winning the hearts of ex-con Mexicans who have women they supposedly loved dearly twenty minutes ago and have a child with?! (Yeah writers, dropped the ball on this character, didn't you?) Or is it just that 'sick, depraved' Jude enjoys picking up men he believes to be homo Does he want to watch? Who knows?

    Certainly not the writers, one expects. The fact is, this narrataillogical U-turn stinks of being backed into a corner and feeling the need to make a hasty retreat. Heaven forbid the guy might actually have been gay and, even worse, woe of woes, that Sucre may have had do a little bit of entertaining while the card was downloading, which, let's admit and all breathe a collective, heterosexist sigh of relief, would only have been for a matter of minutes anyway (it would've constituted what, say, a small peck on the lips and maybe a bit of an ass-grab? I think I'd be willing to do that with a woman if it meant my freedom…) We couldn't have that, no, so instead we have a penis-less codger with a stunning wife who must have c**k or else she'll explode. Or something. Pimp daddy Cicollella, giving his woman just what she needs. And Sucre is more than happy to give it to her: the glee with which the line 'you want me to bang your wife?' is delivered is decidedly telling: not only does it reek of rampaging, testosterone-fuelled sexism but it's treated as the moment with which the audience can relax from their supposed 'unease' with the dreaded notion of homosexuality and thank the Lord we're back to good, wholesome, heterosexual intercourse. What a f*****g relief. This almost ruined the episode for me in all honesty, and you might think that's going a bit overboard. But think about it… a man being instructed to f** someone's wife by her husband is considered more 'wholesome', if you will, than the notion of two consenting same-sex adults going at it. It's a minute detail in an episode chocked full of plot movement goodness but it's one that still rankles with me now. And I'm sorry, but I can't consciously overlook it. Bye bye 1.5 points.
  • We learn what may be wrong with Michael

    In this episode of Prison Break, the following happens. The team get word of where T–bag might be, but it's a trap and he's there ready and waiting for them. Alex manages to escape, but T-bag still has some of the team including Michael. He takes them back to the apartment where he was been staying. Gretchen is there too, but she is staying out of sight. Lincoln tells Sara about Michael's nose bleed and that their mother had a type of brain tumour, which eventually killed her. Alex heads to where the ankle monitors say they are but when he gets there they have gone and the monitors are on the table. A piece of paper on the floor, says GATE, most likely left as a clue by Michael. Michael and T-bag find the hidden tunnel in GATE. Alex turns up and they lock him up down there. As they leave the building they find a phone ringing and they are told to realise t-bag to be able to get the rest of the blue prints of GATE. When Michael is handed the phone he realises that it is in fact Gretchen on the other end of the phone.
  • Vegas!

    The fun continues as part of the unholy crew heads vegas. Indeed, Linc, Sucre, Sara and Roland are in quest of a 5th card in vegas. Meanwhile the others concentrates in the break-in part. The story is broken in 2 and both are equal awesome. Vegas is fun. sucre priceless. The whole way the got the card was hilarious. Michael, Mahone and Bellick has to deal with T-Bag and it is the beginning of another Scofield-Bagwell partnership and the most amazing thing is that it still works. Gretchen-Bagwell works great too. The big revelation is the blueprints from Whistler`s bird book. That break in promises memorable moments for sure. Michael leaving the message for Mahone who comes in rescue, all great. Meanwhile, Roland screw everything by loosing his gadget. How annoying is the guy? The cliffhanger is great as Michael learns that T-Bag is not alone, he has Gretchen with him.
  • PB as fun as it gets.

    Season 4 seems to pick up big time. First couple of episodes were pretty good, except perhaps for the painful Sara scenes in Eagles and Angels..that was seriously odd. Things are looking much better now. This was so far the best episode of the season, with so much going on. I`m happy they quit the whole Sara crying/whinning stuff and are using her in a more efficient way now. For instance in the previous episode, she was pretty fun at the horse racing and we saw that charming Sara again here, which is much better than what we saw in the first couple of episodes..specially Eagles and Angels.
    No doubt the Gretchen-T-Bag association is pure gold, great interaction. Great to see T-Bag as entertaining as ever, which was not necessarily the case for most of Season 3. And it`s also great to see such efficient use of Mahone this season, he`s been fantastic like always.
    Sucre`s scenes with the card holder were hilarious. He`s been in the background along with Bellick this season and it was refreshing to see him "take one for the team. " :D Roland however is pretty annoying. I know this is how the character is supposed to be but I don`t think the actor is doing a great job anyway.
    Lot`s of things were revealed, mainly the place (part of it) where the break in will take place and it looks like it will be one hell of a ride. Cliffhanger was great (not as great as the Gretchen-Bagwell one tho), looking forward to the Michael-Gretchen reunion.
  • Informational and sad episode

    I dont like how things turn in this episode...the writers decided to kill Michael, or at least there is a very high chance it will happen...A lot of interesting facts though...the way the group treats Roland is a bit odd, because this dude is supposed to be a genius and therefore a real asset to the team, and they behave towards him like he is useless, which makes me think they smell a rat, so we might say gbye to Roland soon...His screw-up in Las Vegas is a powerful enough sign...Also the forming of the new group, made out of Gretchen and T-Bag, made me think of natural born killer movie...Also I enjoyed the survival strategy that Mahone sugested for Self ... This shows keeps being highly addictive and I hope there will be loads more episodes that will show the fascinating person of Michael Scofield.
  • Best episode of Season 4

    This is the episode that Prison Break comes right back round and amps up the tension and excitement that was slightly lacking in the first few episodes.

    We're off to Vegas!! As Lincoln, Sara, Sucre and Roland travel to Las Vegas in order to retrieve the next card, Gretchen recruits T-Bag and do they make a hell of a duo. But the tension heats up when they kidnap Michael and force him to tell them all what he knows but the bit I love is when Michael traps T-Bag in that make-shift cellar. Seeing T-Bag try and worm his way out with his fake hand was hilarious. No disrespect to disabled people. Self was so close to being rumbled it was nerve racking! Good, solid episode that brings us back to Season 2 standards...
  • As always, a very good ep.

    More going on in this ep just due to the simple fact that they split up, I liked the idea of doing this and they should do it more often.

    Prison Break isnt the hardest to follow of the shows I watch, so I reckon that the majority of people wont get lost throughout the ep and fall behind.

    The episode overall wasnt the best but still good and I give it a 10/10 just because PB is consistantly awesome.

    The Las Vegas part was more interesting and more funny (Sucre LOL), the writers even got us there with twists throughout a small comedy like segment.
  • This episode of Prison Break was a little bit of a let down from Blow Out, but it's still a Superb episode. (Spoilers)

    Five The Hard Way was another superb episode of Prison Break and for good reasons. I loved the character development between Michael and T-Bag. I liked how Michael outsmarted T-Bag by getting Mahone's help to knock him out. I also liked where Self told The General to back off. I still hate that Gretchen is with the show. I didn't like that Sucre basically cheated on Maricruz. I'm glad that we now know what is going on with Michael. Lincoln and Sara had a good little scene together where they discussed it. So, overall this episode gets a 9 out of 10.
  • nice , very nice

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  • Just Crazy!

    The show action is just breathless, without pause and as always surprising. Someone said it was like Season 1 and Season 2: i agree!!! I love the Sucre part when he has to give himself to download the card, T-bag is cunning and seems like he can never die, Sarah is just Hot next to the pool, and now we know what sickness Michael has. Everything is going narrow and narrow in this episode... and also faster and faster. It is a real pleasure to watch the show and I just cant wait watching the next episodes! And get to watch heroes too!
  • the series is starting to take another direction, with Gretchen evolving, and it seams that the disease that Micheal has will effect the show, and the show started to get better and better

    this episode was great acually, from everything, starting with Gretchen forcing T-bag to work with her, and how he tricked Micheal.
    the events that happened in this episode was great, and a lot of them happened, and the nice thing that all the characters was involved.
    the most action that i liked, that when Sucre had to act gay but the funny thing that the card holder payed him money to sleep with his wife !!! that was awesome.
    and now we can see that Gretchen will force Micheal and Mahon to work with her, to get cylla back, but i just wonna know that if she wanted to distory the company or for another reason.
    and now we can see that Micheal is sick, and that leaves us with one question, are they going to end the show with killing Micheal, or the writers have another plan?
  • it's such a wonderful episode i miss prison break being that tense and interesting since season 2 i really didn't like season 3 because misa was hell down but season 4 seems very powerful and strong it reminds me of season 1 and 2 i really love priso

    it's such a wonderful episode i miss prison break being that tense and interesting since season 2 i really didn't like season 3 because misa was hell down but season 4 seems very powerful and strong it reminds me of season 1 and 2 i really love prison break i hope misa would end up togeather because they deserve to be happy and i hope nothing bad would happen to them and also i hope i see them making love or something because i adore misa and they were the very reason to watch this series from the beginning because
  • Well-written and full of energy.

    This week's Las Vegas and GATE based jaunt even tops the previous racetrack adventure, featuring a winning mix of laughs, thrills and a great sense of fun.

    Crucially, the delicious pairing of Gretchen and T-Bag manages to bring out the best in other characters around them while showcasing their own devilish and deviant ways. G&T's capture of Scofield allows the tattoo-free hero to finally display the coolness and cunning that initially won over hordes of fans around the world. It contrasts wonderfully with the irate mania of T-Bag - a character who has spent too long staring at that damn book but is now back to his best.

    Brad Bellick's transition into a seemingly decent chap was nicely displayed when he begged Scofield to spill the bird book beans in order to save the life of T-Bag's treacherous secretary. Has the worm really turned after his humbling Sona experience? Don Self also came to the fore in his confrontation of The General, having spent too many weeks dithering around in repeating the tired old "if you're not back by midnight you're back in jail" line to the gang.

    The humour content was nicely bulked up, with Gretchen's aside about Whistler giving people nothing but the dreaded 'clap' proving to be a hilarious throwaway line. Perhaps that's why she's so brutal towards guys? Watching Sucre trying to cop off with Mike Novick from 24 was funny, but the twist that followed - involving a libido-killing war wound and a surprise wife - was utter genius. It was almost up there with the long-awaited unveiling of Sara Tancredi's cleavage!

    Well-written and full of energy, this episode is comfortably the best all-round entertainment that Prison Break has offered since the second season. Could a miraculous and sustained resurrection be on the cards?
  • That's Prison Break..

    Exactly why I watch the show. Fast paced action, danger and an interesting plot that makes everyone get together to accomplish a task.
    I knew T-Bag was going to join the gan eventually. I didn't know it was gonna be like this though.

    It is fine. T-Bag is a fine character. He's creepy indeed, but also smart and crafty when needed to.

    The whole card getting storyline is fine but we know someday the company we'll catch up soon and things will get interesting. I mean, gunfire and blasts interesting.

    I hope to see more of Self helping the team and Mahone, now a good guy.. getting his revenge on Wyatt.

    Just don't want to see Michael die from some brain problem. That would be sad.. and we'd lost the main player, the one with the plans.. which would kill the show..
  • It was Fun, funny, and Fantastic

    "Five the Hard Way", was fun, funny, and proved an absolutely fantastic piece of television to watch, complete with dazzling performances from the entire cast.

    Moving at a nice, brisk pace, this episode sees the gang splitting into two, as Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), and Roland (James Liao) head off to Vegas in order to get access to the next card holder. Amidst an unexpected twist, Sucre steps up to the plate to try and acquire the Scylla card.

    Meanwhile, Scofield (Wentworth Miller), Bellick (Wade Williams), and Mahone (William Fichtner) get a tip regarding T-Bag's (Robert Knepper) whereabouts and unbeknownst to the gang, Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) has made contact and has teamed up with T-Bag. Through a series of highly engaging turns and captivating scenarios, Scofield and his gang go after T-bag, enabling Scofield to figure out the truth behind the bird book.

    Filled with both beguiling and mirthful moments, this episode was thoroughly pleasurable and gratifying. Although the comedic moments seemed somewhat misplaced in a show that has never been this light-hearted before, these little hilarities were very welcome. It was like a dress that you knew didn't follow the current trend, but that you just for some rhyme or reason loved!

    Along with a proficiently written script and well paced and ingenious direction, this week also saw some vast improvements in the acting.

    Miller and Purcell were almost phoning in their performances last week, with nary a variant in emotive display or any nuances within their delivery. However, this week, these men have both managed to ignite the small screen with pretty fine depictions, especially Miller, who often oscillates between being a terrific thespian and being just a person reading from a script, and in this episode he was the former.

    Miller was just fascinating to watch because he not only held his own next to Robert Knepper who plays T-Bag with such aplomb and credibility, but he also brought a lot of color and nuances into the execution of his portrayal of Michael Scofield as well as in his delivery of the dialogue. In short, where Miller was just pedestrian and banal last week, he was eloquently dramatic and spectacular this week! Purcell isn't as brilliant an actor as Miller can sometimes be, but even Purcell changed up from his usual one-note acting mannerism in this episode, as he took charge dealing with the conflicts of the gang in Vegas. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, who usually struggles when her character deviates from being menacing and evil and usually performs in an overly exaggerated manner, managed to give a good portrayal without going over the top this week.

    Of course Knepper and Fichtner displayed the superb and unrivaled prowess in acting ability that we always see week after week, but the stirring difference was seen in the rest of the cast as they gave performances that were noticeably more compelling than previously, and that were indeed stellar.

    One has to wonder if it was the change of setting, grouping and pace of this week's episode, or the work of a more enlightened director (Garry A. Brown) and refreshing scribe (Christian Trokey) that brought about this sudden spectacle of renewed and rejuvenated performances.

    Brown, having served as second unit director for some time had never directed an entire episode aside from this one, and Trokey had only co-written a past episode prior to this. Perhaps all that Prison Break needed to reinvigorate the show were some fresh eyes and proficiently skilled people at the helm driving the entire series, instead of relying on the tired hats who usually take charge of the production of this program.

    After all, a television series is the sum of all its parts, and as seen in "Five the Hard Way", when all the parts are working harmoniously and cohesively, Prison Break proves it can be a stunningly grand affair!
  • Another winner for this surprising season

    Somehow, the hunt for Scylla continues to be easier than anything Michael Scofield and the Escape Squad have ever done, yet the writers continue to make it damned entertaining. I'm also still convinced that this is designed to be the last season, since the battle against the Company is racing to a logical end.

    Three main plot threads are covered in the episode, but two of them dominate. Michael's latest ordeal with T-Bag plays out in a believable fashion, especially when Gretchen's involvement is taken into account. T-Bag has enough potential for violence without someone propping him up, but Gretchen's amoral self-interest fuels the fire. I was worried that the writers would play up sympathy for Gretchen, but they're playing her as the ultimate wild card instead.

    Michael had the chance to demonstrate his usual mental prowess along the way, both in terms of decoding the book (which makes me wonder how quickly he could have done it all along, given the chance) and setting up their rescue. In this situation, right from the beginning, he's banking on Mahone's equally formidable abilities. (In fact, Agent Self does the same; all in all, a good episode for Mahone!).

    The caper in Vegas was a lot of fun, and it finally threw a complication into the too-easy card-copying gambit. The writers did a nice job of explaining why Lincoln would be too distracted to realize that Roland (I finally remember his name) was going to do something stupid. For that matter, once Lincoln explained the family medical history with Sara and Sucre had the best shocking bait-and-switch of his life, I doubt any of them gave a damn about Roland.

    The upshot to that plot thread is that the final piece of the Scylla puzzle will not come as easily, and that gives the writers a little time to maneuver in terms of fleshing out the new blueprint, the connection to Gate, and how resolving the encryption on Scylla is going to work. I expect that if there's going to be a high profile death during this phase of the game, it will come during the mission to complete Scylla.

    Agent Self's Mahone-inspired survival tactic may actually set the stage for how the Escape Squad will get into the Company stronghold. It was perhaps too easy for Self to push the General for an invitation into the club, but what better way to ensure that the good guys have the access they need? It's certainly no less believable than anything else this season!
  • It's Vegas baby

    T-Bag and Michael finally confront each other although he doesn't have all his own way in this episode. Between being tortured by Gretchen and then outwitted by Michael once again, his luck seems to have run out. Just as Michael has everything he needs to get Scylla, Gretchen pops up with a nice phone call, we also learn more about Michael's nosebleed.

    Agent Self confronts the General; and the scene where he tucked tail and asked Mahone for advice on how to handle Wyatt was fun to watch. Sucre took one for the team has half the gang where in Vegas for the next card holder, but it wasn't easy at first. Sucre managed to get the card but Roland the idiot gets caught trying to steal from the casino and then losing the one device that makes him useful to the team puts the entire mission at risk. Will he have enough time to create a new device, or will the team have to find a new way to get a hold of the final piece of the Scylla puzzle?
  • Awesome! :)

    This was a great episode of Prison Break, everything slowly started to take a life of its own. We had Linc leading part of the team to Las Vegas to get a card holder and we had Micheal, Bellick, and Mahone tracking down T-Bag. I have always loved the dialogue that goes on between Micheal and T-Bag and this episode was no exception it was just flawlessness from both of these two actors. Also Micheal as we know is just pure genius, and setting T-Bag up like he did just helps to prove that genius more. I was also very happy to see Self starting to get move involved with the team and that meeting he had with the general was excellent. Also to note was the very sexy outfit Sara was wearing, only if Micheal would have saw that hehe.
  • Good episode

    I really liked this episode.. Oh, they just have so good episode in this season and I cannot know which one of them are better than others. So many things happened in this episode - first T-Bag plot to get Michael and how they find their way out. And now Michael has what is very important - the book. Finally he has a book and he figures out what it is.

    The other really exciting storyline takes part in Vegas as they are after one of the Scilla holders and he.. oh.. it is hard to get to him. But they do find a way but the end..

    Oh I did loved Sara's outfit. I loved the ending.. Gretchen and Michel on phone.. and Lincoln talking to Sara about his mother and what might happen to Michael...
  • Sara learns the truth about Michael's condition, Sucre was in for a false scare and T-Bag is seen getting rid of. Or not.

    I watched this episode with great pleasure. We find out about Michael's nosebleeds. Turns out, momma Scofield had them too and died of a brain tumour at age 31. Having them as a child, then they stopped, only to come back years later.
    Sara tries to seduce the 5th card holder. But apparantly he's not into the ladies. So they convince Sucre to go to his room with him, so he can copy the card. Sucre is nervous and just hopes he can leave the room asap. When he finds out that he can earn $1000.00 for sleeping with the hot wife, cuz the guy cannot have sex anymore, his worries dissapear.
    When the gang tries to leave the casino, Roland wants to play a machine, which ends up with him being thrown out, because apparantly he was banned from every Nevada casino. Plus, the device gets taken, so how are they going to get the last card?

    T-Bag teams up with Gretchen. And he goes to kidnap Mahone, Michael and Bellick. Well, Mahone get's away. He's also got his former colleage kidnapped and needs for Michael to find out what the whole linings in the bird book are about. T-Bag is a fool once again, when Michael leads him under his former office, only to lock the guy up.
    They find out that that place leads to the place where they can go and decode the device and find out everything about Scylla.
    Let's just hope that Roland can built one very quick or that they get the device back some other way. Otherwise, how are they going to get the last and the 6th card.
  • New season's best outing so far.

    Michael and T-Bag get together, Sara learns about Scofield's nosebleeds, Sucre's indecent proposal, Self confronts the General, and a whole lot more happen in this action-packed episode. Thoroughly engaging from start to finish, with some major plot developments and a welcome change in scenery, this episode easily stands out as the new season's best outing so far.
    With so much going on at once, and all of it entertaining, this episode is a fine example of what can be done with this new series format. The dark humor involving Sucre paid off extremely well, and hopefully the writers will find a way to add more of this during the rest of the season. If you're going to take your audience on a mindless rollercoaster ride, taking the time to make them laugh is very welcome bonus. Add a bit of intelligence and character moments to the mix, and it's a recipe for a fantastic episode. woooooo
  • exhilarating episode......

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  • Amazing episode

    Another great episode from prison break as some of the guys go to vegas. Tbag story was great and all that blueprints and maps really reminded me of Micheal's tatoo in the first season . The ending was really really great as Micheal talks to Gretchen. I really want to see his reaction even though it will come in two weeks(dunno why). I am curious to see how they are going to get the sixth and last card that left them so they can decode the cards in that mysterious building. I hope Gretchen will be more active in the next episodes as I do love her character. About the hacker guy.. still annoying but I believe the actor is doing a really good job with the specefic character.
    Can't wait for next episode!
  • This episode was not as intense as the show usually is, but it was still a very memorable episode thanks to some pretty funny moments and clever twists.

    This episode was not as intense as the show usually is, but it was still a very memorable episode thanks to some pretty funny moments and clever twists.

    First of all I have to say: I was right! I said, several episodes ago, that the office T-Bag was in would have something to do with decoding Scylla. I'm getting pretty good at this.

    There were some clever twists in this episode to help keep us on our toes. I honestly thought, for a moment, that this was going to be the last we see of T-Bag, but I guess I should know better that that. Thanks to Gretchen, he'll probably be out of that room pretty quick. One twist kinda irritated me a bit though and that was when Roland was caught at the casino and the device was taken away from him. It annoyed me because Roland is just that dumb to try and cheat some slot machines before leaving Vegas. But the twist does add another "what are they going to do now". I'm sure they'll catch a lucky break in the next couple episodes. It's just how the show works

    I thought the insinuation that the card holder was gay and sending Sucre to try and get close to him was hilarious. Amaury Nolasco performance in this episode was very enjoyable thanks to those scenes.

    Well after a somewhat slow start to the season the show started to pick up steam with "Safe and Sound" and continues to pick up momentum and the show keeps getting more and more interesting.
  • Another awesome epiosde

    That quote is from Gretchen -- stayin' classy, as usual. We kick off this week's episode with T-Bag's ultimate wet dream: Gretchen has him bound to a chair. Of course, this is not a dream. It's reality, which means that she is also now in possession of Whistler's bird book.

    She wants Scylla as well. Why she wants to include T-Bag is anyone's guess. An extra hand, perhaps?

    Meanwhile, back at the halls of justice... the Superfriends are plotting to get the next piece of Scylla. This takes them to Vegas. Well, Linc, Sucre, Roland and Sara, anyway. Mahone, Bellick and Michael are trying to bag themselves one Theodore T. Bagwell. However, the tables are turned and the boys actually get captured. Well, most of them. Mahone makes a great escape. Let's break the rest of this bad boy down...

    Self Makes a House Call
    Self pulled Mahone aside to ask for advice on how to deal with Wyatt. Great psychotic minds think alike, and all. Just in time, too. Apparently, Self is now number one on The Company's hit list. Mahone likened Self's situation to his own with Michael. "He took the game to me... that's your only play." Hey -- and that worked out well for you, didn't it?

    So instead of getting a house call from Wyatt, he pays his own visit to the General. He gives him the old "if-I-end-up-dead-this-envelope-will-be-opened" routine. So lame, but it allowed him to live another week.

    However, Wyatt didn't get to kill anyone this week. He must be feeling left out.

    Gretchen the Puppetmaster
    Speaking of kills, Gretchen got to make one this week. She killed that doofus that was out to get T-Bag at GATE. Sounds like love to me. Ew.

    In true T-Bag fashion, teaming up with Gretchen didn't help him, and he ended up getting tag-teamed by Michael and Mahone -- and not in a good way. He was locked up and given a one-way ticket back to Fox River. I wonder if he could get his old cell back?

    Ain't Got Time to Bleed
    Finally, we discover what the nosebleeds could be about. Mrs. Scofield got them too -- before she died from a brain tumor.

    Sucre Takes One for the Team
    It turns out that Sara was not the proper decoy for our cardholder. Instead, Sucre makes for good bait. I would have offered a shirtless Sucre $1,000 as well. However, it wasn't to be the old man's boy toy. Instead, he needed a plaything for his hot wife. Maricruz may be his true love, but the man has been behind bars for a long time. He deserved it; he did help get the next card.

    Roland Has a Problem
    Well now we know what Roland was in for. He has a serious gambling problem. How his little recording device doubles as a spotter for slot payouts... I have no clue. However, his monkey got the device taken away, meaning we have no way of getting the remaining cards. No wonder he's lower on the totem pole than Bellick.
  • I`m loving season 4

    At long last, this show recognizes Sucre for what we've known him to be all along: a delicious slab of Grade-A prime beefcake. He's forced to shake his moneymaker in Las Vegas for Cardholder #5, who is immune to Dr. Sara's abundant cleavage-based charms, and boy, does Cardholder 35 fall for Sucre. What follows is one of the most hilariously awkward and implausible attempted-seduction scenes ever -- mostly because there's a total sitcom twist at the end where it's revealed that Cardholder #5 was actually stud-shopping for his wife -- and our boy Sucre persists in not fleeing the scene until Charybdis has finished gobbling all the data off the guy's card. I cannot decide if having one of the male members of Team Scylla have to objectify themselves for a greater cause is A) sort of awesome because it points out how degrading it is for anyone to have to do that, be they male or female, or B) sort of offensive because oh, ha ha, it's funny 'cause it's a boy who has to fend off an evil letch.

    Then Roland has to go screw it all up by attempting to use Charybdis in a casino. Security promptly descends upon him and reminds him that he was banned from all Nevada gaming establishments for five years, then they take Charybdis. Linc threatens to leave Roland in the desert, but Dr. Sara is the cool voice of reason: there are many more people in L.A. who can put the hurt on Roland.

    She's probably thinking of Mahone, who has his hands full this episode, what with rescuing Michael from the dastardly clutches of T-Bag and Gretchen. T-Bag uses Gretchen to extract revenge upon the GATE employees who wronged him, making Andy his first victim of the year, and then he uses Michael to decode the bird book. Michael's big, tumor-riddled brain (more on that in a moment) soon realizes that Whistler coded a schematic in the book, and that will lead them to the facility where Scylla can be decoded. That facility is accessible via the GATE office, and it's there that Mahone rescues Michael. And then Michael shuts T-Bag into a little side storage area, sort of like a white-collar update to "The Cask of Amontillado." They eventually turn him over to Self, who plans to keep T-Bag in protective custody until Scylla's all retrieved. Everyone's feeling pretty good about the state of the whole get-Scylla thing until Gretchen pops up and says that she wants T-Bag, or else Michael won't get the rest of the schematics.

    Then again, Michael may not live long enough to worry about it. In some moderately retconned backstory, Linc tells Dr. Sara that his and Michael's mother died of a brain aneurysm linked to a rare medical condition, and Michael's nosebleeds indicate that he's got the same thing -- a ticking time bomb in his big ol' brain.
  • Yup, easily the best of the season so far. Loved, savored, every minute of it!

    Here's me, who really had alot of beef with the storytelling of season 4. But this episode seems to come around that.

    Actually watching this episode that good ole' PB feeling got to me. The suspense, the fun, the wacky twists...

    I mean, Sucre's little scene with the Company guy.. extremely awkward, yet hilarious, and to top it all off, great twist.

    But that was really only the comic relief part. T-Bag's storyline was fantastic; how aweosme was the scene where he forced Michael to co operate? I honestly thought he'd shoot big-rack-receptionist lady.

    Self fighting off the General? Great one aswell. This show will end with the fourth season ending and I'm finally starting to sense that... let's hope the writers can keep up this quality level.
  • Best episode this season so far.

    While Linc, Sara, Sucre and Roland track down the fifth card in Las Vegas, Michael and Bellick are unavoidably detained in L.A. by a gun-wielding T-Bag, who needs Michael to decipher the bird book. T-Bag, as it happens, is doing the bidding of Gretchen, who made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Meanwhile, Wyatt shows up at Don Self's home; and Sara learns something disturbing about Michael.
    Am tired to go into much details, watch it. :D
    What a great episode. Season`s best so far. I`m surprised I am the first to write a review today.:0 Hopefully rating will be good here.
    I rate this episode 9.8, too bad with the new layout we can only rate 9.5 or 10 and not in between.