Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 08, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Guess what? According to the Fox announcer, "The Escape is on!" Really?

Previously Westmoreland whacked Bellick good and tossed him down the Hole and Michael asked for Doc's help.

We pick up with Michael still threatening the Pope with his shank. Pope's pissed. Prison Guard Mack radios in and says he's found Bellick's truck in the parking lot. Michael forces Pope to radio back saying he spoke with Bellick and he's just taking some personal time. Then Michael tapes Pope to a chair and he's rather apologetic about all of this. He then has Pope order Linc transferred to the infirmary. He also informs Pope of Bellick's whereabouts, tapes Pope's mouth shut, hauls him into the closet and says, "I'm sorry Henry." Then Whap!-he knocks Pope out. He fiddles with the phone before leaving. He tells Becky Pope's on a conference call with the DOC and the light on Becky's phone confirms this.

It's 6:55 and Michael's back in his cell. Sucre didn't unscrew the toilet 'cuz he's nervous. So nervous, in fact, that he yaks all over into said toilet.

It's Tier Time, time for the inmates to mingle. The Escapees head to Michael's cell, each sporting a bleached jumpsuit. T-Bag snarls at HIC, "If you get stuck in one of those pipes, boy..." Sucre bitches that Newbie's suit still has blue spots.

Someone passes EBD a shank and he informs his crew that he wants C-Note dead. So they head on upstairs where Michael's busy unscrewing the toilet and C's asking how much longer. Abruzzi blocks the cell door and EBD gets in his face. When Abruzzi moves aside, EBD finds Michael stretched out on his bunk all, "Yeah, can I help you?" But no C-Note.

Nick and Veronica are chatting about how he was approached by Abruzzi, after he'd already taken on Linc's case. Seems Nick didn't clear his dad of the charges against him; Abruzzi arranged for one of his Thugs (already doing a life sentence) to confess to the murder. Nick tells Veronica that all Abruzzi wants is info from Michael. He gets a call, grabs Veronica and they head out.

One by one the Escapees leave via the back door as Sucre drops a sheet.

Bellick's still in the Hole. He's trying to bellow through his gag.

Before Michael and Sucre leave, Sucre asks if Michael got the key to Doc's office. "Not exactly." Cue a shot of a very confused and sad Doc.

The Escapees have congregated in the pipes, waiting for their fearless leader to, well, lead the way. He informs them that they're ten minutes behind schedule. Well, get movin' fellas! And they do.

As they make their way through the pipes they can hear Bellick hollering. As can Prison Guard Mack while he and Horny Guard leave the NSB. So the guards head back inside 'cuz PGM's sure he heard something. By this time T-Bag and Michael have made their way to Bellick and T-Bag's holding a shank to Bellick's throat. Michael says he needs Bellick's hat and jacket.

Doc heads back to the prison.

Bellick gets an eyeful of the Escapees as they pass by. He tries to say something about Newbie, but the kid wallops him and puts his gag back in place. Hmmm-this one's tough. Who do I detest the least? Okay, I'll give Newbie a mini go newbie, but no capital letters or exclamation marks.

Nick's getting Veronica situated by putting a bag over her head once she's in the car.

Michael tells the others to put on their jumpsuits as he heads out while wearing Bellick's hat and jacket. He makes his way to a control panel and blows dust all over the keypad so he can see the finger smudges on the numbers. He tries a few numerical codes, but nada.

Some Company men are discussing the Patricia sitch. Her numbers are in the crapper and they're worried about someone who's not in their control winning the presidency. Gasp! Perish the thought! So they want to fire her. But if they ask her to drop out, will she go quietly? They ask Agent Ro (yay!) her opinion and she says definitely not. All Patricia wants is to become President. If that's taken from her she'll stop at nothing to destroy everyone around her. So the guys decide to make a move on her and now.

Doc's made it to her office where she spies two important things: 1)Linc being brought into the infirmary and 2)some morphine bottles. Oh, Doc!

HIC's freaking a bit, wondering what's holding up Michael. Then an alarm starts to sound and all the Escapees freak. After commercials, Michael appears and says he set off the fire alarm in the Whack Shack.

The Whack Shackees congregate in the yard until they're given the all-clear. They head back inside and Creepy Guy in Scrubs is about to close the gate after them when Michael calls out that he's got some stragglers. The Escapees do their best to appear crazy and/or disturbed. For T-Bag, this is a breeze. CGiS pulls Michael aside and points out Abruzzi, whom CGiS recognizes. Michael's all, "Oh yeah, he's gonna be a big problem. Didn't you mention a kick-ass sedative last time I was here? Oh, it's right here in your shirt pocket? Could you hand it over? And it'll put someone right to sleep? Well, why don't I just inject it into your neck then? Okey-dokey."

Nick stops the car and unhoods Veronica. He gets her into a cab, tells her to get to the airport and find Steadman. Then he phones his dad and tells him to meet him at his (Nick's) apartment.

Michael pulls Newbie aside and tells him he knows Newbie went to Bellick. Newbie tries to play dumb and it's not so much "playing" as "being." Michael says he owed Newbie and he always pays his debts. But they're even now and once they're out, he wants Newbie to go his own way. Perhaps to an ill-conceived NBC spinoff co-starring Newbie's trashy big-chested sister and her rocket scientist son.

Doc's leaving her office just as Nurse Katie happens by, saying the noise was from a false fire alarm in the Whack Shack. Doc's all good and uh, bye! She's not acting guilty, or anything.

As the Escapees hustle, Westmoreland has to take a break. A concerned C-Note checks on him as we get an off-focus shot of them, accompanied by some weird breathing.

Patricia's throwing a fit. Seems she was uninvited to some dinner and this is how she reacts, like a spoiled four-year-old. She completely bitches out Now-Kravecki Kellerman, who takes it in stride. Apparently he's been by her side for fifteen years and knows how to handle her tantrums. Wow, fifteen years of plotting and bitching Patricia? I almost feel sorry for the guy. Anyway, he manages to calm her down by saying They are only testing her, seeing how she reacts. And the answer to that would be: like a freakin' spoiled four-year-old!

The Escapees join Linc in the infirmary and the lone guard rather hilariously tells them he doesn't get paid 14 bucks an hour to be a hero. Hee. Michael orders him to uncuff Linc. Once the guard complies, T-Bag knocks him out and spies the set of cuffs. Hmmm...

Nick enters his apartment to find some visitors. Namely PapaNick and a gun-toting BSG. Uh-oh!

Becky's finally grown suspicious enough to pick up her phone and listen in to Pope's call. The phone's connected to "Joke Line." "What the hell?!" Exactly, Becky. Exactly.

BSG wants to know where Veronica is and Nick says he let her go. BSG puts the gun to PapaNick's head and Nick cries out that he can find her. BSG doubts it and puts a bullet in PapaNick's brain. Nick loudly freaks and BSG shoots him too, but he's still breathing. He again demands Veronica's whereabouts but Nick, finally grasping the situation, smiles icily and says, "She's about a million miles away from here. You're never gonna find her. Why don't you just suck it?" Go Nick! Okay, Nick's dead now, but still-woo!

I must admit, I'm liking Kelly Clarkson's new Ford song, "Go." Though I'll probably be sick of it by the time Sweeps comes to an end.

So Doc did leave the door unlocked, which causes her to cry buckets in her car. Poor Doc.

Becky checks Pope's office and finds it empty.

The Escapees pull a firehose from an elevator and tie the end to the bars in the infirmary window. Then Michael pushes the down button, but the elevator doors won't close 'cuz the hose is in the way. He tries again, but no dice. T-Bag bitches, "What now, Genius?" It's almost funny to see Michael frustrated by something so simple he most likely overlooked. T-Bag snottily reminds him they have fifteen minutes and that's only if no one finds Pope before count. Oopsie-did I just spoil it for you? Anyway, back to the elevator dilemma. So Newbie steps into the elevator and pushes a button from inside and of course the doors close and the elevator descends. This pulls the hose which manages to wrench the bars from the window.

Becky brings PGM into Pope's office.

The Escapees are busy de-suiting as Haywire wanders in, radio in hand. There should be an exclamation mark there, but I was so not surprised. He says he saw them in the yard outside the Whack Shack and followed them. He threatens to call the guards on his radio if they don't let him Escape too. Linc says, "He's in," (like, what else is he going to say?) and climbs out the window. He begins to make his way across the wire (dangling, feet crossed and hand-over-hand). Abruzzi grabs everyone's jumpsuits and tosses them onto Linc's stomach. He then informs the others that they'll be leaving alphabetically. Heh.

PGM and Becky are still trying to locate missing Pope.

Linc makes it across and places the jumpsuits over the barbed wire covering the top of the outer wall. Abruzzi goes next, the wire straining under his weight, which has gotta be way less than Linc and all those suits, but I digress. Sucre totally cuts in line and goes after Abruzzi. "S" is at the end of the alphabet, Sucre! Westmoreland collapses and C-Note and Michael rush to his side. As Haywire heads out, Michael tries to encourage Westmoreland, but the old guy's given up. He says he wasn't going for himself anyway. He makes Michael promise to speak with his daughter then tells him where the money is. Oh-I'd completely forgotten about the money! It's buried on a ranch in Utah (under a silo) and there's actually 5 million, not the reported 1 million. As Michael and C-Note absorb this, Michael glances around and it's fairly clear that T-Bag, HIC and Newbie (before he leaves) heard this.

Pope's office. Horny Guard's on the case! He suggests trying Pope's cell.

T-Bag, then C-Note head out.

Where's that ringing coming from? Why, the closet! And that's when they FINALLY find Pope. They revive him and he orders them to sound the alarm.

HIC tells Michael to get a move on so Michael bids Westmoreland adieu. HIC says he better go last so Michael climbs out. Cue the alarm! Lights! Sirens! Puppies! HIC can't wait, so he tries to join Michael which causes the wire to be pulled from the wall. Michael crashes into the outer wall (and, Ouch!) and HIC falls to the ground. LInc urges Michael to give him his hand as HIC limps over to the wall and tries to climp the rope vertically. Dude, give it up already. Which he does. He's apprehended and then the guards look up, but the wire's empty. No dangling Escapees there!

It's still not over, people! Next week we see just how many of the Escapees actually, successfully and completely, Escape.

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