Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on FOX
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As the escape is in progress, Warden Pope and Captain Bellick begin a search to detain the escapees. Michael and company struggle to reach the airfield as the police is hot on their heels. Veronica discovers a major piece of evidence that could prove Lincoln's innocence. The Vice President is worried about losing her authority.


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  • Season 1 recap

    Well since this years best new tv show is probably the blacklist and that fact is sad as fuk, i went back in time to one of the shows that started me to appreciate the US tv production.

    Most people know that this season actually was written for less episodes than it actually delivered but i think it didnt affect the quality so much in this season, as it did in the following ones.

    For me this start of the show was very well written, very well acted, it draws you very deep into its world, you feel tensed when theres an action and overally very well produced. It steals some of the best ideas from the shawshank redemption and similar movies and you appreciate the fact, that you can spend more story time in prison enviroment. Even the real story of DB Cooper was so well incorporated into this fictional world. The variety of personalities with enough background shown and other substories that mostly come together or have natural feeling of progress, make you feel the quality of this season.

    There are only minor things that makes your viewing not so pleasurable, like not so natural turns in some storylines and the "everywhere you look" cliffhangers but well it was the time where creators thought that cliffhangers were the best for the show, as future showed us (past little bit too) they were mostly wrong. But both these things arent as noticable as they are in future seasons, so its skill ok.

    The romantic storyline is very well made too. The most of the credit goes to casting department doing fine work, because the actors felt perfect for this kind of story. I wont lie, first time i saw this - in the time it was aired i was kinda fed up with the whole michael+sara thing because it was everywhere and everybody was talking about it and things like that. But now i see why it seems to be one of best romantic couples in a tv show till this date. So on every aspect, this show delivered highly in this season in my opinion and theres little to criticize and much to appreciate, sadly next seasons dont stick with it but this season - top notch.moreless
  • They should have finished it on episode 21.

    I would have been more encouraged to continue watching Prison Break in its second season had they finished this season one episode earlier. The chosen ending only leaves one glimmer of hope with Terence Steadman being found alive. Apart from this fact it is a completely downbeat end to the season that offers little to no hope for our heroes. Watching the finale did not get me nearly as tense and excited as when i watched Episode 21. This being said I wait with baited breath to find out if there is any way that they can escape the clutches of "justice" once again.moreless
  • mmm, i wonder why the writers chose this to be the downer episode of the series..

    well after an unforgettable lead up in EP 20 (Tongiht) and

    EP 21 (Go), this episode was way way out of place and was no way a season finale should end. how could they so narrowly miss that plane, and the irony of the guys they let go, seem to be doing it alot easier then the rest of the group, who are forever on the run. but when this episode ends we see them trying to out run police cars only maybe tens of meters behind them, realistically after watching this we all know what would really happen.. but then again.

    some nice axe-hand chopping off action as well in this episode, and who would guess that the nurse OD's, and veronica FINDS terrance steadman.

    c'mon season2, pick up where this episode did and keep it as good as it should be.

    PS. notice the ratings, they get higher 'every episode' except this last one..moreless
  • The plan did not go so well.

    What a way to finish off a season of one of the best shows on T.V. Michael and the crew make their break but nothing is going according to plan. The van gets stuck after having to reroute because of a roadblock. They then have to run to the airport only to watch the plane fly off without them. In the meantime Veronica travels to Montana and finds Terrence Steadman alive and well. The president dies of heart failure so the V.P. is sworn in. I did not see that coming. I really thought the she was the one going down. That was a great plot twist for this show. Sara has overdosed at her apartment and looks to be dead. I sure hope not. I did not see that coming either. This episode ends with the boys running from the airstrip. There is going to be so many questions to get answered in the start of season 2? Is Sara dead? How is the crew going to get out of the area? What is going to happen in Montana? This was a well written episode with some great action and acting. I cannot wait to start season 2. Come on Netflix, get me my dvds!moreless
  • The Introdution of "Phase Two"!!!!!!

    One of my doubts, if this episode could live up with the previous episode, which was the climax of the season and the end of the "first chapter" or "Phase One"

    Now, this episode introduces what season 2 is all about: ManHunt. This is why I think that this episode is only more low than the previous one, because of the closure, I mean, the Cliffhanger.

    The closure in the previous episode was perfect. But the cliffhanger that this episode made, feel like tha Escape Plan failed, since the cops are only a few hundred yards behind them and they missed the flight, so it is impossible that they will escape under that condition.

    Of course, in season 2, the writers will make miracles.

    Overral, a great episode, with dark moments, suspenseful, surprises, deaths and a huge cliffhanger that will make you wanting more.

    The Only bad point for some viewers is that you wait for the whole season to see them escape, and the season ends with another usual cliffhanger. COuld be better, if the cliffhanger was about some plot twist in the end.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman

LJ Burrows

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney

Veronica Donovan

Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes

Samantha Brinker

Guest Star

John Billingsley

John Billingsley

Terrence Steadman

Guest Star

Kurt Naebig

Kurt Naebig

C.O. Ray

Guest Star

Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach

Warden Henry Pope

Recurring Role

Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison


Recurring Role

Muse Watson

Muse Watson

Charles Westmoreland

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The axe John Abruzzi uses to chop off T-Bag's hand is on display at Galt Airport in Greenwood, Illinois.

    • When Abruzzi's pilot becomes spooked as they can hear the police sirens come closer, he says "We've gotta go." The next shot shows the approaching police, and if you look closely, you can see the inmates run off to the right.

    • In the beginning of the episode when Warden Pope is on Gen Pop going to check Scofield's and Sucre's cell and the convicts are making noise on the bars, one can clearly see one of the cells is not locked since its bars move too much.

    • When Abruzzi chopped off T-bag's hand, the handcuff remained tied up to Michael's wrist.

      However, when they got to the airstrip and waved their hands in the air, it is clear that Michael had nothing attached to his wrist.

    • When John Abruzzi chops off T-Bag's hand, he does so parallel to the hand. Yet the hand comes off at right angles to the arm.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Michael: (to Tweener) You and me, we're not bros.

    • President Reynolds (after killing the President): And you said I couldn't get things done.
      Agent Brinker: Madam Vice President, perhaps we could get together and discuss how to move...
      President Reynolds: It is President now, madam, and you're going to have to talk to my organizers; my schedule is suddenly quite full. I'm sure you'll understand.

    • Sucre: All I want to do is touch her belly, feel him in there. After that, whatever I have to do, I'll figure it out. I just want to touch her belly. We're close, papi.

    • Vice-President Reynolds: Soft money, it makes the world go round, you know it and I know it. You cut my funding and I can't run a proper campaign without it.
      Agent Brinker: There's a lot of internal debate, trust me. And there's every chance you can still win with your message and it would certainly be our...
      Vice-President Reynolds: Oh, cut the crap. Is there anything else you wanna tell me? Or did you just come here to twist the knife you stuck in my back?
      Brinker: Well, actually I came here to express our gratitude for all you've done for us over the years, and to let you know that this isn't personal. Surely you've been in politics long enough to know that....
      Vice-President Reynolds: Look, is this is about the energy bill?
      Brinker: The energy bill has nothing to do with it.
      Vice-President Reynolds: Why am I finding that so tough to believe? I'm a grown woman, how about you give it to me straight?
      Brinker: All right... All right. The bottom line Madam Vice President is that you can't affect change in the Oval Office and that is what we need the most - certitude. Simply put, you can't get things done.
      Vice-President Reynolds: Well, maybe you don't know me so well.
      Brinker(she smiles sarcastically): I highly suggest that in the coming weeks as the race narrows and the candidates start falling out, that you walk away quietly on your own volition. Otherwise maybe it'll be of The Company's volition.

    • C.O. JJ (in to his walkie talkie): We gotta 10-98! Inmates over the wall. C.O. JJ (runs over and wraps his arms round Manche's neck): Who was with you? Who was with you? Manche: Nobody! C.O. JJ: Nobody huh? Talk, I swear to God I will snap your neck right here. Manche: I don't know, I don't know! C.O. JJ: Names, I want names! Manche: Scofield, Burrows, Sucre and that Vanilla Ice kid. C.O. JJ: Who else? Manche: Bagwell, man. C-Note, Abruzzi and that bug-eyed J-Cat. C.O. JJ: Was there anybody else? Manche: I don't know. C.O. JJ (shouts in his face): Was there anybody else? Manche: Westmoreland.

    • Lincoln: Michael…if this doesn't work out, I just want you to know I –
      Michael: I know. I know

    • Veronica (discovering Terrence Steadman is still alive and well): Hello Terrence.

    • Michael: The airstrip's on the other side of that field. Just 500 yards and this whole thing's over.

    • C-Note (to Abruzzi): You know, your jet better be there, Mr. Mafia. You feel me? It better be there.

    • (Abruzzi pulls a gun on T-Bag, who handcuffs himself to Michael)
      Abruzzi: Think that's gonna stop me?
      T-Bag: Think twice, dumb boy. You shoot me, pretty here will be draggin' around 175 pounds of dead Alabama flesh with him. And considerin' how much you need him to get this little Fibonacci vendetta of yours, huh? So I just don't think you're gonna be pullin' that trigger.

    • Michael: This is as far as you go, my friend.
      Tweener: Wha? No man, you can't leave me out here, not like this –
      Michael: We had a deal, remember?
      Tweener: Yeah, but come on bro…
      Michael: You and I, we're not bros. And I don't think you want me tellin' the guys what I know. Now walk.

    • TV Reporter: …have corroborated that President Mills was admitted into emergency care here a little more than 45 minutes ago. In the chief surgeon's words, President Mills suffered massive cardiac arrest. Doctors were unable to revive him. The news out of Washington Medical Center is official now – the President of the United States, Richard Mills, is dead. And keeping with protocol Vice President Reynolds is in an undisclosed location being sworn in as the 46th president.

    • Pope: You're saying you don't know anything about this?
      Katie: Honestly, I don't.
      Pope: The door was left open, Katie.
      Katie: It wasn't me!
      Pope: Then who was it? Only you and Dr. Tancredi were left at the end of the night. The orderly confirmed that.
      Katie: It wasn't me!
      Pope: Then you're telling me it was Dr. Tancredi?
      Katie: No! I…
      Pope: I know you know something, Katie. And anything you know, you have got to tell me. If you don't you are gonna lose a lot more than your job. Withholding information makes you an accessory and I will press that button if you don't start talking!
      Katie: Sara…
      Pope: What about Sara?
      Katie: Sara had a thing for Scofield.

    • Pope (through megaphone; to the guards): When those men went over the wall they made a choice. That choice makes them a threat to society once again. Now as many of you know, some of those men are convicted killers. Now our job is to protect and ensure the safety of the general population. That means, if we have to bring them down to ensure that safety, by God we will do it! This time we're playing for keeps, gentlemen. Now it's been at least 12 minutes since they went over that wall. That's 1 mile on foot at best. If they've got their hands on a vehicle they could be 10 miles from here. So LETS GET MOVING!

    • Bellick (whilst being helped out of the hole): Get me my shotgun!
      Random Prison Guard: Pope's already given orders for all the C.O.s to hit the...
      Bellick: Did I stutter?! Get me my shotgun! (heavy breathing) Those piles of crap doing what they just did, just signed their death warrants. Every last one of them. (pumps shotgun)

    • Abruzzi: If you think I won't cut you myself to get that key, you're in for a big surprise.
      T-Bag: I encourage you to remember the last time you came at me with a knife...
      Michael: Shut up! Shut up! Both of you!

    • T-Bag: Hey, John, I gotta ask you, Why are you so intent on Lincoln driving here and you taking that particular seat?

    • Haywire: Sorry. (After stealing a little girl's bicycle)

    • Abruzzi: He's lucky I didn't take this to his head. (Shortly after cutting T-Bag's hand with an axe)

    • T-Bag (laughing after a failed attempt to cut handcuffs): I guess it was just meant to be. (Laughter cut short noticing Abruzzi with an axe)

    • C-Note: Yo c'mon, man, we gotta roll.
      Michael: We don't got to do anything but wait right here and let them get ahead of us.
      Sucre: I don't know if we're gonna get a chance, Papi.
      Michael: Dogs! Son of a bitch!
      Sucre: They're coming right for us.
      Michael: Nobody move! They can't smell us.
      (police dogs begin barking furiously)
      Abruzzi: But they can SEE us!

    • Sucre: What do we do now?
      Michael: We RUN!

    • Michael: We're gonna get that key from you I don't care if you have to crap it out!
      T-Bag: You got a foul mouth sometimes, pretty.

  • NOTES (8)

    • For this entire season, the show was nominated for the 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, for the 2006 Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout TV Show, and for the 2006 TCA Award for Outstanding New Program Of The Year.

    • For this season, Wentworth Miller (Michael) was nominated for the 2006 Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Actor and Choice Breakout TV Star.

    • For this entire season, Amaury Nolasco (Sucre) was nominated for the 2006 Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Sidekick.

    • Marshall Allman is credited, but does not appear in this episode.

    • International air date:
      Greece: Wednesday 2nd July 2008 at 23.00 on ANT1

    • The airplane and barn scenes were filmed at Galt Aiport in Greenwood, Illinois.

    • When this episode premiered in the UK it had an opening and closing narration by Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield.

      The opening narration said: "I'm Michael Scofield, I wanted to be here for the end of my story. It all began in January and now we've reached the final chapter of Five's Prison Break. As you know by now Fox River isn't a friendly place, so you're going to see some violence."

      The closing narration said: "And the second season of Prison Break will be back on Five next year."

    • The original US-airing of this episode was delayed by 20 minutes following a live presidential address.